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Marriage Transformation Ch. 10

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After their night of sex with Tim, Chris and Elizabeth had a light lunch and retired to the pool. They had one more night before they would go home on Sunday. At first, they just relaxed in the sun. Later, they noticed Tim come into the pool area with some of his bachelor party friends. Chris noticed that most of the guys were stealing glances at them. They were trying to be discreet, but once they spied Elizabeth in her bikini, they could not help but gawk. She had gotten some sun and was especially radiant. Chris mentioned to her that she was again the center of attention.

She looked out from under her shades and also noticed quite a few guys pretending to be sunning.

“Oh, my god, Chris, those are all of Tim’s friends and business associates. Remember what he said last night about setting up a “gangbang”, he called it? I wonder if those guys think we are going to invite them all up to our room.”

Chris responded, “I hope that they don’t get the wrong idea about us, Honey. You are not interested in that are you?”

“God, Chris, I am not a slut.”

“I just asked, Baby.”

“You know, however, we are out of town and no one would ever find out. No, that is way out there. Having one man after another is kind of raunchy even for someone like Cindy. She really loves big cock, but she has never mentioned anything like this. Just that Gary sometimes joins in when they have a guest. She has never mentioned that they had entertained more than one man, though. I guess with her, when she has a well hung man over and Gary joins in, it is kind of like that in a way. What with both guys being well endowed. Besides, we don’t know how big the rest of the guys are. I mean, compared to Tim, they would all be small.”

“You really enjoyed that big black cock didn’t you?”

“Oh, my god, yes. Can you believe how big he is? I thought my black dildo was huge. His cock is even bigger than that. And you said he still didn’t have it all in me.”

“Well, it is starting to sound like you might be considering what Tim talked about. Are you?”

“Uh, Honey, I don’t want us to do anything that would be dangerous. I am sure that he knows all the guys in the bachelor party, but wouldn’t that make me look pathetic. I mean I heard of girls in high school who took on the whole basketball team, but I thought that it was just a rumor. The guys might have started a rumor. In high school, kids can be so mean. I was not in any social circles, but my friends did talk about what they had heard.”

“Yeah, I heard some of the same things, also. But usually the girls that had that reputation were ugly, fat or druggies.”

“Actually, I heard that one of the cheerleaders was supposed to have put out to most of the senior football players, but that was just a rumor.”

“Well, those guys look big and athletic enough to have played football.”

“Oh, so now, you are suggesting that I am like that cheerleader?”

“Actually, you are much prettier than that cheerleader.”

“So what do you want me to do? Go for the record?”

“Ha, Honey. We don’t know what the record was. You sound like you are considering it. Why don’t you go get us some water at the cabana? You can get a closer look and the merchandise.”

“Are you sure? I mean, we might be starting down a path that we can’t stop. I don’t want to be a tease.”

“Well, why not? We are on our mini-outing. As you said, we don’t know any of the guys. They look like they are clean and presentable. No dead beat looking ones in the lot. I mean we can always leave and go back to our room and make love, just he two of us.”

“Well, as much as I enjoy your special oral talents, a big cock is very satisfying every now and then. Here goes.”

She got up and straightened her bikini. Her beautiful breasts were peeking over the top of her bikini top and her nipples were as hard as buttons. She slipped on her platform heels and walked to the other side of the pool near where the bachelor party was camped out. Tim wasted no time meeting her. He hugged her like a man who had just fucked her the night before. They talked until he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward his friends. The conversation was animated and everyone seemed to be enjoying her charms and body. Shortly Tim came around the pool to where Chris was lounging.

“Hi, Chris, how you doin’ today?”

“Good, Tim, how are you?”

“I just wanted to make sure you were, uh, well, good with everything that happened last night. Are we okay?”

“Yes, we are all adults and we were more than happy to, uh, well, you know.”

“Man, that is one fine woman you have there. She always this hot?”

Chris gave him a short history of how they met and how neither one was popular in high school. They were both inexperienced in sex and social interactions in general. He pretty much told Tim that Elizabeth had started becoming more socially savvy after she had worked in the public. She loosened up and started wearing more fashionable clothes. He related how he otele gelen escort was jealous and controlling until they had a meeting of the minds. He told about Cindy and what an influence she had been.

“Elizabeth was listening to her friend, Cindy, who loved to hook up with men. In fact, her husband, a good looking guy with what she told Elizabeth has a really big cock. He encouraged her to date other men and tell him the details. He even watched and joined in. This had our heads spinning for a while. Eventually I learned to pleasure my wife in a number of ways. I had to accept the fact that my dick just did not measure up and I could not bring her to orgasm. We started using dildos and having oral sex a lot. It was a while before she introduced me to wearing panties, but when she did, I ended up loving it. I know that it looks like I am a sissy cuckold, but we respect each other and would never do anything demeaning. Just when I dress in lingerie, I feel more subservient to her needs.”

“Once a chain of unpredictable events took place and we both met a guy who was, uh, shall we say more capable of giving her an orgasm. We agreed to this and we were both happy with the outcome.”

Tim said, “Wow, Man, that is really hot. I know that many couples engage in this, but the story of how anyone would think of Elizabeth as being common is beyond belief.”

“Yeah, her parents were ultra religious and they made her dress like a troll. She was not social and certainly not hot. I got to know her at a church function and realized that under those dull clothes was a very beautiful woman. When she transformed into the beauty that you see now, I had to catch up. I can’t believe the way I was before. Our sex life is so good and we are just enjoying the freedom that we didn’t have growing up.”

“So, Man, she came over to get some water and I asked if ya’ll had talked about what we talked about last night. Have you talked to her about it?”

“I actually sent her over to the cabana.”

“You mean you want that to happen?”

“As long as she wants it to happen and we feel safe, I am okay with it.”

“Cool, Dude. There are about eight guys staying here. A couple are playing golf this afternoon. How many dudes do you want to come?”

“We haven’t talked about that. I want her to be respected if we do this.”

“Absolutely, Man. I mean, I fucked the shit out of her last night. I can’t believe that she took my big cock and kept on taking it. That shit was hot; you kept eating cum from her pussy. I never seen that before. I told some of the guys about it. Sorry, man, but that is the freaking hottest woman I have ever been with.”

“I know. I am becoming quite successful in my job and no longer have any reservations about being thought a wimp. Yeah, she has fucked other men, but only a few and only with me present. She does not feel comfortable bar hopping like her friend. If this were to happen, would it freak out the guys with me being present?”

“They already freaked when I told them about you being there. No offense, I told them about how you dressed up for it.”

“That’s fine. We became comfortable with this when she had me purchase matching panties in an adult novelty store. I was uncomfortable at first, but the rush of fear and adrenalin was so bold, that I guess that became my thing. I will not be mistreated if this does happen. Anything disrespectful toward either of us and the game is over right then.”

“Oh, hell, no. I mean we are in the twenty first century. Everyone has a right to do their own thing. The guys are all in our twenties and mostly single. Tell the truth, some of us have been involved in this kind of thing before, but not with a woman of your wife’s class and looks. This would be the chance of a lifetime, Man. I will make sure that your wishes and hers are the first thing.”

“Well,” Chris said, “It looks like your friends are already starting to get to know her.”

They both looked across the pool and you could tell at least two of the guys already had big hard cocks tenting their tight swim suits.

“Tim, I am going to trust you to keep everyone in line. Elizabeth and I will decide what can happen and we expect you to comply. If you do that, we will be ready around six o’clock this evening. Come to room 235 then. Don’t come all at once. Bring beer or whatever you like, but no one gets shit faced drunk, okay?”

“Cool, Man,” Tim said.

When Elizabeth came back, Chris questioned her about how the guys seemed.

“Oh, you know, Honey. Full of compliments. Wanting to touch, subtly. They seemed like really nice guys. Horny, but nice. I noticed some really good packages there, but I guess we will have to see.”

“So, you want to do this?”

“Well, it is a sinful cheerleader’s fantasy. So, yes, as long as everything is civil. Why? What did you and Tim talk about?”

“It looked like you were in as soon as the guys started hitting on you. I told him to be there at 6:00, escort rus but not to come all at once. Is that okay with you?”

She breathed a heavy sigh and said, “As long as you are okay with it. I mean, are you going to watch everything?”

“That is our plan.”

“And what about, uh, well, uh, you know, cleanup?”

“I have enjoyed it so far and this is so, so naughty.”

She giggled and placed her hand on his. “Honey, if you are absolutely sure, then we will go ahead. I just hope that it doesn’t make you feel bad, is all. If you are the least bit uncomfortable we will not do this. I should not feel this way, but it just makes me think about that bitch cheerleader, Janice. She looked so smug when the rumors were flying. I hated looking at her, but secretly I guess I kind of admired her in a perverted way.”

Chris and Elizabeth returned to their room. He told her to relax and try to take a nap. “You might not get much sleep tonight. I have a couple of errands to run. I want to pick up a few things for tonight. Call me if you need. I should be back shortly.”

Chris had found a novelty and clothing store on his phone search. A hardware store was nearby, also. He went to the hardware store first and picked up a roll of plastic sheeting and a sharp knife to cut it with. A roll of duct tape for taping the plastic in place. He checked out and went over to the novelty store. It was much bigger than the store that Dan worked in. It had everything sexy that a couple or single could wish for. Their lingerie section was very large, covering everything from S&M gear to sheer panties.

He shopped a while and finally found just the right outfit. He selected two matching negligees. They were soft pink with stretch lace straps. The straps however were reinforced and crisscrossed over the shoulders and back. This allowed the front to remain open and drape quite nicely over the shoulders and down the sides of the torso.

In addition, he located an ivory white ceramic cock ring. It was pivot hinged and snapped closed with a pin and socket compression seal. There were sizes and he selected the smallest. A cute young woman checked him out and was most personable. She initiated the conversation and suggested some panties for him to check out. He thanked her and said that he was good for now.

Elizabeth had taken a short nap, but she admitted that the butterflies were really churning. Chris decided to get ready early. It was five o’clock. He had picked up some snacks and wine for the “party”. He iced the wine and spread the snacks. He went into the bathroom while Elizabeth watched TV in the living room space. He was so glad they had booked a mini-suite with separate rooms.

In the lavish bathroom, Chris made sure he was without hair except on his head. He shaved extra close everywhere and applied scented lotion. He put on his sheer pink stockings and hot pink, four inch stilettos. The stockings were held by his pretty pink garter belt. He donned the sexy duster top and finally was ready for the cock ring. Fitting his scrotum into the small opening was harder than he anticipated. Finally he was able to secure the clasp. His little cock was as hard as it could get and was sticking out straight. It was only slightly longer that his scrunched up ball sac.

He sat down and applied heavy eyeliner and mascara. He followed with a pale shade of pink eye shadow. This, he set off with some light blue highlight powder. He used Elizabeth’s foundation and powder. His lipstick was heavy hot pink. He was dressed to please himself, but did wonder about how the guests would accept him.

As he stood, he checked to make sure everything was in place. He had opted not to wear the pink bra. He wanted the duster to frame his hard, but tiny cock. When he opened the door, Elizabeth whistled.

“Wow, Honey, you’re really going to play the role tonight.”

It was still early and Elizabeth had plenty of time to get dressed. She had already showered and applied her makeup. She had thought about not putting on makeup, but decided to go ahead anyway. She knew it was going to be worn off before the night was up, but first impressions are important. After Chris departed to the sitting room, she began dressing. She loved the sheer pink duster he had bought her. She was even more impressed that she and Chris matched each other.

When the first of the guys knocked on the door, Chris was sitting on the couch. His cock was dripping precum already. Otherwise he looked calm and ready. Tim and his friend, Alex, were the first to arrive. Alex was stocky and tall. He was white. The second group to arrive were Tom and Andrew. Andrew looked to have a little Hispanic in his lineage. Tom was a white guy, only about 5′-8″ tall and very skinny. The last two introduced themselves and Jeffery, a tall lean black guy and Fred, a huge white guy. Fred was about 6′-8″ tall and weighed above 260.

They all looked somewhat uneasily at Chris. He spoke to that quickly as everyone escort sıhhiye was present.

“Welcome, Men. I hope my attire does not offend anyone. It is very symbolic of my relationship with my wife. As I told Tim, I am not gay. Not even slightly. So you may put your minds at ease on that count. I hope Tim has explained how we wish to conduct ourselves. Feel free to have a drink or two. I have set out some snacks, so help yourself.”

“Elizabeth and I have been married two years and come from very conservative backgrounds. We have learned to spread our wings, so to speak and hope you are accepting of our stipulations. We are to become friends and respect each other totally. In my job, I am educated, trained and confident. With my background, I found I was completely naïve about sex. We married young and wished to see more and do more as a couple. As you have seen, I am not very well endowed. Once we found out that size does indeed matter, we began to transform our sex life and it was for the better.”

“I am what you would probably call type A at work. Sexually, however, I am submissive to my wife and dedicated to her pleasure. This was not always the case. I had to learn this. Along the way, I found that my greatest sexual pleasure was making sure Elizabeth was satisfied and happy. We learned things together with her taking the lead. The way I am dressed is symbolic and pleasurable to me. I am dressed in typical feminine clothing to signify my role as the beta to my wife. Along the way I found this particular fetish by accident. We both enjoy it and hope again that it does not offend anyone.”

“So, with all that being said, I give you Elizabeth, my beautiful and sexy wife. And the double entendre is literal.”

Chris tapped on the door and opened it for his wife. Elizabeth made her grand entrance dressed in the pink duster, very sheer white stockings and white garter belt. The only other things she wore were her white stilettos. Her breasts were magnificent, perfect in size and symmetry. With her height, they looked even bigger than her C cups.

She made her way around the room greeting each man with a soft peck on the cheek. They were all dressed and ready.

“Well, guys,” she said, “I hope Chris has explained our concerns and everyone is on board with us. I will leave it up to my husband to make the arrangements. You may enjoy yourself, hopefully and if anyone is squeamish about my, uh, squirting, please feel free opt for another form of climax.”

Chris had this planned and addressed the guys. “Tell you what, guys, I have written numbers on the scratch pad here. I want you to be honest and arrange yourselves in order of size. I believe most men know how big their cocks are, so I am going to call out sizes and give you a number when you identify yourself. My cock is hard and less than five inches. Yeah, much less. Is anyone smaller than me? No one stepped forward. How about five inches?”

Unbelievably, Fred, the largest guy stepped forward and collected his number.

“Six inches?”

Andrew stepped up and was handed number two.


Alex stepped forward and looked back at the others as he collected number three.


The three guys looked at each other and finally Jeffery, the tall black man stepped forward. This left Tim and Tom, the skinny white guy.

“Nine? Really?”

No one moved.

“Come on, okay, ten?”

Tom reluctantly stepped forward. He collected his and shook his head as Chris handed Tim

. Chris still wondered if this could be real. How could this skinny guy no bigger than himself claim to have such a huge cock? Time would tell if everything else went okay for the rest of the evening.

Chris stepped back into the bedroom. Elizabeth sat demurely on the plastic covered bed. Chris hoped that she would remember to not puncture the plastic with her sharp heels.

“Ready, Honey?”

She nodded in agreement.

Chris opened the door and invited Fred into the room. He shook hand with him and told him to begin removing his clothing stopping only at his underwear. When he stood in front of her, Chris slipped around behind him and pulled his shorts down exposing his little cock to her. When Chris came back around, he was greeted with the sight of a small cock just about the size of his own. Fred’s pubic hair almost hid his little tool.

Elizabeth said, “Okay, Stud, let’s get started.”

Chris came forward and began licking her pussy. It was not really necessary. Fred moved forward and kneeled on the bed as Elizabeth moved back to accommodate him. He could hardly reach her pussy and had to place a lot of weight against her. He entered her waiting pussy and immediately began pumping his little cock into her opening. Not much deeper either. In less than a minute, he tensed and began cumming into her pussy. He released himself and finished pumping his load into her.

“Easy there big fella, don’t crush my bride before we get started,” Chris said.

Fred got up and Chris helped him into his shorts. Chris then escorted him to the door and called, “Number two.” Andrew came forward and Chris instructed him to remove is clothing except underwear.

“Just watch, Andrew. While you are getting ready, I will clean her for you.”

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