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Marrying Brother Ch. 06

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Three months after we came to the new house, on the day of her marriage, I asked her to say to Sri that she wanted to have her first night with him, before she has it with Arvind. As we expected he was thrilled.

To Arvind, I didn’t say anything, but wanted to surprise him to be his wife dressing like Preethi.

Karthik too was at the marriage, stealing glances at me wickedly. I was more excited to see him, in fact. I wanted to fuck him too, but didn’t want all hell to break loose at the marriage hall.

So, I tried to avoid him. But he caught up with me behind the huge kitchen where food was cooked for the marriage.

“Akka… I’m very horny today.” He said as he pushed me against the wall and started kneading my breasts even with my silk saree on. I couldn’t stand anymore. I didn’t want him to stop.

“I’m hornier too. Lets find a place.” I said to him.

Hearing that, he pulled me to the very end of the marriage hall, near the restrooms and bathrooms. It wasn’t busy, but it could in a few minutes as the marriage gets over. He pulled me into the men’s restroom. It wasn’t squeaky clean, but it wasn’t smelling shit either. We locked ourselves into a stall, and he started ripping my silk saree, stripping all my clothes one by one.

He opened the tap and let the water run down the pot, so that, no one would notice. My silk saree was now on the pot getting wet by the running water. And I was standing there with my silk blouse and petticoat on.

“You look damn sexy in this dress.. I want to fuck you like anything today, right now, right here.” He whispered on my ears.

He grabbed the blouse and in one swift motion he undid the hooks, helping me removing it. He fumbled with the knots of the petticoat and it fell down to my ankles. Now, all my dresses were getting wet. I didn’t have anything to wear after this fuck. I was now in my bra and the panties Preethi had bought for me to wear when I fuck Arvind in the night.

But that wasn’t supposed to happen. It was to be pulled off not by Arvind but by Karthik. What the heck? I thought. Both are my brothers.

Then I heard two men walking into the men’s room.

“The bride is fucking sexy. I bet she’s going to get fucked nicely tonight by the groom.” They were saying.

I almost laughed at that.

“Why are you laughing?” Karthik asked me whispering.

“Guess who’s going to fuck the bride tonight?” I asked him with a giggle.


“Sri…” I said.

“What? Ur husband??”

“Yes. Preethi wanted to a have a baby from her brother. So, I arranged for that.”

“Woww…” he said. Obviously that was so insane and erotic. Holding my hips, he started to hump me from the back. I was grabbing the walls for support and trying my best to control my squeals.

I could hear the unzipping of pants by men outside the stall and the urinating sound which was followed by the zipping sound. It made me more and more hornier. Getting fucked in the men’s room in a marriage hall… It was really awesome.

I was thinking of the Mastercard Advt. that comes on TV. A silk saree – 5000 Rupees. Organising a marriage in a marriage hall – Thousands of rupees. Getting fucked by my own brother in a dingy men’s room stall – Priceless.

The sound of urinating filled my ears as more and more men came and went. Lot of them were speaking sexily about the bride. Some were even talking dirty about me.

“One day may be, I’ll fuck all these men in this same place one by one.” I said to karthik.

“If that is your wish, surely I’ll make that happen for you one day.” Karthik said, as we both had our orgasm together.

I was buck naked in a men’s room, while all my clothes were literally in the pot, soaking wet.

“I can’t wear this now. I need fresh clothes.” I said to him.

“Wait here. I’ll get help for you.” He said and then left leaving me alone standing naked in the men’s room.

My heart thumped hard as I heard men come and go. No one bothered to look at the stall, thankfully.

Suddenly, I heard Preethi call my name from nowhere.

“Preethi” I called back.

“Akka… Where are you?”

“Here in the men’s room!” Thankfully the restrooms were deserted as the marriage was over a long back.

“Where are you?” she asked coming in.

“Have you got some clothes?” I asked her.

“Yes. But what are you doing here?” she asked.

I walked out naked from the stall I was in. She was still in her bridal saree. She handed me a new dress. “It’s a long story.” I said.

“I can guess so.” She said grinning at me.

“Can u get those clothes out?” I said to her pointing to the wet clothes on the floor of the stall.

“Yikes!” she said looking at them.

“Its just wet.” I said to her.

“Ok. I’ll get them.” She said.

And I ran out of the men’s room in broad daylight, butt naked and sneaked into the women’s room. There was a young girl there in her teens who almost freaked out seeing me walking in naked and the bride behind me with wet clothes.

“Don’t say anything to anyone.” I said şirinevler escort to the girl as she went out.

“Karthik said you were here.” Preethi was still grinning at me.

“Stop grinning at me, would you?” I said to her mockingly.

“I guess you love both your brothers so much.” She said.

I was putting on the dress she had brought for me.

“So, can I love your other brother too??”

“Yes, of course, but not today.” I said laughing.

“Besides, you need to ask Sowmya.” I said to her.

“Why her?” she asked surprisingly as we came out fully dressed ready for the evening.

“It’s a big plan.” And I said my big plan to her, my partner in crime.

She listened to me open-mouthed as I said every bit of my plan.

“Oh my god!” she was breathing fast as I finished saying it to her.

“Are you with me? Will you help me make it happen?” I asked.

“Know what. This is really really, outrageous. I’ve never even imagined something like this in my life. You are really great. Together we can make it happen.”

So, I got my first accomplice.

“Ok. Lets get ready for the night. Get ready to get fucked. By both men of your life” I kissed her on her cheeks and then we both kissed each other on the mouth before we parted.

Night came and let Preethi sneak into my room, where Sri was waiting. Minutes later, I could hear both of them smooching. It was time. I changed to the bridal dress that was bought for Preethi and with no one watching I sneaked into Arvind’s room.

I had put a veil on my face that he didn’t even notice it was me and not Preethi entering his room. I was carrying a plate of fruits and some milk with me as per the tradition. The best part is no one in the house noticed what me and Preethi were doing.

“Keep the milk on the table. We’ll drink it later Preethi.” He was saying to me. I did what he said.

“Come closer to me.” He said pulling me by my hands. Only when he pushed the veil off my head he knew it was me.

“Oh my god!” he gasped. And before he yelled I gave a deep kiss on his mouth. We both panted as we parted.

“What are you doing here? Where is Preethi?” he was asking becoming almost panicky.

“Hey idiot. Don’t panic. Today I’m going to be your wife at first night” I said grinning.

“What?” he asked becoming tensed.

“Okay. Relax da. The astrologer said, it isn’t good time to send the bride in for the next three hours. So I thought, you’ll feel alone and give you some company till she comes. May be we can have a little fun, if you wish, with your sister?” I grinned.

“I don’t know. How long will it take till she comes? Does anyone knows you are here?” he asked.

“Don’t worry Arvind. Everything is fine. No one knows I’m here. You are a lucky guy to fuck two women on your first night. Now, do I look like a bride?” I asked him.

“You really fooled me. I couldn’t make it out that it was you coming in, instead of Preethi. You look like an angel, with all those gold necklace, bangles, anklets and bridal jewels, also with the silk saree… you will pass on to be a bride surely.”

“Is it okay for me to be the first girl of your first night?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“What about Preethi? I asked.

“Anyway, she’s going to be my wife for my whole life. Don’t think of her now.” He said grinning. This is the ultimate adultery.

“Are you going to undress me now?” I asked him.

“No. you do it. Give me a strip show.” He was saying. “And remove just the dress, not the jewels!”

‘Hmm.. very kinky! He hasn’t changed much over the months’ I thought to myself. I remembered the day when he tied my thaali around my cunt.

Slowly, one by one, I stripped off my clothes. The silk saree came off the body first. The blouse, bra, and petticoat soon followed. No! I wasn’t wearing the panty I was supposed to wear tonight. But Preethi let me borrow one of her used panties for this special occasion and I was wearing hers now. It was a flimsy, lacy one with flowers embroidered on the front.

“Oh my God! You are gorgeous like hell.” He said as he helped me step out of Preethi’s panties and stand naked in front of him.

“You are like the damsels of love, Ramba, Menaka, Urvasi all in one!” he said looking at my gold clad naked torso. The bangles and anklets were making clinking sounds as I walked to the bed and laid myself on to it.

“Now, fuck me fast like a stallion. We’ve got only two hours left before Preethi comes in. And I don’t want you to be tired when she comes in. she is your wife and therefore you need to give her due.” I giggled. It took one-hundredth of my time for him to undress himself and reveal his thick hot penis throbbing at my cunt.

So, he rode me like a stallion… fast and wild into the jungle of sex, incest, and adultery, into the clouds of heaven.

The hundred grams of gold necklace weighing heavy on my cleavage, my breast covered with milk and sweat, and my cunt with both our juices, he fucked me like he did the first two days.

‘I’m şişli escort lucky to have well hung brothers, ready to fuck me like a whore.’ I thought to myself. I was on the verge of my orgasm, when he pumped up the speed and hit the inner sides of my cunt with all his might.

“Is it okay to cum inside you?” even before he finished asking it, his cum was flowing inside my cunt.

“Its okay. May be you’ll knock me the second time.” I said grinning. ‘No idiot. I’ll wash up. It is not going to be your baby this time.’ I said to myself.

It was ten to twelve, as I grabbed my dress and started dressing. “Can I have this panty of your as a souvenir??” he asked me with Preethi’s panty in his hands. His irony almost made me laugh within.

“Yes. Enjoy your night with Preethi” I said and nodded as I finished dressing and came out of the room.

Halfway across in the corridor, I ran into Preethi. She was as whore-like as I was. Immediately as our eyes met, we both giggled at the same time.

“How was it?” I asked, eyeing at the wet stains on her saree.

“Good.” She said.

“Are you sure, you’ll get his baby?” I asked.

“Yes. I think so. But having my first night with my brother…” She blushed. “Thanks, akka.” Tears rolled off her eyes, and she gave me a hug.

“Hey, come on don’t cry now. You’ve still got one more first night to experience.” I said to her. “Here… let me help you get dressed and back on track like a bride.”

Right on the dark end of the corridor, I stripped off the bridal dress and gave it to her. She dressed up. Yet, the cunt juice were still wetting the saree. “Let me wipe that up.” I said and wiped her cunt with a kinky.”

“I hope he doesn’t notice.” She said to me, looking at the stains.

“Don’t worry, he’ll think the stains are mine.” I kissed her on her cheeks. “Get your face washed, while I get myself some dress.” I said and got into one my old sarees. When I came back, she was all set for her first night again.

“I love you akka.” She kissed me before we knocked Arvind’s door. He opened and as expected, he was surprised to see her in the same dress which I was wearing minutes back. But he didn’t let his surprise show.

When she was inside, before closing the door in, he asked me, “What? Is she wearing the same dress?”

“Yes.” I winked. “I managed to slip it back before she looked for it.”

I was back in my room, when I heard Sri in the shower. “Hi da, ready for the sexy night?” I asked him as I locked the bedroom door.

“Yeah. I’m in the shower.” He said.

“Want me to join??” without asking for an answer I opened the bath and went in. he pulled me into the shower even with my dress on.

“Hmm seems you are in a great mood.” I said as I kissed him.

And there, it started, the Round Two of the night.


The morning after the first night, I woke up dead tired. Sri wasn’t on my side. And I could hear him speaking to Arvind, Karthik and dad in the drawing room.

I dragged myself into the bath. I felt sore. Three fucks from three different men, the previous day.

If a slutty experienced girl like me was feeling so bad between my thighs, I can only imagine for Preethi. ‘Poor girl! She must me whimpering’ I thought to myself.

I went out to her room. Just as I was about to knock, I found the door wasn’t locked. I opened it and went in. Preethi was sleeping naked on the bed.

“Good morning” I wished her.

“Good morning, akka!” she wished back.

“How was the night?” I asked her.

“Not bad.” She said as she tried to get off the bed. “Ahhhhh…” she groaned as she did that.

“What happened?” I asked concerned.

“I can’t even move my legs. My cunt is sore.” She said.

“Hmm.. fuck two guys in your first night and what do you expect??” I asked her. “Show me.” I said as I spread her naked thighs to have a look at her cunt. It was indeed beet red and sore.

I touched it with my finger and she groaned. “I’ll get you some curd to put on it. It’ll soothe the soreness.” I said to her and helped her walk to her bath.

As she came out of her bath, I put some cool curd from the fridge on her cunt. It did some good to her soreness. She was fine by the evening.


Two months later, after his 19th birthday, Karthik came to stay in the house. Preethi was still not pregnant. May be she should spend more time with my husband. I advised her.

All along, I wanted a nice fuck from Karthik. But he made me wait for days, before the chance came. Everyone went to Preethi’s house for some occasion, while I stayed back citing women’s problems.

Karthik had to stay since he had college. “Please da, don’t make me wait. Fuck me soon.” I almost begged him, when I got a chance to speak to him.

“Okay then, you’ll do as I say. Okay?” he commanded.

I always liked him overpowering me. As I said, he was one of the most creative people when it comes to sex. I didn’t know what he had in mind now.

“Okay.” I said.

“Get ready in the night. suadiye escort We’re going for a movie, night show!” he announced. “And don’t dress like a whore or a bride. Dress normal, like a wife.” He said.

So, I chose a plain chiffon green color saree, with a cotton blouse and bra, with a petticoat and panties. No make up, no fancy ornaments, just the thaali and some glass bangles on my wrist.

He had booked a ticket in the box, for the night show of some adult-rated movie. There were no more than 12 people in the box, three of them were women including me. The other seats were empty.

As the movie started, he started to rub my saree covering my cunt. It was a sexy English movie, and I knew the other two women were experiencing the same finger fucking sessions from their men too.

One moment, I almost moaned out aloud and felt every eyes looking at me as I controlled it with a gasp. “Please.. how long do I have to wait??” I asked him.

“Will you do whatever I say?” he asked.

“Yess… please. Whatever.” I said.

I was sweating even with the air-conditioning on in the theatre.

“Remove your panties and give them to the person sitting next to you.” He said.

“What?” I was alarmed!

“Yes. Just remove your panties and hand it over to person next to you? And ask him to have it as your gift.” He said.

I didn’t know what to do. This was outrageously kinky. One half of me said, “Don’t do it. The other half said, “Go ahead and be kinky.” I was sweating.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Karthik asked me.

And I did what he said. Without standing up, I moved my hips up a bit from the seat, and putting my hand beneath my saree, I pulled off my panties as the person beside me watched me do it with an awkward look on his face.

I brought up some courage, turned right and looking at his face, with a smile which no one can see in that darkness, placed my hot panties in his hands, asking him to have it as my gift.

Then I gave the ‘now-what’ look to Karthik, who was sitting on my left.

“How did you feel akka?” he asked.

“Not bad. I liked it though.” I said to him in a gushy voice.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m okay” I said.

“Then, remove your saree now.” He said.

“What? Do you want to sit here in the theatre in my blouse and petticoat??” I asked puzzled.

“Yes, that what I said. Do it for me. And give it again to the same guy but ask him to pass to the person sitting beside him.” he said.

‘Now this is getting very bad. Sitting in a theatre in inner wears??’ I never thought of it before.

I slowly removed the pin that is used to hold my saree on my shoulders and then removed the clip on my hips. In moments the saree slipped off my hips. It took little effort to actually remove it off my body.

Again the other guy was looking at me. I was sure his rod was hot and thick by this time, while I was having my crumpled saree on my lap as I was sitting wearing only my blouse and petticoat.

Karthik placed his hands on my stomach and felt my navel. I felt a tinge of excitement and in a blushing effort gave the saree to the guy on my right and asked it to pass it on to the next guy.

“Now remove your blouse and give it to me.” He said.

I was beyond the point of questioning now, and I quickly undid the blouse and gave it to him. I was sweating fully now with my heart thumping fast.

He gave it to the guy on his right.

“Now the bra.” He said. And it came off releasing my full milky breasts to be on their own.

“Now stand up and face us. Remove your petticoat too and become full naked. Then, say aloud who you are. Say you are not a whore but a slutty housewife, who got fucked by her brothers. Say, I’m your brother. Say, how Arvind wanted to tie the thaali around your hips. Say how you got fucked in the temple and in the men’s room. Ask if any of the other women in the room wants to join you and stand naked in front of us. Then beg me to fuck you. I’ll fuck you right then.” He whispered in my ears.

“I can’t do it.” I pleaded to him.

“Then you are not getting anything from me tonight!” he said as he rubbed my cunt softly.

‘Oh my God! I can’t do it.’ I said to myself. But I stood up and faced the room. I heard loud gasps and heard the women moan aloud.

“Do it!” Karthik said.

“Yes.” I said in a slow voice and fumbled with the knots of the petticoat in the dark and let it fall off my hips around my legs. I felt so slutty to stand naked in the box of a renowned theater as every one raped me with their eyes.

“Say what I said” he said it aloud.

“Okay.” I said and then building up the courage, I said aloud, “Hi, my name is Pratheeba. I’m not a whore as many of you might think now. I’m a housewife. And I love sex. Apart from my husband, I’ve fucked both my brothers. The guy here sitting next to me is actually not my husband, but my brother. I love my brothers so much. They fuck me like a whore. The elder brother likes it when I tie my thaali around my hips instead of my neck. This guy fucked me inside a temple and milked me like a cow. Then I got fucked by him in a men’s toilet. I enjoy doing this.”

“I see a lot of men here and a few women. What do you think girls? Do you want to join me, stand naked and show off in front of everyone?” I asked looking at the other two women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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