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Mary’s Therapy

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Mary was a quiet, pretty young lady in her early twenties. She had a slender body with gentle curves and was in good health, or mostly so, but her mother, Julia, was concerned.

“Dr James is very highly regarded, Mary,” her mother said placing a reassuring hand on Mary’s own hands that lay tightly clasped together like a clamshell in Mary’s lap. “In fact, I met her at one of my ladies’ meetings. She is very gentle and understanding. I am sure you will both get on well together. You will adore her!”

Julia was a handsome, elegant woman in her late forties who radiated confidence and control.

“And, besides, I can be there with you throughout the consultation, if you would like, so you know there is really nothing to worry about,” her mother comforted.

“Yes, I know,” replied Mary, “and to be honest, I do want you to be with me. I need your support, Mum. Thanks for being there for me again.” Julia smiled and holding her close, kissed Mary’s forehead.

At that moment the door to the consulting room opened and a young nurse, of a similar age to Mary, appeared wearing a crisp white uniform. She entered the waiting room and approached the two women.

“Mary Sloan?” She asked, “Dr James can see you now.”

Mary and her mother stood up with alacrity and followed the young nurse into the consultation room.

Dr James was seated at her table writing notes and when they entered, she swiftly rose to warmly greet them, shaking both women’s hands in turn and putting them instantly at their ease.

Dr James was tall and slender with long brown hair that fell just below her shoulders. Her white coat was worn over a neat fitting navy skirt and a buttoned white blouse over which her stethoscope fell like a crazy necklace. Her breasts were small. Mary felt her eyes drawn towards them and the two dark nipples that she could just make out underneath the thin white linen.

“Sit down, please, make yourselves comfortable,” Dr James entreated. “I am very pleased to meet you, Mary,” Dr James continued smiling, “and Julia, it is so lovely to see you again so soon!”

“Allow me to introduce you both to my assistant Monica. She is a registered nurse. I have especially asked Monica to sit in on this consultation. She is studying to be a therapist. I find that one learns such a great deal by being involved with patient consultations and, of course, Monica helps me greatly in my examinations.”

“One other thing that I should let you know before we start, is that I record all of my consultations on video. I find that when I rewatch them at night, I often pick up subtle clues that can prove critical in the diagnosis and treatment of my patients. Of course the recordings are all encrypted and stored in a highly secure environment that is only accessible by myself.”

“I hope that these arrangements are acceptable to you both?”

Mary and Julia nodded their agreement and Dr James pressed the record button under her desk.

“Now that is all out of the way,” said Dr James, “how may I help you ladies?”

Mary looked anxiously towards her mother and Dr James and then glanced over towards the young nurse, Monica, whose face was lowered while she studied a medical research paper of some sort.

“Well, umm, Dr…,” Mary began nervously.

Dr James looked calmly at Mary while she struggled to find words.

“It’s alright, Mary,” said Dr James in a soothing manner. “I understand entirely how difficult it can be to talk about these things sometimes.”

“Well,” said Mary, “it’s about down there,” she said, vaguely indicating her pelvis with her hands.

Dr James looked over to Julia and nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Darling,” Julia tenderly asked Mary, “would you prefer if I explained to Emma?” Emma was Dr James’ christian name. Mary, somewhat relieved, nodded her agreement.

“Well, you see, Doctor,” Julia started, “it’s Mary’s cunt,” she said bluntly. Dr James nodded thoughtfully.

“Oh, I do hope that is the correct term,” Julia continued, glancing from Dr James to her assistant, Monica. “I hope that I have not shocked you.”

“Shocked us? No, not at all. ‘Cunt’ is the term we prefer to use here at the clinic, Julia,” Dr James responded matter-of-factly. “We find it is much less confusing to our patients than the usual medical jargon.”

“Quite so,” agreed Julia with an approving smile.

“Now, Julia,” Dr James asked, “what can you tell me about your concerns with Mary’s cunt?”

Julia continued: “Well, I am not sure where to start. Mary’s cunt appears absolutely normal to look at, in fact, her cunt is very lovely to look at and to feel, but, I am afraid that any penetration, however slight, seems to cause discomfort rather than pleasure.”

“Well, that must be very distressing for Mary and the men in her life,” Dr James said.

“There have never been men in Mary’s life,” replied Julia. “Men do not seem to appeal to Mary, if you know what I mean.”

“Hmmm, I see,” the doctor replied, scribbling down escort kocaeli a note.

Mary sat quietly and looked down at her shoes. Monica moved her chair closer and took one of Mary’s hands in hers to comfort her.

“And what about clitoral stimulation?” Dr James inquired? She held a pen in her right hand and moved it absent-mindedly so that its end played lightly on her lips.

“That goes fine up to point, I think,” Julia replied, “but the discomfort appears just before climax.”

‘So has Mary ever cum from clitoral or vaginal stimulation?” Dr James inquired.

“Only rarely,” replied Mary’s mother with a note of sadness in her voice.

Dr James fixed Mary in her gaze and asked gently, “Is there anything you would like to say, Mary? What kind of discomfort do you feel? Do you like to masturbate?”

“Yes, I try to. It feels so nice at the start,” Mary replied blushing, “but after a while I sort of feel an ache and have to stop.”

“Have you, or maybe others, ever tried to put things in your cunt, Mary?” Dr James continued.

“Umm, well, some of the girls I knew at university used to like to put dildos in my pussy,” Mary said in a quiet voice, “I pretended that it felt alright, but it never really felt good for me.”

“Well,” said Dr James, “I suppose that I had better have a look at that lovely cunt of yours, Mary. Monica, would you assist Mary while she undresses?”

Monica led Mary by the hand into a small room off to the side.

“Thank you for rostering Monica for our visit,” smiled Julia.

“After your ladies meeting, I thought she would be to your liking,” Dr James replied patting Julia’s thigh.

The two younger ladies returned, Mary was now wearing a short sky-blue surgical gown which had only a single tie at the top on the back. From behind her peach-shaped ass was clearly visible to the two older women.

“Monica,” Dr James instructed, “please make Mary comfortable on the examination chair.”

Monica led Mary to a sophisticated looking chair and indicated where Mary should sit. It looked somewhat like a dentist’s chair.

“Would you like to stay and observe the examination, Julia?” Dr James asked. “Or would you prefer to wait outside? I think you will find it most instructive and you will also see what good care we take of your lovely daughter, Mary.”

“Thank you, Emma,” Julia replied, “I should very much like to stay and support Mary while you examine her.”

The two older women approached Mary who now reclined on the examination chair. Monica stood attentive by her side.

Dr James found on a wheeled office chair and slid over to Mary’s side. “I just need to make a few adjustments to your position, Mary, so I can examine your cunt more easily.”

The doctor adjusted the chair, raising the seat a little and reclining the back slightly. “Comfortable?” she asked.

Mary nodded. Then Dr James pressed two buttons on the side of the examination chair which caused the section of the chair where Mary’s legs rested to part. Julia noticed that the seat of the examination chair had been sensibly designed with a discreet cut-away that facilitated the examiner’s access to the patient’s cunt or even ass.

“I’ve had this chair specially designed for my examinations,” Dr James explained to Mary. “My patients must be comfortable, and I must have a clear line of sight and full access to my patients’ bodies in order to examine them thoroughly.”

“Monica,” Dr James called, “please find a chair for Julia so that she can comfortably observe the examination, as well.”

Monica did as requested and after ensuring Julia was comfortable and able to clearly see everything, returned to stand by the patient.

Mary sat reclined at a gentle angle in the chair with her hips forward and legs spread open. The short medical gown lay across the top of her thighs and fell tantalisingly into the space created between her legs. Dr James noticed the subconscious reaction of Julia as she took in the sight of her daughter with her legs splayed open before her: her tongue moistened her lips, she tightened her grip on the arms of her chair and allowed her own thighs to open ever so slightly in empathy with Mary.

“I always begin by assessing a patient’s overall condition, Julia,” Dr James explained, “before I examine the more private areas. Monica, would you care to assess Mary and report your conclusions to us both?”

Monica performed the basic assessment checks: eyes, ears, mouth, pulse, etc. and reported her conclusions, “Mary is in excellent condition and is generally very healthy, Doctor. Her pulse is a little fast, but that is only to be expected in the circumstances. Her skin does feel slightly warm, however, and I should like to take her temperature.”

“Excellent, Monica,” the doctor responded, “I agree completely with your assessment. And yes, a temperature check is a good idea and we will do one in due course.”

“Monica, now if you would be so kind,” Dr James instructed, “please gölcük escort arrange Mary’s gown so that I may begin the examination of Mary’s cunt.”

Monica gently lifted the hem of the gown and folded it up to Mary’s navel. Mary’s position in the chair, with her legs opened and hips thrust forward, beautifully displayed her naked cunt to all in the room. Mary blushed and in an automatic reflex tried to bring her legs together, but the chair prevented her from closing them. She tensed but soon began to relax as she remembered that she was amongst people whom she could trust.

The three observers all looked at the delta where Mary’s open thighs met: a triangle of dark hair, trimmed low, pointed suggestively to a clearly defined, smooth line where the outer lips of her cunt met. The trimmed, dark pubic hair continued down the sides of her cunt slit, to her taint. The dimple of Mary’s asshole was just discernible below.

“You were right, Julia,” said Dr James admiringly, “Mary does have a very lovely little cunt! Monica, come here, please, and observe Mary closely. Note how the outer lips of Mary’s cunt completely enclose the clitoral hood and the labia minora so that they are not visible at all. And note as well the faint hints of moisture along the slit of Mary’s cunt: an indication of mild sexual arousal.”

“Mmm, yes Doctor, I see,” Monica replied beginning to feel aroused herself. “Would the sign of cuntal arousal, in a setting such as this, perhaps indicate Mary has a latent tendency for exhibitionism?”

“Excellent question, Monica! However, we don’t know enough of Mary’s psychology or sexual history to conclude that, yet,” Dr James replied. “It is a possibility, but there could be many other explanations. It could be a simple Pavlovian response to the stimulus of having her legs spread open and her cunt exposed, or, since there are others present, it may show a more complex desire to please or serve others rather than to simply exhibit. Then again it might result from a feeling of apprehension or mild fear as to what she thinks might be about to happen to her, or it could even be an expression of vulnerability. Time will tell.”

Dr James turned to Mary. “Now, Mary,” Dr James soothed, kindly resting her warm hand on the inside of Mary’s naked thigh, I need to touch your cunt a little in order to do a brief external examination. Just relax. I find many patients rather enjoy this bit.”

Dr James reached for a medical glove, but Julia interjected: “Doctor, do you intend to wear gloves?” she said in an alarmed voice. “Wouldn’t an examination without gloves be more sensitive and beneficial for my daughter’s diagnosis?”

“Well, yes,” responded Dr James smiling reassuringly, “hands are much more sensitive without gloves and it is true that I would learn more about Mary’s responses. So with your permission I will proceed without gloves.”

“Thank you,” Julia responded, the two older women exchanged curt nods.

Smoothly, using all of her years of medical experience, Dr James slid her hand along the inside of Mary’s thigh until it entirely covered Mary’s cunt. Mary’s breathing began to quicken noticeably under the expert medical care that she was receiving. The doctor’s hand began to gently move up and down the outside of Mary’s cunt and occasionally caress her thighs and even Mary’s asshole. Julia marvelled at the expert technique which Emma displayed in examining her daughter.

“Julia,” the doctor whispered, “I hope that you won’t mind, but it is often helpful for me to observe the secondary responses during an examination such as this, as these can be particularly informative. The breasts, and the nipples in particular, can be especially expressive. Would you have any objection if we were to remove Mary’s gown entirely?”

“Why of course not, Emma,” Julia quickly replied, “I encourage you to do whatever you think is best. My only concern is Mary’s health and well-being.”

“Good, thank you,” Dr James replied. “Monica, please remove Mary’s gown.”

Emma paused her examination as Monica fumbled the tie on Mary’s gown before deftly removing it, fully exposing Mary’s naked body, now spread so open and inviting before them all. For the first time all could see Mary’s slender hips angle into her narrow waist, and how her small breasts fell softly towards her sides, each surmounted by small, dark, erect nipples. Monica’s nipples, too, were beginning to become visible through her uniform.

“Have you noticed, Emma?” Julia asked in a whisper, “I think my Mary is also causing some positive responses in your assistant.”

Dr James took the cue to address Monica directly. “Monica, you know how important it is to have our patients at their ease. I wonder if Mary feels a little self-conscious now that she is the only one naked in the room, lying there with her tits and cunt exposed so openly to our gaze. I wonder if you would mind removing your uniform and continuing the consultation naked as well, so that Mary izmit sınırsız escort would feel more relaxed?”

Knowing patient care was the most important principle of medical practice, Monica responded without thinking twice, “Yes, of course, doctor.”

“Julia,” Dr James added, “would you mind helping Monica out of her uniform? In that way we can continue the examination in the shortest possible time.”

In no way did Julia mind! Monica obediently turned her back towards Julia and lifted her long blonde hair, offering Julia easy access to the buttons that ran down the back of her uniform. Julia eagerly unbuttoned the uniform and as the dress fell open let her hands trace a path down Monica’s back which felt warm and smooth and very sexy.

The uniform fell silently to the floor. The voluptuous figure of the diligent nurse was unveiled. Wasting no time, Julia quickly unclipped Monica’s bra and tossed it aside.

Freed to gravity’s influence, Monica’s generous breasts hung down and swayed erotically with her movements; at the centre of her large, almost hypnotic areolas, thick nipples rose like the parts of some rare exotic tropical flower. Mary stared transfixed and the doctor smiled broadly at her, now, not at all unexpected, reaction.

Still standing behind the nurse, Julia guided her hands down the side of Monica’s figure until they reached her hips and the top of her lacy panties. Julia allowed her hands to briefly explore Monica’s flat belly before gripping the top of her panties and spinning her quickly round so that Monica now faced her.

Julia reached behind Monica and let her hands slide into her lacy panties and feel the curve and the firmness of the nurse’s shapely ass. Then kneeling so that her face was at the level of Monica’s cunt, Julia removed Monica’s panties in a single motion.

Julia could detect the pungent aroma of arousal coming from Monica’s cleanly shaved pussy which was now only centimetres away from her face. Dr James observed that Mary continued to take in the scene and show signs of increased arousal: her nipples were clearly hardening, her areola shrinking, she showed an increased breathing rate and there was a slight flush or glow appearing on her cheeks.

“Julia,” Dr James said, “I notice Mary’s cunt has trimmed pubic hair. Sometimes pubic hair can reduce stimulation and I wonder if this might be a minor factor in this case. Would you object if Monica shaved Mary’s cunt? Just the cunt lips will be all that is necessary. She should keep that lovely neat bush above.”

“I did wonder about that myself, Emma,” Julia replied. “Please do whatever you think best.”

“Thank you,” Dr James responded and then instructed Monica as to what was required.

“Oh, Julia,” continued Dr James, “sometimes during examinations there can be some vaginal squirting and other secretions. Perhaps it would be advisable for you to remove your clothes as well. I wouldn’t want your very stylish clothes to be ruined.”

Emma moved over to Julia and soon had her stripped down to her bra and panties. Julia’s fine, svelte body was toned and attractive.

“I know that I have seen it before, Julia, but you do have a sexy body,” Dr James praised her quietly. “I can see Monica likes it as well,” she said, raising her eyebrow in a knowing way.

Monica had returned with a razor and some shaving cream and was working diligently and carefully between Mary’s legs. She soon had Mary’s cunt lips smooth to touch and neatly shaved to Emma’s satisfaction.

Emma adjusted the lighting in the examination room to reduce the harshness of the medical lights.

‘We will now move on with the examination proper and increase the stimulation,” Dr James announced. “Mary, please advise of any discomfort.”

Mary’s hips now thrust more forward, resting on the edge of the chair’s seat, her legs were still spread wide and her cunt and ass were easily accessible. Her newly shaved cunt glistened in the discreet light. Emma positioned herself directly between Mary’s open legs and with a hand on either side of Mary’s cunt slit, gently and in a single movement pulled the lips apart. There was a faint sucking sound as her moist pussy opened and the inner lips and clitoral hood of Mary’s cunt came into full view.

Monica stepped back and gasped. Julia, standing behind Monica, could not stop her hands from feeling the cheeks of Monica’s naked ass which was now so tantalisingly close. Monica eased back to make the pleasant sensation more tactile.

Emma allowed her index finger to glide up and down the moistening line of Mary’s inner cunt lips, spreading the flaps gently open and occasionally touching the hood of Mary’s clitoris. Mary laid back moaning quietly. Similarly, Julia’s fingers had now found the crack of Monica’s ass and they freely glided up and down, before circling and pressing the pucker of Monica’s asshole.

Expertly, Emma spread the lips of Mary’s cunt and revealed the hole of her vagina. She began to insert her index finger into Mary’s wet love tunnel. The first joint of her finger was almost fully inserted when Mary tensed, exclaiming a sharp “Oww!”

Dr James removed her finger, sniffed it and then tasted the small amount of sticky cunt juice that was on it.

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