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Massage Therapy Ch. 06

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The author warmly dedicates this chapter to his good friend, SW.

* * *

After her kids dutifully cleaned up their sticky cum stains from the couch and floor, Janice invited them to join her in her big oversized shower to get themselves cleaned up again. She chuckled at the fact that this was officially her third shower in just about as many hours. She put her hair up in a bun and only rinsed her body. Her kids eagerly soaped each other up, groping and tickling and playing with each other. Janice knew what they were doing was so taboo in society, but all she saw was love and happiness. She made a mental note to always be on the lookout for any sudden awkwardness in their attitudes. If she felt something was going wrong, she would intervene.

There was certainly no awkwardness now. Her kids were clearly infatuated with each other and they looked happier than she’d ever known. It actually brought a tear to her eye.

Instead of going back downstairs to watch TV, the three of them dried off and climbed into Janice’s big California king bed, still naked of course. They sat up against stacks of pillows and watched a couple of shows on a wall-mounted HDTV. Richard almost invariably sat between his mom and sister, but this time Janice was between her kids, and as they watched their show she put an arm around each of them. Richard had to scootch his tall frame down a little for that to happen. They had only a thin sheet over them to stave off a bit of a chill in the room. But as their combined body heat kicked in the sheet lowered to their laps. It covered Richard’s flaccid penis, but it kept his mom and sister’s breasts exposed, and he frequently looked at them. He also occasionally reached up and lightly stroked his mom’s breast, which served to keep her nipples very hard…

Sometime later Janice blinked out of a light doze and glanced at her kids. They both had their eyes closed, and they were both leaning against her. She wanted to cry again, they were so beautiful. With gentle movements, she lifted her arms off them. Neither of them woke up but instead unconsciously slid further into the bed and into more regular sleeping positions. Janice clicked the TV off and the room went dark save for the dim wash of a small night light at the bathroom vanity. She snuggled down into the bed between her kids and fell into a quick and satisfied slumber.

Rick woke up from a rather erotic dream, which he groggily found amusing as he was now living a real life erotic dream. For a moment he wondered if he was actually having one of those lucid dreams, because he could still hear soft moaning as well as the soft smack of lips kissing. He had been sleeping on his side, with his back to his mom and sister. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the dimly lit room, he lifted his head slightly and twisted to look at his beautiful lovers.

His eyes widened quickly at what he saw.

Krissy and his mom were awake, sitting up in bed, still quite naked, and making out. They were sitting in front of each other, cross-legged, their knees touching. As they made out, their hands were freely roaming along each other’s bodies. Richard’s cock twitched to life as he watched his sister fondle one of his mother’s heavy tits with one hand. Her other hand was lower down, in Mom’s crotch. What she was doing precisely down there was blocked by Mom’s leg. He was amazed to further note that his mom was pretty much doing the same thing to Krissy.

His dick stiffened fully while he watched them quietly.

Janice loved the tender taste and feel of her daughter’s tongue as they made out. Richard was an amazing kisser, never failing to make her swoon when his tongue was in her mouth. Kristin was more gentle, sensuous, and still a bit tentative with what was a new thing for her. Aside from the woman she’d told them about last night, Janice had made out with a couple of other women in her dating kartal escort years, but that had been a long time ago. She had been very happy to wake up to having her daughter’s lips pressed against her.

While Ricky had continued to sleep soundly, Kristin and her mom had started making out in earnest, and at Mom’s guidance they eventually sat up. Now for the past ten minutes or so she was experiencing her first female to female make-out session. She loved it. She wasn’t very experienced with kissing at all, and Ricky had taught her so much over the last several days. Mom, however, had a little more nuance. Kristin enjoyed the variety, and although she had been nervous about kissing her mom at first, she was glad she did it, and it was obvious Mom was enjoying herself, too.

The kissing had evolved to include fondling, and soon Kristin shivered to the sensation of Mom reaching down and grazing her fingers along her moist labia. Encouraged, and wanting to please her mother, too, Kristin lowered her hand and did her best to mirror on her mom what her mom was doing to her. She was eager to learn from her mom and did her best to follow along, though she was often distracted by the sweet teasing her own pussy was getting.

Rick pulled himself up straighter and leaned back against the pillows. He was subtle with his movements, not wanting to break the romantic moment his mom and sister were having. His cock was tenting the sheet which he pulled back. He put a hand around his shaft but only gave it the slightest of strokes. He loved his current level of arousal, which was easily maintained as he watched this erotic seen unfolding before him.

As she made out with her daughter, Janice was sitting at an angle that allowed her to notice that Richard was awake and watching them. She could make out the smile on his face, and she noticed how hard he was, which never failed to impress her. He was looking down at their legs, mesmerized by the fact that mother and daughter were fingering each other. When he saw that she was looking at him, his smile widened. She broke her kiss just long enough to give him a wink. She was going to give her boy a show.

Kristin took the opportunity of the briefly broken kiss to draw in several deep breaths. The way Mom was teasing and manipulating her swollen clit sent shockwave after shockwave through her body. Though she was still new at sex, she had been masturbating for years and knew how to get herself off easily enough. But her own fingers didn’t hold a candle to what Mom was currently doing to her. It was as if Mom knew the exact location of every nerve ending. She knew just how deeply to insert her fingers, how best to curve them up into her, what the best pace was to keep building up the orgasm that Kristin knew was coming, what she was craving.

Janice kissed her daughter again but couldn’t help but smile as she did so. She could tell by the way Kristin was breathing and squirming that she was hitting all the right spots. She also enjoyed the feeling in her own pussy as Kristin did her best to mimic what was happening to her. Kristin had been a little clumsy at first, but she was a quick learner, and before long Janice began feeling a warm glow as the plateau of pleasure started steadily increasing.

Rick continued to watch, precum beginning to ooze steadily down his cock, wetting his fingers as they remained encircled around it. It turned him on even further knowing that his mother was aware that he was observing them, turned on by them. He knew that Krissy wouldn’t have minded him watching either, but in a way he was glad that she was still unaware that he was awake. She was such a generous lover, even as a novice, and she would probably invite him to join them. He would love to join them, of course, but he also wanted to see his mom make his sister cum, so he made sure not to interrupt them. By kurtköy escort the sounds she was making—she could no longer maintain her kiss with Mom—it was clear that Krissy was about to be blasted into orbit.

As Kristin’s pending orgasm climbed steadily within her, she had a hard time reciprocating for her mom what Mom was doing to her, but she did her best to keep up. She wanted to cum so badly, but if she could also make her mother climax, it would truly be epic.

Janice admired at how hard Kristin was working to please her as much as she was being pleased. Under normal circumstances, she probably would not be able to cum like this without giving her new young lover a little coaching, but all she had to dwell on to keep it hot was the fact it was her daughter fingering her right now. While her son watched.

And masturbated.

Janice was mostly focused on her daughter, but she allowed herself to steal glances at her son, who was now moving his fisted up and down, slowly but steadily, along his impressive length. Her ex-husband had a great dick, and she did miss sex with him, because while their marriage had not worked out, they were always good in bed together. But Richard’s penis was without a doubt the most beautiful she’d ever seen—or felt. She wanted to worship his cock. But for now she was perfectly content on continuing her performance for him, as well as pleasing her daughter. While she continued to manipulate Kristin’s now sopping wet gash, she used her free hand to fondle her daughter’s breasts, which included pinching her nipples. Every time she did this she drew a muted shriek from Kristin. Janice realized that she had become as obsessed with Kristin’s breasts as Richard.

Rick couldn’t help himself. He wanted to cum so badly, but he also wanted to hold out until his mother and sister climaxed. If he blew his load now he likely wouldn’t be able to be quiet about it, and he didn’t want to spoil Krissy’s moment. He somehow summoned the willpower to stop stroking again, but he maintained a good grip at the base of his dick.

Kristin could no longer be silent. She panted, “Oh Mom, oh Mom!” It was music to Janice’s ears, and she happily worked a little more furiously on her daughter’s vagina, which had leaked enough to soak her fingers and the sheets below her. As Kristin’s climax began to crescendo, Janice felt her own wet pussy begin to clench involuntarily, tightening around her daughter’s fingers. She knew she could do it now; she could time her orgasm with Kristin’s.

Rick straightened up a little more in the bed and even leaned forward a little. He could distinctly hear both his sister and mother begin to reach their peaks. He couldn’t believe it. He was about to witness the two women he love most in the world cum at the same time!

“Oh god, Mom,” he heard Krissy cry out. “I can’t take much…can’t take much more of…” Her words turned into babble as she started twitching and jerking on the bed.

His mom was not far behind; he heard her start breathing sharply, obviously eager to cum with her daughter. With their free hands, the women let go of each other’s tits and clutched each other’s shoulders instead, trying to keep steady as the moment hit.

Suddenly the room was filled with the sound of two lovers, mother and daughter, crying out in pleasure as they both threw their heads back and experienced simultaneous earth-shattering orgasms. They screamed and writhed about, their fingers a blur on each other’s pussies in a desperate attempt to enhance their climaxes even further.

As the uncontrollable pleasure washed over Janice, she leaned in and smashed her lips to her daughter’s, and as they rode their waves of pure pleasure they also made out with a ferocity that almost made Rick cum just from the sight alone.

Minutes seemed to pass as the ladies kissed and fingered each other maltepe escort throughout their entire marathon orgasms. Eventually they both came up for air and just stared at each other, exchanging grins of satisfaction, tears at the corners of their eyes. It was only when Janice glanced over at her son again that Kristin seemed to remember that he was even there. She turned quickly and smiled widely when she saw that he was not only awake but also hard as a rock and clearly on the verge of climaxing himself.

Kristin knew what she had to do. She gave her mom one more quick kiss, then pulled her fingers from my mom’s vagina. She turned toward Ricky again and made sure he was watching when she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked them in.

“Mmmm,” she said. “Mom tastes good!”

Rick groaned and started masturbating furiously.

Kristin crawled quickly on her hands and knees to Ricky and lowered her mouth over the tip of his penis right at the moment when he started to ejaculate. She heard him bellow out in orgasmic pleasure, and a torrent of scrotum-heated semen blasted into her mouth. It was all she could do to keep from gagging. She reached up and took hold of his shaft, sucking him down like a champ.

Janice watched in stunned silence as her daughter got over to her brother just in time to take his climax directly into her mouth. She could see Kristin’s cheeks puff out as she hungrily accepted more and more of Richard’s seed. The boy seemed to be a never ending fountain of cum as it continued to flow from his body. Some of it started leaking out from her stretched lips, but not much. Janice could just make out in the dim light that Kristin had started swallowing quickly, desperately ingesting as much of her brother’s sperm as she possibly could. It was highly erotic and made Janice’s head spin.

Rick could do nothing more but lie back and let his body convulse uncontrollably. He felt like he was drowning his sister with his spunk, but to his utter amazement—and pleasure—Krissy drank down his juices as if it was the best milk shake she’d ever tasted. She hungrily guzzled down whatever his body could produce. And it was a lot.

When Kristin felt the pressure of her brother’s pulses finally start reducing to a few last lingering oozes, she allowed herself to take a deep breath through her nose. She could really taste Ricky’s cum now, and she decided that she liked it. From here on out she would always be happy to let her brother cum in her mouth, though she loved it just as much when he shot deep inside her pussy.

As Richard’s orgasm began to subside, Janice crawled closer to both him and Kristin. She reached out and gently pulled a long lock of her daughter’s hair from her face. Janice was impressed that Kristin kept her lips securely locked around the head of her brother’s cock until she could coax no more seed from him. With her other hand, Janice stroked her son’s thigh, and he looked up at her, a supremely satisfied grin on his face.

When she felt her brother’s penis actually begin to soften, Kristin finally lifted her mouth off of him. She still had a good sized glob of spunk in her mouth, and she was careful not to let it leak out. She looked at her mom and smiled, then she looked at Ricky and made sure he could see her swallow down that final gulp. He gazed at her in wonder, and she grinned widely, knowing that she had done well.

Janice planted a couple of kisses on Kristin’s back, and on Richard’s knee. She then got up and went into the bathroom to grab a couple of hand towels. She returned and handed one to Kristin. With the towel she was still holding Janice patted at her soaked and still glowing pussy. Kristin did the same, then used a dry corner on her brother’s semi-flaccid dick.

They were all exhausted again, and when Janice glanced at the bedside clock and noted that there were still a few hours to go until dawn, she lovingly nudged her children apart so that she could settle between them again. As they all snuggled up against each other, Janice straightened out the twisted bed covers and pulled them over their naked bodies. They each kissed one another, then drifted off to sleep again.

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