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Masturbation is Beautiful Ch. 03

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There I was, jerking off over my mom’s sleeping body. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. With her soft, tan skin. She wasn’t super tan, but she wasn’t pale either. A very nice mix.

I loved to look at her while I jerked off. It made my dick so much harder. The head of my cock would turn dark red, and I could feel it pulsating in my hand. The veins stuck out and looked like baby snakes running the length of my shaft.

Even though mom had bad head, she still looked super hot. I imagined her cheering me on. ‘Come on baby. Jerk that dick. Jerk it off for me. Fucking cum all over your sexy mommy. Shoot your hot load all over my tits. That’s it baby, cum for me. Cum for your mommy!’ I imagines her saying. That was enough to put me over the edge, and just like that I was cumming on my mom’s sleeping face.

I was standing right by her side and pointed my cock at her face, from the bottom of her chin. The first couple ropes streamed across her face and onto the pillow behind her head. The next few weren’t as powerful, but still managed to make it to her forehead. The rest dribbled out and fell onto her lips.

I had my eyes closed when I heard her say, “You were supposed to wake me up before you came, baby!” She said disappointingly.

I recovered from my orgasm before I responded.

“I know mom, but you looked so fucking hot, laying there butt naked!” I complimented her.

“Aww thanks baby” She said as she grabbed my softening cock.

“Did you get it all out? Is there any more in those balls of yours?” She asked.

“No mom, that was a pretty big load for me. I don’t think I could cum for at least a few hours!” I said as I stroked myself a few more times.

Mom got up and started walking towards the bathroom. “I am going to take a shower and wash all this cum off. Care to join me?” Mom asked as if I was going to say no.

Nothing happened in the shower. I washed her, and she washed me. When we got out we heard a noise in the garage. It almost sounded like something had fallen over.

“What was that?” Mom said right as she finished drying her face. She held the towel to her chest as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Baby, can you go check the garage? I heard something yakacık escort in there. Maybe its an animal or something.” She asked.

So I walked out of the bathroom and into the garage, still naked, to have a look. When I opened the door, I immediately stopped in my tracks. It was my aunt Melissa. My mom’s sister.

“OH MY GOSH!” She yelled. “Why don’t you have pants on?”.

I panicked, I was so use to walking around naked that I never even thought to put pants on.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Hold on let me go put my shorts on” I said as I closed the door and ran back inside to tell mom.

“Mom, Melissa is here. Go to your room, quick.” I startled her as I ran in.

“Shit, I forgot she was coming today, What about my… stuff in the kitchen, and all your cum everywhere?” She asked me.

“Just try to keep her on the back patio for now.!” I said just loud enough for her to hear me, as I ran to my room to find some shorts.

I threw my pants on, and rushed back to the garage door to make sure that Melissa hadn’t found her way inside yet. I opened the door and told her to go around to the patio out back. “Mom is waiting for you!” I said.

She looked a bit confused but started walking out of the garage to the back yard. As she left I closed and locked the door. I ran to mom’s room and just as I got there, she was pulling a white tank top over her bare chest.

“Hey, Melissa is out back waiting for you! Go stall her I will try and clean up some!” I said as I ran to the linen closet to grab a towel. There was a lot of cum, and other bodily fluids laying around the house. I couldn’t let her find them. But right as I got back to the kitchen to clean up mom’s mess, Melissa had already made her way into the house, and into the kitchen.

She was staring at the counter tops, and the big puddle in the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks.

“What happened in here?” She asked in disbelief.

“Is that what I think it is?” She said as she pointed to my cum on the counter.

“It’s just glue, that I forgot to clean up!” I said, panicking.

“How did you get glue all over the counter, and what is this puddle here?”

Just about that time, mom came in, and said he had yakası escort spilled a drink and was going to clean it up.

Melissa knew we were lying, but she couldn’t believe that it was actually cum on the counter and floor.

“No that isn’t glue. It’s cum, isn’t it? Isn’t it!?” She screamed.

“What? No!” I relied trying to make her believe. But she wasn’t having any of it.

“Oh my god! You let him cum on the counters! What is wrong with you!?” She said, turning her attention to my mom.

“Look, Melissa, we can explain. A while ago…” She started, but was interrupted.

“No. I don’t care. That’s gross! Ew!” She exclaimed.

“Look Aunt Melissa. It’s okay, we can explain. Let us explain.” I urged.

So we took a while to explain what happened between mom and I, and that we didn’t see the reason in hiding masturbation from each other. We knew that each other did it, and decided to make it an open subject. We also explained how hot it was to cum on something, and just leave it there.

She really couldn’t believe that she was listening to what she was listening to. She tried to tell us that it was unnatural, and gross, but we told her that, that wasn’t how we saw it.

She had heard enough and stormed out of the house, slamming the door. Mom and I got jittery. Would she tell the cops? Call the Department of Children and Families? Call the news? We didn’t know what to think.

I tried to calm mom down by telling her that her own sister wouldn’t rat her out to anyone. I think that worked a little, but she was still freaked out. We both were. We called Melissa, to try to figure out what she was doing. She assured us that she wouldn’t turn us in, which made us feel better. After she angerly hung up on us we went to the living room to take our minds off the matter.

We tried to watch T.V. for a bit to settle down. The only interesting this on was The To Do List with Aubrey Plaza. It was right in the middle of her masturbation scene. I couldn’t help but get hard. I felt my cock rising in my pants and decided to do what I do best.

So I pulled my pants down, sitting right next to my mom, and started to stroke my dick.

“Babe!? Really? After ataköy escort everything that happened today?” She asked, surprised.

“Mom, we got caught, and she isn’t even going to do anything. What’s the big deal?” I asked.

“Well, maybe you should just… like… go… aw fuck it. You’ve got a point. Why stop now?” She agreed.

So I continued to masturbate right next to mom. I wanted it to be a big orgasm, so I edged myself pretty hard for about an hour. The whole time, mom would occasionally look over at me.

“Mom, I’m getting close. Can you tell me to cum for you. You know, like you do when you watch me!?” I asked. I always came harder when she did that.

“Oh is my baby going to cum for me. Is he going to stroke his hard cock, and shoot his big load? Where are you going to cum baby? You wanna cum on the pillows baby? Yeah? You wanna shoot your ropes of cum all over the pillows. Oh, fuck baby. Yeah shoot it baby.” She encouraged.

“Oh mom. I wanna cum. I wanna cum so hard for you. Oh fuck mom. Here it comes. I’m fucking cumming!” I yelled, as I let out a groan.

I stood up and jerked my cock all over the couch pillows. I shot rope after rope after rope of cum on the pillows. I covered them in my nut juice. I kept stroking my cock so I could get all the cum out of my balls, when I looked up and saw Melissa in the doorway of the living room. She had one hand on the wall, and one hand holding her purse. Her mouth was wide open, and she looked shocked.

So there I am, pants around my ankles. Mom, looking me straight in the eyes, and my aunt just watched me cover this pillow in a huge cumshot.

“Aunt Melissa!” I said as I pulled my pants up.

Mom turned around quick and jumped off the couch, “Melissa?” She said.

Melissa waited a second before she spoke.

“I can’t believe I just saw that. I saw my own nephew blow a load of cum in front of his mom. While she egged him on…” She said astonished.

“Melissa look…” My mom tried to squeeze out.

“… and I can’t believe how fucking wet I am. I am dripping!” She said to our surprise.

“You guys were right. That was super fucking hot” She said.

We were both startled, but relieved.

Mom just looked at me, giggled a little, and started to take off her clothes.

Things just got way more fun.

*Sorry for keeping this chapter to myself for so long. I just moved and it’s hard to squeeze this writing thing into my schedule. But I will do my best to continue Thanks for all the support!

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