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Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 04

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Mitch looked up as Josh walked into the living room, and couldn’t help but think he was developing into a fine young man. The person before him was so different from the emotionally and physically battered kid Sheriff White Cloud had dropped on them last year that they might as well be different people. The young man standing before him in pressed black jeans and white western shirt would be a catch for anyone, male or female. Josh’s shy smile didn’t denote a lack of confidence anymore either, but a warmth that he shared willingly with others.

Josh seemed to navigate the rest of Christmas and the days following with mature aplomb. Mitch still didn’t know exactly what Koch said to him, but it had helped. And Josh seemed to genuinely miss Koch when he and Lex left for Colorado a few days later. In the days since, they had all been busy repairing damage done by the ice storm. But today was New Years Eve and everyone had made celebration plans. He and Darrin were going to Lawton with friends. Josh had a date with Tony, but hadn’t given Mitch any details. Mitch was concerned about how their relationship was developing and he was lost in thought about it when Josh clapped his hands in front of his face.

“Hello! Earth to Mitch! You still with me?” quipped Josh, “I asked how I looked.”

“Smartass,” said Mitch in a rumble, “Yes, I’m still here. And yes, you look fine. You look damn good actually. Better than I do tonight.”

Josh looked at the older man and quickly surveyed his appearance. From his ultra short haircut to the deep shine on his boots, Mitch looked amazing. “You look excellent, Mitch. You’ll be great as Darrin’s arm candy,” said Josh with a chuckle.

Mitch grabbed a pillow from the couch and launched it at Josh, who dodged it with a laugh. “I’m not College’s arm candy. You better get your coat, you little shit. Tony will be here soon.”

Josh had barely started to his room when there was a rhythmic knock at the door, followed by a shout of his name. Bolting to the door Josh ushered Tony into the house. Mitch smiled to himself, in spite of his misgivings about Tony, when he heard the two of them kiss. When the kiss became an increasingly loud make-out session that seemed to only be gaining momentum, Mitch cleared his throat. The soft moans drifting from the front door stopped immediately and within a few seconds the young couple walked into the living room.

“Hello, Mr. McRichards. It’s good to see to you this evening,” said Tony slyly as he extended his hand.

Mitch shook the big football players hand, not in the least intimidated by how much the young man towered over him. “Evening, Tony. What do you two have planned for tonight?”

Tony looked at Josh and then back at Mitch. “No specific plans, Sir,” said Tony, “We thought we would relax here and watch a movie and see the New Year’s fireworks on TV.”

Mitch looked at Josh and could tell he was disappointed they weren’t going out. Mitch said, “Well, be careful,” with a significant look at Josh.

Mitch let a slight sigh escape, knowing the pair would take advantage of the empty house. Mitch found Tony’s pandering very annoying. But so long as he didn’t hurt Josh, Mitch was going to keep his opinion to himself. With that thought, Mitch went back into the kitchen to clean up the last of the dinner dishes, then headed back to the bedroom to double-check his appearance. As he walked through the living room he noticed Josh and Tony were watching one of the Star Wars movies. Mitch smiled at the choice, knowing it was Josh who’d picked the movie. He wondered if Tony knew he was dating a Jedi fan.

An hour or so later Darrin and Mitch were rolling down the rural highway to meet Emma Ruck and her husband for a quiet New Year’s Eve. The inky night was surrounding their little bubble of heat and light. Mitch knew they were both looking forward to this night out, and he enjoyed Emma and her husband.

“What do you think Josh and Tony are doing tonight?” Darrin said abruptly.

“Fucking,” said Mitch without a pause.

Darrin slammed on the brakes, the pickup fishtailing. Coming to a stop in the middle of the road he swung to Mitch.

“They’re what!”

Mitch looked at Darrin and smiled sweetly. “They have the house to themselves. They know we won’t be back until after midnight. What would you be doing with your boyfriend?”

“Fucking . . .” said Darrin with a look of shock on his face.

“Darrin, he’s 18 and we don’t own him. He has to make his own mistakes and figure out how to fix ’em. If he wants help, he’ll ask one of us.” Mitch paused for a second and then popped Darrin’s arm with his fist. “Right now you’d better get this damn pickup out of kartal escort the middle of the road before some drunk rams us.”

“Oh. Shit yeah,” muttered Darrin.

Accelerating, Darrin quickly had them again headed toward their destination. He couldn’t help but be concerned about Josh, but he also knew Mitch was right . . . it was up to Josh.

The crunch of gravel from the guys driving off had barely faded when Tony leaned over and ran the tip of his tongue over the edge of Josh’s ear. Josh sighed, closing his eyes as he savored the sensation. Tony gently moved down Josh’s ear nibbling it, until he reached the lobe and took it between his teeth. Slowly closing his teeth, he bit down until Josh shuddered. Feeling his head being turned, Josh opened his eyes just as Tony pressed his lips against Josh’s. He trembled as fingers slid across his face, glad that he had taken the time to carefully remove every whisker. Tony’s hands traveled down Josh’s torso, grabbing Josh’s shirt and pulling it out of his pants. His fingers opened the buttons and he was soon lightly touching Josh’s chest. Josh arched his back, pushing his body toward Tony’s touch. His breath started coming in gasps as each caress left lines of fire. Soon his breath was coming in gasps and he was afraid he might come.

“Tony. Wait. I’m about to blow!” gasped out Josh.

“Damn! Someone’s got a hair trigger tonight,” said Tony with a smile.

Josh smiled back, wanting what Tony was giving, but wanting it to last. “Lets go to my room. We can get more comfortable there.”

“Yeah, comfortable like naked,” said Tony with a smirk.

Josh grabbed Tony by the wrist and pulled him into the bedroom. In Josh’s eagerness he missed the disconcerted look that flashed across Tony’s face when he realized that his cowboy was packing a lot of muscle. Josh shoved Tony onto the bed and then quickly stripped off his shirt, tossing it to the floor. Tony sat up on the edge of the bed and watched as Josh straddled his lap and leaned in for a kiss. As their lips touched, sparks flew for Josh. He loved the rough texture of Tony’s short beard as it slid across his face. Josh was living and breathing the sexy man under him as he ground their crotches together, their tongues entwined. Breaking the kiss, Josh started stripping the football jersey off his boyfriend. Before the shirt hit the floor, Josh was again at Tony’s lips. Josh distantly realized tonight they were going further. His apprehension built, as did his desire. Feeling his orgasm building and afraid he would upset Tony if he shot off so soon, Josh pulled back.

“What’s wrong now?” asked Tony with a little edge to his voice.

“Sorry. I was getting close. I—”

Tony suddenly flipped them over and pressed his lips hard against Josh’s as he struggled to open Josh’s stiff jeans. Realizing what he wanted, Josh reached down and quickly opened his pants. Tony soon had both hands exploring the packed crotch, Josh was reduced to moans as he writhed on the bed. Pulling out Josh’s dick. Tony started stroking it as his head descended.

“No!” shouted Josh.

Tony sat back with a sigh, “Now what? I was going to get you off.”

Josh wiggled to the side of the bed and reached under, pulling out a small plastic box where he kept, personal items. Pulling out the box of flavored condoms he tossed them to the bed.

“Here. I bought these for when we wanted . . . oral,” said Josh, his voice trailing off.

Tony ripped open the box without a word and fished out a rubber. He deftly sheathed Josh’s throbbing cock. Josh looked down and saw that he was covered just as Tony’s tongue hit his cock. Almost instantly any control he had over his body ceased and he shook as he began a much-needed climax. Josh’s body heaved as Tony continued to stroke up and down Josh’s shooting cock, more than a little intimidated at the volume of cum jetting from Josh’s dick. Josh’s back and ass seized in one last tremendous spasm as his orgasm ended.

“Oh god, that was amazing Tony. God, your mouth . . . so hot. Fuck!” panted Josh.

Tony ran his hands over Josh’s smooth back and ass, letting his finger trail just between Josh’s rock hard ass cheeks. “You have a great butt, Josh. I love how smooth and muscular it is. Damn, I’d like to tap into that.”

Josh froze, his brain swirling as he considered Tony’s proposition. He wanted to make his boyfriend happy, but he was afraid of anal sex. He just couldn’t believe it wasn’t painful for the guy on the receiving end. As he vacillated between choices, he remembered the speech he’d gotten when the guys had walked in on them. And he wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to try. Not right now anyway. For God’s sake, he was a virgin and as silly as it sounded he wanted his first time to be amazing. Refocusing on Tony he looked into his eyes.

“I. I don’t think I can. Not tonight . . .” said Josh quietly.

Tony stared up at him, his hands lifting off Josh, “So you’re just a cock tease. You maltepe escort bayan got off, so now you’re done?”

Josh snapped his eyes back to Tony’s and almost shouted. “No! I want to. . . taste you. But Tony . . .”


“I’ve never done this. So you’ll have to tell me if I’m doing it right.”

“God, I love breaking in virgins,” said Tony, “Well come on, suck it. Just do what you like. And watch your damn teeth.”

Josh grabbed Tony’s pants and yanked them off. Moving back again he grabbed a condom from the box and deftly unrolled it down Tony’s uncut cock, remembering to leave the tip empty. He stroked the hard cock before him a few times and then lowered his head for his first taste. He gently reached out and ran his tongue around the rim of Tony’s cockhead. Suddenly he felt large hands grab his head and forced it down.

“Suck it! Come on, bitch! I wanna get off!” said Tony with a growl.

Josh resisted for a second, resenting being called a bitch and Tony’s rush, but he loved Tony, right? And Tony would never hurt him he was just horny. With that thought Josh relaxed, letting Tony use his mouth for his needs. He focused on trying to make it as good as possible with Tony’s hard cock ramming in and out of his face. Trying to take more and more of Tony’s cock down his throat, Josh soon felt his gag reflex firing in reaction to the adolescent sausage thrusting down his throat. Fortunately for Josh, Tony lasted no longer than he had. Soon he was arching his pelvis against Josh’s pinned face, emptying his nuts into the condom. Josh felt him slowly relax, his softening cock slipping out.

Tony pulled Josh to him, kissing him softly. He smiled and ran his hand over Josh’s face. “That was fucking amazing. You give great head. I never come that fast unless the oral is good!”

Josh smiled weakly, the flattery softening some of his misgivings. He lay against Tony and put his arms around him. Tony laid with Josh for a few minutes but then moved away. Rolling to his side he put his hand on Josh’s muscular butt.

“Let’s go see the fireworks on TV. I love ’em,” said Tony with a smile.

Josh nodded and watched as Tony pulled up his pants and headed into the living room. Josh sighed, pushed himself off the bed and quickly dressed. He moved to the couch and sat next to Tony, leaning against him and quietly watching the New Year’s celebration with his boyfriend. After watching the ball drop in Time Square, Tony seemed anxious to leave. He stayed a few more minutes, but then made a faint excuse and left. Josh mechanically got ready for bed and was still lying wide-awake when Darrin and Mitch got home. He could see the darker shadows as they walked down the hallway to the master bedroom. Drifting softly through the night he heard them.

“It looks like he’s ok. That’s a relief.”

“Yeah, looks like he’s fine. Maybe Tony isn’t the player that we thought.”

The rest of the conversation became too soft for Josh to hear. He buried his head in the pillow, silent tears rolling from his eyes. He wasn’t sure how it was suppose to be, but he didn’t feel good about tonight, he just felt like he’d been used and discarded. Sometime before dawn, Josh finally drifted off to sleep.

Mitch and Darrin leaned against the corral as they watched Josh pen the last of the Holsteins. Darrin had a look of satisfaction at the glossy coated animals milling in front of them. After a few minutes Mitch took a deep breath and sighed.

“Go ahead. I know you’re dying to say it.”

“Say what, babe,” said Darrin with faked innocence.

“Shit, just do it so you’ll quit gloating.”

Darrin laughed and started chanting, “I told you so! I told you so! I. Told. You. So!”

Mitch grinned at Darrin, fine with the fact that they were going to do well with the steers they’d bought last fall. He was certain they had a miserable disaster on their hands, but the steers had gained well through the winter. Now they needed to sell them to save the grass for the cow herd they were planning to buy with the profit. Mitch watched as Josh carefully took care of the animals, refilling their water trough and throwing hay in the bunk feeders until there was plenty for them to eat. Once he was finished, he walked over to join Mitch and Darrin.

“They look good. I think we had some good gains over the winter,” said Josh.

Mitch smiled that Josh included himself as part of the ranch, which Mitch thought was great. So far as they were concerned, he was an essential part. Turning to look again at the sea of black and white, he had to admit that perhaps, just perhaps, he over-reacted last fall when the steers were delivered. They had survived the winter, gained weight, and the truck to take them to the stockyard was coming early tomorrow morning. He turned to see Darrin’s look of contentment, and moved closer giving him a hug from the side.

“Thanks. For putting up with me,” said Mitch softly.

Darrin leaned escort pendik in quickly and gave him a peck on the cheek. “You’re worth the effort,” said Darrin with a smile, “And I’m not sure who puts up with more crap anyway. I have my high maintenance days too.”

Josh watched the quiet exchange between the couple and silently walked away to give them some privacy. He also needed to be away from them. They had their problems, but they always seemed to get through it because they loved each other. He wanted that with Tony. But somehow when Josh thought about Tony, he just felt empty and sad.

Darrin walked into the house, routinely dropping his bag on the counter and fishing a beer from the refrigerator before going into the living room. As he walked through the doorway he saw Mitch sitting quietly, staring at his lap. Concern immediately flared, worried at what would cause his normally hyperactive husband to be sitting in silence. Darrin walked up behind him and gently laid his hands on Mitch’s shoulders.

“What’s up, babe?” asked Darrin.

“We got our check, from the stockyards,” said Mitch.


Mitch chuckled, “I haven’t had the balls to open it yet. Here, you do it.” He handed the envelope to Darrin.

Darrin slipped his finger under the flap of the envelope. It’s dry pop sounding like a rifle shot in the tense silence of the room. Darrin slowly unfolded the statement from its confinement and scanned it. Mitch watched for a split second before his curiosity took over.

“Well? I know they didn’t bring top prices but how did we do?”

A beaming smile broke across Darrin’s face. “Unless you’re importing the herd from somewhere, we made enough to start a very respectable cow-calf operation.”

Mitch let out a whoop and bounded from the couch. Wrapping his arms around Darrin, he lifted him off the floor and swung him.

Darrin started laughing at Mitch’s manhandling. “Damn it, Mitch! Let me down. We’re not going to the prom or some shit,” said Darrin with a smile.

Mitch dropped Darrin back to the floor and kissed him soundly. With a huge smile across his face he grabbed Darrin’s head and kissed him again.

“We need to celebrate. Let’s go to the café. I think it’s a good night for chicken-fried steak and pie,” said Mitch.

“Sounds great to me! Give me a minute and we can head over,” replied Darrin.

Good to his word, Darrin was following Mitch out the door in short order. The successful sale had buoyed both men’s attitudes, helping them enjoy a remarkably good meal at the local café. They had become regulars so their arrival didn’t warrant notice, other than a few greetings from now familiar faces. They devoured the hearty meal, enjoying the banter with Nina. Too full for dessert, Mitch bought an entire pie and asked her to box it up for them to take home.

Arriving back at home, Mitch slid the pie onto the kitchen counter and cut them a huge piece to share. Still giddy from their success, Mitch shoved Darrin onto the couch and then plopped down too, laying his head in Darrin’s lap while they slowly ate the dessert. When Darrin wasn’t watching, Mitch coated his finger with cherry filling and swiped it across Darrin’s nose.

“Ah, fuck! What’cha do that for?” said Darrin.

“To get your attention. You do realize the kid’s gone. He was going to Lawton with some friends.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Darrin, casting a significant look at Mitch.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been alone. And we can be as loud as we want without worrying about a repeat of Christmas Eve,” said Mitch.

“Oh jeez! Don’t remind me about that,” said Darrin.

Mitch rose and kissed the tip of Darrin’s nose, licking off some of the cherry pie. Reaching down he slowly opened Darrin’s shirt, kissing him as he released each button. Once the last button was undone and Darrin’s muscular chest was exposed, he stuck his finger into the pie plate, coating it with filling that he then smeared over each of Darrin’s nipples. Mitch dove in, licking them clean. Finished tonguing the last of the sugary filling off, he slipped Darrin’s shirt over his shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Pushing his body over Darrin’s, he soon had the bigger man pinned under him. Mitch ran his tongue up Darrin’s neck, enjoying the musky taste before running it down the other side and then onto his chest. Working his way down until he reached Darrin’s navel, Mitch started licking spirals around it until Darrin’s belly hair was matted with spit. Moving lower, Mitch started chewing on Darrin’s package through his jeans. Mitch undid the button on Darrin’s pants and slowly pulled the thick zipper down. To Mitch’s delight he realized Darrin was going commando when his thick bush came into view. Once Mitch hit the end of the zipper, Darrin shifted slightly and his cock sprung out. Deep red, with a strand of clear precum trailing from its tip, Mitch found Darrin’s cock beautiful. With a smile he looked up at Darrin.

“Decided to leave off the undies tonight, huh babe?”

Darrin grinned and twisted his hips, causing his rock hard cock to sway. “Yeah, I thought we might have some fun tonight, so I ditched ’em before we went to eat.”

“Well, I have one thing to say. Sexy, fuck’n sexy.”

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