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May to December Ch. 04

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Author’s Note:

All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. All characters, and events, are fictional. Any similarities with persons, living or dead, and events are purely coincidental.

Kevin had fallen asleep quickly, exhausted both mentally and physically; the twins’ whispers and muffled giggles bouncing around his head as his conscious mind turned itself off.

The three girls, his girlfriend Krystin, her twin sister Carrie, and Leah, a girl Krystin went to college with, were all in bed with him as he closed his eyes in sleep. Their combined age almost came to his own age, but not quite, and he had survived.

The gray eyes glowered against the darkness. They were all Kevin could see; everything else was blackness. They floated above him, drifting slowly side to side and up and down. They mesmerized him. They were beautiful.

He reached for them, but his hands passed through air, and they seemed to smile liplessly at his futile attempts to capture them. He was aware of a wet warmth surrounding his aroused cock below their glow, but his body felt cemented in place. He felt trapped, but resigned himself to his submission. The master of that submission continued to haunt his vision.

He couldn’t look away. He couldn’t move. He knew he was dreaming and didn’t want it to end, but the warmth around his erection was coaxing him out of sleep, away from the dream, the dream of those gray eyes boring into him, his heart and his soul.

The moan, a feminine moan, wasn’t his, but jarred him awake anyway.

Against his shoulder, he felt the hair, a tiny head gently resting within it. The delicate fingers on his arm held him firmly against a warm body as it slowly breathed, one hand firmly grasping his bicep and the other his wrist. His hand was wedged between warm flesh, and he could feel moisture against his fingers.

There was another hand on his stomach, and still another on his thigh as he felt a wet heat slowly pulling his rock hard cock inside it and up.

He hoped he was awake, and slowly opened his eyes.

The room was dimly lit by only the light from the open doorway leading to the master bath. He could make out the darkness of the hair against his shoulder, then the silhouette, surrounded by short curly hair, of a second woman kneeling between his hip and the naked body attached to the head on his shoulder.

Moving only his eyes, he found his naked girlfriend straddling his hips as she slowly raised herself the length of his cock, withdrawing him from her pussy.

When she changed her direction to impale herself on him again, her eyes opened to find him staring at her.

“Oh, you’re awake,” she giggled. “Now I don’t have to be careful to not wake you up.”

Krystin thrust herself down hard against Kevin’s hips.

“Fuck, yes,” she growled through clenched teeth as he raised his hips against her.

He could already feel his balls churning, and wondered how long she had been going before he woke. He grabbed her by a hip, unwilling to use the hand wedged tightly between Leah’s thighs, and guided her to pick up her pace.

“I came twice before you woke up. Don’t wait for…” Krystin started, but her words faded into a long grunt as her body shook.

Kevin wished silently that he could have actually enjoyed his girlfriend’s fun longer before he came, but couldn’t stop himself with such short notice as his cock spat the first jerk of cum inside her twitching pussy as she constricted around him.

Krystin suddenly rolled off of him, as he saw her twin sister push her violently to the side and dive for his erupting penis.

“BITCH!” Krystin screamed, and kicked wildly. “That’s MINE!”

Krystin’s kick landed on Carrie’s hip, and did little to dislodge her sister’s lips from the penis in her mouth, but the very effective tackle she followed up with did, and they rolled together off the bed. The thud as they hit the floor sounded painful.

There was a flash of black hair and white flesh across Kevin’s chest, and he again felt a warmth surrounding his still twitching erection as he emptied the last few squirts from his balls into the hot lips sucking on him.

“Mmm, I wanted to taste that. Delicious,” Leah purred as she smacked her lips over Kevin’s quickly fading erection.

Two heads, with nearly identical wide-eyed, opened mouths expressions popped above kartal escort the side of the bed, and stared at Leah, still licking her lips and smiling at the limp penis in her tiny hands.

“God, Carrie, sometimes I wish you weren’t my sister so I could kick your ass without feeling bad about it.”

“Sorry, but at least you got a little of his cum. You made me get off him after my first orgasm so you could have it. That’s what you get for being selfish. And greedy.”

Apparently Kevin was asleep while Carrie fucked him, this time.

“Stop whining,” Krystin sternly told her twin, then pushed her face back beneath the edge of the bed with the palm of her hand. “He’s my boyfriend, and you only get what I let you get from him.”

“Whatever…” Carrie’s disembodied voice rose from the floor.

“My precious,” Krystin whispered loudly as she curled her body between Kevin’s legs and her hands around his soft, sticky cock.

As he drifted into an orgasm induced sleep, he felt his hand pressed back between Leah’s velvety soft thighs, Krystin’s tongue gently caressing his unresponsive penis and Carrie curling up against him opposite of Leah.

The light coming in from the partially opened curtains told him it was morning still, but barely, as Kevin sat up and stretched his arms over his head. The room smelled like sex. And girls. Mostly sex, but he caught the pungent smell of coffee too. There was something else, something sweet. And edible.

He got out of bed, and something on the floor caught his foot as he shuffled toward the bathroom. He raised his foot and snagged the white cotton panties from his big toe and sniffed them. Leah’s. They smelled the same way she tasted. He spotted her brown gingham dress, crumpled in a pile on the floor at the foot of the bed. He glanced behind him and surveyed the floor, the bedside table, then spotted it draped on the lampshade, her bra. He chuckled at the cliché as he pulled it off and dropped it onto the unmade bed with her panties, then made his way to the bathroom.

He twisted the handle to turn the water on in the shower, waited a few seconds for it to warm up and stepped in.

With soap in hand, he had just started to lather up his chest when his peripheral vision caught movement at the smoked glass door next to him. Krystin was there, her nose hooked over the top of the glass and her breasts pressed against it. She wiggled her eyebrows up and down a few times, then raised a cup of coffee above the glass. Kevin smiled.

Krystin didn’t bring the coffee in with her. Kevin was a little disappointed, but not much. His girlfriend’s body would do, for now. She was almost as tall as he, her small breasts with beautiful pink nipples were perfect, in his opinion.. Her belly rippled with muscles under her soft, lily white skin, just above a patch of light red pubic hair and gorgeous, long, athletic legs.

Immediately she took the soap from him, and continued to lather him.

“Last night was amazing, Kevin. Did you have fun?”

“Which part?”

“Any, all, none. You tell me.”

“Leah is beautiful. Best birthday present ever. Thank you.”

“I really hoped you’d like her. Anything else you liked about last night?”

“That you watched us, that you let us all sleep together, and especially that you woke me up right before I came inside your sweet pussy.”

“Barely. I got like one shot of it in me, then Carrie got a taste, but Leah got most of it.”

“She seemed to like it.”

“She should. You have some tasty cum, lover.”

“You want a taste now, babe?”

“Nope, I want your whole load inside my pussy, and I want it now.”

Between the lather Krystin had worked up in his crotch, and the sex talk, Kevin was as hard as a rock as Krystin raised up on her toes and guided him inside her.

“God Krystin, not even any foreplay?”

“I don’t need any. It’s kind of hard to not be turned on and ready when you’ve been in the kitchen for an hour with two other hot, naked woman talking about how great my boyfriend is in bed and how much they want to fuck him some more.”

“Right,” Kevin didn’t even try to hide his sarcasm. “Leah didn’t say a word, did she?”

“No, but she wanted to, and I’m positive she wanted to say how much she wants to fuck you again.”

“That I can believe. At least the part about her not saying anything.”

By maltepe escort bayan this time, they had gotten a rhythm worked out, and Kevin’s hard cock was thrusting deep into Krystin. He had his hands wrapped around her ass, lifting and dropping her along the length of his cock.

“Why haven’t… we done… this before?” Krystin growled between gasps for breath.

“Because… ungh… this is… ungh… the first time… you… slept here.”

“It… oh…is… ah… isn’t… it.”

Krystin raised a foot and planted it on the wall of the small, standup shower, then her other foot followed suit. She started using her legs for leverage, and increased the speed she was impaling herself on him.

“Oh god… I’m… going to… want to spend… oh fuck… more nights… god… here then.”

“Whenever… grrr… fuck… I’m coming!”

Kevin thrust his hips up toward the tight, young pussy of his girlfriend as he felt his cum traveling the length of his cock as Krystin crashed herself down hard onto him. Her back arched and her body shock.

“What I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted was that you can sleep here whenever you want. It’s just that you might not actually sleep as much as you would if you were in your own bed.”

“The sleeping was nice, after Carrie stopped snoring, but it was the fucking I really liked.”

“I just wish I had been awake for more of it.”

“Carrie started it. She woke me up, bouncing on your dick. I thought about kicking her out right then, but Leah and I need a ride at some point today.”

“I would have taken you. You know that.”

“Yeah, but I like watching, remember?”

Kevin chuckled, and reached between her legs to find some of his cum to feed her. She slurped it up eagerly.

Kevin pulled on a clean pair of boxers before they went to the kitchen, but Krystin claimed she didn’t know where any of her clothes were, and Kevin didn’t feel like admitting they were on the top of his dresser, in plain sight.

Leah’s arms moved as if to cover herself when she saw Kevin and Krystin, but stopped and let them fall back to her sides. She blushed a bright red as her eyes met his and they smiled at each other. Almost immediately her eyes lowered to the floor, but she closed the distance between them, wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her cheek against his bare chest.

“Good morning, Leah. How did you sleep?” Kevin greeted her. He could feel her nipples harden against his abdomen.

“More than I wanted to. I wanted to… us to have sex again, but I don’t like to be selfish, and Krystin didn’t offer.”

Kevin looked at Krystin. She smiled and pointed at her head and mouthed the words “I told you.”

“Hey hey hey! What about me?” Carrie interrupted, and squeezed her arm between Leah and Kevin and pried them apart, replacing Leah’s hug with her own.

“Don’t mind Carrie, Leah. She has no problems with being selfish,” Krystin’s words were meant as an admonition to her sister.

Kevin felt himself thickening between himself and Carrie’s naked body. He looked at Leah. Her gray eyes were staring at Krystin as she bit her lower lip.

Krystin was looking down at her index finger slowly move up the inside of her thigh, gathering a generous dollop of Kevin’s cum. She raised her extended finger toward her open mouth, but stopped when she realized she was being watched.

Kevin felt Carrie’s head turn against his chest as she watched her sister’s arm reach past her toward Leah’s open mouth. Leah closed her eyes as her lips closed around Krystin’s finger and her cheeks curved inward as it slid slowly back out.

“Mm. That’s good, but it tastes different today.”

“That’s ’cause it was mixed with my cum too.”

Leah’s cheeks blushed bright red as Krystin giggled and licked Leah’s saliva from her finger.

Kevin realized he wasn’t just getting hard anymore, but was at full attention, still pressed firmly against Carrie as she gyrated her hips against him.

Carrie’s body slid quickly down Kevin, pulling his shorts with her, and engulfed his cock in her hot, wet, luscious lips. Her hands felt hot against Kevin’s ass as she pulled him toward her face.

Kevin looked at Leah, standing behind Carrie. Her mouth was open as she stared at the back of Carrie’s head. He looked at Krystin beside him, and escort pendik she looked annoyed as she looked at her sister.

He turned his head back to look at Leah, and she was leaned forward slightly, her little fists balled up, pressing hard into her thick black pubic hair.

Kevin combed his fingers into Carrie’s curly hair, and pulled her hard against the throbbing cock in her mouth. She gagged, but he didn’t release the pressure.

“It’s OK, Leah. There’s nothing wrong with it if you want to touch yourself,” Krystin purred.

The pressure from Krystin’s hand on Kevin’s back pushed him forward, and toppled Carrie onto her butt as he stepped over her. He could feel Leah’s arms between them and her hands moving slowly in her crotch as he took her in his arms.

Krystin continued to push Kevin forward until Leah backed up against the counter top. Leah wrapped her legs around Kevin’s waist as he lifted her up and sat her down on the counter next to the sink. He felt her little hand move around his cock and guide him inside her wet pussy as he raised up on his toes.

“Ah, Kevin…” Leah moaned against his mouth.

Kevin felt Krystin’s warm hand between his legs as she cupped his balls from behind and gently lifted them above the edge of the counter top. He realized that edge could have been painful for him, since he was about to pound himself into Leah’s eagerly waiting pussy. It was so thoughtful of his girlfriend to take care of him like that while he fucked her friend.

“Fuck me, Kevin. You feel so good in my vagina,” Leah whispered as their eyes met. She was biting her lower lip as she held his eyes with hers. He didn’t know if the blush on her cheeks was of pleasure or embarrassment at her vulgar language. It might have been from having sex while people watched.

His calves were burning with the exertion of raising himself up, and into Leah as she matched his thrusts inside her. Her moans were closer and closer together, and he hoped she was close. He knew he was, and he desperately wanted her orgasm. He wanted hers as much as he wanted his.

“Fuck, Kevin, fuck… fuck, fuck me, fuck!” Leah screamed as she curled her fingers into claws and raked them from his shoulders and down his shoulder blades. Her feet and calves tightened around his butt as her hips shuddered against him.

Kevin groaned as he felt his cum churn out of his balls, still cupped in Krystin’s warm hands, and shoot though the length of his cock as he thrust himself deep into Leah’s pussy and against her cervix.

“Gosh, I can’t stop myself from saying those bad words when you give me an orgasm,” Leah said when she could almost breath normally again.

Carrie snorted behind Kevin.

Leah’s legs and arms were still wrapped around Kevin, and his dick was still inside her as he lifted her off the counter and gently set her down on her feet.

“Kevin, you’re going to have to start wearing a shirt or something when you two have sex. You’ve got lots of nasty looking scrapes on your back,” Krystin said as she ran her fingertips along some tender areas of his back.

Leah turned him around and gasped when she saw her handiwork of finger nail marks crisscrossing his back.

“I’m so sorry, Kevin. I didn’t know I was doing that!”

“Don’t worry about it. It was more than worth a little bit of pain,” Kevin assured her.

“Wait… Krystin, you said when we have sex. Does that mean…”

“Yeah, I like to watch. I really like to watch him, but especially when he fucks a girl as fucking beautiful as you are. Plus, you say such nasty things when you cum.”

Leah blushed a bright red from her forehead to her tits, but her smile said she liked it.

“I have pancakes.”

Kevin, Krystin, and Leah turned to look at Carrie. She was standing naked in the middle of the kitchen, looking like a pinup girl with one knee bent and crossed in front of the other, her left hand gesturing toward the plate of pancakes balanced in her right hand, beside her ear. She shrugged her shoulders and almost dropped the plate.

“OK, but after we eat, I need to go,” Krystin laughed. “I have to be at work in a couple hours, and Leah has to go to her job later too. I’ll need your car keys, Carrie. I’ll take Leah to her dorm. Kevin, can you take Carrie home when you’re ready for her to go home?”

“Really?” Carrie asked excitedly.

“Yep. I’ve been kind of mean to you lately, and I’m sorry. You can have my boyfriend to yourself the rest of the day.”

Kevin was worried a little, considering the number of orgasms he had the last twelve hours, but was looking forward to giving it the old college try.

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