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Me and My Chair

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This story came from a very unusual exchange of text messages from me and my friend, I had intended it to be a joke but it resulted in a very interesting story…read the tags first to see if it will interest you as it is a very bizarre piece of work. Let me know what you think! 😉


Don’t move a muscle, you’re my chair now with very special appendages, let me straddle you, admire the workmanship, ah yes this is the best quality, mm it’s comfy, let me move around to get comfortable.

It’s been such a long day, I’m not that tired but I rub my sore neck, I arch my back, mm my muscles are sore. I’ve been eyeing my sexy coworker again, she and I had a whole shift together and I’ve been shooting quick glances at her the whole day.

We get along well, and she likes teasing me. But now I’m so sexually frustrated! I don’t even realize it but now I’m grinding into the chair as I slowly unbutton my blouse.

I’m so alone in this big empty condo, I splurged on this chair and it’s one of my only comforts sometime. I toss my blouse on the floor, I feel much better now that it’s gone, I’m feeling sexier in my light pink lace bra.

I lean on the back of my chair, i check my email, look through my favorite articles, I laugh at the funny ones but this site is full of guys so naturally a picture of a sexy woman comes up. I start thinking of my coworker again and I unconsciously lick my lips, I take off my bra so şişli escort my breasts can spill free, they’re already so stiff.

I pinch my nipples and squeeze my breasts, I imagine her hands up on me, I press myself up against the chair, I like the texture against my skin, I dig my nails into the arms of my chair, I squeeze it with my legs.

This is my special chair, no one else gets to sit on it, only me, it was custom designed for my pleasure. In my mind I imagine my coworker as frisky, rough with me. I am aggressive, I grip the arms hard as I ride the chair, I undo my braid to let my hair cascade down my shoulders, my hair falls over my face and I have to brush it back impatiently. There’s no one else here so I moan and pant as I grind against my chair.

The chair will have to be my lover, I caress it tenderly for a moment but I want to be rough, I smack the sides a few times, grinning. Do you like that, chair? Yes you do, you love it when i play rough with you, when I fuck with you. I hug the back of the chair, I want the taste of leather in my mouth, I like my chair briefly before I bite into the top, I leave little bites all over it as I continue humping my chair.

Damn naughty chair, have you been missing me, or just happily sitting here the entire day? No one can take you away from me, on one of my strange days I have actually chained you to the railing behind sivas escort you. No one else can see this of course, but I get a little excited having a this sort of bondage equipment in my living room without anyone noticing. I’m happy now, I forget about my coworker and just delight in teasing my chair, I unbutton my pants and pull down my zipper to show off my pink panties. Do you like that chair, do you want to see more, to see how wet I am?

Ah my chair, you are the perfect audience, so polite and quiet. I ignore my throbbing clit and stand up, I slowly pull my pants down, twirl around so you can see my butt. The pants come off and now I’m only in my lingerie, I pose for you, give a sexy pout, do you want to see more? I put my hands behind my neck and spread my legs, arrogant and dominant.

Oh what’s that? Come back to you? Mm only since you asked so nicely. I crawl ontop of you, my knees on you, I rub myself through my panties, I’m all wet now, I push them to the side so you can see my pussy lips, mm I want something in me, you watch now.

This is how I imagine you would take me, you wouldn’t even bother taking my panties off, you push them to the side, I rub my clit with one hand and run my hand over the slickness with the other, this is your cock that is doing the teasing, and when I plunge two fingers into myself it is you entering me fully with one smooth stroke, making me cry out from the sudden sıhhiye escort pleasure. Oh god it feels so good when you fuck me like this!

You have a special appendage to you, the reason why no one else gets to sit on you, you have a hidden phallus, and now when I pull it out I’m desperate.

Nothing compares to you, I stroke you fondly, I can almost imagine you begging, you want it just as bad as me. I don’t disappoint, soon you feel my tightness, you enter me up to your hilt, I’m already convulsing around you and I ride you hard and fast.

You fill me the way no one else ever could, you’re big inside of me and have me keening, I pull on your chains as I ride you, you naughty chair, you know what you’re doing to me, I slap your sides, how dare you! You still have the bites from the last time we fucked, my teeth find those marks again, this one is your favorite, I gnaw on you while I grind my hips against you, you like it when you’re completely inside me.

You dirty chair, you’re driving me crazy, fuck me harder, yes! God with the noises we make I’m sure the people downstairs must think we’re crazy people! Oh yes you like it when I bite you there don’t you. I put my fingers in the sides of your cushion, I can fuck you too you know, hard and fast, just like you. You can’t even fight it, you’re all chained up and helpless, I do whatever I please and I tug at you with my teeth, we’re so close and I squeeze you with all of me, we’re coming together, a long time, so long I actually come twice!

When we are finished I clean you up, curl up in your softness, I stroke you fondly, I whisper loving things to you, we watch TV and I continue to pet you the entire time. You are mine and mine forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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