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Meena’s Post-Match Warm-Up

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Huge clouds of steam bloomed and swayed in the air above her. They formed strange, floating continents that were in a constant state of flux and reform. Meena stared at them, her mind empty, her body boiled free of sore muscles and aching bruises. Only when the waterlogged corpse of a paperback floated past her head did she realise that she had fallen asleep in the bath again.

She shrugged, noting with delight that the dull pain in her shoulder from when their big number four had dragged her to the ground in the penalty area was already beginning to abate. Oh well, another trashy novel lost to the waters of the hot tub – she had to learn to stop reading in the bath. She fished the book out with two fingers, which was mostly unnecessary since it wasn’t going to get any wetter, and dropped it over the side onto the tiles.

This new sports centre wasn’t all that bad, she reflected, resettling her washcloth over her eyes and reclining once again. As the star striker for her team if she had been a guy this bath would have been five times the size and she’d be driving a Porsche home. But despite her team climbing up the league, she was still on a semi-pro level; and while occasionally they played games at the huge stadium across town, most of their games took place in this newly constructed sports-centre-cum-mini-stadium. The team couldn’t all climb in the bath together after a match, they had to do it in shifts, and while the council had laid on exclusive changing rooms and showers for them, there were still some no-mark non-league teams who were allowed to play here and use the other facilities. It had been mostly built to support their team though, and that was a nice advance in attitudes.

The disparity between men’s and women’s football did annoy Meena at times, but never to the point of distraction. Women’s football was getting more popular, she got paid to play it, and she got to relax in this bath long after everyone else had gone home. Nothing to complain about there.

Meena shifted the washcloth slightly and peered into the clouds around her. She couldn’t see the clock for all this steam, what time was it anyway? She couldn’t have been sleeping long considering how hot the water still was. Then again, it had been virtually scalding when she got in. Probably whatever time it was, it was time to get out. She was properly cooked.

Meena sat up in the water, stretching her arms up and out, before bringing them together and wringing out her washcloth. She stood and stretched again for a moment, letting the water run off her slender, trim physique. She was in perfect form right now. She needed to be. Barely an ounce of excess weight clung to her frame, although happily the heavy curve of her large breasts remained undiminished. She worked out every day, building muscle mass; and ate a strict diet dictated by the team’s nutritionist (also their reserve goalie, but hey! They had a nutritionist!).

She couldn’t resist a little vanity over the way the water found its little routes down her body: over the round swell of the breasts that made a sports-bra a must, down the flat belly that had just the faintest trace of muscle definition and into the tiny, trimmed wedge she had left of her bush. All she needed was the time to meet a guy, she thought with a chuckle.

Meena reached for her towel and as she turned, arm outstretched, reaching up to the hook, the door opened.

The room had felt so warm, enclosed and safe with all the steam. But the steam had only been waiting for an escape hatch, and as the door was firmly jerked open it fled out into the hallway, giving Meena nothing to hide behind. She froze, one foot in the bath, one on the ledge, astonished, stark naked and dripping wet as two pairs of eyes stared back at her. This was so ludicrous, so unbelievable that she couldn’t even move to cover herself.

The faces of the two men (almost naked but with the advantage of towels knotted around their waists and no breasts to worry about) were equally stunned. They weren’t leering, or lecherous, they were just as astonished to see her as she was to see them. Their eyes however, couldn’t help sweeping over her dark caramel skin; trying to cover her slim, sporty body, her perky, succulent breasts, the black hair that lay above her hidden opening, as quickly as possible.

“Oh my God!” Meena broke the silence, with a shrill yell, “What the fuck?! What the hell are you guys doing? Get out!” Her body came back to life and she snatched her towel from the hook and pressed it to her body. The two men – one a brick wall with a lantern jaw hung on it, the other lean, athletic and unshaven – span around, not quite obeying her order. They faced back into the corridor, but didn’t exit, filling the door. They both started apologising as fast as they could.

“Oh God, I’m sorry, we just…”

“We weren’t trying to spy on you or… We honestly didn’t know…”

“… Can’t apologise enough for…”

“… Sorry that we saw what we… well not sorry but… I mean so sorry!”

“Shut up! Just… you guys don’t knock or anything?” Meena cut their stream of antalya escort apologies off as she hopped out of the bath and quickly started drying herself, staring sorely at their bare backs. Her white towel scrubbed quickly between her legs, then over the smooth, brown skin of her perfect backside.

“We thought all you girls had gone home! Your match finished hours ago, everyone else left!” the big guy explained, one hand on his towel, the other running through his sandy hair in a kind of panic. They were scared? Of course! If Meena kicked up enough fuss about this then whatever crappy Sunday League team they played for could be banned from using this place!

“So?” she cried, half dry and already pulling on her thick, white robe, “We have priority in this stuff, someone should have checked we were done here!”

“Someone… did,” the smaller guy answered uncertainly, “I guess he didn’t do such a good job.”

“No shit,” Meena spat, “and why are you still here? Fuck off already!”

“Hey!” the big guy’s shoulders tensed a little, “C’mon, it was an honest mistake.”

Meena took a deep breath, counted to ten, and released it. This was good practice for that ‘attitude problem’ her coach was always telling her about. Release, forgive, don’t seek vengeance. Especially not with your studs showing. These two seemed apologetic, they weren’t pervs. She tried to return to her zen-like bath-state. “Ok, ok, I believe you.”

“Thank you,” she watched his muscular back relax and couldn’t resist spending a couple of moments perving herself. Boy, was he built! ‘Broad’ seemed somehow inadequate when it came to that granite slab of a back.

“Yeah, we cool?” the short guy’s stubble was longer than the buzz-cut on top of his head.

“We’re cool,” Meena conceded, gathering her things, “Now get out of here for fucks sake!”

The little guy (he was still taller than her, Meena realised, it was just that next to that hulk everyone looked ‘little’) started to leave, but the big, blonde-topped mountain paused.

“Hey… you aren’t Jag’s sister, are you?”

“Sorry?” Meena stopped, surprised.

“Jag Shukta. Are you Jag’s sister?”

“Fuck off!” Meena smiled and frowned at the same time, thrown, “How do you know that?”

“Well I saw you, and I knew that Jag’s sister played for the team, and…”

“And I’m the only little Indian girl on the team?” Meena laughed, “Follow women’s football do you?” Her voice was teasing, but much more relaxed now. The big guy was still standing to attention, facing into the corridor stupidly while the other man was looking back into the room at her. It was fine now that she was swathed in the thick, lush robe.

“I met you before…” he scratched the back of his neck unconsciously, and Meena stared pensively at him before realisation dawned across her pretty face.

“Eugene?!” He flinched and his friend laughed, “Lanky Eugene that used to come round to our house?”

“Well, everyone calls me Euge now, but…”

“Oh my God!” Meena laughed again and almost slapped his massive back in greeting, “How are you? You can turn around now if you want.”

Euge, all tension gone now, turned with an easy smile, “Meena right?”

“You remember! Man, I must have been, like, fifteen last time I met you. You’ve filled out a bit!” Meena couldn’t keep the appreciation out of her voice and she hoped he hadn’t noticed that her eyes had been wandering too – taking in the definition and shape of his torso, the faint light hairs that were scattered across his chest and the small trail that lay invitingly just above his towel. She was towelling her long black hair now, maybe that had covered where she was looking as she cocked her head on one side.

“Ah,” he laughed, “yeah, I used to play rugby in uni. Football now though.”

“Wow!” Meena wrapped her hair up into the towel and on top of her head. The three of them stepped out into the corridor chatting now as if they were old friends.

“Eric,” Euge introduced, “this is Meena. I went to school, uni and work with her brother. Meena, this is Eric off… well, my team.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Meena shook Eric’s hand absently, remembering now that Euge and Eric had both worked at that software company just outside of town. “Nice to meet you Eric.”

“Ah – likewise,” Eric smiled, and Meena realised he was still kind of jittery from seeing her naked just a few minutes before. Whatever, she was over it, and she was proud of what she had anyway.

“You must be…” Euge reached for the numbers, “like, twenty four now?”

“Well done!” Meena smiled playfully, “And you’re pushing the big three-oh?”

“Already there,” Euge shrugged ruefully, “can’t go back now.” Meena stared at him a little too long before she responded to that line. Why would he want to go back? Thirty was looking very good on him indeed.

“Well, ok,” Meena shrugged at last, “no harm done about that thing before,” she waved her hand at the open door of the bath room, “so I’m going. You boys enjoy your bath together.” She couldn’t help the little jab, and couldn’t help fethiye escort laughing at her own joke.

“Nice seeing you again,” Euge said with another casual smile. The extra weight really suited him, even making his features more friendly, without making them any softer. In Meena’s memory Eugene resembled a stick of chalk: tall, thin and featureless. This modern Euge was much more… intriguing. He made Meena feel like playing.

So what the hell, she would play.

“I’m still surprised you recognised me,” she started backing away down the corridor, her tone already teasing, “After all, I don’t think you ever saw these before.” She stopped, cocked her hips, and opened her gown with a flourish, giving the pair another display of her full frontal beauty, “and that’s all you were looking at back there.”

The two men stared, open mouthed with wonder, as Meena wrapped her robe around her again and ran back to her changing room, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Sure enough, the rest of her team had long since departed, leaving only her bags on the shelf above the long bench that ran all the way around the room. In the centre was another bench, this one wider but made from the same wooden slats as the rest, and it was that bench that Meena dumped her bags onto in order to get changed.

But she couldn’t stop thinking about Euge. His friend had been cute enough in a laid-back semi-slacker way, but Euge himself was something she wanted to investigate in more depth. She bit her lip cheekily – and to have him investigate her… in more depth. As she laid out her clothes, she was so lost in fantasies of how they would meet again, or how she would get his number, that the confident knock on the door made her jump out of her skin.

Oh, now who was that then? Her heart started beating faster now, although she knew that it was just as likely to be some janitorial staff as it was to be Euge coming down here to take what she had tempted him with. She stopped in front of the mirror on the way to the door. Her hair was a towelled, tangled jet-black cascade, and the faintest sheen of moisture still clung to the skin that was exposed in the gaping neck of the robe. She tugged the white garment open a bit more, so that the enticing valley that lay between her breasts was brazenly apparent, and the gorgeous contrast between her rich, brown skin and the pure white of the robe was instantly eye catching. Oh, if this was cleaning staff she was going to be mortified.

When she opened the door – just a few inches, but making sure that she was perfectly framed in the gap – she imperceptibly breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t the cleaners.

“Hey,” Euge had a curious expression on his face. Meena’s heart sped up a little more; she felt the blood pumping around her body, felt alive – just like she did on the pitch. Eric was with him too, and neither looked like they’d set foot in the bath.

“Oh, hey!” Meena faked surprise, badly, “What are you doing here?” Euge, still smiling, didn’t seem to have an answer.

“Well…” Eric stepped in, and now for some reason Meena found her eyes drawn to his body. He didn’t have the massive impact of Euge’s frame, but he was lean and muscular and… mmm, delicious in his own way. “Well, we were talking about the crappy little changing rooms we get to use, and we wondered – since you’re still here and everything – if we could see how the other half lives.”

“That,” Euge seemed glad for the assist, “is exactly it.”

“Oh! Right! Of course, well,” Meena swung the door open and stepped back, ushering them in, “be my guests.” Shivers of joy ran up and down her back as she watched their eyes devouring her as the passed. The gaping V of the fluffy white robe was framing, displaying, offering her body to them, and they ate it up with their eyes, prying at the edges for a peek at her dark nipples.

She didn’t think they could see them, but then she was putting quite a lot on display, she wasn’t entirely sure.

The two men whistled appreciatively as they stepped in, dragging their eyes off her and trying to seem interested in the benches, hooks and neon lights of the changing room.

“Well, this is twice as big as what we have to use,” Eric mused, one hand still securing his towel, pacing barefoot around the bench in the middle of the room, describing a lazy circle.

“And much… nicer.” Euge took only a few steps into the room and Meena found herself following him, her eyes on the gently shifting muscles of his gorgeous back. She wanted to sink her teeth into the thick muscles of his shoulder, make him cry out, make him angry so that he would grab her and…

“Well,” she managed to escape that little daydream with some effort and come back with something, “that’s because it’s our name on the gates here. Humble and all, but….”

“Ever wonder how you lot’d do against a team of guys?” Euge paused and turned, his smile cryptic and his eyes becoming… darker somehow. Meena suddenly felt the bare expanse of flesh she had exposed tingling in the air.

“Your lot? We’d have you no kaş escort problem,” she laughed nervously, “against the real men… I don’t think we’d do so well.” The two men were silent for a moment, Eric behind her still inspecting the facilities she supposed, and Eugene in front of her, a good foot taller than her and pinning her to the spot with his gaze. Smouldering, Meena thought, that would be the usual word to describe it.

She swallowed. Was this going where she thought it was? Was she… ok with that? There was going to be a point, she knew, very soon, a point of no return where she couldn’t just cry all of this off as a joke. At the moment she felt she could trust Euge, and if she laughed now and told him to get out then they would, she was sure. Bit if she waited much longer it would be awkward and embarrassing for everyone. That was, if she wanted them to leave at all.

‘Them.’ Meena’s pupils dilated in surprise as the thought occurred to her for the first time. She had been slavering over Euge, and wishing for him to come a-knocking on her door, and when Eric had arrived with him she had supposed it was for moral support or the like. But what if they were both here for… for her? She swallowed again, closed her eyes (Euge’s magnetic gaze be damned) and held her breath for a moment to compose herself. She had to decide. She had to decide where this was going, now.

“Well,” she heard a girl’s voice saying, “this is really all there is to the changing rooms. Was there anything else you wanted to see?”

Oh, well, she was the only girl in the room, so she supposed that had been her. She opened her eyes and Euge’s broad, handsome face was grinning at her – wolfish and hungry.

“Now that you mention it,” he started, his voice low and smooth, “there were some other, ah… features, I was curious about.” He stepped towards her – three paces away now.

“F-features?” Meena raised her eyebrows, cool and playful. She just prayed that he couldn’t see her clenching her fist by her side trying to stop her hand from shaking.

“Yes, the… features that you gave me…” Euge paused and glanced over Meena’s shoulder for a second, and for a moment she saw his eyebrows raised questioningly at Eric. Meena wanted to glance back, to see what secret conversation they were having, but moving anything at all right now would be tempting some kind of muscular breakdown. Her body was ringing, softly, subtly, like a tuning fork that never stopped. Euge seemed to have his answer, he started again, “The features that you gave us a glimpse of out in the corridor.”

This was it. The moment of truth, and suddenly there were no nerves. There was no doubt at all in Meena’s mind – she only hoped that they could keep up with her. Her hand, smooth and confident now, moved up to her chest and she rested her fingers ever so gently on the lapel of her robe, just above her left breast.

“Features?,” she arched an eyebrow, “I don’t think that the ‘features’ you’re talking about come as part of the regular tour, y’know.”

“I don’t think we’re on the regular tour, Ms. Shukta,” Euge growled, and suddenly Meena remembered Eric, realised he was right behind her, breathing on her neck almost, and then he had her arms, had them behind her back, holding them back there with his, locking his arms through her armpits, and just like that she was helpless.

Meena was breathless, she hadn’t been hurt in the slightest, but the smooth speed with which Eric had moved had knocked the air out of her. He was a few inches taller than her, but the way he was holding her meant that she wasn’t leaning forward, but leaning back slightly, facing up at Euge. She tested his grip, but she wasn’t going anywhere, her arms were locked firmly behind her back.

“Is that ok?” Eric asked, surprising Meena with his civility when he had just slipped her into some kind of martial arts arm-lock. She nodded mutely, teeth pressing into her lower lip, her gaze being captivated by Euge again.

“Bloody hell, Meena,” Euge started with a huge smile, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like you.” Meena frowned and forced a sour smile.

“Wait, is this some kind of exotic Indian…”

“No, no!” Euge, raised his hands, “I mean, you’re fucking… You’re a fucking force of nature girl! You know what you want don’t you?”

“Oh, ok,” Meena relaxed, “yeah, I can be pretty… determined, I guess.”

“Ok,” Euge brought his hand up, and his palm was hot against her face, “well if you want us to stop, we will. Just say.” Meena simply nodded, her heart beating faster and faster now, her skin prickling from a million simultaneous pin-pricks. “Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t take this as a sign of your football skills,” Eugene grinned wickedly, only a step away now, “after all, it’s two on one.”

“Oh! Screw you!” Meena laughed, but this turned to a gasp of nerves as Euge reached out and with a slow tug on one end of the tie, unfastened her robe. All six eyes looked down as the fluffy fabric slipped and fell open, still clinging to her breasts, to the nipples that she knew were already pert and hard, but exposing her body all the way down, exposing the dark pubic hair and smooth skin of her thighs. Meena’s breath was coming heavier and deeper now; she wanted this, but the way Eric was holding her she really was helpless, displayed for them, a plaything for them.

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