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Meeting an Online Fantasy

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I am not sure just how long I had been lying there on his bed, but I am sure that I dozed off to sleep, even for a few minutes. The sexual workout I had been given, left me more tired then I thought. As I laid there, I could hear the movie playing in the background of the bedroom. There was groaning and ass slapping. I could lift my head up and see just what was going on. But with my hands in the writs restraints, it was hard to move around. Every once in a while, I could also hear men laughing downstairs. They were talking, but I could not make out exactly what was being said.

Thinking back on what had happened to me…..meeting Chris, FINALLY! Being treated like the slut that I have always fantasized about.

It seemed like all had gone quiet. The movie was over. And, I could no longer hear any conversation down stairs. But, what I did hear, was someone coming up the stairs. It was more then one person. And, then, there they were. Chris standing there in only jeans, no shirt. They both smiled at me, as I was introduced to Jim.

“Nice.” Was all that Jim said.

He reached into his back pocket, and pulled out his cell phone, the kind with the camera. Holding it up, I heard the click. This, I could tell, was going to be an interesting day.

“Well, here she is,” Chris said. “just like I told you. She is as hot as they come, and ready for everything we want to do to her and more!”

Christ leaned over and flicked my nipples, making them harder then they already were. As did Jim. Chris backed away, smiled at Jim, giving him the go ahead to have me to himself.

He continued working on my tits. Pulling them out as far as they would go. Stretching one out and then slapping it hard. First one, then the other.

“Nice tits, babe. Not only are these suckable, but very very fuck-able. And I intend on having some fun with these.”

From there, he slid his hand down my stomach rubbing my shaved pubic area. I closed my eyes, and felt as his hand explored. His fingers güvenilir bahis parting my lips, pushing deep into me. I opened my legs wide for him so that he had complete access. And, he took full advantage. He moved his finger in and out of my wet pussy. Then, added another one. Before I knew it, I was moaning and raising my hips to meet his fingers inside my pussy. I have to admit, I love being finger fucked. And he knew it. He pulled his fingers out, and rub them all over my face. It all felt so erotic.

He moved up and took my wrists out of the restraints.

“There you go, babe. Now we can start having a bit of fun.”

All this time, Chris was sitting in a chair by the window watching the teasing that Jim had been doing to me. As I sat up, I realized that Chris had taken off his jeans, and was stroking his cock. Jim was undressing. His cock was already hard and ready to go.

I was surprised when they both told me to lie back on the bed, and play with myself. Pull on my tits, and rub my clit and finger myself until I cum. Once I make myself cum, then, and only then, will they take over my body. What could I do, I laid back and started doing what they asked. With my legs spread wide opened, and my eyes closed, I fingered myself, rubbed my clit, and pulled my lips open wide. I could hear the clicking of a camera. At that point I was not sure if it was Jim’s cell phone or a digital camera. I was just enjoying the show that I was putting on for them. And I knew they were. It did not take long before I was dripping wet leaving a wet spot on the sheet. I could feel the tingling in my pussy begin…..and then the orgasm hit. And, it hit hard. I kept rubbing my clit until it slowed down.

I felt the bed move, and realized, as I opened my eyes, Chris and Jim were on each side of me. They each took a tit in their mouth and I felt what seemed like 10 fingers probing through my pussy. The feeling was nothing like I had ever felt before. But, it was all I had imagined, and more. türkçe bahis Again, like before, I was raising my hips to meet with their probing.

I had, until this moment never been with two men. It was something that I had always fantasized about. Chris had always promised me, if I came to him, he would take care of all my wants and needs. And, he had done just that. Here I was, with two very nicely hung men, who were giving me all the attention that I needed and wanted.

I was snapped out of my thoughts, when Chris slapped me on my leg.

“Turn over, and get on your knees!” he instructed me.

I did as I was told. Chris moved up in front of me, holding cock in his hand.

“Suck it, and suck it good, whore.”

As I took his hard and very long cock in my mouth, I could feel Jim moving in behind me. He was rubbing his cock up and down my pussy….and then with one quick push, he was in. He pushed himself all the way in, and pulled out. Again, he pushed in, and this time with much more force. As he was doing my pussy, Chris was at my face, fucking my mouth. They found a good rhythm and I was certainly enjoying it.

After a few minutes, Jim announced that it was time to switch. Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth just as Jim pulled out of my pussy. Even though it was only a few seconds as they moved around me, I felt so empty. As Jim pushed his cock into my open mouth, Chris shoved his cock into my waiting pussy. I could taste my juices on Jim’s cock. And so they started again. This went on for about 30 minutes with them switching place a few more times. I could have gone like this forever. But, they had other plans.

They were both still hard as rocks, and I was sure that they were ready to load me with their cum.

“Ok, now its time for some real fun.” Chris said.

H moved out from in front of me and laid down on the bed.

“Come on over, and get on top of me.” He instructed.

I did as I was told. As I lined my pussy up with his throbbing güvenilir bahis siteleri cock, I came down, and impaled myself on him. It felt like he might come through to the other side of me. I was leaning over, holding onto the headboard of the bed, with my tits hanging over Chris’s face. He took one nipple and then moved over to the other in his mouth. Sucking them and biting them. His cock and his mouth were keeping me so occupied, that I forgot about Jim. That is, of course, until I felt his cock near my backside.

At first I was not exactly sure what he was doing, but then I realized he had poured some baby oil down the crack of my ass. His fingers were moving in and out of my asshole. I pushed back to meet his fingers. Chris, in the mean time, was moving his cock in and out of my pussy.

Jim pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the tip of his cock. Slowly he pushed his cock in me. It was hurting, but it was a good hurt. One that I had always wanted to feel. He pushed in me until I could feel his balls up against my ass cheeks.

” So, how does this feel?” Jim asked.

“Feel like the slut that you always wanted to be?” Chris said.

“Yes, yes, just don’t stop. It feels so good. Make me your slut.” Was all I could say.

As Chris pulled out, Jim would push in. Then Jim would pull out and Chris would push in. I was feeling so full. To say nothing of my tits swinging back and forth over Chris’s face. It was everything that I had imagined, and more. Having two cock at once pushing in and out of me felt so amazing and filled me to the hilt.

As I was feeling them both inside me, I could feel my orgasm starting. So could they. And, by the look on Chris’s face, I could tell he was getting close as well.

It did not take long for me to cum, and as I did Chris and Jim were quick to follow. Both filled me with so much cum. My bowels were filled just as much as my pussy. And they both gave me one final push to make sure I received every drop.

As we all fell apart from each other there was a collective sigh of contentment. The three of us just laid there, taking in the sexual scent that was in the room.

I am sure that this is just the beginning of my whorish ways.

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