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Meeting Claudine

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My name is Roy. I have for some time thought about being a nudist in public. I wanted to feel the freedom that my nudist friends have when the go to the beach or just hang out with friends.

A couple of things about me physically. I am good looking and have a cropped beard. My weight is well proportioned. I tan well. Finally my penis is large. It’s about 12 inches. When soft it hangs down in front resting on my balls. My balls are large. I shave my scrotum twice a week.

One thing I’m a little concerned about is how big my dick is. I prefer dick to all the names for penis. Cock is OK too, but I like dick better.

I have a lot of women in bed with no one woman a steady fuck. I suppose part of the reason for being nude in public was to meet new bedmates. I occasionally partake of men, but prefer a woman’s cunt. Yes, I prefer cunt for the woman’s vagina, although pussy is OK.

So I decided to go to a beach in the South of France while there on vacation. So whoever I met or if I failed to score it would stay in France. I got off the train at NAME HERE on the south coast. I knew there was a great nudist beach near by.

My friend, Emil who I had met in Paris came along. He wanted to see me score and also hoped to get a woman for himself. I had slept with Emil and he was a very pleasant bi-man. He had fucked my ass, something I had rarely allowed. But generally we had just enjoyed oral sex together. We had also shared two women in Paris once.

At the hotel we got undressed. I put on a very tiny yellow swim suit and grabbed a towel, sunglasses, suntan oil, a book and something cold to drink. The suit hardly contained my dick and balls. It was thin nylon and you could see my dick and balls anyway. Emil just put on shorts on his bare body. We left for the beach a short walk away.

The sun was already hot. It promised to be a beautiful beach day. At the entrance to the beach we paid our five Euro entrance fee. In return we received a red rubber bracelet to wear so we could go in and out as we wished.

I looked at the hundreds of naked people on the beach. No one wore and semblance of a swim suit. Emil stripped off his shorts. I did the same with my yellow Speedo. We headed toward the water looking for a nice spot, perhaps secluded if we were lucky.

As I walked my dick bobbed up and down. That felt good against my balls. I hoped I would not get hard while walking to a spot to lie down. The women largely ignored me, but I noticed more watching my bouncing dick. One woman even smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

Emil’s little dick rested against the skin of his scrotum. I knew from my own experience his dick could grow to six inches and he had a nice squirt when cumming. I don’t think any woman would be disappointed with his performance.

We found a place near an old cement wall. I put my rowel down and spread my stuff out. Emil said he was going to stay to the left of me and give me lots of room to work my magic. I smiled and said thanks.

I then went to the ocean water to take a swim. The waves were rolling in nicely and the water was wonderfully warm. I swam and eventually came out maybe a 100 yards from my spot. I knew I would have to walk past a lot of people again to get back to my spot.

I set off, occasionally touching my balls and my cock. One woman asked me if I wanted any help. I smiled and said I was down there – pointing in the direction of my spot on the sand.

I noticed that she was getting up to follow me. She had her dark glasses on and her towel. Her body was well proportioned and very tan with no tan lines. Her pussy was shaved smooth. Her tits were smallish with well developed hard nipples. She had dark hair down to her shoulders.

I got to my towel and sat down. By then I was dry from my swimming experience. I laid back and let the rays of the sun beat down on my body. Soon I heard “Bon Jour.”

I looked up and the prettiest woman smiled down at me. She was dark with beads of sweat on her boobs and her tummy. I said, “Hi.”

She said, “Ah an American.”

I said, “Guilty as charged.”

She spread her towel next to mine and lay down. She said, “My name is Claudine from Nancy.”

I shook her hand saying, “I’m Eric and live in Chicago.”

She plopped on her tummy and rubbed my stomach saying, “You are getting red. You had better put some oil on.”

I said, “Would you do it? I would be happy to oil your body then.”

She took the oil from my hand and squirted some on my chest and shoulders and stomach. Then she rubbed her left hand all over the top of my body getting the oil into the pores. When she finished she asked me if I wanted her to the lower half of my body or did I want to do it.

I said, “You did such a nice job on my chest, I would like you to do my legs, feet and my scrotum.”

Claudine squirted oil on my penis, balls and my legs. Then she kneaded the oil into my legs and feet like she had done on my chest. Then she got on her knees and took my penis in both hands and stroked it while rubbing the etimesgut escort oil onto my balls. It felt soooooooooo good. She smiled and asked me, “Does that feel good?”

I leaned up and drew her head to mine. I whispered in her right ear, “Yes, so good hon. You are going to make me hard.”

Claudine laughed and said, “I do that a lot for my men.”

I said, “I don’t want to get my dick and balls sunburned – I hope to have a hot date tonight.”

Claudine smiled and said, “With whom?”

I said, “I met a cute girl on the train down. She said she wanted to sleep with me.’

Claudine cooed and said, “Well if she doesn’t work out I’m available for tonight.”

I laughed and took the suntan oil and squirted it on her tits and tummy. I then proceeded to rub the oil into her skin. Her breasts were so soft and supple. As I rubbed her tits she moaned a little. I noticed my dick getting hard.

Claudine turned to me to shield my dick from being seen. She smiled and said, “Eric its ok for you to get big thinking about making love to me. I want you to get excited when you touch me.”

I said, “I do to – it’s just a beach with lots of people here.”

She smiled and told me, “I’ve seen a lot of couples make love on the beach when the mood struck them. It’s nothing to show your emotions for me.”

By this time my dick had grown to its full 12 inches. The head was red and angry looking. Claudine put her hand on my dick and covered it up. Her hand was hot and felt so good on my member.

She said, “Do you want to go to your room?”

I said, “Yes. We’ll make love all afternoon and have a wonderful dinner tonight. But let’s wait a bit; I want to get hot and sweaty out here first.”

Claudine snuggled closer and asked me to finish the lower part of her body. “Be careful to not get suntan oil in my pussy”, she said. I took the bottle and squirted oil on her thighs. I moved around so my massive erection was facing her and hidden from other eyes. While I rubbed her legs she stroked my cock and tickled my balls.

I said, “You know I’m going to squirt cum on you.”

She said, “Please do then rub it into my skin.”

I took some of the oil on my fingertips and gently rubbed around her cunt lips. I was careful to not get any in her vagina. The skin was so smooth and absolutely sexy.

Claudine said, “I shaved this morning. You like the smoothness?”

I said yes between heavy breathing from getting excited by her hand job. I wanted to squirt on her tummy and rub the cum into her dark skin.

I was so excited ands she increased the speed she was masturbating me. In a matter of seconds I started to cum. It was a big shot, then a second one. Probably a full tablespoon of white thick cum. Then little drops continued flowing out of my penis.

The cum pooled right above her belly button. I took my hand and put some cum on a finger and offered her some at her mouth. She licked my finger clean and said I tasted so good.

Then I rubbed the rest into her belly and tits. I covered each nipple with cum and worked the jism into her beautiful tits.

After I was done I lay down next to her and she put oil on my back, butt and legs. She worked the oil into the skin. I then did the same for her.

Touching her butt drove me wild. I wanted to finger her asshole, but knew I would do that later in private. We then rested and both fell asleep for a bit.

I woke up and she was on her side with her cunt spread open and facing my face. I could smell her sex and that turned me on. I touched her belly and asked if she wanted to swim then go.

She nodded yes. We got up and ran to the water, entering at full speed. We splashed and swam for 20 minutes. I played with her cunt and tits in the water. She got me hard again by playing with dick. By this time I didn’t care and left the water with a raging hard on. Claudine laughed and said I would have every woman in bed with me.

By the time we got back to our towels the hard on has subsided, although it was a very big soft cock. We gathered up our stuff and proceeded to walk through the busiest part of the beach still fully nude. Several women called out to Claudine – asking her if she was going to get laid. She answered yes each time!

We got to the gate and got a sandwich and drink from a vendor. We leaned against a cement wall eating and drinking our lunch. She kissed me a lot between bites to tease me. It started getting me hard again.

Her girlfriend left and said, “Ooh la la.”

I put my tiny Speedo on, barely covering my dick and balls. Claudine slipped into the skimpiest thong bikini I had ever seen. Her cunt was partially showing and her ass had a tiny strap running up the crack. Her bra just covered her nipples – but just.

We held hands and walked toward my hotel. A few guys whistled at Claudine. She waved and gave one the finger. She said, “I can’t stand him – he fucked me once and was terrible in bed.”

We got back to the hotel in short order. We went etimesgut escort bayan inside and the owner – an attractive woman said hello. She smiled approvingly.

We went upstairs to the second floor.

Claudine said, “That lady is my aunt.”

I said, “She knows you’re going to have sex with me – is that OK?”

Claudine answered, “Yes, she likes me to have a lot of men at this age. She knows I’m good in bed. We have slept together a few times.”

“You are bi?” I asked.

“Yes, are you?” she responded

“Yes, I am, although I greatly prefer a woman as my lover.” I retorted.

Claudine cupped my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. Her tongue in my mouth was so sensual. My cock grew as she kissed me more. She took her right hand and touched my rising member and rubbed the head. We kissed even more now.

Then she broke her lip lock with me and pushed back getting on her knees. She took my dick in her mouth and washed my penis w/her tongue.

Just then Emil entered the room. He was naked and semi-hard. He saw us and started to back out. I said, “Emil, its ok, come on in.”

Claudine murmured it was ok for Emil to take her from behind while giving me a bj. I told Emil Claudine would like him to take her in the pussy or ass from behind. He nodded and stroked his dick to get it hard.

Claudine raised her butt and cunt to allow Emil to better fit in her. Emil got on his knees on the bed behind her and started finger fucking her asshole. He had some lube too that he put on his fingers and got her hole juicy wet. Then he lubed his dick.

He parted her cheeks and put his cock in her asshole. He started a piston type motion in her asshole. He held on to her shoulders while she mouth fucked me. His movement was in time with her mouth moving up and down my dick.

She was moving me along to cumming. I knew from experience that Emil would not last long banging her. He was breathing heavily. I started losing control and just wanted to shoot my load in her mouth. Then I wanted her to kiss me and share my cum in that kiss!

I knew that Emil would be cumming very soon. I wanted to eat her ass with that load in her. The most delicious part of a threesome is eating the other man’s cum out of the woman.

Claudine was also breathing very heavily and I thought she might cum any second too.

Then Emil shrieked as his load shot out of his dick into her ass. He rammed his dick in as far as he could and squeezed off another shot of thick hot cum. His face went on her bare back and he kissed and licked her brown skin.

Then it was my turn. He cum shot out of my dick into Claudine’s mouth. She hungrily sought more of the cum. I got another shot into her mouth. Then I brought her mouth to mine and we kissed. Our tongues mixed the cum with our saliva. It was dripping out of mouths onto my legs and penis.

We rubbed each others tits. Emil flipped Claudine around and went down between her legs. He licked and sucked her clit and vagina.

She laid there cuddled in the crook of my arm softly moaning. I could feel the tenseness come and go in her body. I gently rubbed her nipples, wanting to help stimulate her to orgasm. She closed her eyes and soaked in the pleasure.

Emil inserted his middle finger in her cunt hole and rubbed the inside of her pussy. She moved in response trying to get hid fuck finger in the tight spot. He continued sucking and gently biting Claudine’s clit.

Then the door open and in walked Claudine’s aunt. She saw we were in the midst of love making and smiled. I motioned her in. She took her short dress and pulled it over her head. Then she stood before us in her naked glory.

She was gorgeous. She was tanned everywhere and not a speck of hair below her head. Her tits were perfect C size with large areolas and firm nipples. She touched her clit and I could tell she was very horny.

She came over to the right side of the bed. She bent over and kissed me, then Claudine on top of her head. I inserted my right fuck finger into her very wet fuck hole. I fingered her until I could here her panting. I knew then she would cum very soon.

Claudine was lying with her head in my crotch. Soon she discovered my enlarging prick. She took the head in her mouth and began washing the head with her tongue.

My prick felt so good in her hot mouth. I knew I wanted to cum in her mouth again. Meanwhile Emil was pounding her ass. He had grabbed her around the middle to steady himself. He kept ramming his dick into her ass. Claudine cried out with pleasure.

I had kept the movement of my fuck finger in her aunt’s cunt. She spread her legs more so I had good access to her vagina. She was moving with the thrusts of my finger moving in and out of her cunt.

I could sense Emil was ready to cum. He was thrusting very strongly and breathing in short breaths. Claudine was burying her head in my crotch soaking up the pure sexual energy. Her silken hair felt so food again my legs.

Emil than shot escort etimesgut his wad in Claudine’s ass. He thrust hard again burying his prick in her butt. She moved her butt back against his crotch and enjoyed the orgasm he had and her pleasure started too. She shook as her body pulsed with the rhythm of cumming.

Emil rested the side of his face on Claudine’s bare back. His cock spewed out the last drops of cum into her ass.

Claudine’s aunt then shook with convulsions of her cumming. She cried out as the wave of pleasure went through her body. My hand was wet, as she peed while cumming. The warm yellow pee was very pleasurable. She stood in the little of pee that gathered at her bare feet.

Then I invited everyone onto the bed. I wanted the arms and legs to mix together as everyone relaxed from their orgasms.

We lay in bed softly talking and laughing. Our hands were all over each other’s bodies – feeling the soft skin and wet areas between our legs.

Olivia, the aunt was about 40. She had a beautifully tanned body that demanded to be touched and loved. I loved rubbing the palm of my hand over her tits and her ass. She had fine blonde hair on her ass that was highlighted against the dark skin.

Olivia kissed me and it was such a delicate pursing of the lips. We continued kissing and letting out tongues explore each others mouth. Her one hand stroked my dick and rubbed my balls. I was getting hard again.

My dick felt good getting larger in her hand. Suddenly she broke her lick lock and scooted down to take my cock in her mouth. She began by washing the head with her tongue. All I could imagine was her tasting Claudine’s cunt juices.

Olivia hungrily took the rest of my six inches in her mouth and gave me a gentle sucking. Her mouth was very warm around my cock. The moistness felt great. I knew it was only a matter of short time before I squirted in her mouth. I thought about that time as a man starts his orgasm and the cum flows out of his penis into a mouth or warm cunt – and how special that feels.

I reached down to her mound and began rubbing her very wet mound between her legs. Her vagina was so inviting to my fingers. I entered her cunt and was greeted by invigorating heat and moisture.

Her hand fondled my balls. The gentle motion on my very loose balls made my dick seem even bigger. I closed my eyes and just lay there feeling her wonderful mouth sucking my dick and her hand kneading my testicles.

Claudine mumurred while Olivia sucked me off. Her wetness was being eaten by Emil and her moans were exquisite. My dick felt so strong and wanted her to keep me forever in her mouth. Her tongue stroked the underside of my shaft as she rubbed my balls.

I knew I would not last long. I said, “Olivia when I cum, come kiss me so we can both share my juices.”

She gave me a thumbs up as she sucked me harder and harder. I could feel myself getting ready to squirt. This is the part of an orgasm I like the most – the anticipation of my flow going into a mouth, cunt or asshole. Even when I squirt on a woman or man’s belly I like that!

She inserted two fingers into my asshole. Oh my God that felt great! My butt rose off the sheet and I pushed my dick further into her mouth. Just then I knew I was crossing the line. I shot my cum into Olivia’s mouth in a powerful rush. I knew the jism was a lot.

She kept me in her mouth hoping to milk some more cum out of my penis. It dribbled out some more fell back on the pillow with my eyes closed. I enjoyed the moment so much as I felt the cum in her warm wet mouth.

Then Olivia disengaged her mouth from my dick and scooted up so her head was next to mine. She then kissed my lips. I opened my mouth and felt the warm sticky cum flowing into my mouth. The taste was so wonderful!

Olivia’s tongue darted in and spread my love juices throughout our mouths.

Our lips were locked in a lover’s duet of love making. Our tongues played with the sticky mass in our mouths. The taste was incredible!

She took her mouth off mine and kissed and sucked my left nipple. My tit felt so good with her sucking me. I rubbed her back feeling her smooth skin on my hand.

Then she came back to my mouth and we kissed more intensely than before. The cum and our saliva were dripping into my bears. She took my dick in her one hand and she rubbed it while kissing me. I was semi-hard and it felt so good. She ran her hand from the tip of my cock across my loose balls.

I wanted to cum again. Her hand on my dick was so soft and luxurious. She caressed by genitals as my dick grew harder in her hand. Her kissing was so beautiful as we massaged the cum into our mouths.

This continued for a long time and I knew I was going to cum again. My breath was getting shorter as I moved to orgasm. Soon I shot my load on our bellies and her hand. The warm cum oozed out of my penis onto Olivia’s skin.

She disengaged from my mouth and scooted lower on my body to lick up the cum on my body. When I was clean I flipped her on her back and went down on her and licked her pelvis area for all the cum I could find.

I found some resting on her naked pussy lips. I licked and sucked her lips. Olivia quivered and I put two fingers in her vagina. I was determined to eat her now and bring her to orgasm. Her pussy lips were delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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