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Meeting Jessie Ch. 03

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Sly drove just over three hours to get home. He parked the car kissed the wife and went straight to his computer. While it was booting up he changed his clothes. The sweat pants and shirt he chose were soft and made of natural material. He remained without underwear and kept his feet bare to fully relax as he chatted with Jessie through cyberspace about the real life events of their day.

They had gotten together that day in the mall in her town to fulfill her fantasy of being fucked in a public place. He left just before she did and now it was time to discuss what had taken place. It was the agreed upon method of enjoying her fantasy.

The computer was ready and he quickly signed on and saw that she was already on and waiting for him. He initiated the instant message to her.

Slylover: Hi, I’m home. How did you like your fantasy today?

JessiePeaks: Finally you are home. I’ve been waiting for you. I LOVED IT! I want more.

Slylover: Tell me all about your feelings. I want to know what you enjoyed and how and why and how to do it better next time.

JessiePeaks: Well, first thank you for making it a reality. I loved fucking you.

Slylover: You are welcome. I loved it too! You are one fantastic lady.

JessiePeaks: Next, I liked it that you didn’t push and go too fast. It was great teasing you and I got SO wet waiting in anticipation of being fucked by you. I loved it when you followed me. Did you notice how I did little things for your benefit?

Slylover: I noticed you dropped the strap on your lovely dress for me.

JessiePeaks: Did you notice the thing I did in the shoe store with my leg?

Slylover: I saw all of your leg up the cheek of your lovely ass.

JessiePeaks: Well lover, it should come as no surprise that you weren’t the only one enjoying that show.

Slylover: REALLY?

JessiePeaks: The young woman behind the sales counter was getting an eyeful too. She even moved over behind you to get a better look. Half the time I was playing to you and the other half I was playing to her. She was eating me up with her eyes.

Slylover: That’s hot!

JessiePeaks: Yes it is. I went back to that store and bought some shoes. We have a date on Thursday. She is coming to my house and I expect to have a pussy lickin’ time with her.

Slylover: LOL! You got more than you planned on then.

JessiePeaks: Yes. I’ll let you know how it goes with her. She is looking forward to it as well.

Slylover: Please do. Was there anything that was disappointing today?

JessiePeaks: Yes. I really wanted to be caught and wildly fucked by a stranger but that didn’t happen.

Slylover: I could have gotten the clerk in the men’s store to join us if you had just said something.

JessiePeaks: No! Absolutely not! I wanted to be caught not arrange for another partner. I was aroused and ready but you should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that you would be my pimp. That wasn’t part of the fantasy.

Slylover: Sorry. I apologize. I didn’t… well. I apologize.

JessiePeaks: Now back to teasing you. I had so much fun in the dressing room showing off for you. I loved that you didn’t actually see me but only my reflection through the mirror and I tried to control it so you only saw what I wanted you to see.

Slylover: I got so hard watching you masturbate for me.

JessiePeaks: I hoped that would do it for you.

Slylover: I almost came in my pants when you wiped the pussy juice from between your legs with that shear blouse and threw it down.

JessiePeaks: Really? I’ll have to remember that. I didn’t even think about it. I was wet and it soaked up the juices. That was all I cared about.

Slylover: it was really really hot for me!!!

JessiePeaks: I liked how you didn’t press me or come to me at that point. I was waiting for you but it gave me a sense that you may not even try to fuck me and that excited me. It made me try harder to make you want me.

Slylover: I guess you can say that it worked because I not only wanted you but eventually I pumped my cock deep inside you and came shooting my hot sperm into your womb. You moaned with pleasure and I hung on to your lovely hips as I slammed my cock into you from behind.

JessiePeaks: Oooooo….. I love it when you talk like that.

“Did you really do that?” Sharon etimesgut escort said from behind Sly.

He turned to see his wife looking over his shoulder at the text in the instant message window on the computer screen. He was caught and knew it. He and Jessie would never have the secret they once had. Everything from that moment forward would have to include Sharon his wife. He knew it and while he regretted the secret relationship passing into history he welcomed the presence of his wife. She was very adventurous when it came to sex and he wouldn’t have any more guilt about hiding Jessie from her again.

“Uh, Yes. I can explain.” Sly said trying to keep Sharon’s anger in check at least for the moment.

“Don’t try. Who the fuck is this?” Sharon said and sat her ass down with a thump in the chair next to his desk to look him in the eye.

“Her name is Jessie. She lives just over three hours drive from her. We have only gotten together twice but have known each other through chatting online for just over a year.” Sly explained and left out most of the detail.

The text on the computer monitor interrupted and he had to take a moment to put Jessie on hold. He typed into the instant message window on the computer.

JessiePeaks: Tell me more lover. I want to hear what you did to me and how it felt to you.

Slylover: Just a sec, got a situation here. brb

JessiePeaks: K

“Did you really fuck her today?” Sharon asked.

“Yes but it was the first time. We got together about four or five months ago and I just gave her a massage.” Sly said.

“The erotic kind you give to me?” Sharon asked knowing that a lot more than massage was involved in the full erotic massage he gave to her.

“Well, yes.” Sly said letting her know that Jessie also got some very intimate attention. “But we didn’t fuck that time.”

“It makes no difference. Why have you kept this a secret?” Sharon asked.

“It made it feel naughty to do that but it doesn’t have to remain a secret.” Sly said.

“It’s not now. Is it?” Sharon said and before he could reply she asked “What do you want me to do about this?”

“Join us. I’m sure you and Jessie will become good friends. She is plucky like you and such a delight. She has a good imagination…” Sly said and Sharon cut him off.

“Okay, Okay, stop being a salesman and get out of that chair.” Sharon commanded.

She sat in the chair and typed into the instant message window.

Slylover: Hi. This is Sharon, Silvester’s wife. Who are you?

JessiePeaks: Oh, I’m Jessie.

Jessie was taken by surprise and couldn’t imagine what she was safe to say or do. She felt she should just let things happen as they would and not try to be defensive or explain anything. She knew that Sly was a big boy and could take care of himself.

Slylover: Did you and my husband really fuck today?

JessiePeaks: Yes. He helped me fulfill a fantasy of mine.

Slylover: Tell me about it. Tell me everything. Don’t leave out a single thing or I will really get mad and take it out on him!

JessiePeaks: Where do I start?

Slylover: Start from how you met and take me through today.

JessiePeaks: This could take a while.

Slylover: I’m not going anywhere until we get this thing sorted out.

JessiePeaks: Okay, here it goes…

Sharon and Jessie typed into the message window for a couple of minutes and Sharon turned to Sly.

“Do you love her?” She asked her husband bluntly.

“No. I’m in love with you.” Sly said.

“Alright. Get out now! I’m talking to your whore. I don’t want to see you again until you bring me dinner in here and serve me. Now beat it!” Sharon said to Sly and didn’t allow him any verbal response.

She typed and read the text in the instant message. Jessie and Sharon shared everything about the relationship between them and their husbands. The two of them started joking about men and things and work and kids.

By the time Sly had her dinner ready and returned to serve it to her Jessie and Sharon were well on the way to becoming friends. Sharon didn’t want Sly to think he was entirely off the hook for keeping his secret so she was cold to him as he served her dinner. She let him go without saying much and ate while she continued to chat with Jessie.

Sly etimesgut escort bayan ate in the kitchen and wondered what the two women were talking about but vowed to himself not to interrupt them. He knew his wife and the adventurous attitude she always had ever since they met. He hoped she would enjoy sharing adventures with him and Jessie. Sly thought about other people they knew and who they had been sexual with then pondered some of the others he hoped to have as sex partners. He kept busy and entertained himself doing other things until he heard the door open and Sharon yell out.

“Get your ass in here!” Sharon said loud enough for him to hear regardless of where he was in the house.

Sly came as soon as he heard her but made a point of walking proudly and not running or acting sheepish just because he might be in trouble with his wife. He made his way into the room and stood behind Sharon while he watched the text in the instant message window of his computer scroll on.

Slylover: He’s back in here now.

JessiePeaks: Hi lover. Did you miss us while you were gone?

Jessie teased Sly and Sharon took pleasure in having another woman to persecute him in such a satisfying teasingly manner. Sly leaned over Sharon with both arms and typed into the window. When he was finished typing he let his hands drop down to cover her breasts. She sat still for him.

Slylover: Hi. Did the two of you have a satisfying talk?

JessiePeaks: I wouldn’t call it satisfying. Fucking you was satisfying. I’d call it just girl talk.

Slylover: Oh.

“Tell her what I am doing as I do it.” Sharon said and got out of the chair. Sly sat down in front of the keyboard and Sharon kicked off her shoes.

Slylover: Sharon wants me to tell you what she is doing. She just kicked off her shoes.

JessiePeaks: Oh boy. This is going to be good. Are you in trouble?

Slylover: I think so but I don’t know what my punishment will be. She just slipped off her t-shirt and is removing her bra.

JessiePeaks: Tell me about her tits?

Slylover: They are very nice. I’ve been in love with them for a long time. They aren’t big or small but just right and point out at me. I love her little nipples and how hard they get almost as hard as they are right now. Oh shit…She just stuck one of them in my mouth. It’s hqrd to typel

JessiePeaks: What does she taste like?

JessiePeaks: Sly? Are you still there?

Slylover: She just slipped my shirt off. She made me stand up. My sweat pants are off and I am naked now. She made me sit down again. She is between my legs and my cock is in her mouth. She is sucking me off and looking at me with her big brown eyes. I am getting very hard and she is twisting her nipple between her finger and thumb.

JessiePeaks: I’ve got my fingers in my pussy now. You two are making me hot. I’m rubbing on my clit as fast as I can.

Slylover: do it for me baby.

JessiePeaks: Is she sucking your cock?

Slylover: She just slipped out of her pants and wants me to lick her pussy. Just a sec.

JessiePeaks: I want to hear what she tastes like? Is it anything like I taste?

JessiePeaks: Sly?

JessiePeaks: Sly you shit. Get back here.

JessiePeaks: If you leave me like this I’ll sign off and never talk to you again damn it.

Slylover: Sorry, She tastes like you but she has a little bit more of a strawberry flavor. She is sitting on my lap now with my cock inside her pussy. She is bouncing and I can’t type very well. Just a sec.

JessiePeaks: Tell her I’m having my orgasm from my fingers while she fucks you.

Slylover: She says good. She intends to have one too.

JessiePeaks: Sly

Slylover: what is it lovely Jessie?

JessiePeaks: I went and got my biggest rubber cock and am slamming it into my wet pussy for you. It’s bigger than your cock but doesn’t feel nearly as nice and warm as you do lover.

Slylover: Sharon says my cock feels good and she wants you to put that rubber cock in your ass.

JessiePeaks: Oh such a naughty wife she is. Do you stick your cock in her ass?

Slylover: We like to do that on occasion. Oh fuck.

JessiePeaks: Okay the rubber cock is rubbing up against my asshole. It won’t go in unless someone big and strong like you push it in there for me.

Slylover: escort etimesgut She had an orgasm and I need to take her to bed. Can you stay online until we finish.

JessiePeaks: I’m going to go have some fun with this big rubber cock. You two please yourselves and I’ll check back later.

Slylover: K

Sly kept his wife on his cock lifting her by her hips and lower back as he stood up from the chair. Sharon wrapped her arms and legs around her husband and let his walking pace act like a vibrator with is hard cock in her tunnel as he carried her down the hallway to the bedroom. It was her who let go with her arms first and she fell onto the bed on her back. Sly kept her hips and thighs in his hands to spread her legs as wide a possible as he began to thrust into her pussy with his cock as fast as he could. Sharon closed her eyes and moaned.

Sharon kept her eyes closed imagining that they were fucking in a public place like he had done with Jessie earlier that day. She pictured the men’s clothing store in the mall and how the dressing room was public. She was turned on and decided they should try the same fantasy as soon as possible. Sharon had other plans though and she had no intention of sharing them with either Sly or Jessie.

“Did you fuck your whore this way?” Sharon asked.

“I did.” She got it good.” Sly said.

“Did you love fucking her this way?” Sharon asked.

“I liked fucking her. I love fucking you.” Sly said being truthful and not just attempting to get out of the dog house. Sharon didn’t believe him. She thought he was making excuses and she intended on punishing him for being secretively wicked with Jessie.

“I want you to take me to the mall and fuck me like you did your whore. Oh gawd!” Sharon said as her orgasm began to wrack her body with intense pleasure.

Sly moved even faster thrusting into his wife and shot his load deep into her body. He collapsed on her and she wrapped her arms around him again holding him close as his cock spurted his warm sperm into her. Once he finished he rolled over on his back laying next to her as both of their legs hung off of the side of the bed.

They lay with one hand extended over to each other lightly rubbing on their favorite sex partner. Sly breathed hard for a while and gradually recovered from the exercise. Sharon’s mind was furiously running with images of public sex and how she and Jessie would act when they got together. She had already made plans for them to meet on Thursday when the young woman from the shoe store would be there as well. Sly wasn’t the only member of the family now who had a secret adventure with Jessie.

“When are you going to take me to the mall and fuck me in public?” Sharon asked.

“How about tomorrow?” Sly offered.

“No. how about next weekend.” Sharon asked expecting that it would take that long to set up her plan.

“Saturday then.” Sly said confirming a day.

“Right after lunch. One o’clock and I won’t see you that morning at all. You will run into me and we will pretend to be strangers.” Sharon said.

“Okay.” Sly agreed not knowing just how she would avoid seeing him.

“You’d better get back to Jessie and see if she had had enough orgasms from that rubber cock yet.” Sharon suggested. She got up from the bed and didn’t put anything on but went to her own computer in another room and sat down in front of the laptop.

Sharon clicked on the video camera and logged on to the site she visited most evenings. It took only a few minutes and she had several others in the room with her. They were usually guys but there was an occasional woman who logged in to chat with her and watch the video she broadcast from her computer. She watched the text in the room scroll by and loved the comments from all of the guys about what a nice body she had and how they loved to see her touch herself. She chatted gracefully and gave out proper thanks for their nice comments.

It wasn’t long before one of the guys sent her the link to a private room. She responded quickly and logged the number of the transaction so she could check later to be sure she got paid. It was time to do what ever he directed her to do. She was already naked and wet and ready for him.

NOTE: I made up these screen names and they do not represent anyone I know. If I have used a screen name that is actually in use on some system I apologize and want everyone to know that is coincidental. My story does not imply an intentional representation of the actual users of the screen name. The instant message dialogue shown in this story is not quotations of actual online conversations but is a work of fiction.

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