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Meeting Michael

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Big Tits

We meet somewhere neutral, and I’m terrified that when you see me you won’t want me, but that’s not what happens 🙂 You see me and I can see desire in your eyes as we sit across from each other trying to maintain a mundane conversation. Within minutes I’m squirming in my seat, avoiding your eyes because I keep losing my train of thought when I look into them, and at some point I just bluntly say that I want to go somewhere more private because I’m aching for you. We ride together to the private place, and I’m squirming in my seat, my breathing shallow, my eyes avoiding yours until you’re looking at the road, during which I absorb you, memorize you, then look away quickly when you catch me. I’m struggling not to touch myself, run my hands over my breasts, pull my clothing up and run my nails over myself, but I won’t do it (or I’ll ask you if I’m allowed to do it). As you park the car I become more agitated.

You come around and open my door for me, not having told me where we were going, and as I get out you cup my neck and kiss me, closing my door. Your hand stays on my neck as you step back, looking into my eyes and telling me to turn around. I blush because I know what you’ll see, but I do so, my hands clenched into fists at my sides. We’re standing in a gravel parking lot and there’s no one around. I turn my head slightly to watch you as you lean down and inspect the back of my skirt closely, and I can hear you inhale deeply, which makes my knees go weak. I’m blushing so brightly that I’m lightheaded.

I close my eyes in embarrassment as you look up at me, your face so close to my ass, and you swiftly stand and smack it, telling me that I’m not allowed to hide my desire for you. You step to the back of the car, open the trunk, and grab a duffle bag, while I stand quietly, apprehensively, scared and excited at the same time. You look distracted, almost distant, and I wonder if it’s because you’re preoccupied with your plans for me. Returning to me you lean in close and whisper in my ear, which gives me goosebumps. “Follow closely.” Then you turn etimesgut escort and walk to the entryway of what I can only assume is a bed and breakfast.

I follow obediently, hungrily staring at your ass before me, thoroughly enjoying the friction of walking without panties. As you go to the desk and check in I stand slightly beside and behind you, watching you. You fascinate me so much, I feel like I know you even though this is the first time we’ve met, and I drink you in like a fine wine, catching myself leaning in close to you, reveling in the smell that is uniquely yours. When you finish you don’t even glance at me, turning back to the door purposefully. I wonder where we’re going as I again follow, and my mind is filled with the possibilities.

As you leave the building you turn left down a stone path that winds around beside and behind the house, to the door of a separate cottage. You stop at the door, unlock it, and step inside, only then turning to look at me. My heart is racing as I cross the threshold and I’m almost dizzy, the situation seeming surreal.

You stand with your hand on the doorknob for a moment, eyes slowly dropping, looking me over thoroughly. My breath catches in my throat at the intensity of your gaze, my lips slightly parted. I stand frozen, almost vibrating with my need for you, wondering what you plan to do with me. Scared, excited, so aroused that I ache, realizing that if I don’t take a breath I’m going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Moving my hands around behind my back, I clench them together, because if I don’t I’m going to reach out and touch you, and I’m not sure that’s OK. My chest expands as I draw in a deep breath, your eyes dropping to observe.

Without warning you lean forward and bury your face in my cleavage, turning your face from side to side, nipping me with your teeth. I jerk back instinctively, but then return, eager for your attention, whimpering with each sharp sting. Your hands move to my hips, pushing my skirt down off of my hips, down my thighs, and etimesgut escort bayan it pools on the floor. I blush crimson at standing in the foyer with nothing on below my waist. Your mouth travels up my chest to my neck, still nipping me, leaving tiny red marks in its path. My arms ache with the effort of keeping my hands behind my back, my fingers locked together, numb because I’m squeezing them so hard. I crave you, ache for you…

You press one finger inside of me, no preliminaries, and I go up on my toes, gasping, spreading my legs wider for you. Pulling back from me you look into my eyes and grin, then pull my shirt up and over my head, saying, “Such a good fucktoy, all wet and ready for me…”, as you bury another finger inside of me. My eyes are wide, bottom lip sucked into my mouth, breath ragged as I struggle to stand perfectly still. You spread your fingers inside of me, pressing and exploring my inner walls, and I whimper piteously at the pleasure of it. Just when I fear that I’ll collapse you pull your fingers from me, taking one into your mouth and sucking it slowly, then pressing both of them into my mouth. I lick and suck them eagerly, eyes locked with yours, making wet noises in my haste. You pull them from my mouth and drag them downward to my cleavage, thrusting them into it. Your other hand is resting on my hip, moving around to cup my ass as you step closer. Reaching around me you unhook my bra as you press your chest against me. My head tips back as I try to maintain eye contact, longing to wrap my arms around you and rub against you like a cat. I feel small, vulnerable, and almost smothered by you, and I’m surprised at the fact that I find it soothing instead of scary. For some reason my strong independent nature is content to trust you, and I wonder at that for a moment before surrendering myself to it.

Leaning down you kiss me, hard and passionate, pulling your fingers from my cleavage and burying them in my hair, pulling my head back so that you have better access. I’m breathless escort etimesgut as you pull away, stepping back and kicking off your shoes, maintaining your hold in my hair. I watch you, hungry, eager, and I follow as you lead me by the hair to the next room. There’s a long couch and all of the usual components of a living room, but I don’t get a very good look before you push me down over the back of the couch. I put my hands out to balance myself as I feel your hand moving at your waistband, and I moan low in my throat at the realization that you’re going to fuck me. Arching my back and standing on my toes, I hope to entice you, to please you. Your hand tightens in my hair as you explore the cleft of my ass. My whimpers and mewling don’t seem to have any affect, so I resort to begging, telling you how I crave you inside of me, how I long to feel your weight holding me down as you thrust into me.

And then you do it, you press the head of your cock against my pussy and push steadily, small thrusts as I rotate my hips, trying to take more of you. You smack my ass and tell me to hold still and I comply, legs trembling with my effort not to wiggle my ass. As I feel your balls press against my clit I close my eyes tightly, breathing labored, begging you to let me move. You pull my head up and back, leaning down and pressing your weight over my back, kissing me as you thrust slowly and steadily. I can’t help but try to move and the sensation of being overpowered by you drives me to orgasm, my pussy spasming around your cock. Your thrusts become more insistent as I mewl and struggle, your penetration of me almost too much to handle in my state of heightened sensitivity. You straighten behind me, releasing my hair to grab my hips and pounding into me, slamming my hips into the back of the couch as you tell me what a hot little cunt I am, and I fall over the edge again. Grabbing the back of the couch I thrust back at you with all my strength and I know that you’re going to explode inside of me by the insistence in your voice. As you do so you collapse on top of me, crushing me beneath you, realizing it and moving to lie down on the couch, pulling me on top of you.

Looking up into your eyes, I smile and tell you how much I adore you, how connected I feel to you, and I know that despite the realities of both of our outside lives, our hearts are inextricably connected.

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