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Meeting Michele

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Let me say that I have a passion for Second Life dancing, an activity that can keep me up late into the night. For a while I gave it up for less strenuous activities like sleeping, but, once I got another little taste, I got hooked again, and I found that I absolutely cannot go without. I’ll shake my ass to almost anything: Hi-NRG, house, techno, Chicago, progressive, salsa, or whatever.

Please take note of my club dancing behaviors: (1) I tend to dance alone; (2) I usually dance right in front of the DJ and pay little attention to the rest of the venue; (3) if you come up to me and tell me I’m cute or that I’m a good dancer, I will simply take it as a bad pickup line or as sarcasm (it’s SL, you know, and everyone is a cute star dancer); and (4) if you say hi to me, I probably won’t remember you unless we’re both regulars and I see you all the time.

I’m telling you this to put my remarkable first encounter with Michele in perspective.

I met her at Cirque Mystique, a Second Life hotspot of days gone by. It was Lingerie Night. As I danced alone, I could not help but notice this quietly lovely creature off to my left, studious-looking in her glasses, but exuding a soft sensuality that leapt out at me in a way I can’t quite describe even to this day. She seemed to be friends with the hostess.

I watched her for a while. She appeared to be in her 30s, and she moved with a careless grace that betrayed her athleticism. Closer inspection revealed a tautness uncommon in girls of any age, and I suppressed an image that leapt into my mind, one of her sinewy legs wrapped around me in a deadly (for me) embrace. Thinking such bahis firmaları thoughts, a casual hello would have been difficult to muster.

But Lingerie Night does serve to reduce inhibition. I asked her to dance and she agreed with a smile and an expression of vague interest. As I drew closer, I saw that her muscle tone was no illusion, and that she exuded a quiet physical confidence that was not completely consistent with her somewhat scholarly appearance. She was exquisite, with a taut, lean body and lovely green eyes. All she wore was a teddy. I could see the well defined muscles of her arms, and I imagined them encircling me, along with her lovely legs, holding me close. I looked at her mouth. I began to imagine the taste of her lips and their hotness as they explored bits of my body. At the same time, I became anxious that she might reject the friendship of a woman of my obvious age, no matter how well preserved I might be.

We danced, jostling amidst a fair-sized crowd, a sploder sploding, particle effects and rave lights all around. I was mesmerized by her svelte figure, dancing gracefully, merging with mine, and then again becoming discrete. It turned out that my anxiety and fears were unfounded. We talked, exploring each other a bit, discussing our real lives mostly in generalities, but with some specifics. We found that we had a bit in common, including a love of Second Life dance.

We left the dance, however, and found a quiet place to talk elsewhere on Cirque (a pirate ship, by the way), a place from which to watch the moon and its reflection upon the Second Life sea. Music from the dance playing softly in kaçak iddaa the background, I gently grasped her hand. I found it hot to the touch. Not wanting to seem too forward, I toyed with it, turning it over and contenting myself with tracing the lines on her palm.

Though I had done the grasping, I found myself being led as she placed my hand on her cheek to stroke the fine baby hair in front of her ear. I stroked her face softly, softly, soothing… She turned, her green pools confronting my own eyes. Suddenly she came at me with a kiss that took away my breath. Her lips were like fire as she pushed her tongue between mine. Our tongues curled as we pressed into each other’s mouths, and I gasped for breath as she suddenly altered course and moved on to my neck, her lips and breath so hot, gently sucking little love bites onto my skin.

Her heat was my cue – we would hold nothing back. Not that I myself needed to take any initiative. She guided my hand down to her camisole. I placed her hot little hand on my thigh. I then lifted the cami’s fabric drawing back the silk, and my tongue followed the contour of her tit as she threw back her head and moaned softly into the night. I licked one breast then the other, not yet surrendering to my desire to suck her gorgeous tits. I then moved on to her bare back, leaving wet kisses here and there, and breathing hot circles on her back to be spread around her soft skin with the palm of my hand.

As she reclined against my shoulder looking into my eyes, my hand found its way beneath the band of her knickers. I quivered from my tummy to my groin, and felt the trembling in her body as kaçak bahis well. As I explored her wetness, her hand found its way into my panties. Her fingers began to explore my own wetness, and her simple touch very nearly brought me to orgasm.

Her fingers tugged at my pussy’s lips and began to trace the edges, smoothly, bottom to top…

She fixed me with her green gaze as she found my nub and began to rub it like the expert I was beginning to understand she was. With long soft strokes she caressed my cunt, slowly fingering my clit, slit, and deep wet hole. She stroked in a circle around my clit, then dipped into my wetness, bringing up my juices to smoothly glide around it. I felt the tension build as she took each of my hardened pink tits into her mouth, repeating the motion of her finger rolling around my clit with that of her tongue rolling around my nipples.

She moved her mouth to mine, parting my lips with her tongue, and sucking my own tongue into her sweet, wet mouth, beginning a hypnotic rhythm in which she fingered me as I fingered her. Our bodies moved as one in a rhythmic dance of beating hearts, fucking fingers, and twisting tongues. I breathed hot breath into her mouth and moaned, insane with the need for release. With a quiver of exquisite pleasure, arching bolts struck with a force that benumbed us both, and my mind raced as waves of passion flushed over me like blasts of hot sunlight.

Afterward we lay, back to breast, tush to cunt, reveling in our satiation, relishing an exquisite peace, her heart beating in time with mine. Now I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two to feel close to her. I said that when I saw her again, I wanted to taste her essence – to lick her ’til she came, and I wanted her to lick me. She said with a sly smile, “That’s my plan too. But first, where do you want to dance?”

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