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Mei Ling Pt. 01

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Tsu Ma walked stiffly from his carriage into the Golden Lily house of pleasure where he kept a private room. Lui Chang, the mama-san of the Golden Lily, entered with tea and wine. Bowing low, she greeted a favoured customer.

“We have a new girl you may wish to meet. All of us here are in wonder of the capacity of her bladder. No matter how much tea or wine she drinks, she needs to pee but once a day. This girl, Mei Ling, though only 19, can fill her bedroom pot full to over-flowing and still have more pee to come.”

“If this is true, then I must spend time with this girl,” said Tsu Ma “Tomorrow I will come soon after noon, and spend all day with the girl, when she can show me how long she can hold her pee. Now I must leave to attend on the Emperor, but before I depart, bring the girl to me, that I may tell her what I require of her tomorrow.”

While Tsu Ma finished his cup of wine, Lui Chang clapped her hands to summons a slender girl with long black hair, dressed in green. “This is Mei Ling, my lord,” she said, “she is honoured that you have asked for her services.”

Mei Ling knelt before the mandarin and kissed his fingers. “What is your desire, honourable father,” she asked.

“Tomorrow, I will come here in the afternoon, and you must be ready for me. I wish to see for myself how much pee you can hold, as mama-san claims you can contain more than any other girl she has known, indeed, that you can fill a bedroom pot to the brim and more. If this is true, then I will reward your performance well.”

Mei Ling bowed again. “If it is your command, then I will hold my waters until I burst. Then you may judge if my capacity is to your expectations”

“You may pee this evening, but tomorrow you must contain it all day. Be sure to drink much tea in the morning, and I will test you in the afternoon.” Tsu Ma also instructed the mama-san to provide copious quantities of Mei Ling’s favourite drinks for the afternoon, and he added, “A large pot for her use when she finally can contain herself no longer.”

As soon as Tsu Ma was installed in his private room the next afternoon, he sent for Mei Ling. “Have you followed my instructions?” he asked.

“Truly, master, I have drunk much tea and water, as you commanded, and I have held my waters since yesterday evening, as you instructed.” She stood before him and opened her robe. “See, I am wearing close fitting trousers and very small underwear, so that you can witness that I am truly holding all my pee.”

Tsu Ma told her to remove her robe, so that he could watch her closely, then called for more drink to be served. He made Mei Ling drink wine as well as tea and fruit juices, as he wanted her bladder filled as quickly as possible. To pass the time, he played chequers and mah-jong with Mei Ling, finding that she was a skilled opponent of both, but as the afternoon went on, so her concentration wavered, and she began moving about in the chair. “Do you need to pee yet?” he enquired, as she had consumed vast quantities of liquid by then.

She bowed her head as she replied, “To pee now would be a great relief to me, but I will wait longer if you wish. See, my stomach is beginning to swell, as it does when I am very full, but I can still hold more.” Tsu Ma gently put his hand on her abdomen, feeling the hard swelling of her bladder. It was most impressive that this girl could be so calm when her bladder was so full. He ordered more drink for Mei Ling, and some music to be played as a diversion. Mei Ling sat antalya escort next to him, her robe open, showing that she had now crossed her legs. Half an hour later, he could see that her abdomen was even more visibly swollen, but she did not seem any more distressed. “How are you now?” he asked.

“Full, master,” she replied, “Very full, but I can still hold more if you so wish.”

“I want you to hold as much pee as you possibly can,” instructed Tsu Ma, “I want you to wait until you truly feel that your body can hold no more. As you are so full, I wish to observe you more closely. Please remove you robe and trousers, then stand in front of me.”

Mei Ling undressed as instructed, naked except for her tiny, close fitting, silk underwear, and stood where instructed. Tsu Ma expected her to cross her legs tightly, but instead she stood rigidly upright with her legs pressed together The musician continued to play in the background, and Mei Ling appeared to sit serenely still while she listened. Only after 30 minutes had passed did Tsu Ma notice that her tightly clenched hands and compressed lips were betraying her state of desperation. Her swollen bladder was very prominent now, and he began to wonder how the girl could withstand such pressure inside her. He ordered her o turn round and observed how her buttocks were tightly clenched and her thighs pressed together. Her back was slightly arched, as she strained every muscle in her body to contain the bursting pressure in her bladder. Mei Ling suddenly groaned and held her stomach with both hands. Tsu Ma was concerned that the girl would not b able to contain her pee any longer.

“Are you suffering child?” he asked.

“Oh master, I must force my humble body to obey your command. I will hold my pee for as long as you wish.”

“Enough,” he said, “Never have I seen a bladder so swollen. If you hold more, then I fear you will injure yourself. Let me help you to the bath room, where I can see how much you are holding.”

To his surprise, Mei Ling refused, pleading that she could wait longer, and that he must not be concerned about her. “Your command is that I hold my pee as long as I am able; I must obey, and I am still able to hold longer. I beg you to allow me to demonstrate my ability to wait. Let the musicians play again, and I will endure until they have finished. My need is indeed great, but you have instructed me to wait until I can hold no more, and I can last longer yet.”

Concerned that the girl might split her bladder if she waited longer, Tsu Ma instructed her to stand still with her legs slightly apart, so that he could put an orange between her knees. Mei Ling complied with his instructions, only the intense look on her face and the shudder running through he body showing how she was struggling to hold her pee. Tsu Ma, who had often take pleasure in seeing a lady fight to hold her pee, studied Mei Ling with an expert eye. Truly, he thought, this was a girl suffering the extremes of desperation, yet she was looking so serene; only her tightly closed mouth and clenched fists, her knuckles white with the effort, revealed how desperately she was fighting to control her bursting bladder.

Not only did she contain herself for another 30 minutes, but she drank more wine and tea and Tsu Ma marvelled at the endurance of the girl. Only the occasional groan betrayed just how much effort it was taking Mei Ling to contain herself.

After the musicians had left, Tsu Ma was wondering what diversion antalya rus escort to order next when Mei Ling let out a gasp and pressed both hands between her legs. “Oh, forgive me, my lord,” she cried, ” my body has failed me!” Tsu Ma saw that there was a small wet patch on the front of her silk underwear, where Mei Ling had suddenly lost control of her bladder and let some pee go. Now her hands were clasped between her legs, she was controlling herself again, but in great distress.

“Try to hold your waters longer,” he commanded, and Mei Ling winced as wave after wave of desperate need washed through her tortured body. Gradually she managed to suppress again the desperate urges inside her . For the next half hour Tsu Ma watched as Mei Ling franticly pressed her hands between her legs, contorting her body and bending her legs, as she sought the position that gave her most relief from the almost unbearable need to pee. Cruelly he insisted she keep the orange between her knees, keeping her thighs apart, when he knew she was longing to cross he legs so tightly and squeeze shut that outlet between her legs that her pee was so close to spurting from. She was breathing hard with the effort she was making to hold in her pee and several times she would shudder and cry out with the effort she had to make to contain a sudden surge of desperation and almost unbearable need to pee.

Eventually she could stand still no longer and she asked permission to drop the orange and to pace about the room. Tsu Ma watched in fascination at the valiant efforts of this girl to fulfil his wishes as she paced around the room, almost bent double and always with at least one hand pressed hard between her legs.

Another ten minutes passed and Tsu Ma again took pity on her.

“You may pee now child.” He said, “I cannot see you suffer any longer, for I am certain that you must be suffering a thousand agonies containing such pressure in your bladder.”

“I must not, master. I have failed you earlier, I must force my body to wait longer, until the hour strikes.”

Tsu Ma glanced at the ornate time piece beside the bed and realised she had over half an hour to wait. The girl’s abdomen was now very swollen, and she must have been in agony yet she had contained all but the tiniest leak. “I will permit your wish,” he said, “but I would like to comfort you, and even try to assist you in containing your pee, if you will permit it.” “My lord, my body is entirely at your service, so you may do whatever gives you pleasure.”

Tsu Ma indicated that she should stand next to his chair, when he put one arm round her tiny waist and pulled her against him, and then ran one hand gently over her swollen stomach. Though he hardly touched her, Mei Ling flinched and drew away. Even knowing how long she had contained her pee, Tsu Ma was astonished how hard and swollen her abdomen was.

“Oh my lord, touch me anywhere but there, please. The pain is becoming so great that I cannot bear even the slightest extra pressure. Even the draw string of my underwear feels as if it is cutting me in half.” To emphasis the point, she untied the knot and allowed the cord to hang loose, so her underwear slipped down over her slim hips, now only kept in place by her hand pressed hard between her legs.

Tsu Ma endeavoured to put his hand over hers and assist her in holding back her pee, causing Mei Ling to slightly open her tightly crossed legs, and then groan and shudder at the strain antalya ucuz escort of holding her pee. Taking pity on the girl, Tsu Ma removed his hand, and standing up, gently hugged her slender body. He could feel the tension in her muscles, and felt her shuddering as her need to pee increased to an almost unbearable level. As she pressed both hands between her legs and leaned forward, almost bending double in a final effort to control herself, he realised that his attentions were not helping the girl, so returned to his chair. Truly, he thought, he had never seen anyone fight so hard to control their pee, nor could he ever remember anyone having drunk so much liquid without peeing.

The chime of the clock interrupted his reverie, indicating that Mei Ling’s self imposed struggles were at an end. The strain of her ordeal showed clearly on her face as she looked pleadingly at him.

“I have completed the task that you allowed me to undertake, and I now humbly await your next instructions. Is it your wish that I contain myself longer, to comply with your original orders, that I should hold my pee until I could wait no longer?”

Mei Ling knew that is was her duty to obey his each and every wish, regardless of how much suffering it would cause her, but instead of lowering her gaze, as she had been trained to do, her eyes were silently begging that he release her from the torture of holding her pee any longer.

Tsu Ma responded to her silent pleas, “My child, you have already suffered much, holding your pee longer than I would have thought possible. Now it is my wish that I watch you release your waters, and see you comfortable again.”

“Your humble servant thanks you for granting her relief. Pray accompany me to this side room, where a container has been placed for my use.”

Mei Ling hobbled towards a door in the far wall, trying to keep her legs crossed as she walked, as well as keeping her hands pressed hard into her crutch, determined she would not fail so close to the end of her task. Seeing her difficulty, Tsu Ma almost carried her into the side room, where a large copper pot was positioned in the middle of a tiled floor. Removing her hands and allowing her underwear to fall free, Mei Ling hurriedly positioned herself astride the pot and squatted. Immediately a stream of silver pee arched from her body and she gasped with relief as she allowed her tortured bladder muscles to relax. Tsu Ma watched, transfixed as the pot filled almost to the brim and even then there was more to come. After she had finished Tsu Ma took her in his arms and gently lowered her on the bed. “Never would I have believed that anyone, certainly not a girl as slim and wondrously beautiful as you, could hold so much pee. Your abilities will be rewarded as I promised, and I want you to join my household. I will arrange to buy your bond from the Golden Lily today, and you must join me as soon as you are fit.

Mei Ling smiled “I am ready now master,” she said. “My bladder aches, but it is nothing to prevent me from performing my duties as you require of me.”

Tsu Ma gently carried her back into the main room, and laid her on the bed. Removing his robes, he lay beside her, and began to gently stroke her abdomen, gradually moving his hand to between her legs.

“How are you now, my child?” he asked her, still concerned that she had damaged her bladder holding so much pee.

“Your caresses are doing much to ease the pain in my stomach. I am most grateful that you should so such kindness to one hardly worthy of your attentions.”

Thus Mei Ling entered Tsu Ma household as his favourite minor wife, regularly giving him pleasure by showing how much pee she could hold, winning many a contest against both men and women, thus earning Tsu Ma many lucrative wagers.

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