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Memories Can’t Wait

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A jumper and a skirt; black with red trim on top, red with black trim below. The hemline of the skirt reaches down halfway to my knees and my black socks fall a dozen centimeters short of kissing it. Between the two is a tantalizing glimpse of skin, just enough to tickle the fancy, a gap embodying the facade I’d shed throughout the years.

I’m kneeling on my bed, legs together as I stare at the ceiling. I leave the uniform on out of a sense of nostalgia. Mostly on, anyway. The tie goes into my hands, turning into a sturdy knot with a few deft moves and I give it a solid tug to test its strength. The material sings to me with a snap as it deforms but holds fast to the chandelier. One corner of my mouth twists up into a smile as I hold my slept in hair out the way and fit the tie over my head, letting it settle around my collar before I take a deep breath. My hands are sweaty, shaking with anxious anticipation; I wipe them across my tartan skirt in a half-hearted effort to dry my palms before grabbing the tie again and tightening the knot around my neck. I exhale slowly as it comes to a snug fit and rub my hand over the material, feeling the restraint it offered surge my body with ecstasy.

It flows down my collar and through my chest, amplifying the beating of my heart as butterflies fill my stomach. My hand quickly follows behind, reaching up under my jumper to circle my belly-button. The feeling spreads out in in every direction, forming tiny waves that wax and wane as I reach into my bra and softly stroke a nipple. The little ripples of pleasure collapse back into a unified whole and continue their journey even lower. My lip is quivering as the feeling reaches my hips and ever so slowly creeps under my panties… then stops.

I know exactly what I must do to get the feeling back and I am not afraid.

As I pull my hand from the thick jumper and stand, I look at my reflection in the mirror closely, trying to see myself as other people see me: previously mohawked, raven-colored hair splayed out over my temples, wide-set cheekbones and broad nose, unremarkable lips and dark, innocent eyes. I strike a pose, but slump back into my previous state as I realize I look ridiculous. I blow my bangs up out of my eyes then throw the loose end of the tie over the chandelier. I step to the edge of the wrinkled mattress and ball my fists.

“Do it, Hideko.”

I post my foot out and pause, “Just… step.”

I shut my eyes tight and take a deep breath, “One… two…”


It was on a train. Not my usual, I had missed that one. This train seemed abandoned compared to the rush hour. The window panes were being pelted with droplets of rain. I had stayed out late shopping with my girlfriend Tara. I was alone in a dark car, thinking about how effervescent she had been as blurry lights rushed by the streaked windows. She had missed me after having spent a few weeks back in Toronto on business. Her total and complete focus on me, on making me happy, warmed me even hours later in that silent space as the ride gently rocked me in place.

The illumination in the train car at the next boarding station jolted me out of my reflection. While I held to the pole, blinded, a couple of new passengers brushed past me and settled-in nearby. The overhead lights flicked off just as my eyes were adjusting. I tried to blink away the colorful shapes obstructing my vision when I heard subdued laughter to my right.

Her muffled whispers made my head turn before I could see clearly again. Slick with rainwater, their joined bodies were illuminated shadows. The thick aroma of petrichor wafted off their bodies and into my lungs. I could taste her arousal. She was sat atop his lap and his hand was climbing her thigh. He sounded like a full grown man, maybe middle aged, and her high pitched register was that of a girl, not a woman. There was a shape in her hand, something shiny. It looked like a piece of ornate jewelry, freshly purchased. I was struck by the unsolicited realization of what I was watching, but I could not stop my body from reacting. All the heat rushed to my loins as I watched these two daredevils plant kisses on each others’ necks, egging each other on. She spread her legs under his ministrations, inviting him in further. I tried to be circumspect at first, but after a few moments gave up the pretense of not watching them.

These two were shameless in their breaking of the law. The man’s rough, wrinkled hand went up her skirt, to which she opened herself further. She moaned into his ear, whispering things I couldn’t unhear. The man lewdly licked at the joining of her shoulder and neck; the slurping noise filled my ears over the wet taps on the windows. I could feel myself blushing profusely. I wanted to look away, but my eyes were fixed, even as my head turned. It felt like they were putting on a show just for me. Their behavior became ever more transparent as a larger cluster of city lights flashed by. He bared her breast, squeezing it with adolescent urgency. Their escalating indecency made me shiver.

I antalya escort realized I was squeezing my thighs together, grinding them against the thin, white barrier housing my eager sex. The soft material of my panties brought me some relief as it rubbed my nub. Her yelp and bucking hips told me the man was servicing her well. I bit my lip and straddled the pole I held on to. I ground my sex against it – the feel of cold metal a most welcome balm for the heat between my legs.

Those wet shades flowed together like a boiling ocean: his tongue on her face, her grip on his crotch. Their euphony of sighs drove my pussy up and down the pole in a fever pitch. I set my feet further apart and it split my lips apart through the cotton, the vibration of the train shattering my reserved nature. I stared at the translucent wet spot on my panties and the thin trail of desire slowing sinking down the pole as the train finally reached my station. I looked up and saw the man smiling at me. We locked eyes. The arousal I felt was overpowering: that kind that makes you feel sick in the pit of your gut.

The train’s doors opened, flooding the car with light again, so I shielded my eyes. The heavy scent of rain was on my lips before I thought to dash away from wet gust the opened doors invited. My hands padded at my legs to dry them and I found my vision filled with stars, despite my efforts. I was distracted, but I never felt them pass by me. The doors closed again as the stars went away. I was soaked, they were gone.



I step off my bed and the tie goes taut, swinging me back and forth just as designed. My airway constricts, squeezed shut by my own weight. My hands fly over my body in a flash, one hand pulling my panties to the side, the other furiously rubbing my lips in a circular motion as each breath is choked out of me. I would give my clit some attention, but the sensation of being strangled sends a jolt of pure bliss straight through my pussy. Just a single brush against my hard nub causes me to spasm, my feet kicking wildly.

I’m not quite wet yet, but the sensation of being hung forces a mnemonic rolodex past my eyes. Insistent memories force their way into my conscious mind, filling my awareness with past deeds. It ignites the fire in my core and allows me to work my fingers faster, my fleshy lips plumping up fatter with every passing second while my clit protrudes out from under its hood.

I try to control the parade of images, sensations, but the stranglehold on my body nullifies my efforts. I am turned into a restrained voyeur, fucking myself to the exposure of my own affairs and cocksure flirtations with danger. And the people, all of them, the big talking flakes, the bastards who take without seeking permission, the amenable fools who indulge me, they all fill me at once. It is overwhelming, but that only forces more blood to my cunt and a growing intensity to my self-pleasure.

I feel my cheeks redden and my body dangle. The memory collage begins building a bigger picture, just as my fingers straighten and sink between my folds to explore my pussy.


“Goddamnit, Hideko.” Tara was upset with me. It was my fault.

“What?” I should have been upfront with her. I should have done a lot of things.

“How is that a solution?” He made me feel more.

“It would be fun. Just the two of us like it was before.” She felt like home.

“I don’t like how casually you talk about cheating.” Having them both at the same time was transcendent.

“It is your fault I like dick.” It stopped happening after her business trip to Belgium.

“So you’re going to throw that in my face?” I fucked him that whole week.

“I wasn’t the one who met him.” He was still dripping down my thighs when I met her at the airport.

“And you are trying your damnedest to make me regret it.” That was the first time her tongue didn’t do it for me.

“I don’t want you to regret anything. I just want to make you happy.”

I had spent most of the three months since her return in Aaron’s bed, kitchen, laundry room, couch. He was a perfect outlet for me to explore my blossoming perversions. I was falling for him. Before she met him, I was a skittish little sapphist. I wouldn’t have been out of place in a Girl’s Love manga. My time with him changed me. Or rather it was the things he and I did. It made my ideas for getting back the closeness us girls shared… ill-advised.

In my lust-addled mind, it made sense to suggest we troll for cock. Why wouldn’t two bisexual women indulge themselves if fucking each other was stale? A tall, busty blonde like her turned a lot of heads in Japan. We’d scour the city for a hot guy – or guys – and bond over some newfound piece of cockmeat. Once we found the right guy maybe we’d tie him up and ride him. Maybe he’d tie one of us up and let the other sit in her face. Maybe Tara would take a strap-on to him while I filmed. It made sense to me. Of course it would make sense to me.

Why wouldn’t two bisexual women indulge fethiye escort themselves in strange cocks if sex had become stale? Sex is never the only thing wrong.

“Do you really? It doesn’t feel like you want anything to do with me lately,” she said. She danced around the subject of Aaron a lot. And why wouldn’t she?

However, it had started to become stale with him, too (most of the time). Just thinking about his shovel-headed cock could send all the blood to my nethers, but it seemed like each time he finished I fell further behind. It had been two weeks since I had come – not for lack of trying.

“You’re right. It’s a stupid idea. I did have something else in mind, though.”

She pursed her lips at my clumsy recovery.

“I mean it. It is something new for all three of us.”

She sighed, flipping her hair back and tying it into a ponytail. It was a tic I knew well. “Hideko, you are gone for weeks, you don’t talk to me and when you do show up your idea of spending time together is prurient, irresponsible. And then you blame that on me and Aaron. Should I be concerned about what you do when we are not around?”

I shuffled my feet. “I was only teasing.”

I felt the onset of a diatribe – not the first of its kind. Her tone would be hellishly cold as she surgically examined my faults. She would corner me against a wall, staring at me with those dead eyes. And my step would be to grab her by the head, standing on my tip-toes and pressing my lips to hers in a deep, lusty kiss. It would derail her and put her on the defensive. A flip flopping struggle for control would ensue. It was my favorite dance.

And her mouth was so incredible to taste. She had the softest lips and an incredible tongue. Making out was never a chore when it came to foreplay. From the way she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me back, it was clear she felt the same.

My neglect of her soft body made her devour me. Her kisses were aggressive, slurping, making me know how much she missed me. Her indelicacy showed me I made the right choice all this time. Our kiss continued for several moments before I finally broke away, both of our faces reddened and our breathing labored. Her lipstick had smeared along the right corner of her mouth. I licked my thumb and reached up to wipe the worst of the damage away. She purred.

“I really do have an idea, though.”

Tara cocked an eyebrow at me. “Alright, what is it?”

I ran my fingers from her chin, down along the bottom of her face before brushing my fingernail lazily behind her ear. She nuzzled my arm. It made me giggle. “Call Aaron first, I need both of you for this.”

She hastily dialed our boyfriend and demanded his presence, her free hand exploring my thigh. He took his sweet time traveling to her apartment, leaving us to our own devices. By the time he knocked on the door, I had her back against a wall, my body pressed against her’s while laying siege to her neck with soft kisses and the gentle touch of my fingers. Her pale face was sporting a deep blush that extended down to the top of her big, freckled tits.

I continued nuzzling her, even as she slithered along the wall, inching her way towards the door to unlock it. Our boyfriend stepped inside to the sight of one of his girlfriends with her back to the wall, being hungrily licked down by the other and so he did what any red-blooded man would do under the circumstances: shut the door, take his pants off and press up behind me.

His hands wandered freely, palms sliding over my waist while he kissed the back of my neck. I could feel his awoken erection slipping between my legs. It prodded at my mound. I laughed and pushed them both away from me, leading them to her over-sized bathroom. They stumbled behind like over-eager kids. I stood beside the tub, facing my lovers.

“I want to play a game… a kinky one.” A lip dragged across my teeth.

Aaron nodded. Tara smirked and asked, “What kind of game?”

“I want you to take turns fucking me while you hold my head underwater. Dunk it right under. You can take turns fucking me, just keep my head below the surface.”

Tara’s expression soured. “This sounds like torture.”

I bit my lip. “That is the fun part… for me.”

My girlfriend’s eyebrow creased deeply, considering my request. Aaron just kept nodding while peeling his shirt off. She looked over to him and sighed. “Alright, I guess we’re doing it.”

I turned on the faucet, plugged the drain and let the tub fill with lukewarm water. Despite her reservations, Tara seemed as excited as Aaron; her delicious breasts heaved and she rolled on the balls of her feet. I perched myself on the marble lips of the tub, looking them over while I waited. My muscles rippled from holding myself up and my legs shook after a while, but I smiled as I watched them grow ever more impatient. My lips quivered at the thought of them taking out their anxiety on my body. I wanted them to be rough.

Something about Aaron’s expression kaş escort made me lose my composure and I laughed. My grip slipped and I knocked the back of my head against the tub floor. My black hair danced along my nose as I inhaled the water flowing around me. Hands grasped at my flailing body and pulled me up. I retched over the lip as my lovers hoisted me out of the tub.

Tara patted my back and spoke to Aaron, “This is a stupid idea.”

“W-wait,” I croaked, “I’m good. I just slipped.”

Aaron swiped my matted hair out of my eyes. I could see his erection softening.

“Tara is right. We could take this to the bedroom instead. We could just restrain you there, yeah?”

I coughed up frothy saliva. “I need to try this. You two will be in complete control. I won’t make any more dumb mistakes.”

They shared a look between each other and I watched Aaron’s expression relax, “OK, but we stop when we feel it has gone too far.”

I nodded and belched, clearing the last of the water out of my system, “OK, get the ring gag and blindfold. I want to be surprised when you do it.”

He grimaced, but left anyway, slipping a little on the puddle. Tara shook her head and leaned against the counter. She stared at the large puddle around me.

“You are going to have to soak this up if we are going to do anything. Or do you want us to tumble as well?”

“I was gonna,” I stuck my tongue out at her. I must have looked ridiculous, covered in saliva and snot, because she raised an eyebrow at me. “You should get some wire to tie my hands behind my back.”

“I will get a necktie. Not like we have been using them for much lately.” She let her barb sink in before she strode into the hallway, shaking her ass as she went. I sighed, but did as she requested and grabbed a towel from the cupboard, setting about soaking up the layer of water pooling the floor. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but I could tell it would be time consuming.

My coughing fits were soothed to minor hiccups as I worked. Bent over, I began to feel embarrassed for taking that spill and tried to hide my blushing cheeks from no one in particular.

I yelped as a slender hand clapped my up-turned ass.

“No slacking, ‘Ko!”

I growled at Aaron’s disrespect. He laughed, “Let’s see you move that butt.”

I giggled and pushed the towel more insistently. My boyfriend stepped over me and bent low, nuzzling my neck as he hooked the ring gag into place. I shook my head insistently and he removed it.


“I thought you wanted me to finish?”

I gasped as the familiar white cloth draped over my eyes and was tied tightly around the back of my head.

“With the way you move, we’ll be here all night. Give me the towel.”

I clumsily handed it over and sat up on my knees. I listened to his grunts as he went to work, smiling at another little remembrance – one Tara could never know about. My girlfriend – I assumed – stepped through the doorway and took my wrists into her hands. She held them together behind my back and wound the tie around them. When her hands left me, I wiggled my arms.

“Tighter. I can still move.”

She growled behind me and re-tied the knot.

“Still not enough.”

Aaron laughed. I could feel her prickly stare.

“This is why I don’t do this shit. Why can’t you do it?”

“I am mopping the floor. You are going to have to learn how to do it right eventually.”

Her third attempt was tighter, but still a bit loose.

“If my hands get free, I am going to take you by hair and bend you over the railing.”

“Wouldn’t that be a change of pace?” She stood me up and walked me to the tub, poking me in the behind with her sizable plastic hard on. Aaron ducked out of the way with the floor having been mostly dried up. He hooked the ring gag back into the place and then took position at the other end of the tub. She lowered me head first, letting my legs dangle over the lip. She held me up by the small of my back. I smiled, feeling my hair float along my shoulders. It tickled my slick skin.

“I guess I get the first turn with this piece,” Aaron said, running a finger over my slit. I rubbed my lips together, ignoring another sigh from Tara.

“You ready?”

I nodded vigorously, “No more teasing!” My giggle was stifled by her hand on my mouth. I went under.

To Tara’s credit, for all of her reluctance and her steely disposition, she meant business when it came to fucking. Aaron had the skill in his stroke, but she was a mean domme. She could leave me staggering for a few days if sufficiently provoked.

So I suppose my comment mocking her incited that darker side of her. I had no warning before I went under. I struggled. I choked. My pussy burned. And it felt unlike anything before it. Between his eager cock plunging into me and her vicious dunking of my head, I could feel the pressure start to build. Deaf to the world beyond the bubbling in my ears, all I could feel – all I could focus on – was the cock working in my hole. It was difficult to hide my mental…wanderings while I was in bed with them – even while tied up – but below water, I could think anything I wanted. How could they suspect the woman being thrust under the surface of fantasizing about other people?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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