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Group Sex

I sighed as I looked in the bathroom mirror. ‘Girl, you look old and tired today. What’s the matter with you?’ I thought as I stared at this person staring back at me. There are times when I look and I don’t even recognize me anymore. Today was one of those days.

Old and tired. That’s how I’ve felt since he left. I haven’t been dating him long, but yet, this one has gotten under my skin in a very real way. Trouble was, fate just intervened with a job offer too good to pass up: a great job that was 1200 miles away. Twelve hundred thousand million miles away or at least that’s how it felt to me, and it’s hard for me to find the good in that. Other than the fact that my friends think his new home will give me somewhere to run away to. What they don’t understand is that his arms are the only escape I need.

My thoughts turn to how I feel when he holds me. I feel his strong hands on my body as I take my own and caress my skin. I am lost in the thought of his mouth on me as my hands travel to the places bursa escort that send shivers up my spine when it is his hands that visit there. I feel the texture of my skin, and wonder how it feels to him. I try to step out of myself, to not focus on my flaws as I usually do but merely feel.

My mind travels back to the last time he touched me, and I feel that familiar tingle in my pussy return as my fingers dance there. I remember how his mouth sucked my nipple into it and his teeth nipped, as my own fingers roll it between them. My breath begins to come more quickly now, as my fingers once again travel down the soft roundness of my belly toward my pussy, now pulsing with anticipation.

I recall the last time his fingers were there. I remember how he plunged one into me, and then drew the dewy fluids out to coat my clit. I remember the way he carefully swirled his fingers just so over the bud while asking, “How’s this, baby? Does this feel good?”

His voice fills my head now. I can almost bursa escort bayan smell him, feel his warmth against me as he softly whispers in my ear, “Cum for me, baby. You know I love it when you cum …”

My own fingers pinch and roll my clit in a pattern I know so well. I know my body; know what it takes to bring it to a peak. So does he. He has become an expert in a very short time: bringing me to the brink and over, over and over again. Just his touch on my body lights a fire deep in my soul. I’m getting close now, just thinking about him.

I feel that familiar throb beginning and I know it won’t be long. I recall his cock: how I love the heaviness of it on my tongue and how it fills my pussy perfectly. I think of how it feels sliding in and out of me as I slide my own fingers in and out with the same rhythm. I am aware that my fingers don’t carry the same heat, but I try to block that with more thoughts of his voice encouraging me to cover his cock with my cum.

Suddenly with escort bursa a flash, I peak; my pussy spasms against my fingers in a gentle cum. I hear his voice once again in my head:

“Oh yeah, baby … that’s it. Cum all over my fingers. Good girl … yesssssss …. God, that feels good, doesn’t it?!”

I never cum as hard as I do when it is he who brings me to this point, but this satisfies my need for the moment. I suck my nectar from my fingers and think of how it turns him on when I do that in front of him.

I bask for a moment in the glow of the orgasm and memories; then I rise from the bathroom floor and turn on the shower, now anxious to start my day. Anxious to forget that after we make love, we cuddle and talk for hours. Anxious to forget that I miss that intimacy the most: to forget how I miss having someone as a part of my soul as well as my body.

I look again in the mirror, and this time I see less “old and tired” but more longing in my eyes. But I must shake free of all of those feelings. Responsibilities await me and, for now, that longing will have to be put aside until later when I can get him on the phone and hear the voice that quells my longing and gives me more memories to visit tomorrow morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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