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Messy Sex

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… She stood there blushing, her hands shielding her supple b-cup breasts. We stood face to face, gazing at each other. Even with her best effort, her nipples were poking through between her fingers. I unbuttoned her white jeans and let it drop to her ankle, exposing a pair of sexy white cotton panty. Swaying side to side, Geraldine smiled shyly, biting her finger. I lay my hands on her hips and work her panty down her legs. Still blushing, hands teasingly shielding her breasts, she playfully kicks aside her jeans and panty. It was another unforgettable sight, seeing my girlfriend Geraldine, naked in full display of all her feminine features that I love; her bikini lines were well shaven, smooth to touch other than a small, thoughtfully trimmed patch of pubes just above her lovely slit. A piece of white string, slightly tinged red, dangles from her pussy lips. Pulling Geraldine closer, I playfully twirl the string with my fingers…

“Pull it out now?” I teasingly ask Geraldine. She giggled shyly and shakes her head.

“Are you sure about this?” She looks at me and asks. “It can get a bit messy you know…”

I draw her hand towards my groin and let her feel my erected penis. “I can’t stay out of you for one more day…”

Slowly, I pulled the blood soaked tampon from her pussy. Geraldine rests her hands on my shoulders and lays her head on my chest; I kiss her forehead.

“It’s soaked…” I said, holding Geraldine’s tampon.

Almost as soon as the tampon came out, blood trickles through her pussy lips and flows down her thighs.

“Those pills are definitely working” I commented, rubbing her tummy. “Glad to see you having your period”. Geraldine’s cheeks turn bright red.

Geraldine kneels down on the floor with her legs slightly parted; menstrual blood smearing her inner thighs. She undoes my pants, and with a firm tug, antalya escort pulls down my pants and briefs; my cock springs upright, engorged and tight. I slip off my polo top and throw it aside. Geraldine peels back my foreskin and gives my cock a few firm sucks.

“Ooh…Dine…” I moaned in ecstasy. Pre-cum and Geraldine’s saliva coat my manhood. Geraldine gets back on her feet and we lock in a tight embrace, kissing each other passionately, her tummy pressed against my engorged member. I grope Geraldine’s butt, fondle and tease her, and collapse on top of her on our bed. Her legs spread wide as we hit the sheets, ready for penetration. Streaks and blotches of red stain the white linen.

“You’re a messy girl, baby” I teased.

Geraldine giggles. “I’m so happy I didn’t get pregnant…you don’t know how worried I was until this morning”

“Sorry to make you worry” I apologize “But I always get morning after pills for you…”

“It’s a girl thing…” Geraldine said softly “I was worried that the pills have failed because I was two days late already…and you’ve given me so many cream-pies since we started our holiday” she added, protesting slightly.

I smile and kiss her. She just looks so adorable lying naked on the bed, hands pressing on my chest.

“So lucky to have you as my girlfriend” I tell Geraldine, stroking her hair.

Blood have now soaked through the spot where Geraldine lay. Having pressed on Geraldine’s bloody pussy, my cock was now glistening in a thick, red, sticky mixture of menstrual blood, pre-cum, and saliva. I suck on Geraldine’s breasts, fondling her before reaching for her pussy lips. I gently pry her slit open with my fingers; using both hands, I work a slight opening in her pussy for my swollen cock. Blood flows steadily from Geraldine’s womanhood. Her vaginal muscles throb periodically, kemer escort pushing out menstrual blood in spurts.

“Stop teasing me baby” Geraldine pleaded “put it in now” she said, breathing heavily.

Kissing her, I raised myself over her, position my cock into Geraldine’s pussy, and let her lips wrapped around my cock. A warm sensation sweeps over me as her plump pussy lips caress the exposed head of my penis. Menstrual blood trickles down the underside of my cock, streaking all the way along my shaft, down my balls, staining the bed sheet.

“You still feel so tight and juicy Dine” I moaned softly into Geraldine’s ear “always making me wanting to fuck you hard!”

She pulled me close and kisses me.

“Fuck me then” she whispered seductively “Fuck me hard! Make me cum…”

Supporting her lower back with my arms, I gave a vigorous first thrust. Blood splashed around our genitals as our flesh collides. The thrust was so deep that Geraldine almost spills a tear as I felt my cock jabbing her vulnerable cervix. She tries to resist the thrust by pushing on my abs.

“Ouch…Baby…Ugh…” she tries to protest but words just didn’t come out. I pulled out and gave her another thrust, even more forceful this time.

“Ah…Ugh…” Geraldine moaned “…Hurts…*sniff*…Make me cum…”

Her pussy was now completely covered in blood.

“It’s really messy Dine…” I said, kissing her “You sure you want me to keep pounding you deep?”

I wouldn’t want to hurt her again, especially after accidentally injuring her lovely pussy last week, when I was overwhelmed with sinful pleasure, thrusting so hard that she complained of abdominal pain the morning after.

“I think I’m getting used to it…” Geraldine replies with a slight giggle “Fuck me”

“Plus…we won’t get to do konyaaltı escort this for a while after our holiday…” she adds “I want to feel as much of you as possible inside me!” smiling slyly.

“I can always visit you and stay at your place” I suggest.

“You promise?” she asked and then adds “…but other people in the dorm will hear us”

“Then I’ll take you out to my hotel and we can fuck all we want”

I lock my hands onto Geraldine’s, steadily thrusting as both of us work out a sweat. As she arches her back to receive my cock, beads of sweat drip across her flat tummy. A musky whiff fills the air.

“Uh…Uh…” I panted. My breathing gets heavier as we fuck.

Instinctively knowing that I was about to cum, Geraldine grabs my lower back a pulls me deeper into herself with each thrust. She was drenched in sweat from the strenuous exertion.

“Ugh…” moans Geraldine. She pulls on me so hard that each time I plough into her; I can feel my cock jabbing firmly against her youthful womb.

“Ah…Geraldine!…Baby!….” I groan. Spurts after spurts of cum, carrying millions of sperms flooded my girlfriend’s pussy. I was spent, but I keep up the relentless pounding on Geraldine’s pussy with every bit of energy that’s left.

“Ah…Ah…Ah…” I groan with each thrust.

“Humph…Ugh…I…Uh…cum…AHHH!” Geraldine lets out a stifled cry as she cum. Her vaginal muscles spasm; milking whatever cum that’s left in me into her pussy.

“You’re good…Ah…Baby!” I muttered under heavy breaths and collapse onto the bed beside Geraldine.

She opens her eyes and we exchange gentle kisses, not realizing that cum and blood were slowly trickling between Geraldine’s pussy lips and staining another spot on the bed.

“Will your parents know about this?” I asked her.

“Not until we decide to get married” Geraldine replied softly.

“Or you got pregnant!” I teased

“Then you’ll be responsible” she protested.

Totally spent, we hugged and fell asleep on our smut stained bed, feeling somewhat sorry for the hotel staff who have to clean up our mess tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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