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Mia Makes Stepdad, Star of the Show

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Things are always a bit strange when two families are combined together. Dan had been trying to make the best of it from the moment that he heard that Mia, his stepdaughter, was going to be moving home into the house he shared with her mom. It’s not that he didn’t like Mia, he really did. It’s just that she had a reputation for being a little bit wild, and a little bit bratty. As a result, the idea of a 20 year old coming to live in his house did not sound very appealing.

Luckily, the house was rather large with many bedrooms and an office, so Mia would be able to have her own room and there wouldn’t have to be any awkward conversations about sharing bathrooms or making space, or anything like that.

Soon enough, there was Mia on the front steps of the house, backpack over her shoulders which probably held all her life possessions. She had her hair up in pigtails and was snapping her gum like it would run out of bubbles at any moment. She looked like a very sexy Harley Quin. Mia had always been a very pretty girl, not too tall with the body of a dancer. Lean and muscular throughout. Despite having spent so much time bouncing from place to place, she seemed to have kept in very good shape, maybe as good as when she’d studied ballet in her youth. Mia was wearing short cutoff jeans shorts and a tight top that hugged her body with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. Mia’s perky breasts looked ample and happy in her shirt.

“Come on in, might as well make yourself at home,” said Dan, so she wouldn’t attract the attention of the neighbors by just standing on the front stoop.

“Okay, daaaaaaaaad,” replied Mia, in that naturally bratty way only she had mastered.

“You can call me Dan,” he replied, not wanting to seem too formal.

He was still the man of the house and he knew it. As long as everyone ELSE in the house agreed that was the case, there would not be much problem. But he was the one who decided what was ok and not ok, since it was HIS HOUSE! He was hoping her bratty attitude would fade away over time.

“You can have one of the rooms upstairs while you stay,”, said Dan, trying to give her the impression this was not going to be a permanent situation.

As he follower her up the staircase, he could not help but notice how well her shorts hugged the curves of her muscular ass. He didn’t know what she’d been doing the past few months, but she sure had not let herself go.

“That bedroom over there on the left,” said Dan. “The bathroom is over here, and there is a computer here in the office you can use while you’re looking for a job.”

There was no point in being subtle anymore.

“It has a webcam and speakers and everything so if you have to do video interviews for remote work or a job far away, it should be more than adequate. You can use the Guest account.”

If Mia hadn’t gotten the idea that Dan was not super comfortable about her staying there before, she certainly did by now.

The weeks passed, and Mia was her usual, if bratty, self. Dan got used to having the two women around in the house, though Mia was there far more than her mother. The other problem with Mia being there was her proclivity for wearing very little clothing. She would often walk around the house in her cuttoff shorts and a purple top with laces over the shouders. Or wear a loose fitting top without a bra. Dan had to catch himself a number of times trying not to stare and Mia leaned forward to get some fruit off the kitchen island or pick something up off the floor. He couldn’t be sure, but it almost seemed as if she was doing it intentionally.

“But surely this 20 year old could not possibly be interested in me,” thought Dan. But what if she was curious? “You’re being completely ridiculous,” Dan convinced himself.

A few weeks more went by. It was a Friday. It had already been a long day at work by 2 o’clock and Dan was pretty fed up. He’d gotten into a fight over sex with Mia’s mom the night before and the onlly two things he could think about were having a drink and getting out of this damn suit.

“Fuck it,” he thought to himself, “I’m out of here.”

And with that, he packed up all his things and headed out of the office.

By the time he got home, he’d added jerking off in frustration to the list of things he wanted to do. He opened the front door and could hear Mia chatting away in the office upstairs. Finally! A job interview! He thought. Unfortunately, his bedroom was upstairs next to the office. He would have to be quiet out of respect for Mia. After all, anything that would get her out of the house more often would be welcome.

As he put his foot on the first stair, he felt a familiar buzz in his pocket.

“Now esenyurt escort what?” thought Dan to himself.

Sure enough, it was his boss texting him that he needed the Richard Johnson proposal complete by 5 o’clock or they were unlikely to win the deal.

“Just great,” thought Dan to himself.

“I guess I know what I’m doing for the next hour.”

With Mia using the computer in the office, he would have to work from his room. He made his way up the stairs and as he crested the top of the last step he heard Mia say, “Oh wow” as she noticed him and quickly turned around.

The screen just had the default background on it now.

“Job interview?” asked Dan.

“Mmmhmmm, something like that,” Mia responded.

“You’re interviewing for a job dressed like THAT?” asked Dan, more than a little bit annoyed.

Mia looked down. She was wearing a very tight white halter top and the kind of pants dancers where when they are warming up to go onstage. Athletic gear seemed hardly appropriate for a job interview.

“Well, Daaaaaaaan,” she said in her brattiest voice, “it’s a job at a dancing place, okay?”

The phrase “a dancing place” did not sound like the regular office job, like he had, and that he’d envisioned for Mia. But then again, Mia did NOT seem like the type of girl who would enjoy working in an office.

“Whatever, Mia,” Dan blurted out, “do whatever you have to do.”

Mia was completely fine with that idea. It was such a drag having Dan around anyway. He had heaps of expectations for her and he wasn’t even her real dad! God only knows what her mom saw in him. He was so boring! Leaving the house every day to go to the same boring job. Always jumping when his boss asked for anything. It was like he didn’t have a mind of his own. It was like he was actually HAPPY having other people control him and tell him what to do.

How could her mom want to be with someone like that? It made no sense. Dude must have a really amazing cock, otherwise, it seemed pretty crazy.

“He must fuck the hell out of mom,” was the best explanation she could think of.

“What was that?” came the voice from the computer.

“Oh, that was just my stepdad, he came home early and went to his room, you don’t have to worry about him,” Mia replied as she brought the window back onto the screen.

“So we get to continue our sexy conversation?” asked the voice on the other end.

“Of course baby, I can’t wait to get to know you better,” Mia replied.

“Mmmm, that sounds amazing,” the man replied. “Is there any way I could get a peek at those gorgeous perky tits you’ve got hidden in that tight top you little slut?”

Mia gave him a very mischievous smirk and slowly began to unbutton the straining buttons on her top. She genuinely was a dancer and gave a little shimmy to her shoulders and her body as she worked her way down.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” the man replied as he pulled out his cock and started to stroke it for her.

“Mmmm, baby, Mia likes that,” she purred while talking about herself in the 3rd person.

“I’m so glad,” the man replied and started stroking just a little bit faster.

“What the fuck was that all about?”, Dan thought to himself in his bedroom. Mia had been acting weird.

It didn’t matter though; his boss needed the report right away and there was not even time to take off his suit. Dan had always been good at pleasing people who had power over him. He immediately sat down and started working on the report.

After about 5 minutes, he thought, “This sucks. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m right back to work. I haven’t even taken off my suit yet. I need to at least get a drink of water.”

Dan opened the door to his bedroom and walked out into the office and felt his knees get week. There was Mia, in front of the computer, with her top buttoned all the way down so you could see her cleavage quite clearly talking to someone on the computer and it did not look like it was a job interview.

“What the hell are you doing??” Dan blurted out.

“What the hell are you doing spying on me?” Mia retorted.

“I’m not spying on you, you little slut! What are you doing with my computer?” he replied.

“Oh just shut up,” Mia answered, “Go back to whatever you were doing!”

Dan was shocked. He did not expect Mia to talk to him this way, especially in his own house. But she was 20 years old, and he hadn’t put any restrictions on what she was allowed to do with his computer. But why would she do it when he was home?

“Fine!” Dan answered, “I’m going to get some water, but make yourself decent!”

“Whateverrrrrrr,” gebze escort Mia answered, rolling her eyes.

Dan went down the stairs to the kitchen. He had to sit down for a minute. He’d just witnessed the cleavage of two of the most perfect tits he’d ever seen. But they were on his stepdaughter! That was not right. He knew he needed to stop thinking about that. But, how could he? He poured himself a tall glass of water and tried to figure out a way to think about what he needed to do for his boss. But sure enough, looking down at the thin suit material of his pants, there was a rising erection thinking about those perfect round tits, with perfect tan skin, on the perfect body of his dancer stepdaughter.

“Seriously, you need to calm down and get back to work,” he told himself.

“What the fuck babe? Was that your stepdad again?” came the voice from the other end of the computer.

“Yeah, what a fucking jerk, right?” answered Mia. “He’s got some nerve telling me how I should dress and what I should do. At least I’m not dressed up in that ridiculous monkey suit with a jacket and tie, right?”

“Yeah babe, but I think he really got a good look at those sweet tits, that could be damaging to his brain,” joked the guy.

“Ha! What would he do with these?” Mia asked as she pulled her tits out of her top and ran her fingers around he nipples, making them hard and pink.

“I don’t know babe, but I would do things to those gorgeous tits for hours, if I could last that long,” joked the man.

Mia heard Dan coming back up the stairs and quickly pulled her shirt back up and began talking in a normal tone of voice.

“Yes, I really do think that sounds like an excellent thing to try, even if it’s just to see what happens,” said Mia, trying to sound as businesslike as possible.

Dan looked at her as he went by, not sure what she was up to, but also noticing the curve of her ass and how well her pants were hugging it. He could only imagine that some lucky guy probably got to stand behind her and fuck her while feeling that ass against his body.

But work was still calling and Dan went back into his room.

He tried to work on the report as much as possible. Each time his thoughts wandered, they went back to Mia, bent over the computer, perfect body in full view.

Mia was enjoying all the attention from the man on the chat. He had a big swollen cock and he was stroking it just for her, no one else. It was so hot, she felt herself feeling flush as she slipped a hand inside her waistline.

“Mmm, baby, you are a fox,” said the man.

“Do you like these?” asked Mia as she picked up the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head until she was topless in front of the computer.

“Oh fuck babe!” said the man and started stroking faster. She was gorgeous and he loved watching ever move of her body. This was the hottest girl he’d ever found on the random video chat and he was not going to go before he showed her how much hot sticky cum he’d made just for her.

Dan couldn’t concentrate. He kept thinking about Mia, he kept remembering he needed to finish his report. But he couldn’t resist. He peeked the door open and looked out into the office. Mia was topless and running her nimble fingers over her exquisite tits and writing and moaning at the computer. This was not ok, not right outside his bedroom.

Dan thrust open the door and barged directly into the office.

“Mia!! What the fuck!!” he shouted.

“Dan! What did I tell you about minding your own business?” Mia shot back.

Dan didn’t even know what to make of that response. “Wasn’t this his stepdaughter? Where was the respect?”

He walked purposefully into the office and saw a man on the screen who looked VERY surprised all of a sudden who had his cock out in his hands.

“Is this what you’re doing for a job?” Dan blurted out.

“Oh my gawwwwwwwd. Are you serious?” Mia answered. She did not look very happy with the question.

“I’m having fun Dan! F-U-N, fun! Do you remember what it’s like to have fun Dan? Do you like to have fun?” Mia asked.

“I have fun!” answered Dan.

“With my mommmmm?” asked Mia. “What does she even see in you? You seem like a stick in the mud to me. Do you have a big cock or something?” Mia demanded and reached forward and put her hand directly on Dan’s stiff member.

“Mia! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dan asked, knowing full well that his cock was already partially hard from thinking about Mia, and then seeing her perfect body topless. Having her strong hand on his already semi-hard cock through his thin suit pants was going to be a kartal escort problem he had absolutely no solution for. He knew that in about 5 seconds he was going to be rock hard.

“OMG, you have a hard cock already! What have you been doing in that room?” Mia demanded.

“Take that off me right now young lady!” Dan commanded, and pushed her hand off his thickening member.

“What if I don’t want to?” Mia screamed back and grabbed both lapels of his suit jacket.

“What if I don’t want to? What if I want to know why the hell my mom is with a guy like you? What if I want to know if it’s because he has a big cock? What if I’m just curious about a guy like you, Daaaaaan?” Mia demanded.

With that, she took the lapels in her hands and pulled Dan’s suit jacket halfway down his body so that his arms and hands were trapped inside like a cheap straightjacket. Then she dropped to her knees and immediately began undoing his belt and zipper.

“Mia! What are you doing?” Dan belted out as he struggled to figure out how to fix his suit jacket, unable to figure out is he should try to continue to take it off, or try and pull it back on.

“Are you liking this?” Mia asked. Dan thought she was talking to him, but to his horror, she was looking at the computer while asking, while at the same time, she was pulling his now very swollen cock out of his suit pants.

“Oh fuck babe, that is so hot! I wish that was me, but you blowing your step dad is fucking hot!” answered the strange man.

That was all the encouragement that Mia needed and she immediately went to work on his thick member. She really tried to put on a good show for her audience and ran her wet tongue up and down his swollen cock. Then she tried to take as much as she could into her mouth.

“Wow,” Mia thought to herself, “Dan really DOES have a big cock,” and she was thrilled to make the discovery.

The more she thought about it, the more turned on she got, and soon her throat started to open for his big thick meat. Mia pushed and pushed his cock harder against the back of her throat until she’d deeply devoured the entire thing.

“Fuck! Mia! Stop!” shrieked Dan.

“No Mia, suck!” yelled the guy on the computer who was now stroking his own big cock furiously.

“Mia stop!” yelled Dan again. He tried to wiggle free but was doing a terrible job of it.

Mia just kept sucking and pushing Dan back against the railing trapping his hands behind him inside of his own suit coat. She loved being in the position of power and Dan was so pliant in her hands (and mouth).

“This is exactly why my mom is with this guy,” she thought and ran her lips up and down his shaft.

“Now I know why my mom is with you,” said Mia as she stood up and took off the rest of her clothes. She simply had to try that big cock for herself.

“Oh fuck yes!” exclaimed the computer guy.

Mia, wanting to put on a good show, shimmied and gyrated and rubbed her body up against Dan’s swollen cock. He was red and sweating and it was obvious that she was in complete control and could do whatever she pleased.

She grabbed his cock and ran her fingers up and down, stroking it and making it hot, until there was pre-cum on the tip.

“Fuck that dick Mia!” encouraged the computer guy.

And fuck that dick is exactly what Mia did.

“Mia!” yelled Dan with one last desperate attempt.

She smiled a wicked grin and bent over, reaching back to pull Dan’s hard cock into her trobbing, waiting, wet pussy. She began to rock back and forth, slowly feeling his big cock penetrate her.

“Of fuck yes! That is so hot!” came the voice from the computer.

Mia loved the encouragement and began rocking back and forth faster and faster. Feeling that big cock filling her up with every thrust. Feeling every centimeter slide deep inside of her. Her stepdad’s cock felt incredible. She couldn’t believe her luck! He was such an obedient guy, she’d be able to ride this big cock whenever she wanted!

Faster and faster she rode. Harder and harder she fucked.

“Ohhh myyy goddd I’mmmm cummminngggg!” yelled the voice from the computer.

“Oh my goddddd!” yelled Dan as he felt the cum start to shoot out of his swollen cock into his stepdaughter as he watched her perfect body slam repeatedly onto his cock and swallow it whole.

“Oh my godddd!” yelled Mia as she felt Dan’s cum shoot inside her and his cock twitch and spurt which made her cum at the same time.

Dan leaned back in embarrassment. He could not believe what had just happened.

The computer guy quickly closed the chat, not wanting to be a part of any trace of a stepdaughter seducing and fucking her stepdad as a show to be watched on the Internet.

Mia sat on the floor and looked up at the big cock in front of her face that had just filled her with such satisfaction.

“I’m a very lucky little brat”, she thought, and smiled a mischievous smile, in that naturally bratty way only she had mastered.

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