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Michelle’s Fantasies

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Michelle liked a man that was 11 years older than her. She never met him but she dreamt of him always. He was in a band that she loved and after 30 years, they were still making music. Matthias Jabs was now 48 and Michelle, 37.

She would dream of him endlessly. This is her story. A work of fiction but the fantasies she had will be portrayed here, for you see, I am Michelle.

We all have fantasies and we have all had sexual dreams. Matthias, even now, enters my dreams from time to time, making love to me and playing out fantasies that are forever in my mind.

Seduction is an art form. Once mastered, can play an important part in sexual fantasies brought to life. Feel free to use these ideas in your own sexual encounters…Enjoy!!

Matthias, guitar in hand, was sitting on a hammock by the beach. Strumming his guitar, putting his ideas together. As he was doing this, a redhead approached and heard him playing. She was dressed in a long silk skirt, see through, and a white see through top, no bra, no panties, beautifully tanned, her red hair cascading down her back. She wasn’t tall, she was petite, and he noticed her.

Her hips swayed to his music, her eyes looking directly at him, he kept playing. She was a belly dancer for a local club. She studied the art form and perfected it. She liked the man playing. She always had. She got closer to him, working her body, the music filling her heart, her soul reaching out to him as he played, she danced, teasingly, seductively.

Matthias was turned on and she knew it. Ever so close to him, he reached out and grabbed her skirt. She turned to him and smiled and she got down on her knees. He put the guitar down. She eased his shorts down and exposed his hardness. She was too eager to seduce even his member. She took him in her hand and stroked him gently, looking into his blue eyes, she bent down and wrapped her lips around him and sucked his shaft, slowly at first, glancing up at him from time to time, she moved a little faster, teasing him with her tongue, feeling his little spasms, she sucked more before easing up and licking him down to his balls and escort ataşehir beyond.

She stood up and took off her clothes, her breasts were perfect. Her pink nipples were so hard and wanting to be sucked, her pussy, shaved and glistening from her wetness. She climbed on top of him and Matthias entered her. She cocked her head back and her breasts were in his face and he sucked on them, gently nibbling, circling them with his tongue, all the while thrusting deeper inside her. She worked his cock, her body was in tune with his. Seduction at it’s finest, perfected. Her moaning was louder and Matthias grabbed onto the vixen’s hips and grinded them with his. Faster they went, sweating, panting, she cried out, “Matthias” and she came. He pulled out and she got on her knees and took him in her mouth, sucking his cock once again as he shot his nectar down her throat. She looked up and there was a gleam in her eye and a smile in his.

Matthias, exhausted, laid back on the hammock and fell fast asleep, while the vixen, well she went on her way thinking of when they would meet again.

Michelle was standing in the kitchen, doing the dishes, when he entered the room, undetected. He crept up behind her and gently lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck. “Matthias.” She whispered. “I really have to finish these.”

“Later.” He said as he nibbled on her ear.

With that he lifted her to the counter and hiked her dress up. She never wore panties, not with Matthias around. His pants were undone, his cock ready. He spread Michelle’s legs apart and buried himself inside her. Her moist lips swelling around his cock. He grabbed her ass and she reached up and grabbed onto the cupboard above her as Matthias rammed her pussy. She screamed and begged for more. He managed to open her dress and took a nipple in his mouth, he bit her, she liked that, he knew it. She was a little minx, always horny, always wanting him. He thought of that and it made his cock thrust deeper.

“Rub your clit, you know I like to see you do that as I fuck you.” Matthias moaned.

Michelle reached down and started kadıköy escort bayan rubbing. She was being fucked hard. Matthias picked her up and laid her on the kitchen floor, he held her arms down, moved her legs apart with his knees and again his cock was inside her. Michelle loved Matthias being forceful. It turned her on. Her pussy was throbbing. Her clit was throbbing. Matthias held both Michelle’s arms above her head with one hand and with the other hand he rubbed her clit. She was so wet and he wanted her to cum. He worked her, he fucked her until she cried out his name and he felt her vaginal lips tighten. He pulled out and spread her legs wide and buried his tongue into her wetness. He loved when she came hard and it was his reward. He lapped up her juices and then buried his cock deep within her and pumped her until he came. He laid on top of her for quite some time. Both were smiling because both knew that the dishes wouldn’t get done today…:)

One of the things I fantasize most about is having another woman please my man. In this story it’s Matthias, of course!!

Finally, the shooting of Michelle’s next movie was over and she could get back to her lover. She hadn’t seen him, in what seemed like forever. She would plan something nice for them and she would pleasure him endlessly.

Michelle got home and Matthias was overjoyed to see her. It had been a while since they had seen each other. Both having busy schedules, his band, her movies, so the time they did spend together was special.

Michelle called a friend over, together they would come up with something fun and new for them. Michelle put on a corset and had her friend, Natasha, tighten it and tie it up. Michelle put her thigh high boots on, did her hair, fixed the bedroom up, and then helped Natasha get dressed.

Matthias got home and Michelle was laying on the bed waiting for him. He was amazed to see her in black leather boots and a corset. She looked so sexy and he smiled to himself, wondering what she was up to.

“Come over here, baby.” Michelle motioned for Matthias to come to the bed. He did so.

Matthias escort bostancı took off his clothes and stood there naked. “Lay down and get comfy with me, please.” Michelle gave Matthias her puppy dog look and a pouty lip.

Matthias laid on the bed and Michelle started kissing him passionately. “I’ve missed you so much.” She moaned in his ear.

Matthias rubbed Michelle’s ass, grabbing it, rubbing his cock against her stomach, as he pulled her closer to him. Michelle was getting heated and she wanted him and he wanted her but she was going to make him wait.

Michelle reached over to the night stand and grabbed what she was looking for. She got back to Matthias and kissed him again. She was now on top of him and asked him to put his hands above his head. He did so. She handcuffed him to the head board. She kissed him deeply and then with her tongue, licked his chin, his chest, taking turns licking his nipples, down his happy trail, to his cock. She licked his cock, sucked it a bit and then the footsteps entered the room.

Michelle sucked Matthias as deep as she could take him. Natasha got on the bed and started licking Matthias also. both women took turns sucking and licking his cock and balls. Michelle mounted Matthias’ cock and Natasha eased her pussy onto his face. Both worked their bodies, one while feeling Matthias’ tongue inside her pussy and the other working his cock deep inside her womb. Michelle was moaning and Natasha loved seeing Michelle being pleasured.

Michelle dismounted and asked Natasha to mount him. She did. Michelle rubbed her clit while watching the two fuck. Matthias begged to lick Michelle’s wetness. She sat on his face and felt his tongue work its way into her cave. She worked her body with the motion of his tongue and then she bent down to lick Natasha’s clit as Matthias continued fucking her. Matthias was about to cum, Natasha got off of him, then her and Michelle both sucked and licked his cock, bringing him to an eruption of cum. Both women lapped his load up and then Michelle asked Natasha to sit on her face and Michelle licked her clit while Natasha buried her face in Michelle’s pussy. Both licking and sucking until juices flowed and screams were heard.

Once done, Michelle removed Matthias’ hands from the cuffs and he grabbed her and thrust his hardness deep within her and brought her to another orgasmic paradise.

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