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Mick and The Cheerleader

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Classic fantasy for many, but for Mick it will be a little different.

Hello everyone. Today I’m presenting something different but I don’t know, I’m feeling a bit old and tired and I haven’t turned 25 yet. It’s like that Brad Pitt movie, but the other way around. This story contains (?): a strapon, fetish foot (read in reverse), and a few other things (nothing else). The air of the Pacific is now salty but could be worse, all for science and I hope you enjoy reading. Edited by FelixRyder.

Mick was walking fast, he didn’t want to be late for his class and the bell had rung 5 minutes ago. There were still a bunch of students in the hallways chatting and wasting time doing any kind of nonsense to post on their social media but Mick wasn’t one of those. He barely had a social life and the only thing he lived for was his studies. A bookworm and nerd were some of the many names by which he was often called. Mick was 18 years old and was average height with a slim build, pale skin, black hair and dark eyes. That day he wore a blue shirt and beige pants, plus black shoes. As he approached his classroom, a group of 5 tall boys with the same red jacket blocked his way.

“Where do you think you are going?” Adam, the high school bully and Mick’s shadow, snorted.

“Enough Adam, I have to be in class,” Mick replied and tried to skip them but Adam’s mates grabbed him and slammed him against the wall, making a circle around him.

Adam, who was bigger in height and strength, slammed a folder into his chest and it soon fell to the ground.

“You screwed up my Chemistry report, you idiot. You think you’re very funny, eh? I’ll show you what’s funny,” the bully threatened.

“Yeah, teach him a lesson Adam,” said one of his companions.

“Come on Adam, show him how you do it,” said another.

Clenching his fist, Adam prepared to punch him in the face, but Mick nimbly ducked and, slipping past them, ran away. Dodging several students, Mick turned to the right, as if heading out of the institute, hearing the noise of his pursuers close by. The boy dared to look over his shoulder quickly; he had them only a couple of meters behind and panic invaded him. If they caught him they would do something worse than what they originally planned and that gave him the energy to continue. Side slipping on the polished floor, he turned to the left to head to the gym.

“I’ll kill you, coward!” Adam yelled.

He doubted a fraction of a second opening the gym doors and closed them behind him, a thud indicating to him that Adam had crashed against them in an attempt to open them by brute force. This gave Mick time to manage to sneak into one of the changing rooms, but in the rush he could not realize that he was entering the girls’.

A few seconds later the gym doors were opened violently and Adam and his friends came in looking for Mick, then checked under the bleachers but couldn’t find him.

“Find him, damn it!” Adam yelled to his companions.

Looking in every corner of the place, they couldn’t find him and finally they checked the changing rooms. Boys’ first, and when they did not find him, they stopped outside the women’s locker room.

“Man, it’s the girls’ room,” one of his colleagues reminded him.

“So what? The gym is empty,” Adam said and opened the door.

They entered then. They saw the lockers and searched in the showers, with no luck. Mick, who had concealed in a corner behind a row of lockers, was crouched with his heart pounding inside his chest very fast when he heard footsteps near him and he thought everything was over. It was Adam who was getting closer slowly but when he was about to catch his prey, someone opened the door of the room.

A cheerleader walked in and Adam turned to see who it was. The girl, red-haired and slightly taller than Mick, wore her tiny green and white cheerleader uniform, tight-fitting skirt and top that highlighted her large, round breasts. The exposed abdomen highlighted a piercing in her navel, as well as another in the lower lip. Her green eyes showed evident surprise at the presence of that boy in the room.

“What are you doing here?” the girl rebuked him in a defiant tone; Mick just listened and prayed.

“It’s not your problem,” Adam rudely replied.

“Well, this is the girls’ locker room, if you haven’t noticed. Now get out of here,” the cheerleader said, tapping her shoe on the ground, clearly annoyed.

When Adam’s mates appeared, Adam waved his hand to them and they left the room. The girl went to her locker and opened it. Arranging her hair in a ponytail, she put a bag on one of the benches and started to change her uniform, since she had not been able to practice her routines.

Mick peeked from the corner and was stunned to see that the girl, who was unaware of his presence, was taking off her top to reveal a nice pair of tits, her nipples were a little erect and her chest had a few moles, typical of red-haired girls. Jaw-dropped and shocked by the sight, Mick put his hand on his bulge to find he was rock hard under his pants. Maybe this kıbrıs escort was the perfect opportunity to see a girl naked without having to go through all the previous flirting processes.

Leaning a little to one side so that he could see the cheerleader better, the boy did not realize that his bag was dangling precariously and with a thud it fell to the ground. The noise paralyzed both of them, the girl and Mick, who turned around in fear and flattened himself against the wall, praying that the cheerleader had imagined the noise. The girl, startled, covered her breasts with one arm as she desperately searched for a shirt in her bag.

“Who’s there?” the cheerleader asked out loud.

Trying to not breathe loudly, Mick was scared to death at the possibility now that he would not be caught by Adam and his gang, but a girl. Slowly, the girl walked to the corner where Mick was crouching and she found him there, with his eyes closed, his hands on his bulge and praying she would not catch him and misinterpret his presence.

“What the hell? What the fuck are you doing here, you pervert!?” she squealed hysterically.

Without giving him time to react or articulate any sound, the girl forced him to stand up by grabbing his ear. Mick howled in pain but she ignored his whining and pulled him by the ear. Still pulling him, she gave a few steps in the direction of her locker and made him sit down roughly on the bench in the middle of the locker room corridor. Mick was caressing his aching earlobe and the cheerleader was staring at him with an angry gaze.

“What the hell you were doing there? Were you thinking of taking advantage of me?” she reproached him angrily.

“Sorry, I didn’t think… I was running away from them and I hid here…” Mick admitted nervously.

“Bullshit. But don’t think you’ll get out of this without consequences, eh?” the girl shouted and the boy paled.

“No please, I already said I’m sorry…” poor Mick begged when he noticed the beautiful chick in front of him.

A curvy figure, long sexy legs, his eyes lingered for a moment admiring her flat abdomen and the piercing in her navel. The cheerleader, pissed off after catching him in the locker room, now was annoyed to see Mick’s eyes wide open in excitement; he was hard again despite the situation.

“Fucking pig. My eyes are up here, you bastard!” she reminded him.

The girl lifted her leg and rested her shoe on the bulge between Mick’s legs, pressing it down. The boy howled, complaining, but she ignored him and continued to press until she felt his erection diminished. Looking at him carefully, a mischievous gleam appeared in her eyes but Mick, worried for his dick, didn’t notice it.

“We will go to the Principal’s office,” the girl said quietly.

“No please, it’s not a big deal, I didn’t commit a… arrghh… crime,” Mick groaned in pain, as the cheerleader made more pressure with her shoe and was doing some damage to his cock.

“She will decide that, so if you don’t want everyone to know that you are a sick pervert, you will come with me.”

“Please, I’ll do whatever it takes, but not the Principal’s office. It will ruin my record…” Mick pleaded, concerned about his immaculate academic record.

The girl outlined a fine smile that wasn’t a very good sign and flexed her knee a little, to press his limp dick harder, Mick grunted and tried to push her away without success, the girl was stronger than she seemed.

“Whatever it takes? I see… if you want to save your ass… figuratively, you will do whatever I say,” she said half-jokingly, half seriously.

“Figuratively? What do you mean?”

“Don’t move, or I swear you’ll regret it,” the cheerleader demanded.

Not daring to run, Mick nodded and she lifted her foot, he could finally grab his bulge and regain some sensibility but the girl didn’t waste time and turned around to look for something in her locker. She smirked when she found what she was looking for.

“What the fuck!?” Mick managed to exclaim, staring at what the girl was holding in her hand.

A strap-on with a dildo. The still smiling cheerleader looked at him without a hint of pity in her beautiful face.

“Yeah… now you’re going to be a good boy and you’re going to suck it good,” she said, pulling him closer.

“No, you crazy bitch! You’re not going to force me,” the boy complained.

“Are you sure? Then we’ll go to the Principal’s and hear what she thinks when I tell her you were spying on me,” the girl replied.

Grabbing him by the hair, the cheerleader tried unsuccessfully to force Mick to suck the dildo but he kept his lips tightly closed. Looking at him sternly, the boy realized that he had no choice but to do what she said and separated his lips.

“That’s right, bitch… I’ll teach you to not spy on a girl, you filthy pervert,” the cheerleader said triumphantly as she shoved her favorite toy into Mick’s mouth.

The boy’s eyes were wide open as the dildo was inserted into his mouth, and she smiled, pleased. The light pink dildo kıbrıs escort bayan was probably around 7 inches long and as it sank deeper into his mouth, Mick began to gag when he felt the tip of it reaching the bottom of his throat. Mick looked at her begging for mercy but the girl finished inserting the dildo to the base of the strap.

“Good boy… we’re going to have a lot of fun…” she assured him and began to fuck his mouth slowly.

Mick couldn’t believe it, after avoiding Adam and his colleagues, he was now at the mercy of a very sexy and crazy girl who had lowered his erection with her shoe and now was fucking his mouth with her dildo. He felt so humiliated for being in that situation, as the minutes passed, he began to feel that he was getting hard again for the third time, his reaction was to put his hands on his bulge to hide that he was somehow enjoying the situation, enjoying the control and power the girl was having on him, to change roles and make him suck a long dildo. If Adam or anyone looked at him in that moment, he would be the object of pranks and mockery for the rest of his life but at that moment he didn’t care.

“Mmm… I see you’re enjoying it, bitch. You’ll enjoy a lot later,” the cheerleader muttered and increased the speed of her hand.

Her dildo went in and out of Mick’s mouth faster, the cheerleader took small breaks to shake the dildo violently inside the boy’s mouth, who had an urge to jerk his cock a bit but it was difficult to pull down the zipper of his pants to release his cock. His gag reflex was constantly and wildly stimulated and his own saliva dripped from the side of his mouth and fell onto his lap. A couple times the cheerleader covered his nose and pushed the dildo in completely, provoking a lot of gagging from Mick.

Finally, she pulled the dildo out of his mouth. A thin thread of escaped saliva adhered to the dildo and the other was attached to his lower lip. Mick tried to recover his breath as the girl took off her skirt and put on the strap, adjusting it carefully to avoid any discomfort.

“Come here, I’m not done with you,” the girl said.

Holding Mick with both hands on his head, the girl fucked his mouth like a doll. It was more than evident that the girl was an expert at using a strapon, because she knew how to move her hips as if she really had a cock between her legs. Besides, from the gestures of pleasure in her face (although she couldn’t feel anything) it was clear that she was enjoying humiliating Mick a lot in that way.

“Okay, that’s it… it’s clear that you are a bitch. You love my cock, don’t you?” she commented after grabbing him by the hair and making Mick look into her eyes. Mick did not respond, he just breathe agitatedly and the cheerleader mouthfucked him with a renewed energy for another 5 minutes.

The good thing about all that, Mick had never been so close to a pussy as he was in that moment, although he was unable to lick it. Soon the girl forced him to stand up.

“Take off your clothes,” she ordered.

Obeying without questioning, Mick was completely naked within a minute, showing his cock of about 6 inches, the girl could not help but giggle but became serious immediately.

“Now, get on all fours like a dog.”

“Okay, you had enough, you’ve already had fun…” Mick said.

“You will do whatever I want, pervert, or everyone will find out…” the cheerleader warned him once more.

Considering what would probably happen, there was no other choice. Fearfully, he went on all fours onto the solid wooden bench and the girl stood behind him. Spanking him, she forced him to arch his back and lift his ass.

“Come on, you have to do it right. You are going to be my bitch and you must behave like one,” the girl said as she rested one of her hands on his back so Mick’s ass was up.

“I’m sorry, but please… have mercy, I’m not into this,” Mick pleaded desperately.

The cheerleader, ignoring him, responded with a firm spank that made Mick complain a bit. The girl’s hand left a clear mark and the area soon began to redden.

“Damn you!” Mick yelled in pain and the girl spanked him again in response. “Stop!” the boy begged but again, the cheerleader gave him a third spank that echoed in the silence of the locker room.

The contrast between his pale ass and the area where the girl spanked him was evident. The affected area reddened violently and quickly, although it wasn’t something to be alarmed at. Mick felt the burning pain and regardless of the time that passed, he had the feeling that he was being spanked over and over.

“If you’ve stopped whining, now it’s my turn,” the girl finally spoke as she gloated over poor Mick.

Leaning over him a little, she gave him a quick spank and Mick complained again. This time the girl began to massage Mick’s buttocks and separating them, a thread of saliva escaped out her mouth and ended up in his sphincter. The boy felt that and began to feel desperate, kneeling as the cheerleader massaged the perineum area with her thumb before escort kıbrıs reaching Mick’s asshole, who trembled at the feeling of that sneaky thumb. Pushing down, she managed to trespass the resistance of his sphincter and her thumb entered inside Mick’s virginal ass, who clenched his teeth and tried to resist that invading thumb, letting out a slight groan.

“You like it, huh?” the cheerleader said with a voice close to amusement.

“Please stop… ahh…” Mick begged again but she ignored him.

“It is not necessary to pretend. If your ass has swallowed my thumb, you are a whore,” the girl commented and it was true, despite the effort he made, the girl found little or no resistance and turned her wrist slightly, then she moved her thumb to poke his ass.

The boy tried to flee but his attempt was aborted by the girl who did not hesitate to hit him with a bunch of spanks that left both buttocks red and sore in equal measure. Now Mick could feel the burning sensation in his buttocks as the cheerleader, using her other thumb, began to stretch his sphincter to the max. When she wasn’t stretching his asshole, the girl inserted both thumbs simultaneously to give him an idea of ??what was about to come, although two thumbs were nothing compared to the long and thick plastic cock between her legs.

Mick was panicking quickly. He tried to resist the cheerleader’s thumbs in vain, as his ass didn’t seem to want to stop the foreign intrusion. Instead, the girl smiled with not very good intentions, enjoying every second of the humiliation of that perverted peeping Tom and wasn’t willing to leave him unpunished. Taking her thumbs out of Mick’s ass, she inserted two fingers to stretch him thoroughly while the poor kid snorted in clear discomfort.

But that gesture of denial disagreed with how hard he was. Mick could not believe he was hard because a girl was poking his ass with a couple fingers, stretching him and getting him ready to fuck him with her strapon. Trying in vain, he couldn’t contain that part of his subconscious that wanted madly to be with a girl, though not in the usual way. Finally, after a long time feeling his ass being worked up and his sphincter stretched, Mick let out a moan more of pleasure than resistance and felt guilty. The cheerleader giggled with satisfaction when she heard Mick.

“You see, I told you, you were going to like it, bitch. It’s not like you’re going to switch teams, so just let yourself go- maybe you’ll enjoy it more than you thought…” the cheerleader said and gave him another spank that elicited another stifled groan.

Gasping, the boy put into practice the cheerleader’s suggestion and stopped resisting. The girl alternated spanking and massaging on his buttocks, making Mick’s ass burn as if he had been marked with a red-hot iron. She was literally marking him with her soft and strong hands, making it clear who was in charge. Mick was startled when he felt her hands grabbing his testicles and giving him gentle slaps that made him shudder, to his own regret he had to admit that the cheerleader was making him hornier and at the same time, he was desperate because he was not sure when she would get tired of playing with him, or if some girl would catch them red-handed.

At last she stopped playing with his balls and rested both hands on his reddened and sore buttocks. Powerless, Mick knew his time had come, the girl spat a few times his asshole and rubbed the tip of her dildo on his sphincter, ready to penetrate him.

“Okay, it’s time for a good fuck. If you behave… I can let you play with me…” the cheerleader promised.

Mick wasn’t sure if she would keep her word at the end, but he was sure that she would play with him and he did not feel completely prepared for what was about to come. As soon he felt the tip of that dildo on his sphincter, pushing its way inside his virgin ass, Mick let out a muffled groan and clenched his teeth and fists to bear the obvious pain of his first time that would follow. The cheerleader continued pushing and gasping, her fake cock getting deeper into that ass at her disposal; a smile of triumph and superiority appeared on her beautiful face as she shoved all that cock into Mick.

Finally, the base of her strapon made contact with the boy’s buttocks, and the penetration was complete. Mick huffed and panted trying to get used to it, while the girl gently massaged his back and buttocks, giving him some time to mold his bowels to her dildo. Various sensations and emotions invaded Mick in that moment, it seemed eternal: pain, humiliation and shame, among others. After a couple of minutes, the girl began to plow Mick slowly, who had to bite his lower lip when he felt her moves.

“You’re so tight, I guess I must be stealing your virginity,” the cheerleader said mockingly and gave him a quick spank.

The pain was unbearable and she began to thrust into him with more desire and enthusiasm. Very soon it was pointless to push her out of his ass and he opened his mouth to moan as the cheerleader continued penetrating his asshole slowly but steadily. That cock filled Mick completely and he could barely feel relief because she sank it as deep as she could and only pulled out half of it, so with every thrust, Mick felt his bowels widening and adapting to the foreign object that was making its way inside him, loving him.

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