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Chapter 5

As surmised, our batteries did not hold out for the entire night, however, with that being said, though, we are so fucking horny that it is not even close to funny. I have never needed to have sex more than I do as soon as I wake up. It is seconds after five in the morning, I am the first to wake up, and I am just too horny, I have to feel my boyfriends fucking and filling me, so I started waking them up. Finally they both did so.

“Babies, I”m so fucking horny right now, I can”t hold it all in any more. I need you to baby diaper bum fuck me, I wanna lose my virginity, to both of you, at the same fucking time, I need both your hot hard gay baby cocks inside me, inside my gay baby bum, together.” I said.

“Fuck.” They both groaned.

“Our diapers are way too fucking thick for that.”

“Don”t care, take all of them off but the inner most ones, who fucking cares if we make a massive mess of the bed, I just needta be fucked and filled.”

“Okay.” They both said as one.

They started stripping all their soggy diapers and doublers off, so that they are in only one super saturated and leaking diaper each, I too did the same thing. Because Jason is the biggest, I had him lay down on his back, then Trent poked the hole in the back of my soggy diaper, pulled out my plug, while I was poking a hole into Jason”s diaper to remove his cock ring, since it will likely be in the way, and probably painful as well, and then I pulled him out the front.

As soon as Trent had me ready, and I had Jason ready, I wasted no time at all in sitting up and sitting upon the dick that I have needed since I started having gay thoughts, possibly as early as three, but I do not remember. Trent quickly prepared himself as well, and then as soon as he was ready, he too slipped into my ass.

I had already leaned forward and was trying my best to not ride Jason just yet, I want them both in me for our first cums of the morning, but, I tell you, it was harder than my own dick to not do so.

As soon as Trent was inside me, I pulled up and left them only about half way in myself, and then stayed. They got the hint, and started fucking me like I deserve, and boy do I deserve it. As I was finally getting fucked, I happened to notice one of our diapers just sitting there, begging to be sucked dry. I reached to it, wrapped the fucking thing around my face, and as I was getting well and truly double diaper fucked, I am inhaling and sucking all the sweet pissy goodness that I could possibly get. As soon as I had it pretty near dry, I traded it out for another.

It was as I pulled this diaper away, that I realized that both Trent and Jason had seemingly thought that this was a good idea, because they too are doing the same thing.

I have no idea how we managed it, but our first orgasms of the morning came a few seconds after I started sucking the piss from the second diaper, though this was one of the doublers, and it had felt like minutes that it had taken me to suck the first diaper dry. It cannot possibly have been though, even though my balls still have nothing to boil, boiling they still certainly felt, and so, it cannot have been more than a minute or two.

As soon as I came, that caused my two baby boyfriends to also cum, huge, I felt them pulse and jump inside me, I even felt the extra warmth filling me from Jason”s sweet cum, as I had possibly one of the very best orgasms I have ever had.

“Oh god, don”t you dare fucking stop, and fill me as full of your glorious gay baby piss as you possibly can.” I demanded.

From the way they were still fucking me, though, I doubt it truly was a demand that I really had to give.

Then I felt them both let go their probably aching bladders, damn near at the exact same time, and I finally got one of the things that I have dreamed of my entire fucking life, or at least as far back as I can remember.

They both had to pause in their fucking as they peepeed inside me, but as soon as they were able to, they continued fucking me, all the while I am still sucking the diaper dry that I have pressed to my face.

Through three more absolutely amazing orgasms, they last, before they can fuck me no more. I would still happily go on for longer, but Trent and Jason are both currently spent. Trent pulled up and off of me, then Jason rolled me off of him.

“Mmm, don”t stop, please keep fucking me.” I moaned deeply.

Trent got a wild glean in his eye, dove in so that his face is pressed into the seat of my diaper, and then he pushed my legs up by the knees and damn near pressed my own soggy diapered dick right into my face. Trust me, if I could, I would have sucked my own dick.

Jason must have seen what Trent was doing, because he went to the opposite end of me, grabbed my legs from Trent, and buried his face into the front of my diaper, just as Trent was pushing my diaper aside in the back with his nose. He then buried his face almost fully into my ass, and I can both feel and hear him licking and sucking my ass of all the cum and piss that had been in it. Then he pulled his face away, and started slipping his fingers into me. He must have lubed them up while his face was busy, because his fingers are well lubed.

Jason then managed to work my diaper aside with his nose just enough to get access to my still hard dick, and he latched on just as Trent slipped what felt like his fourth finger inside me. Just as I came, again, Trent went all in and slipped his entire hand inside me.

I think the power of this cum may have actually exceeded the power output of the sun for a moment, and I have no idea how I did not burn up, but I feel far better at this moment than any one person has a right to feel. I should feel in agonizing pain, taking my first fist and all, but, I know that this is what I was made for. Having seen my dad take even more in his ass, and me being fully gay, I have always felt that my ass would be quite comfortable taking anything inside it. Why I never tried to do so to myself, even I truly do not know any more. I mean, I always wanted most of all to share with others, but I could have easily played all by myself too.

It was at this time that I actually realized that Jason”s diapered crotch was right at my face, I had felt the pressure on my forehead, but it had escaped me as to what exactly it was until now. So, what is any self respecting gay baby boy diaper loving slut supposed to do when faced with such an offering.

Fucking suck and fist fuck.

I found the lube just by feel with one hand, while the other is in the process of pulling aside Jason”s diaper more than enough to give me all the access I could possibly need, the fact that one of the tapes ripped is really not a big deal. I start sucking him, and he is hard again, and then I start pulling out his plug that is still inside him, and then slip four fingers straight inside him with ease.

It took maybe fifteen seconds for me to four finger fuck Jason before I was able to slip my entire small hand in his gloriously hot gay baby boy pussy, and he groaned deeply. The funny thing was, I know that sound, that was not a sound of pain, that was absolutely the sound of someone getting what he desperately needs. It sounded almost as deep as my groan had sounded.

And then he came, and filled me more full of cum than he has ever managed before, and that is shocking, considering how much cum he just dumped in my gay baby diapered bum. I happily and greedily sucked it all in, but I did not swallow it all, I am savouring it, and holding it in my mouth as I still suck Jason totally.

Trent, who now happens to be the only gay baby boy without a fist in him, seems to have been feeling left out, because he pulled away, then pulled my hand from Jason”s hot gay baby bum.

“Why”d you stop us Baby?” I asked.

“Because, I needta feel that too, let”s get in a circle and suck and fist fuck.”

“Okay, since I”m already usedta having a hand in me, Jason can slip his hand into me now, so that his larger hand doesn”t hurt you as much at first, and I”ll fist you, while you fist Jason.”

“Okay.” Both my baby boyfriends said together.

We very quickly changed positions, so that we could attempt to do what it is that we want and even desperately need. It was awkward, we had to contort a fair bit, but we are all horny beyond all belief, and more than limber and flexible enough to make it work. Before too long, we are sucking each other back in, and as I get Jason”s larger hand slipping all into me, I am pulling out Trent”s nice large plug and replacing it with four fingers to start.

Like both me and Jason, only a few seconds later, I was able to slip my entire hand inside Trent, he is so loose and ready. I had felt that, though, when I pulled out his plug, there had been absolutely no resistance in pulling it out, Trent is already gaping more than enough to take even Jason”s larger hand, but that is perfectly okay, and truth be told, I wanted Jason”s much larger hand buried inside me anyway, filling me as full as I deserve.

Trent lasted only just a few seconds as well, once I had my entire hand inside him, before cumming massively. From the way he gripped my hand as he came, though, it feels as if it may forever be disfigured, but that is a fate I will gladly accept, it felt really fucking amazing. I just kept sucking and fisting him through his powerful baby boygasm, but, had he have actually cum, he probably would have drowned me. That too I would have gladly accepted.

Since Jason and I had cum quite hard, quite recently, neither of us were in danger of exploding again too soon, and so, we all got into a nice rhythm escort with each other, sucking and fist fucking each other very well. We managed only one more cum, almost ten minutes later, before we we re all well spent. We all started going soft in each others sucking mouths, yet, not one of us detached.

We are gently suckling each other just like a baby bottle, we still have our hands buried as deep inside each other as we can possibly take them, we are not moving in the least, we are just basking in the amazing feelings. I have truly never felt better in my life, and I had just been double fucked by my boyfriends, and filled with a good sized load of cum, and two mighty fine loads of piss. Bar none, this has been the best day of my life, you could even go so far as to say the best fucking day of my life.

For easily twenty minutes we just laid there, when finally my bladder must have given up, because I heard Jason sigh and start gulping a bit. I am surprised it took so long to release. Well, I guess he thought that if he was getting a nice drink, that Trent would enjoy one too, so he let go and started feeding Trent his baby juice, who then let go and fed me his. Well, I am totally okay with this, and savoured his sweet salty buttery popcorn flavoured piss, I have no idea why he tastes like this so often, but his is absolutely my favorite piss. Granted, Jason”s is stronger, bolder, less salty, more sweet and almost meaty, usually, and I love his almost as much. Mine is almost half way between theirs, and so I love mine as well.

Finally we all rolled apart, though our hands are still inside each other, we are now laying mostly on our backs, staring up at the ceiling, still breathing heavily, still basking in the afterglow of some nuclear hot sex. We must have laid like this for another five to ten minutes.

“Well Baby Boys, I need a gloriously thick baby diaper, lots to drink, and I absolutely needta go get breakfast. I can hear my stomach almost begging for food, and I know after all the energy that we”ve expended, that I absolutely haveta eat.” I said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, same.” They both said as one.

We pulled our hands from their glorious prisons, none of them clean in the least, but none of us cared at all. We did all deem it prudent to go sit upon the toilet and empty ourselves out, and one at a time, we did so, all of us waiting while one was on the toilet. As one got off, one of us was there with a nice warm wash cloth to take care of the rest of the mess, and of course we had washed our hands as soon as we made it to the bathroom. Once all empty and cleaned, we headed back to our bedroom.

“I”m sure I know the answer already, but should we clean our plugs, change out the batteries in them and our cock rings, and install them once more before diapering each other up as thickly as we deserve?” I asked.

“Absolutely. What about school though, we probably should be going?” Trent asked.

“I don”t know if you”ve noticed the time or not, but it”s already after eight, school started fifteen minutes ago already, and there”s no fucking way I”m going there now, because right now I deserve to be plugged and padded like a good gay baby boy diaper lover deserves.” I said, and both Jason and Trent whipped around to look at the clock, apparently neither had realized that we have been going for more than three hours now.

“Wow, that”s fucking amazing, and I totally agree.” Jason said, laughing.

“Okay, you don”t haveta twist my rubber arm. Plug and pad me like I deserve as well.” Trent said.

So, we cleaned our toys, reloaded their batteries, put the condoms on our plugs, and then one after the other, we got our toys installed. After having a fist inside me, especially Jason”s nice big one, my plug feels small, but it does still feel amazing as well. We then quadruple diapered each other, two of our thickest diapers, one with holes in them, and then two nice thick thirsty diaper doublers in them. We got ourselves well taped up, and now we are ready to face the day.

I cannot help but to notice just how gingerly we are all walking, almost as if we had recently had fists inside our asses or something. I giggled to myself, and then had to explain why I was laughing as we walked to the kitchen, and yes, we are holding hands. My baby boyfriends had to giggle at this as well. As soon as we made it, we started off by starting a large pot of tea, then got some breakfast started, and as we waited for both, we all had a couple nice big glasses of water. When breakfast was done, we sat and enjoyed that and our tea, and even though I cannot feel the need to eat or not, I do finally feel satisfied, my stomach is no longer loudly complaining at me. Jason and Trent both sighed as soon as they finished eating as well. Just then, Dad and Zayden emerged, and as hoped, Dad is diapered, very thickly so.

“Fuck, Daddy, you”re hot like that.” I groaned.

“Thanks.” He blushed cutely.

“Oh god, you”re both so fucking hot, fuck me now.” Jason groaned.

“I second that motion.” Trent said.

“Third, motion passes, the gay baby boy diaper loving slut alliance has decreed that you two shall fuck us all good and hard at your earliest convenience, preferably right now.” I giggled.

“I couldn”t even get hard right now to save my life. We just woke back up after passing out at seven. We woke at five and sucked and fisted each other for four hot fucking cums.” Dad said.

“Nice. So, are you two baby boyfriends now?” I ask curiously.

“Mmmhmm.” They both sighed deeply.

“Good, and are you ever gonna be outta diapers again Daddy?”

“No, Zayden made it perfectly clear when I asked him to be my slut that he”d only do so if I stayed wearing diapers, and I agreed.”

“It was hesitantly, but I made him feel very good about it.” Zayden grinned brightly.

“Good, you deserve it Daddy. You may not have allowed me to diaper you, and you always said they did nothing for you, but I always felt that you were lying to me. Something happened to you, probably when you were a kid, that made diapers bad, didn”t it?” I asked softly. “Please tell me, that”s the one thing you”ve always kept from me, you just couldn”t seem to share that one thing, even though we”ve pretty much shared everything else.”

“Yes. My dad caught onto the fact that I was a diaper lover, and he said he”d beat it outta me, and so, he did, repeatedly. If I wet, it was a beating, but I was and am still truly a bed wetter, so even though I needed diapers for bed, he just thought that I was doing it to spite him. How he found out, I was eight, I had cloth diapers for bed, and he caught me wearing them during the day, and as he beat me, he dragged it outta me that it wasn”t my first time, that I loved them, and “til the day I moved out when I was sixteen, that was my fate. For eight long years, I put up with him hitting me, yelling at me, calling me such horrific names, he beat the diaper love outta me. The only thing that prevents me from wetting the bed, I get up three to four times a night to go pee, but still once or twice a month, I wet the bed. I”ve even wet when you slept with me, but I just made sure that you were super soggy and led you to believe that you”d leaked in my bed, although it was kinda hot sticking my dick inside your diaper and peeing it until it flooded. Of course I never made a big deal out of it, told you that it happens, that there”s nothing to be ashamed of, but I always was. That was my huge shame, that was my huge secret. The problem is, as hard as he tried, I don”t think my father truly managed to beat it outta me, because this is like finally coming home, I”m finally diapered again, how I dreamed of when I was a kid, and I just can”t go back, not any more.”

“Oh Daddy, why”d you never tell me before?” I asked in shock.

I knew my dad hated his dad, that they had not spoken since Dad was sixteen, and he would start shaking uncontrollably any time his father was brought up. But this I had no idea about.

“Because, it”s so traumatic. It took years of therapy, my therapist wanted me to charge him, have him jailed, but I couldn”t do it. The day I left, he broke my nose, gave me two solidly black eyes, amongst everything else, I just let him hit me, but then, when I felt my nose crush, something happened, I knew he was gonna kill me if I didn”t fight back, so I did the one thing I could. I was still so small and defenseless, you and I are the same there, still I”m not exactly big, and I kicked him in the nuts so hard that he went down like a bag of shit. Then I jumped on him and beat on him, I kicked, I hit, I even bit. When he passed out, I got dressed, I was still naked from having waken up to him beating me for wetting like an animal again, I always slept naked so”s to prevent wrecking any more than I needed to, and then I wrote him a letter, told him that I”m never seeing or speaking to him again. I left, I stole everything of any value, and left. I hit the bus station, got a ticket to as far as I could get with the cash I had, and that”s where we lived. The funny thing is, I grew up only a little more than an hour from here. And no, I will not check to see if the asshole”s still alive or anything.”

“Wow, no wonder you hid all that from me. Thanks for telling me now though.”

“I knew eventually I”d haveta come clean, and it”s probably for the best that I”m wearing such a gloriously thick diaper, because telling you that, even after all these years, made me peepee my diaper lots.”

“Thanks. Even though you never wanna see or talk to the asshole ever again, I want you to give me his name and birth date, I wanna find out if he”s still alive, and if so, what he”s doing. izmit escort bayan No, I won”t tell you any more than you want or need to know, and no, I”ll absolutely never arrange for you to meet, nothing good could come of that, I just think that if he”s dead, that you needta know that. Clearly he”s still hurting you, yesterday and today was good for you, clearly it”s helping you to heal, but you can”t possibly tell me that what he did to you doesn”t still hurt you.”

“I”d really rather not.” Dad whispered.

“Please give it to me Daddy, trust me, there”s no one on this planet that loves and trusts you more than I do, there”s no one on this planet you love and trust more than me. I can help you out, where no one else possibly can. Trust me, let me in.”

“Fine. But I can”t speak it, I”ll write it out for you later. Speaking the names of monsters is always bad.”

“Fair enough.” I said, and for good reason, Jason nodded his head.

“You said you understood how I grew up more than I could possibly know. Fuck, you had it at least a billion times worse than me.” Jason said, tears coming down, looking to dad as if he were a god.

“Yes, in many ways, it was worse, and I”m happy to have rescued you from all that. Heath knew I had a bad childhood, now he understands just how bad. Believe it or not, though, I toned it down, a lot, it was far worse than I can ever say, please don”t make me say some of the things he did and said to me, I”m just not strong enough.”

“You never haveta do anything you don”t want Daddy, just knowing now that you and I grew up the same is good enough for us. We”ll happily help you.” Jason said, and then went and hugged Daddy tenderly.

I ended up going and joining the hug a second later, then Trent did, and then Zayden came and wrapped his much bigger arms around all of us.

“Thanks.” Dad whispered several seconds after we let go.

We had to have stood there, hugging and silently crying for ten minutes or more, before letting go. We all have tears in our eyes, and in a way, I am happy for Dad, he let a lot of pain and hurt go this morning, and that can only be good.

“Oh god, now I understand.” I all of a sudden said. “Every time we saw certain men wherever we went, you”d freeze up, start shaking, and almost look like you were gonna puke or pee your pants. They reminded you of your dad, didn”t they?”

“Oh yeah, even now, if I see someone who looks like a redneck hillbilly biker, because that”s exactly what my father was, it slams into me. He was fat, no hair on his head, massive full facial beard, and more tattoos than a tattoo parlour has. I”m thankful that I look nothing like that rat bastard, if I hadta see him every time I looked in the mirror, I just don”t know what I”d do. Fuck, so many have asked me why I don”t have tattoos, that”s the reason. I guess my mother was a scrawny little bitch, because that”s truly who I am, I must look like her, and thank god, you look like me Heath, though you do have a fair bit of your mother in you as well.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I”ll certainly never bring someone who looks like that home for you to fuck then.”


“So, Daddy, just how straight are you then?”

“Maybe twenty percent, though as the years go by, that number truly is shrinking. Back when I met your mother, I thought I was thirty to forty percent straight, and by the way, she felt the same way too, we really enjoyed our parties. I loved her, we loved each other, but we weren”t and were never gonna be strictly faithful with each other, that”s not what we wanted. We actually wanted to have a mess of kids, we”d often talked about ten or so kids, but, as it turns out, I”m damn near infertile, my little guys aren”t very strong, so we hadta have help just to get pregnant the once. We were in therapy to get pregnant a second time when your mom was killed, it hadn”t taken so far, though we”d already tried five or six more times. The doctors warned us that as I got older, my sperm count was receding even more. The last time I went to the doctor before we moved, he did one last sperm count, and yeah, I”m now fully infertile, yet, I still cum buckets full, I think Zayden is rather happy with how full I filled him.”

“Hell yeah, I”ve never had a cum enema like you gave me.” He grinned brightly.

“Fuck, now I wanna have you fuck and fill me.” I said, Trent and Jason both nodded eagerly at that as well.

“Yeah, well, here”s a secret Baby, I”ve wanted to fuck you since you were like five.”

“Really, then why didn”t you, I so totally woulda let you?” I groaned.

“It”s already not right that I”ll do that to you now, and unless you very clearly asked for it, I wasn”t gonna offer it. Your mom and I agreed on that early on, that we”d only do what our kids wanted to do, when they thought they were ready for it.”

“Really, she was the same.”

“Yes. In fact, not long before she was killed, we had a pair of eleven year old twins, one boy, one girl, and we had a really good fucking night. The funny thing was, you were in your crib, in our room, you were asleep when we started, but you woke up, and watched us. Of course, you weren”t even a year old, so you wouldn”t have known or understood. Yet, when we finished and I went to change your cute little Pampers baby diaper, you were hard. The young boy we were fucking and having fun with, he came over and stroked your tiny little cocklett, said you were super cute, and even admitted that he”d totally liketa fuck your tiny little Pampered pussy and fill you good and full. I laughed and told him that I”d totally loveta watch that too, but that you really were too young still, that I didn”t wanna thrust you into that without your say. That would”ve been seriously wrong.”

“I”m not entirely convinced of that.”

“No, I”m sure you”re not, but it would”ve been.”

“So, tell me, how hard on you has it been, knowing deep down that you truly are a diaper lover, and always seeing me in thick thirsty baby diapers. You”ve never made me wear clothes around the house.”

“Some days harder than my own dick, but, in a way, it was probably that that helped me more than anything, really. I always knew, yes, that deep down, I am still a diaper lover, well, getting to see you in soggy diapers, and enjoy them so fully, always made me feel good. Fucking boys through their soggy diapers, that always made me feel good, yet, the very few times I let someone diaper me, it hurt. I wanted something so bad that my mind told me I simply couldn”t have. It”s been getting harder and harder lately though, my mind was slowly letting go of that pain, and I”d almost talked myself into it almost a hundred times in the past month or two. Now I can”t go back.”

“Did my mom know any of this?”

“Some, but not all. She was one of the very first people I met when I arrived, we were together for a lot of years, we admitted a lot to each other, she even admitted to me that she”d loveta have hot diaper sex with me, or anyone else, but I couldn”t do it, I wasn”t ready. Yes, she knew of what caused the beatings, I admitted to her that I”d loved diapers, and she asked if she could bring that diaper love back. But, I wasn”t ready, told her that, but that if I ever was, that I”d let her, and she knew it, and she would”ve done it for me too. I almost was, too, before she was killed, seeing you in your Pampers every day was hard on me, it was making me feel things, even for you, that I was starting to understand more. I”ve never had the desire to fuck a young child, truthfully, twelve is when they start to become attractive to me, but seeing you in your cute little baby diapers, it really was starting to affect me.

“Had I asked her to, she would”ve done it in a heartbeat, and I know for a fact that she indulged in diaper sex when we were apart, in fact she told me about her first, with a thirteen year old diaper lover girl, you were maybe three months old at the time. When you were five, though, and I started to see just how gay you were truly becoming, I”d suspected from the time you were three that you”d be a hundred percent gay, as well how much you were truly loving your diapers, by then you wouldn”t have given them up, ever, that was actually the first time I purposefully found a guy, he was sixteen, almost seventeen, that wanted to be diaper fucked. I wasn”t diapered, just he was, it was years more before I could let someone diaper me up, but I fucked him, hard and deep, and we did that for fucking near three years, all because of you.

“Had you asked me then to teach you, my cock woulda said yes, you were such a shockingly beautiful little boy, still are really, and even though I don”t truly want kids, especially that young, you truly did have that something special that was driving me mad. You were solely the reason I got into any sort of diaper sex, and now, here you are, the reason I”m finally in diapers again. Yes, there”s no one on this planet I love or trust more than you, and when you”re ready, I”m so gonna pump you full.”

“I”m ready whenever you are.” I said, and then went forth and did one of the things that I have wanted to do since I was little, give my daddy a not so father and son kiss.

“Mmm, you kiss amazingly.” Dad sighed.

“I”ve wanted to do that to you since I was five or six. I know I was in grade one for sure the first time I dreamed of doing that to you. Granted, I”d already caught you fucking, and I truly enjoyed the show, and I woulda asked you then and there to fuck me too, but, I didn”t think you”d want a faulty little baby boy.”

“God, that”s so fucking far from the truth, it”s not even funny.”

“Yeah, but, izmit sınırsız escort you know, had I seen you diaper fuck someone, anyone, he or she woulda been thrown off you, and I would hopped on you instantly.”

“That”s actually the reason I never did that at home. I already knew by the time you were six what you wanted.”

“Figures. I coulda lost my virginity and been diaper fucked when I was like five or six then.”

“Mid six is when I started to truly see it in you, and had I shown you that, your shocking horniness woulda driven your little Pampered pussy onto my cock, no matter what it did to you. You weren”t ready for me, not then, though you started playing, a lot, not long after that, and by the time you were seven, I was already pretty certain you could”ve taken me whole.”

“You really knew all that even then?”

“Yes, mostly because I knew you so well, but I also always had tracking programs on your computer. I never blocked you from anything, but I always knew what you were looking at. Fuck, you started reading before you were five, by the age of six, you could already read well enough that you were looking at Nifty once or twice a week, by seven, it was pretty near every day. I saw the stories you enjoyed most of all, and if they were diaper love stories as well, you bookmarked them and read them several times I”m sure.”

“Oh yeah, still have a bunch of them saved and read them from time to time.” I laughed.

To know my dad knows all this truly does not bother me, I just wish that I had known sooner, because I so totally would have lost my virginity to my own father had I have.

“Yeah, I don”t doubt that, and while I do still have the tracking on your computers, I rarely ever look any more, I mean, what more is there to know. I do ensure that you”re not giving out personal info when you email people, or on chat sites and shit like that, and I”m glad my warnings to you were always heeded, because had you have, like I threatened, I would”ve taken away your computer, for more than long enough that you probably woulda gone mad.”

“No, I never did what you very clearly told me I simply wasn”t allowed to do.”

“I know. So, other than Trent and Jason, I know you”ve sucked a few boys, several times, but how come you never found yourself someone to have fun with?”

“I was searching, believe you me, have been since I was eight, but I absolutely haveta have a gay baby diaper lover as well. I won”t even let someone fuck me unless he”s diapered, and soggy, and as much as I searched, fuck did I search, I never found another diaper lover nearby. I”ll suck an undiapered dick, it”s not as enjoyable, but if I was gonna give my baby bum, they hadta be diapered, and I wanted to fuck a baby diapered bum as well.”

“Ah, I wondered if that were the case. You coulda had your pick of boys, but they wouldn”t wear diapers. Did you ever ask anyone?”

“No, just never could.”

“You shoulda, I bet that at least one of the boys you sucked woulda totally got diapered to get the chance to have sex with you.”

“Except none of them were actually gay. There was one I thought might be, but only might. They just enjoyed getting to fuck my mouth.”

“Mmmm, that boy, Anthony, I”m sure you remember him, I know he was one of the boys you sucked, that boy was as gay as they come, of that I can personally guarantee.”

“Yeah, him, but why would you know that?” I ask curiously.

“Because he slipped his hot little thirteen year old ass down my fat fucking cock, as he was telling me how amazing you were at sucking cock. I asked him why he didn”t suck you as well. He said that you never asked, and that he was too ashamed to do it, but had you asked, he woulda.”

“How”d you meet and find that out?”

“We met online, and when I invited him over, he said he knows you, and as he sat astride me, he told me all about that. Of course, we moved only the next week, but he was gonna offer you his ass as well.”

“Fuck, that sucks, he was pretty hot, but I only woulda done so had he agreed to be diapered, and soggy.”

“He was a right kinky little slut boy, I think you coulda talked him into it. He wanted to be talked extra dirty to as I was fucking him, and when he fucked me, especially when he dumped his young boy cream inside me, he talked super dirty to me. Too late now, though, and when he emailed me last week, he said he has a boyfriend, a very hot sixteen year old who has a cock every bit as big as me, and that they love fucking and getting nasty with each other. I told him that I”m happy for him.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“And at least now you”ll getta be fucked nearly any time you want, because us baby boyfriends are so gonna fuck and fill each other as often as we can.” Trent grinned brightly.

“And that”s good, and I think Zayden and I”ll even indulge in all three of your amazingly sexy gay baby bums on occasion, however, remember, you do all still haveta go to school, I wanna ensure that all three of you get top marks, so that you can get into whichever field of study that you desire, and if you get excellent scholarships as well, that”ll only help. I have more than enough to send all three of you to any university in the entire world for ten years each, but why pay more than we haveta.

“No, you absolutely must concentrate on your schooling, do as well for yourselves as you possibly can, so that once you start working, you have something that you truly love. Look at me. I was raised as nothing, a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of a shoe, as you all know, so, I knuckled down, I did my absolute best in school, I actually graduated not long before I left home, two years early, I knew what I wanted to do, and practically hadta sell my soul to get myself through university, but, the funny thing is, the programming work I did for the school, they agreed to erase my debts, because I did so much work for them and made their computer systems work perfectly for everything they needed. Granted, I coulda hacked in and changed anything I wanted to anyway. Hell, I could probably break into a bank and do what I want, but I won”t.” Dad laughed.

“Oh, I didn”t know that Dad, but you know I”d already be graduating in just another year or two if the school”d only let me do the grades I should be in.” I said.

“And my marks aren”t anywhere near good enough for that.” Jason said.

“All you haveta do is try, and ask for help, never, and I mean, never be ashamed to ask for help.” Dad said.

“As for your wanting to skip, Heath, sadly, we”re simply not allowed to do that. It”s baffling, we”re not allowed to skip kids ahead who desperately need it, nor are we allowed to fail kids who desperately need it. Fuck, I have at least half a dozen kids who can”t even read past grade three, and are not much better in math, yet, I still have them. They should”ve been held back, given extra help, but no, that”s not how it”s done, how dare we make kids feel inferior. Yeah, except, I know those poor kids already do. I”m doing all I can for them, in fact, Heath, I think you should take one of them under your wing, he”s a little cutie pie, I”m absolutely certain he”s gay, and from the smell, I”m also certain he”s a bed wetter that doesn”t get protection, nor does he get to shower every morning. I also happen to know that his and Trent”s moms are pretty near the same.” Zayden said.

“Tell me who he is, and I”ll help him out, in all ways possible, if I can. As for not allowing me to skip, I know, it”s outta your hands, but it”s really fucking stupid.”

“Yes, I agree. I”ll talk to the boy tomorrow and ask him if he”d liketa meet you and maybe arrange something.”


“Now, Boys, as much as I know you wanna drag Zayden and I to bed, and ride us “til we”re either dead, or you”re satisfied, whichever comes last, that”s simply not gonna happen today, I”ll have nothing left to offer “til late tonight at the very least, for some strange reason I”m feeling more than a little drained, and we won”t tonight anyway, because I want you three well rested for school tomorrow. As it is, you”re missing today, and you really shouldn”t be. Which is why there should never be any serious playing on Sunday”s, especially nights, and same with all school nights really. I know and understand just how fucking horny you three are becoming, and I absolutely know just how hard it”ll be to hold off, every pun intended of course, but keep it more tame throughout the week, you don”t needta be fucking raw and raunchy every day, and really, you simply don”t needta, it”s much more special if it”s only a rare treat.”

“Yeah, we already know that.” I said.

“I know, doesn”t mean you haveta like it, though, right.” Dad grinned at me.

“No, but I admit, having full on raw and raunchy sex sure is tiring, and getting fist fucked does tend to wear you out even more.”

“Nice, my baby”s a right slut, just like me, but yeah, I totally fucking agree.” Dad grinned again.

“Thanks, nicest thing you”ve said to me in a long time.” I grinned back.

“I bet.”

For the rest of the day, we sat back and played and had lots of fun together, we talked lots, laughed lots more, really got to know each other even better. I mean, Dad and I”ve never really had any real secrets, yet, we still told each other lots more that we had no idea. While dad still did not really tell a lot about his childhood, he did tell us more. It was a really nice day, actually. When us baby boys went to bed, we sucked each other, one after the other, until we got to suck each of our boyfriends once, and then we changed our massively thick and soggy baby diapers, going only double thick, since that is what we prefer, and really, we cannot make more than that worthwhile, since there is no point in wasting a perfectly good baby diaper, and we know we will have to shower and change each other in the morning anyway.

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