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Mike’s Chastity Ch. 01

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Mike was a nineteen year old high school dropout. Because his dad was rich, he felt little need to work hard. He had never had a job, or a girlfriend, spending most of his time in his room. He spent the majority of his time playing video games, or jerking off to femdom porn.

Mike’s desire to be dominated was the main reason he had never had a girlfriend. His fetish, coupled with his awkward personality, made just talking to girls a relatively difficult task for Mike.

His life changed dramatically when his father met Stacy. At 34, she was sixteen years younger than his father. She was also one of sexiest women Mike had ever seen. She looked about five years younger than she was, with very smooth skin. Mike loved everything about her: her long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, her D cup breasts, her beautifully proportioned 5′ 10″ frame, everything.

Stacy seemed to notice, and teased him whenever his father was not around. She asked Mike very personal questions and asked why he had not yet had a girlfriend.

Due to his shyness, these questions made him very uncomfortable.

“Are you gay?” She once taunted.

Mike had gone red with embarrassment on this occasion.

But nothing could prepare him for what was about to happen. Mike’s father had gone away for a month long business trip, and Mike was jerking off to some femdom porn when Stacy walked into his room.

Mike quickly shut his laptop and covered himself with his blanket.

“Ha! Caught you!” Stacy shouted.

“I-, I-,” Mike stammered.

“I knew you were a dirty boy,” Stacy laughed. “Let’s see what my little dirtybird likes.”

Stacy smiled triumphantly and opened his laptop.

She laughed when she saw the femdom porn.

“So you want to be dominated huh slut?” Stacy asked.

“Stand up,” Stacy told Mike.

He hesistantly did so.

“Strip,” Stacy ordered.

Mike shook with embarrassment as he took his shirt off and dropped his pants.

“The undies too,” Stacy grinned.

When Mike hesitated, Stacy pulled them down.

She examined his hard cock. She put a finger on the head izmir escort bayan of his dick. She got some of his precum on her finger and held it to his mouth.

“Suck.” Stacey ordered.

Mike shied away.

“Suck!” Stacey said, much more forcefully.

Stacy plunged her finger into his mouth and he meekly sucked. He felt degraded as he tasted his precum and kept sucking.

“There we go my little whore,” Stacy cooed.

Stacy began fondling Mike’s cock and balls with her other hand. She pulled out her finger out of Mike’s mouth.

“Do you want to cum?” Stacy asked.

“Yes,” Mike said.

“Come with me.” Stacy ordered.

Using his cock like a leash, she led him down the hall to room. Stacy sat down on her bed and made Mike get on his knees.

“Take off my shoes,” Stacy ordered.

“Sure.” Mike said as he obeyed.

“Now suck on my toes,” Stacy ordered.

Mike put Stacy’s toes in his mouth, and sucked hungrily.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Stacy said. “Suck on those toes you dirty boy.

This continued for a few minutes.

Eventually Stacy let him stop and him jerk off for her.

“Stroke slowly, don’t cum until I say so,” Stacy commanded.

“Ok Stacy,” Mike responded.

“From now on you’ll call me Mistress.” Stacy stated.

“Yes Mistress,” Mike replied.

“Good. Eyes down, look at my feet, jerk slowly.” Stacy ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” Mike said.

Stacy smiled as she watched Mike jerk off.

“Stroke it whore, stroke it.” Stacy cooed.

Mike was about to cum, and Stacy knew it.

“Stop!” Stacy commanded.

Frustrated at being so close, he looked up pleadingly at Stacy.

Stacy lightly slapped him across his face.

“Eyes down, I didn’t give you permission to look up.” Stacy stated.

“Sorry Mistress,” Mike said.

Stacy lightly kicked Mike’s balls.

Mike groaned.

Stacy kicked again.

“Do you want to cum for me slut?” Stacy asked.

“Yes!” Mike almost shouted.

“Yes what?” Stacy demanded.

“Yes Mistress.” Mike responded.

“That’s better. escort izmir Now beg me to let you cum.” Stacy ordered.

“Oh please Mistress, please let me cum.” Mike begged.

“I’m not very convinced slut.” Stacy said.

“Oh please Mistress, let me shoot my cum out of my dick. Please Mistress let me shoot my cum everywhere! Please Mistress!” Mike begged.

“Alright you may cum, but not until I tell you to. Stroke slowly.” Stacy ordered.

Mike stroked slowly while Stacy encouraged him.

“That’s it boy. Stroke it.” Stacy cooed.

“Are you my little cumslut?” She teased.

“Yes.” Mike replied.

“I can’t hear you,” Stacy said in an authorative tone.

“Yes!” Mike said again, much louder.

“Close your eyed and tilt your head up. I want to watch your face when you cum.” Stacy ordered.

Mike obeyed.

“Ok boy, now cum for me! Cum for me now!” Stacy said.

Mike shot the biggest load of his life, when he looked down and saw all of his cum on Stacy’s feet he was amazed.

“Lick it all off,” Stacy commanded.

“What?” Mike exclaimed.

“You heard me,” Stacy responded. “Do it now bitch!”

Mike meekly took Stacy’s foot and began licking, it tasted weird but he cleaned the foot soon enough. He took Stacy’s second foot and licked it clean much faster.

Stacy was laughing the whole time, Mike felt terribly degraded.

“Somebody likes cum.” Stacy smirked .

Mike remained silent.

“Ok boy, so this is what’s going to happen. You are going to be my slave for the whole month. Understand?”

“What?!” Mike responded.

Stacy grabbed Mike by his hair and pulled his head back so he was looking up at her.

“You heard me bitch!” Stacy ordered.

“Yes Mistress,” Mike meekly replied.

“Good boy,” Stacy smiled.

Stacy let go of Mike’s hair and stood up.

“Stay there boy, I’ll be right back,” Stacy ordered.

Mike stayed on his knees, contemplating his fate for the next month. He had always wanted to be dominated, but now that it was actually happening he wasn’t so sure

Stacy came back in a couple izmir escort of minutes later. Mike felt something being slipped around his neck. As Stacy locked it with a key Mike realized it was a dog collar!

“Slaves wear collars,” Stacy stated. “Now stand up.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mike obeyed.

Stacy held some kind of belt in front of Mike.

“This is a cock cage. You’ll wear it so you want cum unless I let you.” Stacy said.

“Is this-,” Mike started to protest.

Stacy cut him off with a look. Mike submitted and allowed Stacy to help him get the belt on. She locked the cage.

“Well, not that your cock is all mine and all locked up it’s time for some fun,” Stacy leered.

“What kind of fun Mistress?” Mike asked.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Stacy smiled.

She clipped a leash to Mike’s collar.

“Now follow me.”

Mike walked a pace behind Stacy until she led him to the living room. She had him bend over the couch, and tied the leash to the bottom of the couch.

“Now, I am going to get you used to pain; you will be whipped a lot this month.”Stacy said.

She retrieved her riding crop.

“Just 10 lashes but don’t move or cry out,” said Stacy.


Mike cried out.

“Dammit Mike! Cry out again and I’ll gag you!” Stacy scolded.

Mike nodded.

Stacy whipped him the second time.

Mike stayed silent.

Stacy whipped him a third time.

“Ahh!” Mike cried out.

“What did I tell you?” Stacy snapped.

Mike heard her rummaging around. A second later Stacy stuffed a ball gag in his mouth.

Stacy laid the next lashes down in rapid succession.








Stacy unclipped Mike’s leash and took out his gag.

“You did pretty well for your first time, but you’ll have to get better if you want to minimize your beatings.” Stacy said.

“Ok Mistress.” Mike said.

“Now follow me,” Stacy ordered.

Mike followed Stacy to her bedroom. Stacy tied Mike’s hands above his head to the bed. She blindfolded him.

“I suggest you get lots of rest. Tomorrow will be a rough day.” Stacy said.

Stacy spent the next hour teasing Mike’s nipples and pulling his hair. She finally rolled over and slept, allowing Mike to do so as well.

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