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Mind Control Harem Ch. 04.5: Puppylove

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*Note to readers: I thank you for the few comments you’ve been giving, I really do like to read all of them, and I’ve been trying to take your advice. I wish I could respond to them, but I don’t think I can; if you’d like me to respond, you can send feedback with your e-mail. Thanks again =^^= *


As expected, Jenny also moved in with Justin and Bella, so now there were 5 people living in the apartment. She never really did much in terms of studying or working, since, in reality, she was already pretty wealthy from inheritance. So, Justin and Bella decided to take advantage of that to help sustain the slaves. After all, Justin, Bella and Sophie could support themselves, but May was almost helpless as she had become a little nymphomaniac, dependent because of her arousal with her breasts, and Jenny didn’t provide for herself to begin with, not to mention she had been turned into a giggly bimbo.

It was the weekend, and Bella had decided to sleep in when Justin woke up. He smiled sweetly, kissed her on the forehead, and left the room quietly, seeing Sophie sleeping soundly, curled up in her dog cage in the corner.

As he walked down the hallway, he approached Bimbodoll and Tittytoy’s room, which was a single room, filled with all the sex toys and machines that Justin and Bella had, so that they could satisfy their girly needs whenever they wanted. Or, they could be used to play with the girls and push them past their limits.

Neither of the two slaves were asleep, though. It seemed that they had woken up a while back, as the floor was already newly wet with their juices. Bimbodoll had a dildo shoved up her cunt, which she was slowly and weakly bouncing on, as if she had been doing it for a while; the dildo was stuck on the floor, facing up, and she was squatting down onto it, moaning as her inflated buttcheeks touched the floor each time she lowered herself, and the dildo consequently penetrated her extremely sensitive vagina. She didn’t have panties on, and was only wearing her tight, slutty hot pink t-shirt that she had bought since she became a bimbo which said “I luv 8==D” in red on it; it had a large open front to blatantly expose her cleavage, and because it was so tight, it plainly revealed her erect nipples, as she had no bra on. Lowering herself onto the dildo was especially hard considering that she was standing on her pink heels, too.

Tittytoy, meanwhile, was pushing one of her huge breasts upwards and sucking on the nipple, while groping the other one liberally and pinching its nipple. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, her legs wide open, revealing her dripping pussy. It was obvious the 2 girls had already cum, probably multiple times, since they woke up.

Justin wasn’t here to help them today, though. As he walked into the room, Bimbodoll greeted him by giggling and saying “Hi Daddy!” (Justin hadn’t told her to call him that, but it didn’t bother him so he never told her off). As she did so, her heels slipped from under her and she dropped completely onto the dildo, moaning and whimpering loudly as her ass hit the floor, the dildo shoved deep in her pussy now. Tittytoy, meanwhile, gripped her breasts hard as she saw Justin, forcing herself to cum yet again from the arousal of her hypersensitive melons. As she squirted all over the floor in front of her, she looked up at Justin, her eyes glazed over from the pleasure. “…Hello, master…”

“Hey, girls.” Justin was almost whispering. As he walked into the room, he looked through the drawers of “goodies” to find what he was looking for: some specific toys to condition a certain puppy. “Don’t be too loud, sluts. Bella’s sleeping in the next room.” The slaves nodded (Bimbo giggling an apology), before continuing to pleasure themselves, moaning a bit more softly now.

As Justin left the room, he walked back to his and Bella’s room. In the corner, Sophie was sleeping on her dog mat on the floor, inside of her little cage. It was big enough to be comfortable, but still so small that her fat ass was pressed against the thin metal bars. She was wrapped up in a cute little blanket with little doggy bone patterns all over it. She was their puppy, after all.

Justin kneeled in front of the cage, and opened its lock: a simple door latch. Puppy could have easily opened it from the inside under normal circumstances, but since Master ordered her not to, she couldn’t; her programming literally wouldn’t let her, no matter how much she tried. She was reduced to a dependant little pet.

She woke up as he opened the door, and when she looked up at him, he had a slight playful smirk on his face. He held his finger to his lips, signalling to her that she try to keep it down. He grabbed her leash and led her out of the cage. As she got out, she stretched, pushing her back in as she raised her ass and extending her legs, her elbows still on the ground. As she stretched, Justin grabbed her ass nonchalantly. She blushed, but, of course, didn’t resist, glaring trabzon escort cynically back at him. He then led her out of them room, again approaching Bimbo and Tits’s room, but this time passing it and continuing into the living room.

As Bitchpuppy followed him, she noticed he was carrying a bag full of something Probably toys to please and torment her. She felt herself get excited, as she did like playing with Master. She swayed her ass and tail behind her like she was trained to do, and kept following him. They stopped in the middle of the living room.

“Sit.” Sophie sat, and the buttplug was pushed deeper inside her as she did so, making her moan. “Good girl.” He groped one of her breasts as a reward, and she moaned again in response.

He then kneeled in front of her, looking at her a bit more seriously. “Now, Sophie. I’m going to train your ass to be very sexually sensitive, a new g-spot for you.” Sophie blushed again, and looked away, a cutely reluctant look on her face. “I’m only going to ask once, and I order you to answer honestly. How far do you want me to go with this?”

Though Sophie always harbored a little reluctance, she almost never felt actually worried, because, in little moments like this, she could see that Justin wasn’t doing anything carelessly or without consideration. Sophie, still looking away, immediately responded, “As far as you can take it, please, Master…” She felt extremely embarrassed for saying it, but she didn’t have a choice but to answer honestly. So she did. Justin smiled, a little surprised. But, instead of teasing her again, he placed his hand on her head without a hint of condescension. “Good Puppy.” She felt like he was actually rewarding her, and she had to admit that, in contrast with the blunt pleasure of being used as a fuckpet, being pampered felt good. She felt a little jealous that Bella got to have it all the time, though not too much. Though she didn’t look at him, she murmured,

“Thanks.” It was sincere.

Justin nodded in response, before starting to sift through his bag. “Alright. But no more talking, Bitch. Ass inspection position.”

Bitchpuppy responded obediently and turned around, her ass facing him. But she wasn’t done. She then lowered her breasts onto the floor, laying on them, and raised her ass as high as she could while staying on her knees. She curved her back inwards and with her free hands, separated her asscheeks, completely revealing her asshole and the buttplug tail it had shoved in.

Master took 3 syringes from the bag. Bitchpuppy started to panic as she saw them, but Justin calmed her down, rubbing his large hands against her ass. “Don’t worry Puppy. Not yet. Masturbate to calm down, and rub your tits against the floor. No cumming yet, though.”

Bitchpuppy barked in response, still a little scared. She started rubbing her cunt with one hand, still using the other to keep her ass open, and, at the same time, she pushed herself forward and backward, making her breasts and nipples rub against the warm rug. She started to moan as her cunt got hotter and wetter, feeling admittedly humiliated, oversexualizing herself so much; she looked and felt like a bitch in heat.

As she did this, Master took her buttplug by the tail and started to pull it out. At the first tug, she whimpered, but he kept pulling as she kept fingerfucking herself, until it finally popped out, and she gasped with relief.

“Present your ass again.”

Bitchpuppy obliged and stopped masturbating, using both hands to hold her ass open again, though still rubbing her breasts against the floor. Master took the first syringe, which looked distinct from the other two. He held her ass with one hand, and with the other, stuck the syringe into the rim of her asshole.

“No moving, Puppy. This will only hurt a little bit” She barked, her eyes watery, and nodded as he injected a part of the serum into her asshole. But he wasn’t done. With the same syringe, he injected her a little deeper in, and repeated this process as deep as the syringe could go, until all the serum was used up.

As he was doing this, Puppy was trying as hard as she could not to cry, though she would let out whimpers of pain every time. It wasn’t excruciating, but she didn’t like the thought of so the needle in her ass. Justin, meanwhile, felt pretty bad for her, but he made sure not to stop the process because of his sympathy; still, he kept gently rubbing her ass to keep her a little more calm.

As he finished up with her asshole, he told her so and she smiled, nodding, as tears rolled down her cheeks. He knew she was strong-willed, so this must have been pretty had for her to make her cry.

“I’m sorry, Sophie. How about you rest for a little bit?” She nodded gratefully. After lubricating her asshole with cream to prevent infection and to stop the swelling, she curled up in his lap. She normally wouldn’t do so voluntarily, as she was a little too proud, but for the time being, she cared tunalı escort more about the nice warm comfort of it than she did about her appearance. As she whimpered from the pain, she even let him comfort her by petting her head.

As she laid there, he reached for his bag (assuring her that he wasn’t taking out another syringe yet). He pulled out a little doggy treat, in the shape of a bone. As soon as she saw it, she blushed, her eyes still red from crying. A dog treat? He must be intentionally trying to humiliate her. He chuckled in response. “It’s not pointless, it’ll help.” She opened her mouth submissively, though a little reluctantly, since she couldn’t disobey anyways.

He plopped the dog treat between her soft lips, and she crunched down on it, maybe chewing a little too enthusiastically. It tasted sweet as she felt it dissolve in her mouth. But, strangely, she immediately felt the substance travel through her body; as it reached her asshole, it activated, reacting with the injected serum. The pain in her asshole started to numb, and as it did, she felt her asshole get more sensitive, as if her nerves were developing, becoming more volatile. As she swallowed the dog treat, she let out a little gasp of pleasure, sitting up straight in Master’s lap, and curving her back in as she felt a jolt of arousal from her asshole.

“Arf!” she let out a little involuntary yip, looking at Master a little desperately, as she had realized what was happening; her asshole was becoming more of an erogenous zone.

“We’re not done yet, Puppy,” he chuckled.

He placed his palm on her ass and turned her away from him. He then warned Sophie that he was going to start again, and, though she let out a little yelp of fear, she nodded in response, though she wasn’t sure what was left to do. He took the second syringe, and injected it multiple times into Bitchpuppy’s asscheeks, to her surprise, in different spots. She then realized that it wouldn’t just be her asshole; her asscheeks were gonna be as, if not more, sensitive than her breasts. The first time he stuck her with the needle, she started whimpering again, so to make her feel better, as he injected her the remained times, he used his other hand to finger her asshole, making her start to moan with pleasure again. She felt her vagina start to get wet and her nipples get hard as he fingered her newly sensitive asshole.

He continued onto the next buttcheek, using the last syringe and using up the last of the serum. Once he was done, she was dripping, clenching her asshole tight around his fingers as she groped her breasts desperately, trying to cum, though she still couldn’t until Master ordered her to. Her asscheeks stung as well, but this quickly went away once he fed her another dog treat: the pain, again, melted into pleasure, as she could feel nerves activating in her ass.

As she sat up, sitting on her heels, she let out a loud moan. Her asscheeks were much more sensitive than her breasts. As soon as her ass touched her heels, she buckled forward, covering her pussy with her hands as it writhed and spasmed with pleasure (still, not cumming though). She fell forward onto her hands, keeping her ass off of her heels and in the air (facing Master) so that it wouldn’t touch anything.

She moaned, looking back at him, distress in her eyes. He smiled mischievously at her, raising an eyebrow. “What’s up, Puppy?” He then cupped her asscheeks with his hands, gently at first, to not get her too overwhelmed. She whimpered in response, glaring back at him as she was well aware that he was teasing her. She pressed her ass back against his hands, moaning again as her juices dripped down her thighs; she was insisting that he please let her cum, alleviate her needs.

Master spread Puppy’s cheeks apart, inspecting her moist lips, and, satisfied with how much she was dripping, he pushed his thumb into her asshole, making her desperately wave her hips and push her ass harder against him.

“Well, if you want to be treated like a bitch in heat, you have to act like one.” Puppy blushed as Master took his hands off her ass. She was glaring back at him, feeling humiliated, but she sighed, as her expression softened and she started to raise her ass submissively. She couldn’t help but compare herself to Tittytoy. Maybe she wasn’t entirely subjugated by her new erogenous zones, but she sure as hell was submitting to them, to her libido. She was more subservient than ever before. In response to his suggestion, she obeyed. And not because she had to, since it wasn’t an order. She obeyed because she was a bitch in heat. Bitchpuppy lowered her breasts onto the ground again, rubbing her nipples against the floor. She started swaying her hips as she presented her ass and dripping cunt for him, spreading her asscheeks for him again. And, to top it all off, she barked and started whimpering as if she were begging, while looking back at him innocently and needily.

Master smiled. She was tunceli escort domesticated. A bitch in heat, and not because he ordered her to be. He could always remove her erogenous zones (he made sure that everything he had done to his slaves was reversible). But as long as she was his bitch in heat, she would be willingly tame.

Finally giving her what she craved, he undid his pants and pulled out his (obviously) hard cock, before groping her ass and pulling her towards his hips by her own. She moaned as he groped her, his masculine hands stimulating the new arousal from her asscheeks, but her moaning only intensified as he pressed the head of his cock against her asshole; it was much more intense than any cock in her pussy had ever made her feel. She tried to push her ass back so his cock would completely penetrate her, but her held her stubbornly in place with his hands, keeping her under control. She kept pushing in slowly, her moans getting louder and louder, until he finally had his entire cock in. her asshole. Bitchpuppy pressed her breasts as hard as she could against the ground, not able to fondle them since she was still holding her buttcheeks open for Master.

He pulled out until the head with his hips, before starting to push his cock in again, faster this time. Eventually, he was thrusting (as well as pulling her ass back rhythmically, hard enough for her ass slapping against his hips to be audible and loud, and each slap against her cheeks filling her with increasingly unbearable pleasure), and with every thrust, her breasts were pushed against the floor, making her moan even louder.

Not wanting her to wake Bella, Justin had predicted that Sophie might get too loud with her new g-spots. He reached for his satchel and pulled out a large white dildo gag, before pulling Bitchpuppy’s head towards him by the leash, making her curve her back extremely far back towards him. He held her cheeks between her fingers to get her mouth open and, with his other hand, roughly shoved the dildo down her throat, still making sure not to hurt her. However, it was deep enough to make her gag. “Here, Bitch. Dogs like bones.” After strapping it behind her head, she stropped moaning and whimpering as loud, the gag muffling her sexy noises. He let her leash go, and she fell back onto her breasts on the floor, which made her whimper and moan.

Justin kept fucking her harder and faster, bouncing against her fat round ass as she felt pleasure build up, as if it were flowing from her asshole and cheeks into her cunt, until finally, he pulled her by the hair, making her face him.

“You can cum when you bark, Bitch.”

She immediately started barking wildly, but soon stopped, as the first one made her cunt burst, her juices gushing into a puddle on the floor as she screamed out through the dildo, her saliva dripping down in front of her. At the same time, Justin came inside of her ass, filling it with cum, before pulling out, and gently helping her to lay down.

As she lay in the puddle of her girly juices, Master’s cum streaming out of her asshole (tickling it because of how sensitive it was), Master spanked her fat ass, making her bark on impulse, before blushing.

“You really are my little bitch, aren’t you?”

At first, she blushed, but as he grabbed her ass, her now over-sensitive pussy started to convulse again out of pleasure, and she desperately submit.

“Ruff!” She barked and nodded obediently.

“Of course you are. Now on your hands and knees. I have one last present for you.”

She got into doggy position, and as she did so, she saw Master take out a new toy. It looked like… a buttplug tail? But she already had one, though. Then she realized this one was different. It had both a tail and a chain hanging off of it. And instead of a plug, it had… Then she realized. It was an anal hook. An anal hook with a puppy tail on it. He planned this out. He knew that a buttplug tail was already bad, but an anal hook tail would constantly pull against the inside of her ass walls. She’d be constantly aroused.

He shoved the hook into her ass, and it slid in quickly as his cock had made it more loose for the time being. She moaned through the dildo strap, which he then grabbed to pull her back, forcing her back to curve again, but this time more permanently: he connected the anal hook tail chain to the dildo strap, making her constantly curve her back and accentuate her curves. Master then spanked her. “This way, your fat ass will always look big and sexy, and I know how much you like your ass, Sophie. Wag your tail, Bitchpuppy.”

She shook her ass, making her tail wave, but only hardly, as every time she swayed it from side to side, her ass sent pleasure throughout her body, making her moan and impeding her from doing the full motion.

“Good girl.” He took her by the leash connected to her “Bitchpuppy” collar, and started to lead her back to the room, when he noticed she was walking very awkwardly because of the arousal of the hook. “Remember to sway your fat ass while you crawl, like a good little bitch.” She blushed, and gave a little bark. She then started to crawl again, swaying her ass, though, because she did so, she couldn’t help moaning and feeling her nipples get hard again.

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