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Misadventures of Mishi Ch. 03

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Mishi’s Bitches

(inspired by Dale 10)

Disclaimer: no one in this story is younger than 18

(See the “XXX-Women” series, “Luke Powers, Black Master” series and “The Perils of Greggie-Poo” for more Mishi action!)

* * * * *

“Camera! Action!” Mishi was filming one of her infamous videos. She sat casually in a canvas director’s chair dressed in expensive black, tight leather pants that clearly showed the outline of her huge cock. She wore a white turtleneck pullover that made her large boobs look even larger. On a small table next to her waited a very dry vodka martini and a selection of crackers with cheese.

The set had been created to look like a backyard. There was a blue-sky cyclorama, a picket fence, a doghouse, a tree… artificial grass, a picnic table, and even a sprinkler. It gave that detailed yet unreal feeling one gets watching soap operas on TV.

Mishi leaned in; something was stirring in the Doghouse.

Something stretched… one leg thrust its way out the door, a thin but well-toned white boy leg. Then the first animal appeared.

A teenaged blond boy crawled out of the doghouse.

He was stunningly beautiful… body in the bloom of teenage muscle.

Smooth, smooth skin.

The boys face was a work of art like something from a Boticelli painting. A spunky, snotty pouty boy face, big blue eyes, full young lips that looked moist and pink in the stage lights. The face had a brat quality about it that made boylovers want to slap it silly.

He crawled to one side and rolled in the grass as the second boy emerged. Both lads had been taught to crawl with their legs well spread so their little teenage penises and scrotums could be seen swinging. Both teenage boys were completely bared assed. The second boy had dark hair as black as his midnight eyes. His skin was more olive than he first boy’s. His body slightly more developed, yet equally as beautiful. His dick hung longer, thicker and flaccid, and his nipples were a bit larger. He, too, rolled naked in the grass.

“Okay… now doggies… do your morning duty,” Mishi directed. The video would be looped for sound later. The two boys got defeated, slightly sick looks on their faces… the viewers of the video would be able to tell this disgusting scene was being forced on them. What healthy normal teenage boy would crawl around naked in a video for old perverts unless he was forced into it?

The two puppy boys crawled over to the tree… there the blond haired boy raised one leg and with the camera catching every moment, proceeded to piss like a dog.

It was a stunning sight. This handsome naked kid with one leg raised, big boy foot outstretched… his tiny 3 inch piss hard-on whizzing hard and heavy into the grass. He hadn’t been allowed to piss all morning so the flow would be strong, dark and forceful.

The dark-haired boy had the harder task… the more humiliating acting job. He had to squat like a dog and take a shit. The camera moved in to catch every grimace on the kids face… then down to watch the young ass cheeks spread. The camera made love to the boy’s fresh pink asspucker moving in so the ass lips were clearly visible.

While one camera stayed on his asshole, the second camera panned back to capture the enticing sight of the squatting boy straining to take a shit in a very unnatural position. But the boy dreaded the reprisal if he didn’t produce, so he screwed up his handsome young face and soon the tip of a turd appeared at the asshole lips. The naked kid shit onto the grass, three big turds.

Mishi chuckled and took a bite of a cheese cracker.

“Now you two doggies are getting horny… you know how doggies get in the morning…so frig your nice teenage dicks up hard for me…”

The boys looked at the cameras and the director. Was that a slight trace of hate and defiance in their eyes? Mishi would have to take care of that.

“You boys better give me a good video, or it will be another treatment with the cattle prod for you. Now get those teenage pricks up and dripping for me.”

Both boys lay down on the grass on their backs as instructed and lifted and spread their boyish legs.

Then they frigged their pricks, shaved, hairless ball bags bouncing. They were terribly embarrassed to be doing this not only for a camera, but in front of each other.

Mishi knew that nothing embarrassed a boy that age so much as being debased and degraded in front of a peer, in front of another boy, especially with a woman as beautiful as Mishi watching. Until this very day, these boys had had no idea they both worked for Mishi. They were high school students in the very same school they had passed in the halls, spoken briefly in the cafeteria and now they were making a fuck video together. What a nice way for two schoolboys to get acquainted.

Mishi noticed that now the dark haired boy’s prick was definitely larger, and his ball bag hung heavier and swung more as the boy beat off. The blond boy, antalya escort Brad, seemed to notice this and blushed, trying in vain to get his little dick to grow to any sort of respectable size. The humiliation must have been too much for his dick, though, as he could never get it to be rock-hard like Danny’s (which, of course, made Chad’s teeny weeny look at the more pathetic).

“Okay Chad, Danny, up on all fours… time for a little doggie sniffing. You know how doggies get all hot and bothered when they smell spunk… so now you two doggies smell each other. So go ahead, sniff each other. Make sure you don’t miss a single part of each others nice young bodies, give our viewers a nice treat.”

Mishi sipped her martini and watched as the two high school students crawled on all fours to each other and started sniffing.

“Smell each others armpits… go on… you know how doggies lick when then sniff, so lick some armpit boys, go ahead. Good, good, are you crying Chad? Shame on you big teenage doggie like you, what do you think Danny thinks of you, crying like a little pussy. Go on boys sniff each others balls… smell those sweaty nutsacks. Now you know why we haven’t let you shower for two days. Ball stink should turn you doggies on. Now use those nice pink tongues and lap at those ballbags. Come on doggies, scrotum lick for Mishi. Good, now I know you don’t like this next part very much, but we need to do it for doggie authenticity… go on: sniff each other’s assholes. Take turns. Get your noses way in there and smell. Oh boy, imagine if the other boys at your school saw this video. Would they get a laugh, huh? Two bare assed boys ass sniffing each other.”

The boys twisted around and, not unlike dogs in heat, smelled each other’s assholes. Both lads had nice rounded butt cheeks, nice assglobes. Mishi only used the best in her films, prime boyflesh. The two teenage dicks bobbed and bounced… once these boys got hard it was not easy to deflate them. Two bouncing pink pricks on two teenaged doggie boys. The boys hated the next part.

Oh my, hated is much too mild a word for what they felt.

They loathed and dreaded the next part. Their acting coach had told them what they must do.

Neither boy had slept much the previous night thinking about this part.

“Time to lick each others asses like doggies do. Come on boys, lick ass for Mishi. Do a good job; get those boy tongues way up each other’s shit holes… don’t be greedy, take turns.”

The dark haired boy had an easier time of it. Although the ass he had to suck and lick was raunchy with sweat and ass smell… At least it was relatively clean. The poor blond haired teen had to lick a shitty asshole.

He balked at the idea, sat back and stared at the shit-encrusted asspucker. Tears welled up in his beautiful blue eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

“Come on, don’t make Mishi angry,” Mishi laughed. “Suck that shitty doggie ass. Show the world what a disgusting teenage faggot you really are. You may be a young jock hero to the kids at school, but to me you are an ass sucking fuckslut. A cockboy… a bitch boy… a cunt. So get to it and get your pretty pink tongue up that dirty asshole.”

The black cameramen loved it when Mishi verbally abused the boys and rubbed their crotches. Each had a leaking hard-on. Shit it was only natural, filming two bare assed boys in the perfect bloom of teenage fuckability doing nasty things to each other. Fortunately for the cameramen, Mishi would allow them to screw the boys after the filming. That part Mishi would film herself.

The camera now moved in for a close-up as the blond white boy stuck his tongue into the asshole of the other. It came away with shit on it.

“Don’t be shy baby, show the camera your tongue. How does it feel to be a shit eater? That’s what you are boy, a teenage shit eater. Now crawl around and I wanna see you two cunts tongue kiss like your lives depended on it, which in fact they do. Don’t worry about the shit on your lips and tongue. Just kiss like lovers like you kiss your little high school girlfriends. Two boys kissing, two teenage boys kissing. I can’t think of a lovelier sight. Except maybe two teenage boys fucking. Okay Luke, bring them their breakfast.”

At Mishi’s order a huge naked black man stepped into the set. He was over seven feet tall, with shimmering muscles, dark ebony skin, a shaved head, and a magnificent nine-inch flaccid prick swinging between his legs like a club. He carried a red doggie bowl piled high with steaming, rank shit from three different horses, the prime studs of Mishi’s stock, superhung stallions.

He walked up to the two white faggots and set it down in front of them. He took a pooper scooper and scooped up Danny’s impressive shitpile and put it on top of the mess. Compared to the huge load of horseshit, Danny’s load was like a cherry on top.

“Okay boys, time for breakfast. Crawl on over and chow down. What do we have today… oh… horseshit… serik escort good healthy dog food. Now I wanna see both you boys eating as if you loved it. Get your faces down in that slop and eat, keep your teen asses up in the air… legs spread so we can see your balls. Get your faces in that crap and eat.”

Who would be turned on by such a sight, two bare assed boys’ asses up and cheeks spread, faces down licking up horseshit from a red doggie dish. What kind of sick mind would masturbate while watching such a disgusting humiliating video? The two boys ate the shit with gusto, if only to get something in their stomaches.

Neither had been fed anything for a week. The camera caught every lick, every morsel that passed their lips, every loud, crap-filled swallow, every shitty burp. Sometimes they would grab the same piece and Mishi directed them to share it and eat from each end, then passionately French-kiss each other until their mouths were clean before they were allowed to move on to the next turd.

This went on for about an hour as the two boys made a valiant effort to chow down all 20 pounds of rancid, putrid horse shit. Their guts bulged visibly and they looked at Luke, whining, wondering when they would be allowed to stop. But they knew they had to finish it all.

Suddenly, Danny began to gag and heave. Luke quickly grabbed both boys by the backs of their heads and made them deep kiss. Danny barfed violently into Chad’s mouth, which made Chad’s eyes open wide and he teared up. He didn’t swallow right away so Luke let go of Danny’s head (who made no move to seperate from Chad but just kept vomiting in his mouth) and pinched Chad’s nose. Chad, knowing he would suffocate if he didn’t swallow Danny’s horseshit vomit, swallowed loudly and quickly, in huge gulps. Danny kept vomiting, three or four times, and Chad had to drink it all down.

Mishi watched this all with diabolically perverse glee, stroking her stiffening huge she-cock through her leather pants. This was going better than she ever imagined.

When Danny finally recovered, he pulled away from Chad’s filthy open mouth. Strings of vomit laced with shit chunks stretched between the two boys’ mouths and the light caught the strands just right.

The smell of his own vomit hit Danny in the nose as he seperated from Chad and it made him heave and vomit a little more. This time the camera saw it shoot out of Danny’s mouth and into Chad’s mouth. Danny sat back and tried to recover.

Chad sat there, his head tilted all the way back, his mouth gaping open and filled with vomit. The camera came up to get a good close-up of it. It was yellow-green with sizable chunks of horseshit floating in it. The cameraman almost threw up himself from the stench, but kept his composure.

Chad looked up at Luke who nodded and Chad swallowed down the vomit gulp by gulp – with his mouth still open so the camera could see it drain down his gullet. When it was all gone, Chad looked over at Mishi for the first time and she made a stomach-rubbing gesture to let Chad know he should play it up. Chad licked his lips for the camera and Mmmm’ed, but then burped and started to heave, himself.

Luke quickly put his hand over his mouth and pinched his nose again and Chad’s regurgitated vomit filled his mouth, puffing out his cheeks. He looked around and realized he wasn’t going to get to feed it to Danny, he was supposed to drink it himself.

And so he did, excruciatingly, swallowing a mouthfull of his own horseshit-boybarf-vomit, on camera. He would never get the taste of vomit out of his mouth, he thought. At least, he figured, Danny would be the one to get the rest of the punishment for the video, since it was he who couldn’t hold his shit down.

By now they had finished about three quarters of the horse shit, so Mishi decided to change the pace.

“Okay, now Chad, you keep eating. Finish all that yummy horseshit.”

Chad couldn’t believe his ears – HE had to eat the rest of the shit when it was Danny who’d fucked up? Surely Mishi had an even more cruel fate planned for Danny, Chad thought as he lowered his head back into the bowl and continued eating.

Mishi went on, “Danny, you are a horny little doggie. You want to fuck more than eat, so you crawl around behind Chad… now put your front paws up on his back. Good now line up your big doggie dick right at his little pussy, don’t use your hands. You’re a doggie remember. Now try to push your doggie cock into that hot moist pussyhole, into that dogcunt. Oh that prick knob is trying so hard to get in…”

Chad couldn’t believe it, not only did he have to eat the rest of the shitpile, but now Danny got to fuck HIM?! That just wasn’t fair!

Mishi continued giving direction, “Oh that little pussy is tight, its fighting back, it doesn’t want to take it, does it? Chad, keep eating the doggie food. Try humping against the hole Danny, rut your little dick against that pussy… batter it, side escort that’s right hump your hips forward, try to dick the little slut. If you get it in and fuck him nice and hard, I’ll give you a week off.”

Chad felt Danny’s rock hard prick pushing at his asshole as he chewed on another huge, rancid horse turd. The humiliation and unfairness of it all was too much for him and he began to sob, his pathetic whimpers muffled by in his shit-packed fagboy toilet mouth.

Of course that only encouraged Mishi, “Oh yeah, hurt the little cunt. Get your face in that shit Chad cry all you want, but keep eating. Luke, give the doggie a hand and help him get his prick into the dogcunt.”

The huge black man wrapped one gigantic hand around the fucking boys ass and spread the shit-eating blonde’s ass with his free hand, revealing his tight little pink butthole fr Danny. Luke lined Danny up against Chad’s asshole. Then when the boy rutted, his dick popped through the tight elastic asspucker and the cockhead was embedded in the boycunt channel. Chad let out a howl of pain.

“Oh that’s good, bark boys, bark and howl like fucking animals… bark you teenaged pound pups you…bark for our clients. Fuck that ass Danny, fuck that boy hard. I wanna see your fuck bags bouncing. Draw that prick way out and then slam it home… Oh good one look at that boy get fucked. Now Danny, while you fuck him lean in and bite him like a wild dog in heat, bite the tender pink flesh of his smooth back and shoulder, bite and fuck.”

Mishi watched for a second, getting into it, “How does that feel Chad, baby? How does it feel to have a fellow high school buddy fuck you like a bitchwhore? How does it feel to have another boy’s dick up your pussy. You’ve had me and Aramis and Adonis, and your Daddy, and twenty or so other guys in the last week, but how does fresh hard teenage dick feel up your twat? Bark Chad, bark for me.”

The two boys went wild. Danny with uncontrollable fuck lust, teenage fuck need Chad with pain and humiliation. They fucked and fucked and fucked for the camera. Chad’s back was a mass of bite marks. At last the dog mounting the other arched his handsome slender back and lifted his cute young head and howled… he was shooting a healthy load of teenage boy spooge up the asscunt of the other teen. He pounded Chad’s back and fucked his hips hard against the ass globes. He twisted his cute face into a mask of pain/pleasure, an orgasm so strong it hurt, an orgasm like only a teenage boy can have. A fuckblast!

Then Mishi instructed the two doggies to wash each other off with their piss…oh don’t worry, for those film purists among you… Mishi first made Chad lick clean Danny’s shitty teen prick. She wouldn’t miss that trick. These boys had been taught that the first task of a cuntboy ass slut faggot teen is to clean up his mess, to lick every trace of ass slime off the nice fat dick that was kind enough to fuck his worthless twat.

Some teenage boys are so selfish. You’re nice enough to fuck the shit out of their tight little asses, and then they don’t even want to lick your prick clean for you. No sir, not Mishi’s boys. These boys were taught to worship the pricks that pounded them. They were taught to worship prick period. Any prick, any time. these doggie boys had been turned into unwilling cockhounds.

But there was one more part to the flick, one last scene.

Big black naked Luke, called Goliath by the Media, lay naked on the picnic table… jerking on his huge Negro dick. It was everything folks talk about when they speak of black cock. It stood up eightteen inches, thick as a coke can… leaking like hell, an awesome sight. Even Luke loved to look at his own dick. He was in love with his prick.

“Now Chad, you go on over and give Luke a nice kiss, you did clean your mouth out didn’t you at the sprinkler, gargled real good, fine. Now give old Luke a nice sloppy kiss.”

Chad hated blacks, called them niggers, was scared of them. Mishi knew this of course. Chad winced and kissed the black man who thrust a huge tongue into the boy’s throat, and sloshed it around with tons of niggerspit. Luke liked little white boys. Luke loved to fuck little white boy ass.

“Now Chad suck Luke’s big man-titties… good, now lick all the way down his tummy to his big fat black prick. Jesus it’s big as your whole forearm. That’s a great shot, now lick that prick stalk. Lick up and down. Stop crying for Christ’s sake you’re a teenager, not four. Lick that dick you little motherfucker. Or would you like me to send Luke here over to fuck your mother and little sister? Your whore of a mom could take his dick no problem, but he would tear your little sister up something fierce. You know Luke, little teenage pussy Chad here ate his own mother and sister’s shit. Isn’t that the most disgusting thing you ever heard?”

Of course Mishi never mentioned that poor Chad had been forced into the unholy act against his will.

“Now lick Luke’s big black balls Chad lift them on your tongue. Now take a nut in your mouth and suck on it, suck that lemon sized egg. Jesus, Luke, he can hardly get the ball in his mouth.”

“That’s always the problem, girl, that’s why I gotta rape… nobody wants to take this big prick and balls.”

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