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Mistress Puts Me on a Leash

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Mistress walked into my room with a plain brown bag in her hand. When I saw her I got off of my pink chair that I was sitting in while putting my makeup on and fell to the ground and properly greeted her.

“Good Morning Mistress Emily,” I said and kissed her feet. “How may I serve you?” I asked before kissing her feet one more time. The second time I kissed her feet was not required, I did it just to show my obedience and loyalty.

“Slave it is time for you to become our pet,” She said as she reached into the bag and pulled out a bright pink collar and leash.

She wrapped the collar around my neck and buckled the collar around me, it was snug but not too tight. There was a little tag that dangled from the collar and Mistress nodded as I looked up. I strained my head to read the little tag,

“Property of Mistress Janet and Mistress Emily, if found please call us and spank this naught puppy until we are able to retrieve her”

I smiled and my tiny cock grew in my panties. I had not been able to finish getting dressed and was only kneeling in my purple bra, matching panties, charcoal stockings and a purple garter.

“Now slave if you get lost someone will be able to let us know. Also this is not a normal dog collar, it is designed for slave puppies like yourself.” She told me as she leaned over and clamped a lock in place so I would not be able to get the collar off, not that I would want too, but now I cant.

After she put the lock in place she clipped the leash onto the loop on the collar and told me to heel.

I started to get up and go to her side but she smacked me on the back of my head.

“No slave, you must walk on all fours. Puppies do not walk on two feet.”

“Yes Miss…” I started to say before I was cut off.

“Puppies ankara türbanlı escort don’t talk either, now heel!” She said louder as I crawled to her side and waited for my next command.

“Good girl, now we are going for a walk.”

I looked up at her giving her a are you serious look, I was not dressed and she had always made me get dressed before sending me outside, even to just get the mail.

“Lets go slave,” She said as she tugged the leash.

I stumbled along on my hands and knees trying to keep up while still trying to figure out how to stay covered when I am dressed like this. The whole time my tiny cock was still throbbing in my panties.

We entered the living room and Mistress Janet was waiting there, I crawled over and kissed her feet knowing I could not say anything else to greet her.

“Ew, the dog licked my feet, that is disgusting.” She said as she pushed me away with her feet.

I looked up at her with sad eyes and just stared.

“Looks like puppy has to go,” Mistress Janet said. “She has already got a wet spot on her panties, we should take her out.”

“I agree,” Mistress Emily told her and tugged on the leash.

She opened the door and I realized this is how I was going to go outside today, I had never been this vulnerable when going out and it was scary and exciting at the same time.

I crawled awkwardly down the steps as Mistress Emily kept tugging on the leash. When I reached the ground I found I was getting better at this and was able to keep up. Mistress Emily led me down the driveway while Mistress Janet stayed a few steps back and started taking pictures of me being walked; that made me even more excited as I felt the pre-cum drip out of tuzla escort me and get soaked up by the front of my satin panties.

I was in plain site of anyone that would walk by, and sure enough a couple came jogging down the street and could not take their eyes off of me. They eventually came to a stop and started laughing and pointing. I was completely humiliated and felt degraded as they pointed and laughed, the guy took out his phone and took a couple pictures of me too while Mistress Janet and Emily laughed along with them.

“She has been a bad puppy,” Mistress Emily told the couple. “She keeps making a mess in the house, so now we have to bring her out here all of the time.”

“Have you been a bad girl,” the girl jogger said in that voice you use to talk to animals and babies. Then she ruffled my hair and giggled some more.

I looked down in embarrassment as she asked me that, trying to hide my face and my throbbing cock. I do not think it worked because she pointed it out.

“I guess you have, it looks like you like to be a bad girl, don’t you little puppy. I mean little too.’ She and my Mistresses both laughed at the last part. The runners and Mistress Janet exchanged numbers and said they wanted to plan on the two coming over one night for dinner and then they parted ways.

I was walked up and down the street and a few more people saw me and laughed. One older couple was disgusted and made an angry face as I crawled by them.

“We can not go in until you go pee,” Mistress Emily told me.

I quickly looked up at her in shock.

“You heard me,” She said. As we walked past our driveway she turned in, thinking she may have been joking.

“This way no one will see avrupa yakası ucuz escort you, now go slave.” She told me as she rounded to our backyard. “I don’t have all day.”

I did have to go but was holding it in, I reached up and started to pull my panties down and I felt a crack on my butt.

“Puppies can’t pull their panties down, now go so we can go back in.”

As I sat there on all fours I felt the warm rush of pee exit me and push out into my panties, the warm stream flowed down my leg and I could hear the camera in Mistress Janet’s hands click away as I wet my panties.

The feeling was nice but degrading, luckily we were in our own yard so no one had to witness this. When the stream was over and my panties were soaking wet I looked up at Mistress Emily and she looked back down at me.

“Good girl, but we can’t have you inside when you are all wet. We are going to have to tie you up out here.”

I kept looking at her and she started to lead me over to one of the pillars attached to our porch. I watched as she wrapped the leash around the pillar and locked that into place too.

“When you dry off slave then you can come back in, you are a dirty girl. We may have to get you a cage for outside so we can keep you out here when we are gone.”

She told me as her and Mistress Janet giggled and headed for the door.

“Oh, one more thing slave, if you start to get horny like you always do, feel free to hump that pole and cum in your wet panties.” They both giggled again as they saw my tiny cock start to get hard again in the soaking wet panties.

When I heard the door close I looked at the pole and crawled over to it, it was awkward to grasp but I was able to get it so it rubbed against my tiny cock and I started humping it very fast. After a few minutes I could feel my orgasm build up in me and finally push out of my body. The warm load filled my panties and a little started to run down my leg and a couple of squirts got on the pillar.

After I was done, I sat down and waited for my panties to dry so I could go back in and serve my Mistresses.

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