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MJ Takes Charge

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“I think it should be my turn this time,” you say, matter-of-factly, over your shoulder. You are in my favourite position, face down on the bed, that wonderful ass raised to me, legs and cheeks spread apart.

I stop what I am doing, which just happens to be getting ready to stab my throbbing cock into that very inviting ass. I must confess that I am a little disappointed at what seems like a needless interruption to the finale of a tremendous session of lovemaking. Still, one must be a kind and considerate lover at all times, so I draw away, sit on the bed and reply, “What do you mean?”

You roll over sit up and face me. Your chest is flushed from what must be at least your third orgasm and your breasts are shiny with a film of sweat. “You always want to take my ass that way,” you begin, “always the aggressive one, wanting to fuck me in the ass. Why can’t I be in charge for a change?” You give me a sly little grin.

I consider this statement for a moment, wondering about where it is coming from. You know that driving deep into your ass from behind has always been my favourite way to cum inside of you. But one must be open to new things, so I take a deep breath and ask the first one of about a hundred questions. “Don’t you like having me in your cute little ass?”

“You know I do,” you reply, “I know how much you love it and I enjoy giving you that special pleasure. But maybe we could just modify it just a little?” To assure me of your good intentions, you take my cock in one hand and start pumping the shaft with a nice, tight grip, pumping very slowly but more than enough to maintain my attention.

“I am willing to try something different, of course,” I say. After all, you have introduced me to so many beautiful acts and never once left me less than completely satisfied. “What should we do?” I cup one perfect breast, just to let you know that I am indeed keen for this new experience.

“Tell you what, why don’t you just lie back and let me take charge for a change. I can fuck you every bit as easily as you do to me!” A giggle. “Lie down on your back, put a couple of pillows under your head and enjoy the ride.” Who could resist? I do as I am directed. “See, that wasn’t too hard, was it?” And another giggle.

You swing a leg over and climb onto me, kissing me very hard. Your tongue is dancing in my mouth your breasts are swaying gently, tickling my chest and your pussy is grinding into my crotch. Pretty good so far. When you finally pull away, you say, “Stay right where you are. I am going to look after you.” You edge down my body, kissing as you go: my hairy chest, each nipple in turn, following the line of hair that runs down escort bostancı my stomach and ends where my cock is now twitching excitedly.

“Can you see me?” you ask. “I know how much you like to see my body pleasuring you. Why not add another pillow so you can get a really good look.” Very considerate of you, so I comply without a word. Your mouth is hovering above my crotch as you say it and I want nothing to slow down your progress. Once I am positioned, you part your lips and, maintaining eye contact all the way, lower your mouth onto my eager cock.

Long, slow licks along the underside, starting at my scrotum and ending at the tip, where pre-cum is collecting. Nibbling at me with your lips, teasing the tip of your tongue around the head and lapping up that growing drop of juice. We sigh together. Things are definitely looking promising. After slow, agonizing minutes of this play, I am twisting on the bed, urgently needing more.

“Please, MJ,” I plead, “Suck me…” You look up, give me that grin again, but perhaps your hunger equals my own, for you comply immediately, taking the head into the warm, wet pleasure of your mouth. Electricity runs through me as you do so; I feel your tongue swirling across the swollen head, your hand reaching down to fondle my balls which are now full to the bursting point.

“More…more…” I urge you, but you intend to tease me just a little bit longer. I reach down to you, wrap my fingers in your hair and pull you onto me. Your resistance crumbles and you suck me in. I arch my back, trying to take more of your heavenly mouth. The sight of you bobbing on my shaft, giving me this beautiful, unselfish gift, is very, very hot.

Your hunger overcomes you and now you are sucking me deeply in just the way I love so much. Bouncing onto me in long, slurping strokes that end with my glans wedged in your throat, pulling back until only the fat tip remains imprisoned within. I am bucking against you, as you fuck me with your mouth. I can feel that familiar tension in my groin as I approach orgasm.

Then, just like that and without warning, you stop. Your mouth pulls away with a soft plop and I fall away, disappointed. You wipe your mouth with your fingers, perhaps savouring that taste of my pre cum. All I can manage to say is, “What?” That same grin is back. I know that you still have a plan.

Still straddling me, you shimmy up until your pussy is poised over my waiting cock. Your vaginal lips are puffy and pink, wet from our previous activity. You grasp my cock with one hand, point it at your smooth and hairless snatch, and drop onto it, not stopping until I am ball’s deep. You hold ümraniye escort me there, stuffed inside you, and rock your hips, providing just enough friction to drive me wild.

“I have never been on top,” you coo, “I like it this way.” How can I argue; I am loving it too. “Now how about I ride you for a while?” You slide yourself along my length, slowly dragging your lips as you pull away, stuffing your pussy with my shaft as you slide down again. Your hands are on my shoulders, holding me down, providing all of the movement as I lay still and blissful.

“Oh God!” you squeak, increasing the pace. Your breasts are bouncing on your chest. I grab one in each hand and squeeze them, almost to the point of pain. Your head is thrown back, hair flying as you pleasure yourself on my cock. “Unhhhhh,” you grunt as I feel your walls shaking around my cock. I am thrusting now too, reaching into your pussy to touch you ever deeper inside.

“Unhh, unhh, UNHHH!” You moan and I feel you drench me, squirting all over my thighs, my cock, my balls. “UNHHHHHHH!” Now holding me full inside while you tremble with lust. Your thighs and stomach twitching, hands shaking.

“Wow, lover,” I croak. Looking down I can see my cock still wedged inside your pussy. “You are amazing.” Grin.

“Still haven’t cum, have you?” you ask. “Could it be that you want something else?” I am still enjoying that grin. You roll down. Take me in your mouth once again. Slowly, so as to keep me below the boiling point, you lick and suck your juices off of me. I hear you purr with pleasure at the taste of it. Sometimes I think you may enjoy it almost as much as I do. You pull my shaft up and wriggle your tongue down my ass crack. I shiver in anticipation and raise my legs a little.

Your tongue is lapping at my ass now, you hand pumping my cock rhythmically. I love to tongue your ass, but being pleasured myself in this way is a pleasure I have never known. I am a big fan immediately. From the enthusiastic slurping noises I am hearing, you are a pretty big fan yourself. I can feel the tip of your tongue lapping the rim, trying to wriggle inside me.

Once again I am close to orgasm…once again, you are stopping. I find myself gasping, “What now?” Not a word, but that old familiar grin is back again. You straddle me again, but this time it is your asshole that is poised above my aching cock. My rod is slick with your spit and long overdue for some relief. Your eyes find mine again and your hips begin a slow descent.

When the tip of my cock touches your ring, you stop, hovering above my, brushing the tip against you. I want more than anything to ram into you, but kartal escort bayan you have been doing me so very well that I am reluctant to take over the initiative. I feel your butt twitching as I touch you.

Your eyes twinkle; “Here goes,” you sigh. With almost imperceptible slowness, I feel the pressure on the glans increase, your rosebud parting around me, being stretched to accommodate me. Your ass is nibbling at me grabbing a little more each time, until the head pops in and you lock around the head. There is no part of me that is not enraptured with the feeling of your tightness around me.

You breath out through pursed lips, close your eyes, settle yourself, and drop again. I feel your sphincter rolling down my length, one pleasurable millimeter at a time, your walls tensing and relaxing as you swallow me. You do not stop until you have the full length of me buried deep in your ass. And you hold me, harder than I would have thought possible, encased in buttery softness and welcoming heat.

Is it minutes or only seconds that have passed with my meat stuffed into you? Your eyes open; you lick your lips. “Now, I am going to fuck YOU with my ass,” you sigh. You rise up, and as I look down, I can see my shaft withdrawing from your grip. Your ring holds tight when it reaches my head. Hesitation. Then down again, slowly, completely.

I am not moving a muscle as you pull away, sink down, pull away again. Each stroke of your ass is ever so slightly faster than the one before. Your eyes are wild now and I can only imagine what you see painted on my face as you assfuck me, turning me molten inside. Each time you bottom out, a tiny gasp that tells me I am not the only one in heaven here.

The urge to cum becomes unbearable. With a grunt, I can remain passive no longer and thrust upwards into you. Our sweaty bodies slap together when the space between them dwindles to nothing at all. I am holding your hips, lifting you up and ramming you down again, impaling your ass on my cock. Both of us crying out every time I crash into your guts.

One final, desperate thrust. Every muscle tenses, the rush of cum boils out of me and floods into your heaving ass. You cum as well, and again your juices rain over me. I can smell our salty sweat, your vanilla-scented pussy, cum and the raw earthiness of your ass, mingled together into something beautiful. Spasm after spasm fills you, but leaks past your ring as your butt clenches down on me too.

I collapse against the sheets. You rise up one final time and I fall from you with a soft “plop”. Now that shy grin is a smile from ear to ear…on both of our faces. “One more thing,” you say breathlessly. Dismounting from me, your mouth finds my cock one final, beautiful time, and you begin the act of lovingly lapping up the results of our exertions. Not a drop is wasted and when you kiss me as I leave I can smell our scent and taste our flavours on your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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