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Mom and I Just Us

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Note: This continues the story begun in “Mom and I Get Even”…


Breakfast the next morning was the last big meal Mom had planned before Thanksgiving, as we usually ate light for lunch and dinner the day before. She made Eggs Hollandaise, hash browns, wheat toast with jam and coffee.

It was the smell of the coffee brewing reaching my bedroom that woke Angie and me. We shared a quick shower, washing each other amid the occasional caress.

We offered our help when we got down to the kitchen, but Mom was nearly done. Angie and I poured ourselves coffee. Dad came over from his workspace in the living room when the food was done.

Despite the revolution of the day before, we kept conversation over breakfast intentionally light.

Angie needed to head home after breakfast. She gave Dad and I long hugs and Mom an even longer one, followed by a kiss. “Thank you,” I overheard Angie whisper.

After Angie went out the door, Dad returned to his office setup and it was just Mom and me in the kitchen. “Is there anything I can help with today, to make tomorrow easier, Mom?”

“Not really,” Mom answered, shrugging. “I put the turkey in brine before I made breakfast. Everything else has to be done tomorrow morning. Today’s really just about relaxing for me, doing that bag of laundry for you. Tonight, I’ll spend with you. Your dad is meeting up with Aunt Jilly, now that we’ve ended our pact.”

“Dad mentioned they were lovers, last night.” I said, realizing how much I still had to learn about my parents’ hidden past.

Mom smiled. “She was more than that, for both of us. Jilly was my college roommate and she and her husband Sam were our first spouse swap, before Tommy was born. Then she became my first female lover, one weekend. Sam was a cop and died responding to a robbery, when you and Jessica were both two. Jilly turned more and more to Stan for comfort, with me joining them maybe one time in four, when I could get a babysitter. She introduced us to our first swing club after that and eventually opened her own.”

I said, “I realized that Dad must have stopped being involved with her because of the pact and she stopped coming around after that. What reason did Dad give her for ending things?”

“Oh, she knows the real reason, because we explained it to her together. She tried to talk Stan into allowing the incest to happen. She will realize what it means that Stan is back in her bed, too. She expected she would have to wait for you boys to get married and be off-limits to me before the pact would end.”

“Another person who knows about our incest,” I said.

Mom replied, “We’ve never kept any secrets from Jilly. If polyamorous marriages were legal, we would have married her as a triad and we would have raised you three kids together. Of any of our extramarital liaisons, she and Sam were the only ones we truly felt love for, the only lover I truly missed once the pact began. I considered making her the exception to the pact, but it wouldn’t have cost your dad enough unless he gave her up, compared to what he was asking me to give up.”

“That’s why she stopped coming around, because she was off-limits to Dad? Dad only said it didn’t work.”

Mom said, “We all tried being platonic friends for a little while, but she and your dad didn’t have much of an existing friendship before we started to swap, compared to her and me being roommates. She stopped coming around because she realized it was too tempting for him. It’s not like we were her only lovers, running a weekend swing club at that time, with her parents watching Jessica. For Stan, it was hard to be around her and not be able to touch her the way they both wanted.”

I nodded. If I had to resist touching Aunt Jilly after being her lover, I would have had trouble, too. It’s what scared me the most about getting involved with Mom – maybe having to give her up some day. “Why aren’t you going with Dad to see her, then?” I asked.

“Because I want to spend tonight with you, now that I’m able,” Mom answered. “I can have my reunion with Jilly once you go back to school. That’s if your dad doesn’t get her to come for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, since her club is closed. I know how you used to look at her, too. Care for a shot with her? Maybe go to her club this weekend, along with Angie?”

“Would I care for a shot? Are polar bears white?” I joked. “Mom, I used to think of Aunt Jilly as the redheaded version of you. Once I learned that she’s not actually blood related, it became more acceptable to fantasize about her than you, so both of you headlined my sex dreams. I even had a few where you were lovers and I was the third in a threesome. Now I have to wonder if my subconscious recognized something my conscious mind didn’t.”

“Is Angie interested in swinging?” Mom asked.

“Yeah. We opened our relationship before we returned to school. She already thinks we’d fit right into swinging,” I answered. “She wondered if you and Dad still had contacts in the swinging scene, but I didn’t realize Aunt Jilly bahis firmaları runs a club. I’ll check if Angie wants to go. Friday night, I assume?”

“About six o’clock for dinner, if Jilly has a table for us. Otherwise, the sexy part starts around 8, with various mixer activities as other people arrive. I’ll get your dad to ask Jilly if you and Angie can come. You and I would have to avoid physical contact with each other, of course. More than a few regulars there are old friends of Sam’s from the police force, who would recognize you as my son.”

I agreed. “Even if we were among total strangers, having other people witness us being intimate is just a bad idea. So would talking about it around them. I’ll be careful, without looking like I’m being careful.”

Mom chuckled. “Well, get started on your laundry and I’ll talk to your Dad before he leaves, to see if he can arrange it. You’ve got at least three loads there, right?” she asked, pointing at the duffel that was still sitting next to the front door from the day before.

“About that much. Do you want me to wash the sheets on your bed, too?”

“Change your bed first, since I figure we’ll use it tonight. Do mine last, if you have the time. Five loads in one day might be too much.”

I went up to my room, stripped the bed and threw that load into the washer, then sorted the laundry in my duffel into three small baskets. I remade my bed with sheets from the linen closet, then switched the sheets to the dryer and started the first load of my clothes. Mom came into the laundry room and said, “Dad’s going to ask Jilly about both dinner tomorrow and the club for either Friday or Saturday.”

“Okay,” I said, hopping onto the counter next to the sink. “My bed’s remade and I have a load of my clothes going in the washer and the bedding is now in the dryer. Want me to strip your bed now and remake it, while I’m waiting for this load to finish, or wait? Even if I don’t get around to washing your bedding?”

“Thanks for offering, baby, but I changed it already while you were upstairs.”

“Am I still your baby, after yesterday?” I asked.

Mom stepped between my legs and ruffled my hair, then placed her hands on my hips as I crossed my legs behind hers. My arms went over her shoulders. She briefly kissed me, before answering, “Yup. You can be both my baby boy and my lover, without contradiction. We added being lovers to our relationship, we didn’t exchange one role for the other. I’m still your mom, you’re still my younger son. Unless being called ‘baby’ bothers you because you’re 21 now?”

“I’m okay with that, Mom,” I answered. “I’m just feeling a little nervous about the consequences, I guess. The cliche is that incest is a line you can’t uncross. You might have been thinking about it for a while, but I basically raced across at the first opportunity and now I’ve got to think it through.”

Mom said, “Derek, it truly is a cliche. There is no line, no permanent change unless that’s your expectation going in. Monogamous couples who are friends first and then expect intimacy to be forever often make the mistake of neglecting their friendship, then can’t rebuild it if they break up. Open relationships at least acknowledge that intimacy can be a temporary thing, which can help preserve those friendships. But incest is also different in that it needs to be kept secret, so maintaining the family relationship in public becomes critical. Most of the people who get caught fail to do that. They either let the intimacy show in public in one way or another or they limit their contact in public and that gets noticed, too. Once you recognize that we can’t be each other’s soulmates and shouldn’t even act like it in private, it actually becomes easier to cease intimacy at some point in the future, because we never stop treating each other as family.”

“Is that how it worked, with Grandpa?” I asked.

Mom nodded, then said, “Yeah. And with your uncle Mark, although we were involved for a shorter time. They both moved on to other relationships, so we returned to being just family, with some cherished memories in the back of our minds that we don’t bring up often. Neither Aunt Bonnie or Grandma Bridget knows any of it, by the way.”

“But you told Dad,” I said.

Mom shrugged. “Well, when Stan proposed, I was still involved with my dad and hoping to continue, so I revealed the incest and asked for Stan’s permission. He wasn’t accepting of either the incest or open relationships at the time. He made me choose and I chose him. I don’t regret that decision. By the time Stan changed his mind about open relationships and gave me permission to fuck other men, Dad was engaged and Mark was married, so I didn’t even ask for Stan’s permission to get involved with them again, because I had no doubt they all would have said no. Incest didn’t come up again until Tommy turned 16, when your dad expressed his opposition well in advance of Tommy turning 18. He knew I wouldn’t act before then. You needed to be adults first. Stan suggested closing our relationship, kaçak iddaa so we’d both give something up. The pact was born.”

“Dad said he wanted Tommy and me to be out of college before he relented, so it sounds like he had already decided, at some point, to give in.”

Mom said, “He told me the same thing – yesterday. Before then, he never once indicated that he would eventually say ‘yes’, not even when he wanted us to return to swinging. If not for Angie coming here yesterday to talk about you being attracted to me, his answer would probably still be ‘no’. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait another six months or more before being able to do this.” She leaned forward and kissed me longer this time, as her hands went to the button on my jeans, then pulled my zipper down. My hands grasped the bottom of her tshirt, to pull it off. She was braless underneath and I bent to capture a stiff nipple between my lips, sucking lightly.

Mom’s hand pushed my underwear under my nuts, freeing my stiffening cock to the open air. She stroked it up and down, causing chills to ripple along my spine. My mind was still marveling that this was my mom wanting to make love to me, not some sex dream. I hoped I would never become blasé about that, however long our intimacy lasted.

It didn’t even cross my mind that Dad was still working in the house, although the laundry room door was closed to reduce the noise reaching the desk in the corner of the living room.

Mom eased her tit out of my mouth, as she pulled free of my legs and bent forward to engulf my stiff cock in her mouth, nearly to the root.

Mom’s hands grabbed the waistband of my jeans, tugging on them. I pressed my back against the wall behind me to arch my butt off the counter, so Mom could shimmy my pants and underwear past my ass, then plopped back down so she could pull them further down my legs. All the while, her mouth remained on my cock, sucking and sweeping it with her tongue.

Her breasts were pressed against my thighs, so I reached my own hands under them, squeezing their firmness.

She switched to nibbling at the underside of my shaft, working her way to my nuts. I moaned, “Mom!” as she sucked them into her mouth one by one, then both together. My cock pulsed in the air in time to my heartbeat, as I watched precum ooze from the top and drip onto my stomach. I released her breasts as my hands switched to gripping the counter edge, to keep from falling off.

Mom licked her way back to the glans, ran her tongue around it half a dozen times, then sucked me in. This time, her lips made firm contact with my groin on the first downward thrust, my glans gliding into her throat. I shouted, “Fuck, Mom!” She groaned as she lifted up, the vibrations reverberating down to my toes. She continued deep throating me for several minutes, before she lifted off and smiled up at me.

“You are so delicious, baby,” she said, as she began kissing her way up my stomach and chest, dragging her tits along me. Just before she reached my mouth, she ordered, “Fuck me, Derek. Bend me over this counter and pound me.” Then she shoved her tongue into my mouth, giving me a taste of my salty precum.

“I’d love to, Mom,” I said, as she backed away to let me get down. I pulled my own tshirt off, as Mom pulled her sweatpants off. I watched her panties resist peeling away from her pussy, evidence that she was already soaked. She leaned over the counter where I’d just been sitting and wiggled her butt at me.

Pressing my hand between her legs to part her labia confirmed how wet she was, as I nestled my cock into place, then thrust myself into her. I bounced against her firm ass, as her pelvis was pressed hard into the counter. She asked to be pounded, so that’s what I did. Hard, swift slams into her, trying to reach as deep inside her as I could. Reaching around to grab her breasts as handholds, pulling her back onto me as much as shoving her forward.

“Your pussy feels so damn good, Mom,” I growled, feeling the beginning of oxygen debt. “I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last.”

“Then cum… for me… baby. You’ll… last longer… tonight…,” she said, in between grunts.

My own grunts and cries of “Mom!” communicated to her how close I was getting. Suddenly, she screamed, “Baby! Cumming!!” as I felt her molten sheath flutter and tighten around me, as her legs turned to rubber below her. If she hadn’t been laying atop the counter, she would have fallen. My own orgasm took over, nearly taking my legs away from me, too. Spasm after spasm sent globs of hot cum shooting into her, as my hands moved to the counter top to make sure we didn’t both fall.

I slowed to a stop as Mom regained her footing. I withdrew from her, spun her around and kissed her with all the passion I was still feeling. Before she had a chance to say anything, I picked her up, set her onto the counter, dropped to my knees between her thighs and started eating my own cum out of her.

Mom’s hands went to my hair and her legs over my shoulders, as she moaned, “Oh, Derek, fuck! kaçak bahis I’m gonna cum again.”

I didn’t stop to respond, busy chasing droplets of my sperm as they slid out of her, occasionally making quick attacks to her inflamed clit. When it looked like the last of my semen had oozed out, I was able to focus more on sucking her clit, flicking my tongue across it. When she screamed my name again, I increased my attack, her hand on my head squeezing me into her pussy, my hands looped over her thighs to keep them from crushing my ears.

Mom nearly shook herself off the counter as her orgasm rolled on and on.

As she relaxed, catching her breath, I licked up a few more droplets of our mixed cum, then stood to share them with Mom. I never got there, as I heard Dad clear his throat from the opened door and I turned towards him, gulping what was in my mouth.

Clearly tense, he said, “Can’t the two of you keep your hands off each other? We’re all lucky I only needed to listen to the conference call I was just on, so I could mute my line. It would have been impossible to explain the noises that carried over to the desk from in here. Even inside this house, you still need to be careful. Stay away from open windows, cameras and phones.”

“Umm, sorry, Dad,” I said. “We didn’t think about you maybe being on the phone. We should have waited until you left to visit Jilly.”

“Apology accepted, Derek. Is tuna fish okay for a quick lunch?” Mom and I both assented. “I’ll let the two of you get dressed, then meet me in the kitchen.” He turned and walked out.

The dryer buzzed the end of its cycle while Mom and I both got redressed. Rather than head right to the kitchen, we pulled my clean sheets out of the dryer and advanced the next loads of my clothes.

As we folded the sheets, I asked Mom, “Is Dad really okay with all this? He seemed… I don’t know what word applies. Muted, maybe? Not nearly as angry as he might have been, but not in a joking mood, either.”

Mom answered, “He’s trying to accept this, but ‘okay’ might be too much to ask, this soon. Remember that he voluntarily gave up Jilly and swinging to stop me from committing incest with you boys, rather than threatening me with divorce or calling the cops on us. That’s how much he loves us, that he won’t do either one. We’re basically trading permissions now, but that’s nowhere near 100% approval on his part. So, cut him an infinite amount of slack, Derek. Fucking during his work time was inconsiderate on our part.”

“I know,” I admitted.

Mom continued, “I got turned on by you and memories of my Dad and brother and wasn’t thinking. That alone gave him a solid reason to display some displeasure, but he restrained even that, like you said. It’s up to us to respect him for putting up with us at all, maybe earn more acceptance over time. But realize he may never completely agree with this and might simply hope that it ends at some point, which it probably will.”

With the third load of wash going, Mom and I finally left the laundry room, only to find that Dad was already back at his desk. “Your sandwiches are on the kitchen table,” he said. “I’ve actually got another conference call in five minutes. It’s one that I can’t mute, this time.”

“We’ll keep quiet, Stan,” Mom said.

We went into the kitchen and ate our sandwiches in silence. We could hear Dad participating in his call, so knew he would hear anything we might say above a whisper and didn’t want to interfere any further.

Once we heard him hang up, we walked back towards his office area. “I really am sorry for earlier, Stan,” Mom began.

“I know, babe. I just worry, is all. While I’m more accepting of the morality of incest than I used to be, even felt turned on watching you together, it’s still illegal. I don’t want to see the two of you wind up in prison for it. Just because we’ve stopped blocking each other, that fear doesn’t simply go away. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I’ve already had to take action to shield you from discovery. Muting a phone line was a relatively minor action this time, but what about the next? I’m really thinking that maybe we shouldn’t take Derek to Jilly’s club.”

I asked, “Would you let Angie and me go with you, if Mom and I weren’t intimate?”

Dad considered that for five seconds before answering, “Probably. We wouldn’t be the first parents who have introduced one or more of their adult children to the swinging scene, being honest about the relationships. Usually they participate on different nights after the first time or two, but if they’re at the club on the same night, the parents and kids play separately, usually with people closer to their own age, but there have certainly been cases where both generations wound up having sex with the same person, although on different nights. There are limits, too. A father and son being with the same woman at the same time would be over the line. Same for a mom and daughter being with the same man. I heard about one club where a man was caught with his daughter-in-law in a private room and the blowback from the mother and son, who hadn’t given them their permission, almost destroyed the club. So, ir would be best for me to avoid Angie just as much as you would have to avoid your mom.”

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