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Mom , Me Ch. 12

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My head was still spending concerning Ginny’s plan to hook me up with her long-time best friend for a week of sexual fun!

Ginny was excited that Sharron and I would be spending seven days and nights together in our house and that we would be sleeping together in Ginny’s bed. She longed for her friend to have a week of bliss with me as her lover. She was concerned that Sharron hadn’t found a sincere man who was caring, handsome, polite, loving, awesome in bed, and able to carry on a conversation. She was convinced that I would meet all the criteria’s Sharron needed for a satisfactory love life, and a future husband.

As I was getting ready to leave for school, Ginny was giddy and happy this morning anticipating Sharron’s arrival tomorrow morning. Just before I left for school, Ginny reminded me to be proactive toward Sharron when she first steps through the door.

“Show her physically that you’re glad she came, by hugging her right away, and give her a bouquet of flowers. Kiss her cheek as you hug her. She loves to be touched and held, so don’t be shy around her Billy. I’m sure she’ll warm up to you fast. She wants to be here. She’s eager for some excitement. She loves to fuck! Just remember, Sharron likes to be held and cuddled. Act as if you’ve known her, a long time, but haven’t seen her for a while. I just know you will be swift off your feet the moment she steps into the house. I confident you will be making love together by late afternoon. Now, don’t forget to take those photos of her to school with you so you can look at them from time to time. Now hurry off to school, and stop and buy her a bouquet of flowers to give her tomorrow morning. Be sure to come straight home after school is dismissed, because I’m not going to be able to kiss you, sleep with you, or feel your cock deep inside of me for a whole week. Don’t worry about me being lonely or jealous because I’m really excited for both of you to be together and I want you to fuck her.”

“Ginny, let me take you to the Officer’s Club tonight on a date. Will go and have dinner and then we’ll stay and dance as long as we want too, and then we’ll come home and make love together, What do you say? “Would you like to spend the evening and night with me?”

“Oh! That sounds wonderful Billy. Yes, most definitely yes! I’ll make an appointment to get my nails and hair done and I’ll go shopping and see if I can find a dress that will knock your socks off. You have made my day Billy. I’ll be waiting eagerly for your swift return from school.” She gave me a sweet hard wet kiss that lasted several minutes. I was beginning to get hard and she felt my penis pressing against her transparent gown, and said, “Save that hard boner for tonight. Now, off to school, or you’re going to be late for your first period class.

When I arrived at school Jennifer was standing at my locker waiting for me.” She said, “Where have you been? The first bell has already rung and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed you making love to me yesterday. You made me feel so loved and special.” She reached up and kissed me briefly on my lips. Then she said, I’d talk with you at lunch. Be good, and pay attention to your teachers today, I love you Billy.” Then she ran down the hall hoping to make it to her classroom before the tardy bell rang.

I grabbed my book and notebook from the locker and just barely made it to my first period class. I sat down and Jane just grinned at me!

How could I pay attention to a lesson when I had so much extra curricular activities racing around inside of my head: Ginny, Sharron, Jennifer, and Jane. I looked over toward Jane and noticed she was still looking at me. I smiled and gave her a thumb’s up. She smiled again and whispered “Good morning.” She looked so sweet and lovely sitting there and she had a gorgeous smile. I’ve got to fuck that girl sometime. I bet she would be awesome to make love too.

Then, I heard my name called, “Billy, will you please stop flirting and pay attention to today’s lesson.”

“Sorry, sir. Yes, I will give you my full-attention for the rest of the period, sir!”

“Thank you Billy.”

The class snickered and I glanced toward Jane, and she was starring straight ahead at the teacher.”

It was a good lesson and I did understand what he was trying to teach. When class was over I got up and followed Jane out into the hall. “She turned to greet me and said, “I’m sorry I caused you to be singled out in class, Billy.”

“No, Jane. I was flirting with you. It was my fault and he had the right to call me on it. I’m glad I paid attention because it was a very important concept.”

“Thanks Billy, you’re the sweetest guy I know. Your always respectful and you take responsibility for things you do. That’s so rare among boys today. I like you a lot Billy. I hope you have a good day and I see you at Mike’s again soon.”

“I like you too, Jane. You’re a sweetheart. I want to dance with you at least a couple of dances at the Fall Harvest Dance that’s coming up soon. Will you pencil me in on your dance card?”

“Of fethiye escort course I will. I’ve wanted to have your arms around me for some time.” Then she giggled and smiled broadly.

“Likewise Jane, I’ve wanted to hold you too.”

“Well whenever you come into Mike’s Café again, just do it.”

“Do what?”

“Hug me!”

“Ok., I’ll do it every time I come to Mike’s!”

“I look forward to that Billy, but you can hug me anytime. It won’t embarrass me.”

“Ok, be ready for a hug anytime. I rushed off to my next class and made it on time.

The teacher met me at the door and gave me a pass. “What’s this for?”

“Mrs. Wilson, your counselor, wants to see you again. I hope it won’t take the whole period like it did last time.”

“Me neither, I’ll hurry.”

I thought, what will Miss Nicholas say when she see me come through the doors for the third day in a row to see Mrs. Wilson again? I opened the door and walked quietly up to her desk and stood there. She was looking intently at a document and was entering data into someone’s file, she must have felt my presences because she spoke without looking up, “Be with you in a minute.” I didn’t say anything, and I stood very still looking at her. I liked how she had her hair styled this morning. Her body was slim and she had a nice set of breasts. I enjoy the uninterrupted look. She was really a nice looking woman.

When she finished typing, she turned sideways, looking up in surprise, then her familiar giggle followed. She was speechless, probably trying to come up with an appropriate comment.

I smiled back at her, and said, “Mrs. Wilson sent for me.”

“Really? Well it has been nineteen hours since she saw you last. Apparently it’s important for Mrs. Wilson to keep in constant contact with you. She’s a very motherly counselor, don’t you agreed?”

“I agree. Mrs. Wilson has taken very good care of me and I appreciate what she does to keep me on the straight and narrow path. But so I you, Miss Nicolas, and I am very indebted to your care of me as well.”

Miss Nicholas sat a little taller in her chair, and said, “Well, thank you Billy. I appreciate your kind comment. I wonder what she wants to see you about?”

“I don’t have any idea Miss Nicholas, but it was worth coming to the counseling office just to see you again. I like how you fixed your hair this morning, and you do look lovely in that light blue blouse your wearing.”

She looked at me without saying a word. I kept eye contact with her. Then she smiled. “Really Billy? Are you making fun of me?”

I looked directly into her light blue eyes and said, “Miss Nicholas, you are a very lovely looking lady, and I like you very much. And I really like how you fixed your hair this morning and the blouse you’re wearing today looks lovely on you. Actually you make the blouse look terrific. Why would I want to make fun of someone I like and admire?”

“I thank you for your complements Billy. I really appreciate it when someone complements me on what I do and how I look. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Now, I see Mrs. Wilson is still on the phone, probably trying to find room for you in some mental hospital.” She smiled broadly and began to giggle. “Just teasing you Billy. She continued to laugh and her smile was beautiful.

“I hope she finds me a place where you won’t be afraid to come and visit me.”

She laughed so hard tears were rolling down her face and she was having trouble catching her breath. I thought to myself, I hope she doesn’t pee her panties.

Finally she looked at her telephone and between giggles said to me, “She’s off the phone. You can go in now.”

“Should I knock, or just walk into her office like I did yesterday?”

“Knock. Hope you have another good session with her.”

“Thanks Miss Nicholas.” I smiled and winked at her.

When I got to Mrs. Wilson’s office door, I looked back toward Miss Nicholas’ desk. She was leaning on her elbows looking at me. I smiled at her and knocked on the door. I heard Mrs. Wilson’s voice say, “Come on in Billy.”

Mrs. Wilson greeted me warmly and asked me to sit down. She sat in the other chair, that is used by counselees when they come to see her. She said, I have the notes I promised to get for you from Miss Smith. She shared with me the importance of this assignment. She said these concepts are the cornerstone for the rest of the year. She urged me to impress upon you to learn these concepts thoroughly and be able to apply them.”

“Thank you so much Mrs. Wilson. I’ll study them and I promise you that my grades will improve a lot.”

“I hope so, Billy because I really want you to be as successful in school and life, as you are in romance.”

“Thank you Mrs. Wilson. By the way you look fantastic in that dress! I don’t think I ever saw you wear that to school before.”

“Thank you Billy, you’re a very observant young man and I see now why all the girls want you for a boyfriend. When I was walking out to my car yesterday I saw you walking with Jennifer. escort fethiye Are you two getting back together?”

“Well, not exactly. My life, Mrs. Wilson, is so complicated I’ll never be able to untangle all the snares.”

“Has something surfaced that has changed from what we shared together yesterday?”

“Everything, Mrs. Wilson. When it comes to females I’m afraid I have no will power to fight against their desires. But it isn’t their fault, because I want what they want, even if I know it may not be good for me. Mrs. Wilson, I’m afraid I’m an easy lay when it comes to girls.”

“Oh, Billy, I’ll never get use to your openness and word phrases.”

“I don’t mean to shock you Mrs. Wilson. It’s just the truth.”

She replied, “Do you want to talk to me about it? Do you want to share? You know I’m not a judgmental person, and I’ll never reveal anything you’ll share with me. I will listen attenatively and try to help you sort out things for you to consider.”

“That’s very…” Then she sat back in her chair and crossed her legs slowly and I saw she was wearing her lavender panties and I loss concentration for a moment. “…kind of you Mrs. Wilson!”

“Are you ok, Billy? You seemed hesitant for a moment.”

“I was.”

“Was it something in my facial expression that made you hesitate?”

“No! I’m ok!

“Well, what made you stop speaking? Did the cat get your tongue?



“I ready like the color of lavender Mrs. Wilson. It’s my favorite color. I think I told you that not too long ago. And it always looks good on you Mrs. Wilson.”

“Oh, Billy, you’re really something else. Thanks for the complement and I’m glad I can please you in small ways.”

“Oh, you please me in every way, Mrs. Wilson. You have helped me more than anyone else at this school.”

“Thank you again Billy. I appreciate you saying that. When you’re ready you can share whatever you want to share with me. I’m here for you!

“Ok, I hope you’re not shocked out of your shoes, Mrs. Wilson.”

“I’ll try not to be Billy. I’m not going to judge you or condemn you. I want to be your advocate. I’m here to help you sort out your thoughts and share with you alternative ways to deal with your life problems.” Then she uncrossed her legs, sat back in her chair. Her knees were touching. She was totally relaxed and inviting me to share with her whatever was on my mind.

Jennifer invited me to go home with her after school. She said she made me some chocolate chip cookies with chunks of chocolate in each cookie. When we were inside her house she hugged me and gave me a super wet delicious kiss. I forgot all about the cookies, and I was defenseless against her womanly charms.”

Mrs. Wilson smiled. I thought she might even giggle, but she didn’t.

I continued, “I was under her spell. Actually I was quite happy to be under her spell, and I knew I would do anything she asked, and I did. While she was kissing me she asking me if I wanted to go somewhere more comfortable, I whispered ‘yes.’ After we took one another’s clothes off each other, I carried her to her bedroom and fucked her. Then she gave me oral sex afterwards. We cuddled together, and after another hour I dressed and left her house with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.”

Mrs. Wilson, said, “Well at least you got what she promised you.”

“That’s right Mrs. Wilson. I was going to bring you one this morning but Ginny and I ate them all after we had sex last night.”

“Oh, Billy! You must have an enormous sex drive with a lot of stamina.

“Is there anything else that’s changed Billy?”

“Well, Ginny returned from her visit with her long-time girlfriend and was anxious to share what they discussed together. They have been close friends for years and years and years and they know everything about each other. Her girlfriend’s name is Sharron and she’s divorced and trying to establish another life for herself, but she can’t find a man who is interested in anything other than fucking her.

Ginny shared with Sharron that she needed to find another person for me, because my dad could return home at anytime and although she loves me and enjoyed our relationship, she also loves my dad, and that meant that I would have to return to my room and we probably wouldn’t have any more sex together after dad returns home from deployment. She didn’t want me to be jealous or angry. So Ginny thought Sharron should meet me and that I should meet Sharron. They arranged for Sharron to spend a week with me, so Sharron and I could get to know one another and enjoy some sex together. Ginny even said she was going to move her things out of her bedroom and leave it for Sharron and me to use. Ginny said she was going to sleep in my old bedroom and use the hall bathroom, and be as inconspicuous as possible. Ginny wants me to show Sharron a good time and she hopes we’ll hit it off. She thinks we would be a perfect couple.”

While I was telling Mrs. Wilson about Sharron she was lending forward with her elbows on her knees and her chin fethiye escort bayan on her hands and listening intently. After I stopped talking, Mrs. Wilson just kept looking at me, and then a smile began to form across her lips. She sat back in her chair and her legs were parted, but not intentionally, and I could see her lavender panties again, and that made my day. That view always turned me on, and I felt my penis enlarging almost immediately, and I knew I should look away, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her panties. Mrs. Wilson didn’t say anything, and she didn’t bring her knees together either. I finally looked up at her, and she had that sweet sensual smile of knowing I had enjoyed seeing her panties again. I looked at her looking at me and I didn’t break my gaze from her. She moved her head slightly from side to side thinking. Then she leaned forward in her chair and said softly but sweetly, “Billy, what am I going to do with you?”

I didn’t reply to her question. My penis was hard and pushing the front of my pants out. I had my hands clasped in front of my pants but as sharp as Mrs. Wilson is I’m sure she noticed my penis pushing the fabric outward.

“Anything else you want me to know Billy?”

“I’m also have feelings for another girl in my class. We’ve never dated, don’t know one another very well, although we talk and sometimes flirt with one another, but she really gets to me. Today in first period, I had thoughts of wanting to have sex with her.”

“Billy, have you ever known a girl you absolutely didn’t want to have intercourse with?’

I didn’t say anything. What could I say. She was probably telling the truth. Was I really that over-sexed!

“Billy, I need to digest all you’ve told me before I could possibly respond to what you’ve shared with me today. It blows me away a little to know how much sex is a part of your life. I can’t understand how someone could function everyday when most of his or her brain is concentrating on sex.

“Come back early next week. I would like to know how you got along with Sharron and what your mom thinks now that you’re having consensual sex with her closest girlfriend in her bed.”

She handed me a pass to go back to class. Then she said, “Wait, fix the tuck in your pants. I think your tool needs some adjustment before you go out in the hall and scare Miss Nicholas.”

I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants button and readjusted my penis.

“That’s better Billy.”

“Have a good weekend Mrs. Wilson and thank you for listening to me and wanting to help me.”

“You’re welcome Billy.”

I left the office. Miss Nicholas was not at her desk so I didn’t have to talk to her again or scare her with my penis bulging inside my pants. As I stepped out into the hallway the bell rang for the next class.

When school was over I went home to get ready for my date with Ginny. I slipped into the house unnoticed and walked back to our bedroom. She wasn’t dressed and she was standing in front of her dresser looking for something in her drawer. I saw her well-formed perky breasts. She selected a black bra. She started to put it on but didn’t. She placed it back in her drawer, and watched her slip one of her party dresses over her head. I was happy she decided not to wear a bra tonight. Then she saw me standing by the door jam and said, “Billy, would you help me zip up the back of my dress?”

I told her I would be happy to do that. I walked across the room and she turned to face me. Thank you sweetie. Did you have a good day in school today?”

” It was satisfactory. I had some trouble concentrating.”


“Why? Because of what you and Sharron cooked up together yesterday, that’s why!

“Oh, honey, you’re going to love Sharron and you’re both going to enjoy good sex together for a week!

I zipped up her dress and she turn around again and planted a wet kiss on my lips. I need all the kisses and hugs I can get tonight Billy since I’m going to be in jail for a week.” She giggle to herself.

“Go get a shower and get dressed so we can get to the club by 5 p.m.”

“Ok, baby. After I showered I selected my wardrobe. When I was dressed I went out to the living room and she smiled broadly.

“You look so handsome Billy. I’m going to have to take a stick to beat off all the women who will want to dance with you.”

She handed me a necklace and ask if I would clasp it around her neck. After I finished she turned around and said, “Do you like my dress? Does it please you Billy?”

I looked at her carefully, moving my eyes up and down and all around her and then I looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Ginny, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Yes, I’m very pleased. You look stunning.”

She hugged me tightly and told me how much she appreciated me. I told her that I was glad she chose not to wear a bra. I said, “I really enjoy having your boobs rub against my chest.”

“Thank you Billy.”

We smiled at each other and she kissed me again on my lips.

“Billy, do you think I’m showing too much cleavage?” I smiled at her and said, “Not for me, mom, but maybe you’ll be whispered about among the other ladies at the club, but I’m sure their husband’s will be happy to see you walking into the dining room.”

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