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Mom Wants Son to be Hers – Forever

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All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


“You can’t fuck me, Danny, I’m your mother.”

“Yeah, right. Keep still while I get my cock in.”

“No. Stop. Stop Danny. Wait, it’s too… Not like that! There, how’s that?”

“Oh, thanks mum. I can’t get the angle right when we’re spooning like this. Oh, I still can’t believe how tight your pussy is.”

“Go slowly baby. I’m a little sore. How many times can you fuck in a week?”

“With you? Plenty. I’ll go slow. But you’re really wet.”

“Just as well. Your cock’s not as long as your dad’s was but it’s way thicker. You like fucking me, baby?”

“More than anything mum. And we’ve done it so many times I don’t feel the need to hurry any more.”

“That’s good honey. Oh yes, I like these slow strokes.”

“Tell me about fucking your dad again mum.”

“You’re naughty! Does it turn you on baby?”

“Yeah. I never knew him but he sounds like a bit of a stud.”

“He was – and you must have got his genes. He was insatiable like you. So, ataköy escort I’ve told you about the time in the car…”

“The first time.”

“Yes. And in the motel room, and in the supermarket toilet.”

“Oh that one was hot! Public incest! Wow!”

“You wanna do me like that one day? Outside somewhere”

“Can we? Thanks mum, you’re the best.”

“It’ll be my pleasure. OK, here’s one. Aunty Jenny’s wedding.”

“You think dad ever fucked her, his other daughter?”

“I dunno. But if it excites you to think about it, remember how big her tits are. Imagine my dad cumming on them…”

“Fuck you’re hot mum! I might cum soon after all.”

“And you haven’t heard the story yet! OK. Dad was all upset at losing his daughter, drank a bit too much. I took him outside for some air. By this time I think we’d fucked maybe six times. There was this lake, we walked around it. We ended up in a little bunch of bushes, we could still see the party and hear all the music and laughter.”

“How did it start, ataköy eve gelen escort that time?”

“Keep fucking me and I’ll tell you. Yes, mmm baby! Play with my tits? I’m getting turned on too just remembering it. Oooh, yess!”

“So how did it start?”

“Oh right. It was simple. We were holding hands, and he just said, ‘Baby, I need you. Now.’ “

“I’m dressed in this pale blue slinky silk bridesmaid’s dress, just long enough to be decent, tits barely covered…”

“Then what did you say to him?”

“Nothing. Oooh I can feel in my pussy how much this is turning you on! OK. Remember two things. The tits that were spilling out of that evening dress are the same ones you’re touching now. And the pussy I was about to give my father is the same one you’re fucking now.”

“Oooh hell! I can’t stand it. Roll over mum. I need to fuck you now.”

Joanne rolled onto her stomach and Danny began pumping more forcefully. Not hard, because he knew she was sore. But he wanted to cum now. ataköy grup yapan escort He pulled her up to doggy position and pressed, wriggled, pressed some more. It took all his experience to resist banging her fast. For her part, Ellen kept her ass still and let her son fuck her, gently but urgently.

She went on with her erotic memoir: “Oh that’s nice baby. So, Dad turned me around and bent me against a tree. I didn’t even get my knickers off, he just pulled them to my thighs and rolled my tight dress up and over my bum and without any foreplay he pushed his cock into me from behind. Like you’re behind me now, baby.”

“Oh mum. I’m gonna cum.”

“Just like he did baby, and that was the first time I let him cum in my cunt.”

That word tipped Danny over. His mind’s eye saw his mother in a tight blue dress, panties down, bent over with a man cumming up inside her. He did the same.

“Yeah baby. Fill mummy’s cunt.”

His semen splashed inside her yet again. She felt his cock pulse and let go, enjoyed the warm flush inside her pussy, and smiled. In the past two weeks, since the first time they’d fucked, she had learnt how to turn her son on and make him cum whenever she wanted. He was always willing and able. He was so utterly addicted to her pussy and it made her happy. He was never going to leave her, as her father had left her, she would see to that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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