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Momma Melba Ch. 04

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It has now been half a year that I have been taken by Momma Melba. It has been the best half year of my life. My life now has a purpose higher than having a great social life and climbing the professional ladder.

My life now consists of working hard at my job during the day. After work I spend a couple of hours cleaning Momma Melba’s house in my French maid’s uniform. My ass is always plugged in the evenings and this turns me on to no end. The feel of the invader churning in my hole as I move around cleaning reminds me that I am completely under Momma Melba’s control. Exactly where I am meant to be.

When I finish cleaning Momma Melba restrains me in different ways for a couple of hours while she watches television. Sometimes by the anal hook, and sometimes by this stainless-steel butt plug that opens up like the petals of a flower by turning its protruding ring, once it has been inserted into my ass. She then locks it with a small paddle-lock and there is no escaping. She then locks a chain to it and the doorknob and I can’t go anywhere. Momma Melba also likes putting me into her dog’s steel cage. I have to be in the fetal position to fit inside and then I can’t move much. I have come to love these sessions of being restrained. They are so humiliating but I get off on this humiliation. They also give me the time to meditate and focus on my being completely owned.

Before going to bed Momma Melba like to have me pleasure either her ass or huge pussy orally. She loves it and I love giving her this pleasure. I am usually so horny by this point after cleaning with the plug and being restrained. Momma Melba always gives me the best orgasms with one or more of her fat fingers or a dildo up my cunt.

I have also come out as a lesbian, to my family and work colleagues both of whom know that my relationship is with Momma Melba. Telling my Mom was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My dad did not say anything but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

I also heard the gossip at work. One guy said, “She is so hot and smart, and she has so much going for her. She could have any guy she wants, but why a fat lady forty years her senior?”

I could feel the conversation stop many times when I entered a room. I relished in the shame and just concentrated on doing the best work that I can.

The previous evening Momma Melba explained to me that today after work, she was going to have a shield pierced onto my pussy, covering it completely, to solidify her ownership over me.

I finished work at seven and by seven thirty I had met up with Momma Melba on a specified corner. After a short walk down the street we came to a large tattoo and body piercing shop. I felt so out of place walking in there. I am such a clean, all American girl. I never would have dreamed of walking into such a place. All the people in there had huge tattoos, lots of piercings, and colored hair. I could not believe the huge holes some of the people had in their ears! Eyebrows, lips tongues and I couldn’t imagine what else was pierced on the people in that shop!

Momma Melba talked to a girl behind the register and said that we were there for the eight O’clock appointment. She walked us into an area cordoned off by a curtain with a gynecological bed in it. She told me to strip lay back and to put my legs into the stirrups. She then told Momma Melba that Needles would join us shortly.

I was casino şirketleri all butterflies in my stomach as I took off my tight skirt and blouse, stockings and panties. Could I actually go through with this? I only ever had my ears pierced and they were done when I was four years old. This would be extreme! No one except Momma Melba would know about it, and she wanted me to do this. It would be the proof that she, and she alone owned my pussy! And the rest of my body and soul!

Momma Melba was so motherly and held my hand and soothed me the whole time. I was so grateful to have her and would do anything for her!

A few minutes later Needles walked in and pulled the curtain shut. He spoke with Momma Melba and she told him what she wanted done. I had this weird feeling that Mamma Melba and Needles knew each other but it couldn’t be. Momma Melba was a sixty year old black lady and Needles was a white man in his early thirties.

Needles nodded, inspected my pussy and spoke to me. “Thanks for being clean shaven. I am going to pierce you with ten 1.2 by 6 by 3mm hoop rings. I will then attach a vice grip to each one to act as a heat sink while I weld them permanently shut.”

It was embarrassing in a sexy way to have my pussy viewed, inspected, fondled and talked about.

“Are you sure that you want to go through with this, young lady?” He asked.

I nodded my head in confirmation because my mouth was too dry to speak.

With that Needles went to work. He thoroughly cleaned my labia with rubbing alcohol. I watched with fascination as needles pierced the first one. It felt like a pinch but nothing I couldn’t take. Needles wiped off the small amount of blood a few times and then swabbed by pussy with rubbing alcohol again before proceeding to the next one. As he kept repeating the process, I got totally wet from all the stimulation! The embarrassment and all the rubbing and wiping. After the fourth piercing Needles was wiping up more pussy juice secretions than blood by far!

“You got a horny one here, Melba!” Needles announced, after the fifth piercing.

I felt like the most special woman in the world and must have gushed out a bunch more fluid when I heard Momma Melba reply “That and a many other reasons is why I am locking-up her perfect treasure of a pussy.”

Needles continued his work and I just got wetter and wetter down there! I had to force myself to be still, I just wanted to squirm all over the place!

Once the last piercing was done, Needles announced to us that he was going to get the guard plate and lock, and that he would be right back. As soon as Needles left the curtain enclosed area, I grabbed Momma Melba by a roll of fat and pulled her in for the most passionate French kissing that I ever had!

“You better keep me forever!” I assertively told Momma Melba right before Needles returned.

Needles walked in carrying a beautiful platinum plated stainless steel guard plate and a small paddle lock with an elongated curved shackle. The plate had a bunch of ornately carved designs in it and “Momma Melba” engraved right in the center surrounded by a heart. He showed us how the paddle lock’s shackles were curved to fit into the shield and how the lock body completely separates from the shackle on both sides. The thing was a work of art and the exterior was rounded and shaped just like a camel’s toe.

I took the guard casino firmaları plate from Needles and inspected it closely. It was actually made from two plates that were fused together. They were separated in two places along most of the length where hollow tubes were created allowing the paddle lock shackle to slide through. On the side of the guard plate that would lay against my pussy along these two separations for the shackle there were ten little slits, five on each side. The whole edge of the guard plate was folded over creating a nice rounded barrier shaped like a gasket. At the end of the guard plate the two layers separated completely allowing for a pocket where the body of the paddle lock would be inserted. It was a genius design! The paddle lock body and shackle would be covered hiding their outline and they would not be able to flop around!

Needles then proceeded to show Momma Melba how to put it on. He inserted the top two piercings into the top slits and slid the shackle into the tubes until it just passed through them. He then inserted the next two piercings into the next two slits and slid the shackle down just a little more. He repeated this process five times until the shackle had gone through all ten piercings and jutted out into the paddle lock pocket cavity. He then took the lock body and slid it in where it clicked onto the shackle ends!

I now had my pussy completely locked up! I was so horny I almost came right there! The whole thing felt very comfortable and molded nicely against my pussy. It covered me from about an inch above my clit all the way down to just a little above my asshole. It completely covered my clit, labia (and obviously my pussy opening!), and half of my taint. Yet, it was thin so it did not rub against my thighs.

“Try to touch yourself.” Needles commanded.

I tried to insert a finger under the skirt of the guard plate but could not get more than just the tip under. There was no way than I would be able to reach my clit or any other part of my pussy without pulling very hard on the piercings creating serious pain.

Needles then explained to Momma Melba that it was very important that she remove the shield at least twice a day morning and evening to suave the piercings with alcohol to make sure that they did not get infected. I was then crushed when he told Momma Melba no sex, toy penetration or oral of any kind for at least a month! Maybe even six weeks! Here I was hornier than I had ever been before in my life and I would have to wait at least a month to relieve my itch! I wanted to kill Momma Melba!

Needles then instructed me to put on my panties. After putting them on he showed Momma Melba and myself that the whole contraption was completely hidden. I thought to myself at least I won’t have to worry about ever NOT having a camel toe. I then pulled up my stockings and put on my skirt and heels while Needles gave Momma Melba the two paddle lock keys, a bottle of alcohol, medical wipes and a little bottle of iodine. Once again, he explained the importance of cleaning the piercings at least twice daily and complete abstinence from sex and any oral activities. He warned Momma Melba that human saliva is swarming with bacteria.

Needles and Momma Melba shook hands and hugged each other as we left the curtained area. Momma Melba went to the receptionist and I was surprised at the $2,400 price tag!

Momma Melba güvenilir casino saw the shock on my face and said. “Your worth it Honey. Now pay with your card.” I almost melted from both love and shame, even though I knew that the next month would be hell.

Momma Melba then took me out to an expensive restaurant, that I paid for with my credit card. Dinner was great, but I was so horny. I could feel my pussy creaming and stuffed a couple of napkins between my thighs so that the juices would not soak the back of my skirt.

When we got home, Momma Melba collared and leashed me and went to the bathroom. I reflected on the comfort of the device since having it put on. I had had walked to my car and driven it from the piercing place to the restaurant, sat through a meal, walked to the bathroom a couple of times, and then walked to my car and drove home all in complete comfort.

When Momma Melba finished in the bathroom, she had me strip. She easily opened the paddle lock with one of the keys and together we removed the guard plate. It was much easier than putting it on. All we had to do was pull the shackle out and the whole thing came off. It was late so Momma Melba inspected the piercings and my labia. She then swabbed me down with an alcohol soaked medi-wipe and wiped up all the stickiness on my taint and thighs! Yes, that’s how horny I was!

“Princess, let’s make sure we can get this back on.” She told me as she put it over my mound.

Momma Melba’s fat fingers had to fool around with the pierced hoops a quite a bit more than Needles had to, but after about five minutes she had the shield locked snuggly over my pussy. She then put one of the keys on the chain that she wore around her neck and told me the other key would be going into the bank vault.

“Now, Needles said that you are not allowed to have sex, but he didn’t say anything about me!” With that she pulled me down to the floor, between her fight thighs by my leash.

I feasted on Momma Melba’s soaked cunt and rolled my hips in frustrated horniness. I was so damn horny and even though Momma Melba had never gone down on me her fat fingers gave me far better orgasms than any cock ever had.

I could feel Momma Melba leaning over me and felt her hook my ass with the anal hook. She leaned back into the sofa and wrapped the rope tied to the hook around her hand. She would give me unexpected little jerks and pull me more into her humid cunt just by pulling on the rope. Knowing that the shield symbolized psychologically, and proved physically that Momma Melba’s ownership of me was complete and permanent sent shivers through me. I could feel the pride and shame of being owned working its way to my cunt. Then It happened! I exploded in an orgasm when Momma Melba pulled extra hard on the hook. I had never orgasmed without touching my clit before! I screamed into Mamma Melba’s hairy gash but didn’t dare stop eating her.

I think seeing me orgasm without touching my clit sent Momma Melba over the edge too. Or, maybe it was me screaming into her folds that put her into orgasmic throes. Either way, I felt complete pride in giving my owner such pleasure. Momma Melba’s fat thighs smothered my head, and her juices covered my face and even soaked into my blond hair. I luxuriated in the humid confinement of my head and when she released me, I continued licking her lightly lapping up all of her juices.

Mamma Melba did not make me do any chores that night. We washed up, brushed our teeth and crawled into bed. I fell into a deep blissful sleep knowing that I was completely owned by the magnificent fat black lady who was spooning me so protectively.

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