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Mom’s Curves Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 and over. There is some mild bi sexuality between two men if you’re not into that no problem just don’t say I didn’t give you advanced notice! Please enjoy.



“Tell me how much you love my fat cock in your ass, mom!” I already knew the answer. I just get off on forcing my slut mother to talk dirty when I’m fucking her doggie style!

“Oh baby I love it in my ass, in my whore pussy and in my mouth especially after it’s been in my ass or pussy! Oh fuck I’m cumming again!” she said before returning her boyfriend’s cock to her throat.

So you’re probably wondering how it came to be that I was fucking my own mother in the ass as she 69’d her boyfriend placing my balls directly over his face. Don’t worry he doesn’t mind, in fact, he’s licking them right now! So let me start from the beginning.

For as long as I can remember it’s always been me and my mother. I never knew my father, from what I hear he’s not worth knowing. My mother Connie gave birth to me three months after she kicked him out. After my birth my mother, having gained some weight from the pregnancy, fell into a rut and paid little to no attention to her looks. And that’s a shame because my mom was hot. I have no problem admitting to you that she was the star attraction in most of my teenage stroke fantasies! Even with the extra pounds she still had an hour glass figure 38dd tits and her face looked younger than her 38 years. The problem was since the divorce, she wore nothing but sweatpants, tee-shirts and fucking Crocs on a daily basis. This went on for years until Aunt Susan moved in with us.

Susan was my mother’s younger, hotter and more “adventurous” sibling. So the day her little sister arrived things started getting interesting around the Jones residents. I was with my mom at the airport waiting for Aunt Susan’s plane to touch down and even though I was only 18 years old I still had the where with all to pick up on Mom’s nervousness

“Are you okay mom? You look extremely nervous! Aren’t you glad to see your sister after all this time?”

Aunt Susan had moved out to the west coast 8 years ago to make it big in Hollywood, and though no one has seen any of her “work” she seemed to have made it big. Between owning her own home in an upscale neighborhood and driving an 80 thousand dollar Jaguar! Not to mention the money spent on her body, fake tits, ass implants and of course lip injections, we all knew she had made it big.

“Oh Brian it’s just that when my sister left for fame and fortune I told her she was a fool for chasing some impossible dream instead of finding a nice man setting down and having a family. And now I’m overweight, divorced and working in customer service. And she’s some big time actress making God knows how much money…”

“Yea but you got me and she’s all alone. Remember in her letter how she said she was home sick and missed her big sister? Sounds lonely to me.” I said cutting her off and putting an end to her pity party.

At that my mother cheered up, hugged me and said, “Oh Brian you always know just the right thing to say and of course your right I wouldn’t trade you for all the money in the world!”

As my mother hugged me tight I was reminded why my mom didn’t need fake tits, hers were having an extreme effect on my fat 18 year old cock so I pulled away before my mother felt it pressed against her stomach. But when I did she immediately looked at my crotch letting me know I was too late but the smile on her face let me know she was okay with it, the redness in her cheeks told me she enjoyed it. And just when it was about to get awkward my Aunt arrived.

At first there was a couple of wolf whistles followed by a few husband’s getting slapped by their wives and then she appeared Aunt Susan. Her walk was pure sex! She stood about 5’7′ with 4″ heels on. She must have been a 38E bra size, very slim waist good sized ass long legs, that if you follow them up, they end at the mother of all camel toes! The thin satin pants did little to hide the swollen cunt lips my mother’s sister was sporting!

Seeing my mom Aunt Susan ran over, as fast as her heels would let her and embraced mom. If you were one of the few people not staring at my aunt, that short run had not only got you staring but also drooling!

“OMG Connie I’ve missed you so much! What has it been , ten years it feels like ten?” she asked before looking over at me. “Is this my nephew Brian? What a hunk, thank God he’s not short like us.”

I stood 6′-4″ if your interested. And at 230 pounds of pure muscle, I guess I was a hunk!

“And these muscles, so where’s my hug and kiss don’t you miss your auntie?” she asked with arms open waiting for that hug.

When we hugged the top of her head was just under my chin which put her big silicone fun bags just under my chest and put my brand new erection against her flat stomach. I did not want that hug to end but Aunt Susan pulled away so she could glimpse the bulge she felt during ataköy anal yapan escort our hug.

“My how you have grown.” She said while eyeing my discomfort and then pulled me in for a kiss. I was expecting a quick peck on the cheek maybe the lips but what I got was my bottom lip sucked into a juicy lip mash that left lipstick on my mouth and chin. I nervously looked at my mother and for a second it looked like envy in her eyes. Then she quickly recovered and told me to grab Susan’s bags. She only had two small carry on but had 8 at the carousel.

“I hope we can fit all these in the car!” she said while I played Tetris with luggage and mom’s back seat. When I was done the back seat was filled to the top and there was even one piece of luggage, a large one, in the middle of the front seat of my mother’s Toyota Corolla.

“How are we going to sit when it looks like there’s only room for two?” mom asked.

“It’s obvious, I’m going to have to sit on my handsome nephew’s lap while you drive sis.” my Aunt Susan said while removing her jacket. I forcefully kept myself from smiling or my mother might not have agreed with this solution.

“All right as long as Brian doesn’t mind we can get going.”

“Of course I don’t mind, I’ll get in first and auntie you get in facing the passenger window effectively using the luggage in the middle as a backrest.”

“I love it when a man takes charge.” My Aunt said in a low husky voice only meant for me to hear.

After I got in I adjusted the seat back as far as it would go for some leg room. Then my Aunt slowly sat on my left lap with her legs dangling between mine. A weird thought crossed my mind, that this is exactly how a daughter would sit on her father’s lap!

And as if reading my mind Aunt Susan wiggled her soft ass and said “I love sitting in Daddy’s lap.”

There goes that low husky voice again only this time it was in my ear and followed by a lick. Which caused me to groan.

“What was that Brian are you okay over there?”

“Yea just trying to get comfortable.” At this point I was hard as a rock and at full 10 inches. Which did not go unnoticed by Auntie. Whispering in my ear she said, “You’re not the only one that’s rock hard, look at my nipples.” As I glanced at her chest she thrust it out towards my face effectively poking me between the lip with an inch long fat nipple with a whole lot of tit flesh behind it. The fact that there was a tee-shirt over that nipple did not stop me from biting down slightly just enough to let her know I can play dirty too, and then begin sucking. I may be just a teenager but I’ve been around enough sluts in high school to know my Aunt was a hardcore slut and anything goes.

With my lips firmly planted on her right nipple I reached up to the dash and turned on the radio to some loud classic rock my mother loves but not too loud as to be obvious. My Aunt looked down at me, as I looked up, with lust and hunger in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip. So I reached over to her left nipple and twisted it which caused her to whimper and visibly tremble. I saw her left hand snake down to her satin covered pussy with intentions of rubbing one out but I released her nipple caught her hand with my right hand and brought it up to her recently abandoned nipple to pick up where I left off. This left her neglected cunt at my mercy. So I reached under her and adjusted my cock so it lined up with her slit and anus. She restarted that slow rocking back and forth but this time with purpose. Once I was done adjusting my cock, I sought out her pussy and I slowly caressed it, just hard enough to keep her on the edge but not hard enough to get her off. Again she whimpered.

“How… how could you know so much about a woman’s body? You’re just a teen.” She whispered with what looked like confusion mixed with lust in her eyes. She didn’t wait for an answer and locked lips with me shoving her tongue down my throat so I shoved back with my own tongue and with my left hand this whole time behind her I used it to grab her by the back of her head and hold her still with my and her lips locked, I applied more pressure to her covered pussy and with my thumb found her clit brought her over the edge I had her on for the last few minutes.

Judging by the way her whole body trembled and the way her crotch got extremely soaked, I imagine I got the job done. After she recovered she began kissing me all over my face and neck telling me how she never came so hard without a cock inside her.

“When we get home you go in with mom and spend time with her, I’ll get your stuff up to the room and then head over to my friends house to give you and my mom some private conversation time. Then tonight when she’s asleep you come to my room so we can finish what we started.” I said.

“You sound pretty sure of yourself. What if I don’t show up?” she said with some indignation. “Then you go back to just being my Aunt Susan and I go back to fucking high school ataköy bdsm escort girls and sometimes their mothers.”

That last part got her interest. With a raised eyebrow she asked “What mother’s?”

To which I reminded her, “Remember when you asked me how I knew so much about women’s bodies?” now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow!

My mother having drove in silence, enjoying her classic rock, started to wonder why no one was talking. So she lowered the volume and said, “It’s awfully quiet over there.”

“Brian’s asleep and I’m answering emails. I figured we’d have plenty of time to talk over coffee when we get to your house.” I gave my Aunt a thumbs up for her quick thinking.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to the house and I began the luggage trips up to the guest room which was fortunately next to mine and down the hall from my mother’s room and the bathroom.


After trips to the bathroom each and a pot of coffee ready for drinking, the two sisters settled in at the kitchen table. “So tell me about your life in Hollywood, I bet it’s exciting.” Connie exclaimed.

“It’s not all that. I’d rather hear what it’s like being a single mom to such a hunk! I mean how do you keep the teen age girls in the neighborhood from beating down your door?” Susan asked.

“I can honestly say that Brian is the one rock solid constant in my life. He gets good if not great grades in school. I’ve never had a teacher or neighbor call me to tell me something he did or about some trouble he got into. I’m lucky to have him as my son.” Connie proudly stated.

Susan almost spit her coffee out when Connie said “rock solid” but managed to say “Okay tell me about you then, are you seeing anyone and if not when was the last time you were seeing someone?”

This was the line of questions Connie dreaded. She’s been single for close to six years now. It’s her box of toys under the bed that keeps her company at night.

Brian’s father never wanted children so it was no surprise he started cheating on her the moment she told him about the pregnancy. He tried to get her to have an abortion but Connie refused. They tried to stay together for the baby’s sake but Connie saw the writing on the wall around the same time as she found emails proving his infidelity. So with him gone and no one else around, she poured all her love into her new born son. When Brian turned three and she felt he could be left with a babysitter, she started going out on a few dates. Having gained some weight from the pregnancy, her confidence was at an all time low which in turn negatively affected the potential relationships.

“I’ve dated here and there but nothing serious.” She said while staring at the ground.

“Look sis, I’ve seen this before, you gained a little weight and lost your confidence. But the truth is that you’re not fat you’re curvy and with the right clothes you would look sexy as hell. Guys will start hitting on you. And that’s when you get your confidence back. Now if you feel you would rather be a little slimmer then go to the gym with me and get as in shape as you’d like!” Susan advised knowing her sister needed the compliments as a precursor to gaining the confidence to even try to improve her appearance.

Connie knew her little sister was right. She had fallen into a rut and foolishly believed there was no way out. “Okay I’ll start dressing better.” she said. “Great now show me your closet, I need to see what you own besides sweatpants.” Susan said and with that said they headed upstairs.

Connie threw open her closet doors not feeling very optimistic. “Most of my good clothes are too tight to wear. And the stuff that does fit are work clothes” she said as her sister pushed hangers of cloths over one at a time stopping on a halter sundress that looked like it only came down to mid thigh. “This one’s nice, try it on!” handing the mint green dress to Connie.

“Oh this was my favorite but I know it’s not gonna fit right.” She claimed as she held the dress up to her body.

“I’ll be the judge of that! Now strip.'”

Connie, having never been ordered in such a commanding tone, combined with the fact that it was an order to get naked, felt oddly aroused. So after she removed her sweatpants and tee shirt and was standing there in her bra and panties, she became aware of her nipples poking through the shear material.

Susan noticed as well so she push her sisters buttons a bit. “Come on hurry up and get naked I want to see what we’re working with!”

Connie bit her bottom lip as she slowly removed her panties first, afraid to show her aroused nipples, which she right away realized was a mistake because of how wet she became causing the gusset to stick to her leaking pussy!

Susan now very sure that ordering her sister around had caused her to get extremely aroused. Now she wondered if a little humiliation would have the same effect.

“OMG Connie you’re soaking ataköy elit escort wet! Are you getting horny striping for your sister you SLUT?” she asked as she stepped forward to grab hold of Connie’s hand as she tried to bring the panties back up to cover.

Connie visibly shaken stuttered out a denial. “N…no I…my… was…” but not being able to come up with a good excuse only made her feel more humiliated which in turn made her pussy leak even more.

Susan ran two fingers along her sister’s wet slit whispered in Connie’s ear, “You poor thing, when was the last time someone, other than yourself, has touched your wet pussy like this?” not waiting for an answer she plunged the two fingers in to the second knuckle.

It was all too much for poor Connie so she came harder than ever in her life and gushed all down her own legs. It’s been a long time since someone, anyone, touched her like this. The fact that it was her little sister only made it more taboo. But Susan wasn’t done, she knew how badly her big sis needed this so she used those fingers to locate and stroke her G spot keeping her in a constant state of orgasm as she walked her sister backwards to the bed. Once Connie collapsed on to the mattress, Susan was down between her legs in a second licking up all of Connie’s juices. It wasn’t long before she reached her second, third and then forth climax.

“Oh fuck… nnnggghh.. no more please! I can’t take it any more… oh god yessss!” Susan knew her sister could take more and would take more so she lifted Connie’s legs and licked a trail from her sweet pussy down to her tangy ass hole. Once there she rimmed her for a bit and then sunk her rigid tongue in as far as she could.

“What are…not in the…Nnngggoooh oh fuck that feels so good…yessss!! No…body…ever…yesss!! Eat my ass please don’t stop… I’m going to cum again!!” and she did, only this time when she came her sis reached up and pinched her clit just hard enough to make her gush like a fountain, convulse and pass out.

Connie, having been denied for so long, felt like she just had six years worth of sex in 30 minutes. And as she started coming around the first thing she noticed was that her pussy was still throbbing hard, so hard it felt like she was getting fucked by a good sized cock. So when she looked down between her legs she was only half shocked to see Susan pounding away at her sensitive cunt with what had to be a very large black dildo bringing her close to orgasm once again. The second thing she noticed was that her ass hole was trembling…no, vibrating and full.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum again, why…are.. nnnggghh.. you…what is…that in.. in my ass?” She finally got out.

“You like? That’s your new butt plug! If you meet a guy and you decide to go anal, then you’ll need to stretch before hand!” Susan explained and then turned up the vibrating anal plug all the way.

“Nnnggghhh… oh.. mother… fucker!! I’m cumming!” This time Connie came so hard she curled up in a fetal position as her eyes rolled to the back and convulsed so hard it looked like she was being tasered. The convulsions lasted for about two minutes just enough time for Susan to take the big dildo out and lick it clean.

When Connie came around Susan said “Get some sleep but don’t take out the plug until I say so. And you’re letting me take you clothes shopping tomorrow because we’re going clubbing tomorrow night.” Connie who was too tiered to argue just nodded and fell asleep.


Connie slept for three hours it was now five o’clock and she could smell that somebody had made dinner. She needed a shower so she grabbed her towel and robe and headed for the bathroom. Once in the shower her mind gravitated to what her younger sister had done to her and the butt plug still in her ass. Connie slowly removed the plug and examined it. It was 4″ long and 2″ wide before it narrowed to a ball on the end.

“I should clean it,” she thought while she held it up to her face. After taking a sniff she concluded that it smelt more like a flavored lube than ass. And before she could think about what she was doing, she placed the plug on her tongue, wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it like a short fat cock.

“I can’t believe I let Susan do those things to me or how turned on I got. My god my sister ate my pussy and fucked me with a big black rubber cock. Not to mention the big plug still in my mouth that was recently in my fat ass. What has gotten into me?” She wanted to leave out the plug but felt Susan would be upset if she did. So she reluctantly removed it from her mouth and returned it to her hungry ass.

“As much as I enjoyed cumming multiple times until I passed out, this was not appropriate behavior. What if Brian came home early and found us like that.”

As soon as Connie had that thought her knees got weak and she felt a tingle returning to her recently awaken pussy.

“Brian, what was that at the airport? He got hard from hugging me, I’m his mom he’s not supposed to get hard for me. But he did…he got hard for his mommy. And it was huge, he probably wants to fuck m..NO.” Connie, having snapped out of her incest fueled fantasy, realized she was fucking her juicy ass with her new butt plug. “I have to get a hold of myself. I have to put an end to all this nonsense.”

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