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More Panty Stories Pt. 01

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Well, the first time I wore panties were my mom’s. I never had a thing for my mom, it’s just that they were the only ones available. I had two sisters but they were too young for me to be able to fit into theirs. It was nice that I had a pretty good body. Not that I was some muscle bound buy but I had no problems with weight control and in fact I was a little on the skinny side which made it easy to wear girls things.

I never really understood in my younger age why I did it but it made me horny. Horny as hell to just know what they wore, especially underneath their clothes. Most girls my age wore white nylon panties as I grew up. Some were mostly cotton but in those days nylon seem to be the thing. Young and old. Colors were only wore usually by older women so when I got in the later teen age and started seeing the girls my age wearing panties that were colored and even with designs like flowers and other designs it was even more exciting.

I was lucky enough to have 4 or 5 cousins that were cute. No, that is an understatement. They were hot. They had great figures, all but one I think had very lovely boobs for their age. In fact, at 18 or 19 they were 2 in B cups and 2 in C. I had one I think that wore and A but even her figure was nice.

I have always been a butt man myself. Not that I didn’t like a girl’s tits, it was just the shape of their butts. It just didn’t start at the butt though. It was the shape of their waist, their hips, the butt and then on to the legs. Now, if you combine that with a nice, shapely pair of breast, well, damn, you had a woman that was pretty close to perfect.

By the time I got to around 19, most girls in that time started wearing bikini panties. The low rise jeans had just came into style and they had to invent panties that wouldn’t be seen as much peeking out of the lower jeans. Course, when the girls bent down and you got that little glimpse of those colorful panties peeking out, that was the most exciting thing besides actually having sex with her. Also the bras in those days were what I thought was better. They were soft, thin cups of mostly nylon. You could see and feel their nipples through them as they stiffened from the excitement you were giving them and sometimes you just got lucky and they showed through period. The feel of a woman’s soft mounds through those soft, silky cups were better to me at least.

I say all this to set the thought of how some of it got started. Most guys that seem to have panty fetishes are straight guys, at least that is what you read. It was to me too. I loved women, the shapes, the curves, the smells, their long soft hair, their soft touch of those soft fingers and hands. WOW!! For some reason inside my head, seeing and knowing what girls wore underneath their tight jeans, their short skirts and dresses were something that seemed to excite me.

The first time I actually wore a pair it was unbelievable. To feel the silky material that seemed to rub against your skin, your butt, your cock and just the thin, tight fit was almost enough to make me cum. It surely made me hard easily. With my slim body, it was easy enough to wear the size most girls wore.

It was the time that one of esenyurt otele gelen escort my very cute cousins and myself found out that we both smoked grass. I guess my longer hair made it easy for most people to know I did but it took a little bit for her to feel comfortable enough to tell me she did.

It was one of those times that it started. We had just gotten high and it was some pretty good stuff. Good enough to remove both of our inhibitions. I asked her to rub my shoulders which she did very easily. It felt so good. I laid on her couch and she massaged my shoulders and back. Then came her time. At first it was nothing. I admit, touching her body was exciting but I didn’t really think it would lead to sex.

It was after I had rubbed her shoulders a little that I looked down. Now she was a cute girl and she always seemed to wear tight jeans but to see her on her stomach and her cute butt there before me, with those jeans clinging to her butt and tightly following her crouch it was to much.

I started the approach by going to her legs. She seemed to like that. Having her legs rubbed. She just laid there. Then I started getting a little closer to her pussy. Closer and closer and with each inch towards it her legs seemed to spread apart. I couldn’t believe it. It was mostly the part as I got to within an inch of actually touching her pussy through her jeans and she did nothing to stop me was the time I think I felt the spot on my underwear start to form. I was so close that I could only think that she knew where I was headed so I went ahead and brushed my fingers against her pussy.

She did nothing to stop it so I went back down and then as I came back up her leg I rubbed my fingers between her legs. It was so warm between them that I wondered if I already had her horny and I think now that I did. She still did nothing to stop me so I would switch legs and as I came up on the other I rubbed her pussy again. Hard enough to make sure she was feeling it.

That’s when I felt her hand touching my leg. She had brought one of her hands back and was trying to rub my legs. I knew then she was probably going to allow me to at least give her a hand massage of her bare pussy. I had the thought that those jeans were coming off.

I helped her reach back and find my cock in my jeans and she started rubbing it through them. I reached under her top and found those cute, very firm tits of hers. With my hand underneath her t-shirt and holding one of her tits, it was easy enough to turn her over. She easily turned over with her eyes closed at first. I am not sure if she was a little embarrassed that she was allowing her cousin to go this far with her or just enjoying it or both but I pulled that t-shirt off, over her head. She had a really cute black bra on. As I started massaging her tits through the soft, silky material she reached back down and started rubbing my cock through my jeans again. Whatever her reason was for closed eyes, she seemed to not only enjoy my playing with her tits but the feel of my cock in her hands and as I undid my belt and jeans she quickly pulled my cock out the top of my underwear. She pulled esenyurt rus escort them down and grabbed my cock firmly in her soft fingers.

I was at this point trying hard to think of anything else besides what I was doing since those soft fingers holding my cock had me almost at a climax stage. Then she slowly started moving those finger up and down my cock. Oh damn, the feeling was awesome, especially as she rubbed her finger tips over the head.

I leaned over and at first I slipped her bra strap off her shoulders and started licking and kissing each nipple. They were almost hard when I got to them but a couple times of my tongue across them and they grew quickly. It was beginning to look pretty good. I reached underneath her and started unhooking her bra. So far, neither of us had said a thing. Off came her bra and then I unbuttoned her jeans and her that zipper make it’s familiar sound as I pulled it down. Then I saw them. A beautiful pair of a maroon colored pair of nylon bikinis.

I awkwardly reached inside and felt my fingers slide down the silky material till it reached her pussy. Hot and already moist I rubbed her through those silky panties. I pulled my hand back out and grabbed both sides of her jeans and they easily pulled free once I got them started. She lifted up and allowed me to remove them. This cute female body in nothing but these maroon panties was gorgeous. I sucked her nipples some more. I felt one set of her fingers slip into my hair and started playing with it as she moaned with me working slowly on each nipple, back and forth. Kissed her neck some then back to her nipples. We even french kissed several times. She seemed to really like it when I sucked on her tongue. Something I had read about in a Playboy. I guess those magazines helped out in some ways.

She reached down and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up and I allowed her to pull it over my head and off and then I wondered if we really were going all the way.

I started my move to find out as I started kissing down her stomach. She was moaning even louder and the whole time had her hands and fingers holding my head and playing with my hair. I got to her panties and started kissing over the silky material. Slowly going over the front and kissing as much of her pussy as I could as she raised one leg up and over the back of the couch and the other went to the floor. I gently bit her pussy through the panties and she grabbed my hair tightly. I started kissing down her legs and made my way to her feet where I proceeded to suck each toe. Licking the bottom of her feet. Up one leg to bit her pussy again then back down the other leg. I could feel her finger trying to rubbed my cock as much as she could during this part. One of the times I came to her pussy I started licking up the elastic edge of her leg openings. This she seemed to love. Not sure if it was just the soft area of her leg that she liked or my following her panties. I believe that is a really soft, tender spot on a woman’s body. So close to her pussy without actually touching it.

That’s when she pushed me back and grabbed my jeans. Working them off seemed easy esenyurt türbanlı escort to her as I lifted to allow her to pull them over my butt. Then she grabbed my underwear and pulling them away from my hardened cock where it had made a big spot now on the front of my underwear. She was able to pull them off too. She laid them on the couch and came right back to my cock, leaning over and started licking up the shaft. She got it good and wet and licked my balls some. Sucking each one inside her mouth. When she licked up the shaft again and ran her tongue over the head it was almost too much. I tried to think of everything but her at that moment but I couldn’t. As I watched her suck on the head of my cock like a lollipop it was awesome. She even let it pop once or twice as she pulled it out from the suction she had on it. She was good, I admit that. It felt so good as she held my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other.

She slowly let it slip deeper and deeper inside her mouth. I admit, I thought it was easy for a woman to take a cock all the way in but the two times she took my cock completely in she gave a slight gag reflex. I am by no means big but my wife tells me I am bigger than a lot of guys and pretty much average. Not that she has had hundreds of guys but I think women look at a guy’s cock in a totally different way than we do. We look at it as something we want to make a woman groan about as it fills her pussy up. She look at it I believe as a finish to what she hopes is an orgasm if we do things right. Well, the two times she took it in all the way was good enough since she continued to move it in and out of those soft, thin lips was plenty fine. In fact, too much. I watched as she took it in and out, playing with the head a few times. Licking around the head and the shaft before taking it back in.

She started faster and faster and I started what felt like I was fucking her mouth but she stopped and I am not sure if she would have gone all the way or not but I am glad she didn’t since I wanted the finale to be inside her.

She slowly kissed up my stomach and sucked on each nipple for at least a minute or two. It felt so good, she smiled and kissed my lips again and I felt her tongue slip inside my mouth. I rolled her over and as I got on top I started slowly slipping her panties down. The beautiful moment I had hoped for but did not think would happen that night or with her did. A beautiful, slightly trimmed bush revealed itself.

Now, I guess the guys these days enjoy the bare pussy. In a way it is nice, no hair to get in your mouth. Nothing to get in the way of getting to each little spot on a females body to make her climax happens but in those days, a bush was the only thing we knew and I was ready to meet it. Whether it went any father or not, I wanted to make her cum with my tongue. Maybe it was because I had no big, pussy stretching cock and I knew it was hard to get a woman to climax but the one thing I had come to find out was working that clit of theirs with my tongue, sucking it in my mouth was the one way to make sure you heard her climax and felt her climax. I was ready to find out if I could make her if nothing else and that is were we leave it for now.

Hope you have enjoyed so far, this is a true story, well, it might not have happened exactly the same way but it was a time I had sex with one of my cousins. Hope you look for part 2. You might be wondering what this whole story has to do with panties and that comes later. Hope you enjoy this part to get to the next one.

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