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More Than a Little

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Fresh from the shower, she lay naked on the bed, reading a book, her curly wet hair clinging to her cheeks. Her forearms propped her up enough to provide a nice view of her cleavage.

I snapped the shutter once again. “Beautiful,” I whispered.

Looking up at me, she smiled – not for the camera in front of my face, but for me. Her amateur modeling efforts had brought her to me as a teenager, and the many hours we had spent together had created a fond affection between us. Once she was a legal adult, she took the next, major step and began to do topless and eventually fully-nude modeling. A few magazines had published some of the pictures I had taken of her, and my very capable assistant Nadine was actively working four more magazines to include her in their upcoming issues, including a special edition featuring college students from Texas.

“Continue reading, Sara,” I instructed her, only my professionalism preventing the bulge at the front of my slacks from becoming too prominent.

She returned to the reading, and I moved slowly around the hotel bed, taking more pictures of her. The curve of her back drew my attention, especially as the curve rose upward into her firm derriere. Her feet were in the air, but her legs unfortunately not parted – but then again, not having her legs parted gave the scene a greater sense of realism and also added an “innocence” to her nudity.

I wanted to reach out to her. I wanted to touch her, to feel the dampness of her smooth skin. I wanted to run my fingers through her wet hair and challenge her to keep reading while I relearned her.

But for the moment, I kept to my professional task, somehow finding the willpower to set my personal ümitköy escort desires aside and continue capturing this innocent yet intimate moment with such a stunning young woman.

Of her own volition, she turned her head to look back at me, and my finger reflexively took the next picture. Sara definitely knew what she was doing, playing to the camera even as she focused on attracting my attention.

“That’s it…” I encouraged her, moving back around the bed in the opposite direction so I could stay out of the sunlight streaming through the window. “How about turning onto your side as you read?”

“Sure thing, Ken.” Sara’s nickname for me invoked thoughts of Taiho Shichauzo, of the obvious attraction between Miyuki Kobayakawa and Ken Nakajima. Sara was indeed my Miyuki: confident, beautiful, and definitely able to connect with others. I had watched Sara connect with others in person, but she had an extra-special talent for connecting with others through the photos.

As she turned to her side and repositioned the book, I knelt at the end of the bed. Her new position gave me a perfect view of her perfect breasts. The nipples were certainly noticeable, but definitely not erect – exactly what one would expect of a young woman fresh from a shower and lounging naked on a bed while reading a book about the impact of Hollywood on the French film industry in the 1920s.

I slowly stood erect, the camera capturing more pictures. I slowly moved around the bed, creating different angles, the camera capturing more pictures. I wanted to capture Sara in my arms and share a long, slow kiss with her as I pressed gently into her young and yielding body.

“Ken?” avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort

Her soft voice added to the innocent appearance of such an intimate moment, yet it drew my attention away from my decidedly uninnocent thoughts. I lowered the camera, gazing upon her with my own eyes, seeing both a naked young woman and a potential romantic interest.

“Is your professionalism getting the way?” Sara asked with a smile, her eyes sparkling with mild amusement.

I shrugged. “Just a little,” I admitted.

Her eyes dropped from my face briefly before she focused on my eyes again. “More than a little,” she corrected me gently.

“More than a little,” I agreed, raising the camera again.

She smiled sweetly, reveling in the attention I was giving her, and not the attention via the camera. I knew that Sara enjoyed my company, just as I enjoyed being in her presence. Whether we were walking through a park or in the studio or strolling through a zoo or in a hotel room, Sara and I simply connected – it was more than a professional connection, and there was definitely something more than just friendship simmering when we were together.

For her part, Sara returned to her reading, a breast resting on an arm. The pose did not seem entirely natural, but the vision she presented hinted at something beyond innocence. For just a moment, between clicks of the shutter, I was jealous of the arm, jealous of its luck in having such a warm soft weight pressed upon it.

I had to stop. If I was becoming jealous of one of her body parts, then clearly I needed to stop and clear my head. urfa escort I stepped back and took a look at the readout on the digital camera, not surprised to find that I had taken nearly sixty pictures of the young beauty.

“I think that’s a good set for this shoot,” I told her, and she looked up at me with the same sweet innocent smile. “If Nadine can’t get a magazine to print these, then the world must be about to end.”

Sara dog-eared a page of the book and closed it, then slowly rose to sit cross-legged at the center of the bed. Her hair had dried noticeably during the photo session, but was still somewhat damp. Seeing her in that position, I was very, very tempted to raise the camera and take a few more pictures, even if only for my own perusal later, but thought better of it.

“I’m going to head back to my room to upload all these to the server,” I said. “Why don’t you get ready with the babydoll outfit and come join me when you’re ready?”

“Okay, Ken.” Her voice and her smile were both admiring and admirable. Something held me in place a heartbeat longer than necessary before I finally turned and moved toward the door of her hotel room.

“Ken?” I stopped and turned to face her, watching as she easily moved from the bed to the floor and meandered toward me. Sara certainly knew how to move and make maximum use of her body to appeal others, and that knowledge was definitely having its intended effect on me.

Sara hugged me, her chin resting nicely against my shoulder, her breasts making themselves known against me. With my free arm, I held her close, wishing I was not holding the camera so I could fold both arms around her and hold her captive while I adored the feel of her against me. Being so close, the mango scent of her shampoo was quite prominent and also reminded me of the earlier shoot we had done in the bathroom of my hotel room, making good use of the portable lighting equipment I had brought with me.

“I’ll see you over there soon,” she promised, punctuating it with a kiss to my neck.

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