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Morgan’s Turn

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Author’s note: For the readers who are wondering why this story seems to jump right into it, there was a story before this one called ‘Morgan and Jake’, and ‘Morgan’s Turn’ is just a continuation of the same encounter with those characters. Hope you enjoy.

Jake chuckled as Morgan pushed him playfully onto the bed. Smiling seductively, she crawled slowly towards him. Jake groaned and squeezed his eyes shut as Morgan used her tongue to scoop the head of his semi-hard cock into her warm mouth.. She sucked softly, savoring the feel of him in her mouth and thinking of where else she might like to feel it. He massaged her body as she continued to lick, suck, and kiss a path up his torso. Straddling his body Morgan mischievously nipped his bottom lip. She giggled against his lips as he spanked her ass several times. They kissed lightly teasing each other with their tongues. Jake’s hands tangled in Morgan’s red hair as he deepened the kiss. His tongue wrestled with hers, stroking the inside of her mouth. Jake grazed his thumbs over her ears and Morgan moaned loudly, grinding her pelvis against him. Without breaking the kiss, Jake flipped her hot body under him. Morgan squealed with delight, her hands instantly stroking and grabbing his tight ass. Jake looked up at Morgan and her blue eyes. He knew exactly what the look in those eyes meant. He leaned down and kissed her again. Jake flicked his tongue along Morgan’s jaw and trailed kisses down her throat, laving the hollow of her neck.

Morgan ached for him to touch her breasts as they kartal escort bayan brushed against his chest. She whimpered as he trailed his tongue between them. Jake brushed his thumb against one hardened nipple and Morgan shuddered. He knew she loved being teased. Finally, he took one swollen peak into his hot mouth and she nearly screamed. He nipped and sucked and she moaned. Jake divided his attention, each nipple going from pink to red as he played with them. Jake’s hands trailed lightly over Morgan’s warm skin. His hands massaged the smooth skin of her mound. Morgan rocked her pelvis, trying to get him to move his hand down. Jake softly stroked her outer lips. Morgan’s breathing became heavier and Jake slid his finger inside her. He was amazed by how wet she was for him. Morgan groaned in disappointment at the removal of his finger and then grabbed it, sucking and licking herself from him. Morgan enjoyed the fact that this turned Jake on as much as herself.

She tossed her head back as Jake’s tongue slid between her swollen lips. Unconsciously, she spread her legs apart further. She moaned and threaded her hands through Jake’s thick black hair as he thrust his tongue inside her. Morgan yelped as his thumb stroked her swollen clit. She smiled hearing the soft hum of her vibrator and jumped slightly as Jake brushed it across her sensitive button. Slowly Jake slipped the toy inside her and used his tongue to lick her clit. He stroked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She felt as if she was nearly on the edge, escort maltepe when Jake removed his tongue and vibrator yanking her back. Jake slid back up her body and kissed her roughly. He tasted of her and Morgan licked and kissed his face clean. She pushed him back on his knees. Sitting up, Morgan brought the vibrator in his hand to her lips and flicked her tongue across the tip. Knowing it would turn Jake on, Morgan licked from the bottom to the top of the vibrator. She slid the vibrator, covered in her juices, into her mouth sucking on it as thought it were Jake’s cock. Her eyes never left his as she sucked and moaned. He watched her stroking his rock hard member as Morgan put her free hand to use, caressing her breasts and tightly tweaking the sore swollen nipples until they were two hard rosebuds begging to be licked. Watching her, Jake could no longer help himself, and he reached out to touch and tease her. Tossing the toy aside, she stroked Jake’s cock and pulled him on top. Kissing roughly, tongues battling with each other, Morgan guided his cock to her waiting pussy. She gasped as Jake plunged in, knowing she was very ready for him. She moaned, lifting her pelvis to meet his slow deep thrusts. He turned to suck and lick Morgan’s sensitive ear and began to thrust faster. Morgan’s hands squeezed Jake’s ass as he thrust in her moaning loudly when he made contact with the deepest part of her. Jake slowed down a little, making long, slow strokes. He kissed Morgan, teasing her with his lips and tongue. As he continued to move pendik escort in and out of her slowly, he stroked her very sensitive clit. Morgan’s body jerked under his touch. Jake sucked on Morgan’s rosy nipples as he continued his assault on her clit. Morgan thrust against his hand as his cock slid in her, wanting him to fuck her harder.

‘Mmmm, Jake,’ she moaned. Not able to stand his slow teasing strokes any longer, she breathed, ‘Harder…Jake…fuck me harder.’

Jake released her nipple, licking it one last time. Then he lifted himself looking at her. Morgan’s face, neck, and chest were flush; her red hair was tousled about her head; and her nipples were red from his attention. She opened her eyes to look at him. Jake’s body glistened with perspiration and his dark black hair had fallen across his eye. His finger still stroked her clit. Morgan felt as though she would go mad. She was so close again but couldn’t reach the top. Without warning, Jake slammed his rock hard cock into her. Morgan gasped. Her body tensed and exploded as Jake rushed into her again. Her back arched towards him and she tossed her head from side to side, moaning.

Morgan’s body gripped Jake’s cock as her climax washed over her. Jake paused. His cock still deep inside where she gripped him tightly. As her body began to relax, Jake began moving in and out quickly. Morgan’s body still tingled as she clinched her muscles around Jake’s cock as he continued.

She slid her fingers down touching Jake as he slid in and out of her. Then she leaned forward and touched Jake’s ass with her moist finger. He gasped. She stroked him there as he plunged in and out of her. Jake moaned, his body tensed and his toes curled, as he finally came. Jake collapsed on Morgan. Breathing hard, both completely satisfied for the moment.

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