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Mother and Daughter: A Love Story Ch. 02

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Sunday: The day after the Lady of the Manor seduced her daughter.

Sundays at the Manor were normally quiet, but on this particular Sunday it was quieter than usual. Gillian had risen first and had prepared breakfast for herself and her mother. She’d done that in the past, but on that morning it was special. Special because her mother was now her girlfriend, one she’d slept with last night and wished to please, and who was upstairs getting ready to join her on the patio for breakfast.

It was a beautiful morning without a cloud in the sky, and the forecast was for soaring temperatures. Again, something to be treasured in this green and pleasant land. The difference that morning, though, was the likelihood that both Gillian’s and her mother’s temperatures would be soaring. They knew there was much to discuss about their new relationship and it was playing on their minds. Plus, that ‘morning after feeling’ was causing them considerable anxiety.

Gillian, satisfied with her preparations, finished organising breakfast and left the kitchen. Strolling off, she stopped in the hallway to check her bikini in the mirror, pouted, blew herself a kiss, then with a wiggle of her bottom, nervously stepped outside to await her mother. Placing the tray onto the table, she wiggled over to the double sun-lounger, flipped her sunglasses down over her eyes and lay herself upon it.

Whilst lying there she couldn’t help pondering over her Saturday night with her new girlfriend. A girlfriend who would be wearing one of her bikinis that morning. Lady Margaret, her mother, enjoyed wearing her daughter’s clothes. She said it turned her on. Just the very thought of it was now turning her daughter on. Footsteps on the patio. She was there.

“Hello Gillian,” she said, pausing, casting a shadow over her. “Do we sit at the table together?”

Already a dilemma. It was a very tense moment when her mother stood in front of her. Gillian wondered whether she should just smile, kiss her on the cheek, or perhaps the lips. A slight panic came over her. In the end, she just replied to her greeting verbally.

“Oh hello, mother,” she said casually, flipping her sunglasses up over her head. “I didn’t hear you coming. Yes, I’ll join you at the table.”

Both feeling awkward, and appearing as if they’d already been sunbathing, with their faces blushing pink, sat themselves beneath the parasol. Out of direct sunlight now, Gillian, wishing to see her mother more clearly, removed her sunglasses completely. Gazing across the table at her, eyeing up her borrowed bikini, and with a cheeky smile, she couldn’t hold back her comments. Hoping to break the ice, she spoke up.

“I’m pleased to see it doesn’t quite fit you, mother. You’re looking great.”

Lady Margaret removed her own sunglasses and glared at her.

“I just knew you would say something like that, Gilly, you sod!” she replied playfully, hoisting up her bikini top attempting to cover up more of her womanly breasts. “You chose this one deliberately, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m not silly!” she said, beaming from ear to ear.

Soon after, as a way of apologising for her cheeky comment, she leant across the table to kiss her on the cheek. Surprising her, mother had a different choice of kiss on her mind and pulled her closer to kiss her on the mouth, complete with early morning tongue. Whenever a tongue enters Gillian’s mouth, her own responds automatically.

Half standing, while stretching her body over the patio table, Gillian held her mother’s neck with both hands and broke the ice yet again with a long passionate kiss. Mother’s tongue, thick, long and wet, was licking her daughter’s tonsils. Gillian’s mouth opened wider. Such a deep kiss was to be savoured and enjoyed. Her hands gripped her mother’s neck more firmly. The succulent kiss went on and on, until eventually, both gasping, they drew apart.

“Good grief!” gasped mother, about five kissing minutes later. “That was a rather nice greeting. Awfully sexy too, nearly throttling me like that. I now forgive you for making me look so exposed…and because you’ve prepared my favourite breakfast. By the way, in case you think I hadn’t noticed, you do look gorgeous, Gilly. You’re showing even more than me…as usual.”

Gillian, still recovering from the open-air sunshine kiss, with her nipples hard, and pointing south in the direction of her mother, was already aching for her touch. She’d never seen her in a bikini, and never imagined she would one day be sitting in the garden with her while wearing one. She knew, though, that this particular morning, and perhaps the afternoon too, would be one of discussion. Deep discussion, involving their new relationship as a couple. In the garden that morning you could have cut the tension with a knife. Tucking into their breakfast, Gillian responded to her mother’s compliment.

“Thank you, mother darling,” she said, dabbing her mouth with a napkin. “I like to look like this when I’m with you. In fact, I chose both halkalı eve gelen escort bikinis because they are so revealing. I’m a woman who likes to show off what she’s got. And why not? I’ve got plenty to show, just as you have. You look gorgeous too, mother. Can I ask how you feel? Do you feel gorgeous?”

In the foreground of the grand garden, as the timer kicked in, the magnificent fountain sprung into life. The dogs, who’d been lying lazily in the sun outside the kennels, opened one eye each to take a look, then went back to sleep. For Gillian, the cascading waters brought to mind their Saturday night in her mother’s bedroom. She gazed up at her bedroom balcony. As she did so, her mother placed her hand upon hers and replied to her question. Her eyes left the balcony. She turned back to face her.

“Should I feel gorgeous?” She asked, curiously. “I’m not sure I should say so.”

Gillian clasped her hand. More confident now, in a seductive whisper, she spoke.

“Margaret darling,” she began, running her tongue suggestively over her lips. “I feel gorgeous myself. I love the way I look. I would only say that to you though. I am gorgeous and so are you. There’s no shame in feeling that way. If you feel gorgeous then you should say so.”

“Then I do,” said mother. “I feel gorgeous! I am gorgeous! And I’m well aware of how you feel about yourself, darling. You demonstrated that so very vividly last night. You were amazing. And do you know what? I could almost become jealous of you touching yourself like that. Nevertheless, I can fully understand you wanting your body so much, and it’s good to watch you perform. Tell me, how long have you been feeling that way about yourself?”

Gillian, in a daze, with her eyes again wandering up at the balcony, where they had both peed over each other, became enthralled by the memory of it. Wet and hot, and no doubt it was running over the edge, splashing onto the patio where they were now seated. How lovely it felt, she thought, to be peed on by her mother. She shuddered as she reflected upon the feeling of it entering her mouth and running down her legs.

“Excuse me!” said mother, prodding her daughter on the arm. “I’m speaking to you!”

Gillian spun around. Her breasts wobbled.


“Where were you? I just asked you how long you’ve been feeling that way about yourself.”

“Oh yes, I’m sorry, mother darling. My mind was elsewhere.”

As Lady Margaret slipped another strawberry into her mouth, followed by oodles of thick dairy cream, her daughter began to tell her how she fell in love with her own body. If this was to be a discussion, Gillian was liking it. The tension mounted.

“I um…well, it was when I was at Uni. I was sharing a room with another girl. It was dark. Her bed was just a few feet from mine. I could hear her sighing and breathing really heavily. It was obvious what she was doing and I couldn’t resist a peek. She wasn’t just wanking. Her hands were all over her body; stroking it, caressing it, and she was mumbling to herself. I heard her using her own name. She was saying, ‘Oh Carole, I love you and want you so much’. I couldn’t believe it! She was actually making love to herself. I mean really making love. Well, she had a great body so I thought, why not? I was so turned on I joined in and did the same to my own body. I liked it so much I’ve been doing it ever since. No need to be jealous though, mother darling. It’s you I really want.”

Mother, besotted by such words, licking the cream from her sensual lips, with her nipples pointing north, asked her to say those last few words again.

Her daughter, closely watching every creamy lick, while at the same time taunting her mother with a strawberry partially visible inside her mouth, swallowed it whole, then replied.

“It’s you I really want, mother darling,” she said, repeating it as requested, then adding. “I’m in love with you…totally. Nothing will ever change that.”

Her mother’s words were thus.

“Come here.”

Gillian rose up and went to her. Again her bottom wiggled provocatively as she walked.

Mother eased her chair back a little, indicating for Gillian to straddle her lap.

“Ooh!” she gasped, as her long legs stretched apart to straddle her. Face to face, both threw their arms around each other.
Kissing and licking her daughter’s neck, mother came straight to the point.

“I’m in love with you too, Gilly. Oh God I am! Every tiny bit of you. I want you so much. As you know, I’ve never had a woman and never imagined I ever would. Being in love with my own daughter is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I want it to continue, but we have to be careful, darling. Not everyone should know. What I mean is, there could be a few who would enjoy seeing us together.”

Gillian, hot, and now bewildered, pulled herself away and looked her in the face.

“What are you saying? We couldn’t possibly tell anyone…could halkalı grup yapan escort we?”

“Kiss me first…and make it last. Then we’ll go onto the double lounger and talk.”

Twenty minutes later, after a marathon tongue-lashing wet kiss, they were lying upon the lounger. Mother on her back, and daughter resting on her elbow leaning over her. Her mother’s beautiful breasts were heaving as if they were trying to escape. Maybe they will soon, hoped the sexy Gillian.

For a while, Lady Margaret lay silent while her daughter’s hand went on a voyage. Slowly it travelled up, then down. Mother’s nipples tingled as Gilly went to town. Mother’s body quivered as her daughter’s hand slithered. Daughter kissed mother’s belly button just for luck. Mother cried out “Oh yes! Oh, fucking fuck!” Gillian took mother’s top off and sucked her tits. Mother gasped out. “I love you to bits!”

With her eyes closed, Lady Margaret held the back of her daughter’s head to keep her there while she sucked her breasts. This was so unexpected and Gillian made a real pig of herself. Mother too, was relishing her daughter’s mouth sucking her tits. So much so, she fumbled with her words.

“You…you asked who we could tell, Gilly,” she began. “For…um, starters, I doubt…I doubt if we could ever keep our secret from the Maid, so…um it might be an idea to let her see us…us together.”

With her hair hanging limp over one eye, Gillian left the breast to gaze up at her.

“You want her, don’t you, Margaret?” she said, with her lips wet and face glowing red. “Is that what you really mean? A threesome with Gretchen?”

“You’re quick to catch on, my darling. That’s exactly what I meant. We can share her. Would you like that?”

Her excited daughter, instantly agreeing to a threesome, and still hungry for early morning breast, plunged her mouth back upon her tits and began to suck deeply upon them. Chewing, nibbling, licking and biting. Her mother again rose up and wrenched at her hair.

“Go on, my lovely bitch!” she yelled, shaking her daughter’s head. “Suck your woman’s tits hard! Your father’s going to like watching us too! Just like you’re going to enjoy being had by him! He’s coming back one day soon. He always wanted me to have a threesome with another woman, but I always said no. Imagine how he’d feel if he was to catch us kissing? It’s only fair that I should share him with you, just as you have agreed to share Gretchen with me. How do you feel about that?”

Instantly, her daughter left the breast. Mother’s bikini bottom came down and her daughter gave her answer. Pulling her mother’s legs apart she sent in her tongue and gave her deep oral tongue intercourse. Lady Margaret came at once. She screamed. In the distance, the dogs again stirred, looked around, barked, and went back to sleep. Gillian kept kissing her mother’s soaked pussy. Deep kissing, sucking and licking. The air was blue from her Ladyship’s foulest of language turning her daughter on even more. When Gillian eats mummy’s cunt, she doesn’t stop until her appetite has been completely satisfied. And with the prospect of being laid by daddy, it was driving her on even more. Until she wet herself. So much for discussion.

“I take it that’s a ‘yes’, then?” said mother. “You’ve just peed on me.”

“Yeah,” she gasped, kneeling over her while still dripping. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it, mummy. I wasn’t expecting you to allow me a suck so early. I really needed it too. I also had that image of daddy’s cock in my mind again. It did excite so much. Oh mother darling, how are we to let him know? How do we let the Maid know?”

Hugging her daughter, while enjoying her wetness, she responded.

“Leave it with me for a while, lover. But I think I might already have an idea about the Maid.”

“That’s super! You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yes Gilly. I truly love being bisexual. Especially with what we have together. Incest is so beautiful. I love it so much. Anyway, I’ve already decided how to get the Maid to join us. I’ll send for her tomorrow morning and tell her to come to my office. You agree with that, Gilly?”

“Yes mum, and I bet I know what you’re going to say. You’ll tell her you’ve found out about me and her sleeping together. Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right, Gillian. You got the idea. You’re clever as well as beautiful. That way she’ll imagine she’s about to be fired. Then I’ll tell her there’s a way in which that could be avoided by putting forward my proposal.”

“You’re brilliant! Will you send for me too?”

“I’ll surprise you, darling.”

“You’re one big surprise, mother. You really are. I’m constantly aroused in your company. You always come up with something. You’re fantastic! And I love incest too. It makes it so much more exciting, terribly so. Sitting here like this, watching you doing that, makes me wonder what, or who else, you’re thinking of.”

Mother halkalı masöz escort was keen to tell.

“I’m aroused just as you are, Gillian. Wearing your bikini and having my hands on my tits pleases me. Maybe I’m thinking like you now. I love my tits and now enjoy my own touch more than ever. Doing it out here, lying on the lounger, gives me the feeling I’m being a naughty girl, hiding away from someone.”

“And who would that be? One of your sisters perhaps?”

Lady Margaret instantly took her breasts more firmly at the mention of her sisters. She had clearly stated how incest aroused her, and it would seem there was something else brewing in her mind. Something devilish. Her daughter had stirred her. Gillian had stirred herself and now had her own tits out. Again she asked her about her sisters.

“You are, aren’t you, mother? Which one are you thinking of? Could it be Auntie Helen?”


“Why her?”

“She lives nearest.”

“She’s lovely,” sighed Gillian, now kneeling while pinching her own nipples. “All three of your sisters are. I’ve seen Auntie Helen at the nightclub I go to. I often danced with her. She’s great fun to be with. We really have a laugh when we’re together. You going to make contact with her?”

Excitement was building up. Mother now had one of her wholesome tits up to her mouth. Gillian waited until she’d finished sucking her nipple. In her mind she was imagining her mother was sucking her Auntie Helen’s tits. She knew there had to be a way of seducing her. A way they could get her into bed with them. If anyone could do it, it was the nymph, Gillian. She too had something brewing in her mind. Something which could sway her Auntie into bed with them. Her thoughts were disturbed by a ‘plopping’ sound as mother’s nipple left her lips.

“Listen darling,” said mother, leaving her wet nipple to hold her daughter’s face. “We’d better calm ourselves down a bit. We don’t want to rush things. It’s still early and we want to be at our very best when we get hold of the Maid tomorrow. I think we should just simmer down a tad and not get too excited. You okay with that?”

Gillian lay back and gazed up at the sky.

“No, not really,” she replied, looking a bit miffed. “But I’ll do whatever you say.”

“I’ll bear that in mind, Gillian. Sounds interesting. I doubt if either of us will be able to leave each alone for long. We do have all day together though. How about we go out for a drive somewhere? In fact, I’d like to ask you out on a date; our first official date. We’ll have a picnic. Would you like that?”

Gillian stopped looking up at the sky and turned to face her.

“Yes, of course I would. I’d love to. When shall we go?”

“How about now?”

Both agreed and made their way back into the house to shower and change. Something a little more appropriate for the outside world this time. Mother prepared some snacks and drinks while Gillian stepped outside to call the dogs.

“Albert! Victoria! Time for lunch!”

The dogs, brother and sister, are golden retrievers: one of the choices of the upper classes. Although most of the English would rather pretend that class ¬differences don’t exist, or are no longer important, or at least that they personally have no class-related prejudices. The politician, John Prescott, once said: ‘we are all middle class now’. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Class still exists in all aspects of English life and culture, it’s just that most don’t care to admit it.

So how do you pinpoint someone’s class in 21st century England? Certainly, foreigners are often bewildered. One’s occupation is no longer a guide to where you stand in the pecking order. These days, we judge social class in much more subtle ways. A person’s position on the class map is determined as soon as he or she begins to speak. Both Lady Margaret and her daughter are very classy.

As Gillian placed their bowls upon the patio, Albert and Victoria bounded towards her.

“Don’t forget plenty of water, Gilly!” Yelled mother from her bedroom window. “Don’t want them drinking from the pool!”

Half an hour later, with picnic hamper and table cloth, they strolled towards the garages.

“We’ll take the Bentley,” said Margaret. “Your BMW will be too cramped. I want to pick some cooking apples from the orchard when we get back here. Gretchen can make apple pie for tomorrow.”

“How many bloody apples do you want, for God’s sake?”

“Enough to make more than apple pie. I’m going to have a go and making some apple juice.”


“Don’t be so common!”

With Lady Margaret at the wheel, the gleaming Bentley took off down the long tree-lined driveway heading for the main gates. Ten metres away they opened automatically. They left the Estate and entered the road; a long winding country road. Once they were settled, Gillian placed her hand on her mother’s leg to caress her while she drove. Mother gave her a sideways glance.

“That’s nice,” she said. “Best not go up my leg too far though or we could end up in a ditch.”

“It’s my white blouse you’re wearing. It’s turning me on.”

“What do you think it’s doing to me? I’m wearing a pair of your panties too.”

“Stop it, mother, otherwise I’ll have to go into the back and make love to myself.”

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