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Mother and Daughter Bond Ch. 04

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Ally opened her eyes as an involuntary moan escaped her lips. What the hell? It took her several seconds before her brain registered the feeling of a tongue flicking against her clit. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, Ally looked down her body to see her mother’s eyes staring up at her as her tongue moved quickly from side to side on Ally’s clit. Placing her hands on either side of her mother’s head Ally guided her mom’s mouth at just the right position. Once her mother’s tongue was flicking just below her clit, Ally started to thrust upward, directly into her mother’s face, slowly at first, adding a subtle roll to her hips. She picked up her pace and kept eye contact with her mother the entire time.

Remembering their shower conversation, Ally shook her nerves and focused on the sensations coursing through her body. “Yes! Right, there, mommy. Move your tongue up and down.” A whole new sensation struck as her mother’s tongue changed direction. “God yes. Just like that.”

Bringing one hand to her breast, Ally began squeezing, looking past the milk dripping from her nipple, as small sprays hit her abdomen, all while her mom watched with lust-filled eyes. Mother continued the same movements, which made Ally realize that she was waiting for further instruction. Closing her eyes, Ally settled into the pillow and brought her other hand to the other breast.

“Two fingers inside me, mommy.” Her mother immediately slipped two fingers into Ally’s sheath and moaned into her pussy, making Ally clench her muscles with the shudder working through her. Ally opened her eyes enough to watch the milk that had now covered her breasts, hands, stomach, and the bed. “Does mommy want a drink?”

Her mother continued licking Ally’s clit, but she registered the slight nod of her head. “Please, mommy. Make me cum.” Ally’s mother worked her fingers faster as Ally grabbed onto her nipples and pulled them up, not missing the way her mother’s eyes narrowed. Mother took Ally’s clit into her mouth and sucked as she fucked her wet pussy with her fingers. Ally felt the feeling start in her core, the slight change in her abdomen that worked straight down. Clenching her muscles, Ally’s legs straightened, her hips moving in an upward motion while waves of pleasure washed through her, freezing time as she enjoyed the sensations coursing through her entire body. Slowly, she came back to reality, her body shaking and the familiar feeling of jello settling over her as the rigidness and tightness from her coiled muscles subsided.

Mother wasted no time in moving up to her daughter’s breasts, immediately taking one large, erect nipple into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the nipple and as she took it into her mouth to suck, she nipped lightly, causing Ally to quiver. After her mother had finished with one breast, Ally watched as she moved to the other nipple, milk dripping down her chin and back onto Ally. Cradling her head, Ally guided her mother’s mouth onto the nipple and slightly pushed her head down, adding just the right amount of pressure.

She watched, mesmerized, as her mother moved her fingers to her own cunt while she closed her eyes and suckled Ally’s breast. Mother’s finger disappeared into her pussy, and she quickly added a second, then a third. Before long, she was moaning around Ally’s nipple, spitting small amounts of milk out of her beautiful mouth. With wide eyes, Ally grabbed a handful of her mother’s hair and alternated tugging and pushing her head back down to Ally’s engorged breasts.

Mother quickened her movements with her fingers, no longer using rhythmic strokes. Her hand moved at an uneven pace of its own. Ally realized in that moment that she wanted to make her mother cum. She wanted to taste her mother’s orgasm on her tongue. Ally quickly reached down and puller Mother’s hand away from her pussy. Her mother slowed her drinking before releasing Ally’s nipple with a loud pop. “I want you to cum on my tongue, mommy.” Ally watched as her mother laid down on the bed. Ally crawled down to her mother’s cunt. She swung one leg over her mother’s stomach so that Mother had a perfect view of Ally’s pussy and ass. “Spread your legs, mommy.” Ally kept her ass in the air as she leaned forward and took her mother’s swollen, wet clit into her mouth and began sucking.

“Fuck, just like that, baby girl.” Ally enclosed her mouth around her mother’s clit, using her tongue to slide up and down its length while she sucked. She pushed two fingers into her mother’s soaked pussy before adding a third. With long, slow strokes, Ally moaned at the sound of her mother’s wetness when her fingers pulled out and pushed back inside. “Faster, Ally. Mommy needs it faster.” Ally started to speed up the process, and then slowed down again, smiling at the groans of frustration coming from her mother.

Ally used her free hand and brought it to her own pussy, running her middle finger from her entrance to the top of her clit, swirling it around and then repeating the process over again. Mother was quick to halkalı bdsm escort add a finger, wasting no time in pushing it into Ally’s aching pussy and fucking it hard and fast.

Ally knew she would cum again, and she wanted to cum with her mother, so she quickened the pace. “That’s it, Ally. Fuck mommy’s pussy. Flick my clit faster, baby. Cum with me.”

When Ally felt her orgasm hit, she moaned around her mother’s clit and pumped her fingers faster. Her mother’s sheathe tightened around Ally’s fingers, gripping them like a vice while she moaned out her own orgasm. They both laid there for several seconds catching their breath. Ally placed several butterfly kisses along the inside of her mother’s thigh before sitting up and joining her mother at the head of the bed.

Mother placed a kiss on Ally’s lips, licking along the seam. “That was wonderful, sweetheart. Looks like you decided to listen to your mommy.” Ally scrunched her eyebrows, confused at first. “You told me what you wanted. You listened to your body, baby girl. I’m proud of you.” Her mother smiled down at her. “Why don’t you get some more sleep. I’ll get some milk from the freezer and take care of the boys for a few hours.”

Ally shook her head. “It’s okay, mom. You don’t have to—”

“Allison, don’t try and make this an obligation thing. I want to spend time with my grandsons. Let me do that without you feeling guilty for taking a little time to yourself.” Grasping Ally’s chin a bit rougher than normal, she forced her to look into her eyes. “Understood?”

Ally swallowed. “Yes” she replied. She watched her mother disappear into the bathroom and she laid her head down on the plush pillows, suddenly realizing how tired she was. Yawning, Ally turned over onto her side and closed her eyes, a smile playing on her lips as she was swept off to dream land.

The fog in her brain began to lift, and the memories of last night and this morning came back to her, immediately bringing a flush to her face and wetness to her pussy.

Ally took her time getting out of bed, showering in the master bathroom. She wrapped a towel around her body and used her mother’s comb. Ally grabbed her mother’s toothbrush and made quick work of brushing her teeth. The small digital clock on the wall made her panic a little. It was well past 11:00, and Ally started to feel guilty for her oversleeping, even with her mother’s insistence that she shouldn’t feel bad about it.

As she left the room, she made her way to her room in the basement. She dressed in a pair of jeans and a soft, white sweater. She replaced the towel back onto her head, wrapping it tightly around her hair. Grabbing her socks and boots, she climbed the stairs to the main floor, finding her mother carrying one of the boys down the upper level steps. “Good morning, Ally. I thought I heard you moving around.”

Ally nodded. “Thanks for letting me sleep in for a bit, mom. I know the twins have been sleeping better lately, but I’m still exhausted most of the time.” Her mother nodded, planting a soft kiss on Ally’s cheek as she walked by her. She placed the squirming baby on the play mat and said nothing as she went back upstairs to bring her other grandson downstairs. “Go get yourself some breakfast, sweetheart.”

“Okay. Can I get you anything?”

Her mother shook her head. “No thank you. I had a wonderful breakfast earlier this morning” she replied, turning her head so Ally could see the mischievous smile on her face. Ally’s cheeks reddened, and her mother threw her head back and laughed.

Ally went to the kitchen and made herself some breakfast, eating at the small breakfast nook, scrolling through her emails and messages on her phone. After she placed her dishes in the dishwasher, Ally went back into the living room to find her mother on the floor, hooking small toys to the loops on the play mat, somewhat struggling to get them on. Ally leaned against the doorframe and smiled, sipping her coffee while she watcher her mother push up the sleeves of her heather grey cardigan, her concentration entirely on the play mat.

“Damn” her mother muttered under her breath as the toy she attempted to attach came tumbling back down. She blew her hair from her face and tried again, this time successfully hooking the dangling monkey to the green loop. “We didn’t have all of these gadgets and safety things when you were little” her mother simply stated, not even bothering to look up at her daughter.

Ally couldn’t help but laugh. “I”m pretty sure they now have a remedy or solution for every known parenting problem or hazard in existence. There’s nothing I can’t find on Amazon these days.” Ally moved into the living room and sat down on the cream colored ottoman, extending off the last part of the sectional.

“Alright then” her mother said, putting some toys on the mat for the boys. “I’m going to go upstairs and clean up. I’ll be back down in a little bit. I’m meeting Janice for a manicure this afternoon, and she halkalı elit escort is going to be stopping by for dinner. We have some last minute things to discuss for this year’s fall festival.

Ally nodded. Her mother, ever the planner, was in charge of their community events. Since Ally could remember, her mother had helped plan parties, was always baking and cooking for someone, and she rarely missed a social calling. She was an extrovert by nature, people skills came natural to her. Ally, on the other hand, was much more like her father. She warmed up to people after time, but she carried a shyness with her that most people likely assumed was snobbery.

A ding from her phone pulled her thoughts back to reality. She looked at the screen to find an email notification. A small surge of hope settled in as she read through the short message, requesting an interview. Ally had applied for several positions, and this one was by far the most promising.

This particular position was a split between working from home and in office. It would be the perfect fit for her, given the twins schedule and care. Child care itself was incredibly expensive, and she refused to let her parents pay for the costs. It was already sad enough that her ex-husband wanted nothing to do with them or supporting the kids financially. He made more than enough money to do so. Ally hated that they would end up in court someday, working out visitation. For now, things were just up in the air as he was off enjoying his newfound independence, kid free.

Bitterness bloomed through Ally’s chest as she thought about how her life had ended up here. She never thought that this would happen to her. Ally’s life with her ex had been comfortable and somewhat easy. Now she knew there was no passion, no love or excitement. But she had been content. These days, she found herself scolding her decision to ever be willing to settle in that kind of relationship. Still, she had her boys. Glancing down, she smiled as she watched the babies reaching for toys and playing.

Three hours later, Ally was finally laying the boys down for their nap. She went to work straightening up, dusting and sweeping. Her parents had a monthly cleaner who came and took care of most of the work, but Ally didn’t feel right about not doing her part. She did all of the cleaning at home with Travis, so this just seemed like the least she could do, given everything her parents were doing for her and the kids.

With a renewed energy, Ally made her way upstairs and ran a bubble bath in the guest bathroom, patiently waiting while the tub filled. She dropped in a bath bomb and some epsom salt. Sinking down into the large bath, Ally stretched her neck muscles and let the water rise up until it hit just under her chin.

Steam rose from the cloudy water. She felt her skin, softened from the bath bomb she had used, which smelled like lavender and vanilla. Her thoughts drifted back to the night with her mother. Not once this morning had her mother kissed her or touched her. It was the same passing as last time. Ally knew she and her mother would have time together tonight, but she was confused about what this all meant. Was she just a toy thing for her mother? A student? Did her mother want something more with her?

Ally shook her head, determined not to fret about it. Instead, she thought about the things her mother said to her. “If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll show you how I do it” she had said about squirting. A shiver of pleasure ran through Ally as she thought about what it would look like, feel like, to see her mother come undone.

Ally began squeezing her breast with both hands, swirls of milk flowed from her nipples and into the water. She used her thumb and index finger to tug on the nipple, and after several seconds, she would use her entire hand to squeeze the breast, bringing more milk forward. Scooting herself up so that her breasts were above the water line. She watched as milk trickled out, squeezed and pulled on her nipples until it was almost painful.

Reaching for the towel, Ally wiped her hands and swiped some of the milk from her breast. She sucked the milk from her finger and moaned. Ally used her other hand to tease her clit, feather light touches back and forth the wet nub. She pushed up into her hand but refused to penetrate herself, desperate to see how big she could make her cit, how swollen it would become.

After several minutes, and switching hands, Ally ran her index and middle finger along either side of her clit in quick strokes. She closed her eyes and moaned, pretending that it was her mother’s hand playing with her clit.

Ally focused on her pleasure, taking note on what touch her body responded to the most. She quickened her pace and moved her fingers from side to side. She concentrated on the placement of her hands, how her breathing changed and her body jolted by certain actions. Ally stopped the movement, not allowing herself to orgasm. She wanted to climax, halkalı escort but she also wanted to be as aroused as possible tonight, for her mother.

Before she had time to change her mind, Ally climbed out of the tub and reached for the towel, drying off quickly and changing back into jeans and a sweater. As she left the bathroom, she heard voices downstairs, her mother and someone else. Her aunt, maybe?

As Ally turned at the bottom of the steps, she saw her mother and Janice sitting in the living room, both looking at her and smiling, the conversation between them suddenly at a stop. “Hey, Janice” Ally greeted with a wiggle of her fingers. Thank God she hadn’t orgasmed. There was no way they wouldn’t have been able to hear her.

“Ally” Janice, the long-time neighbors greeted, standing and walking over towards her. Janice enveloped her in a comfortable hug. Janice was a tall and athletically built woman. She had dark hair that was straightened to perfection, hanging just above her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes and smile lines around them showcased just how sweet Janice was as a person. Ally couldn’t remember a time when Janice wasn’t smiling or being kind. Even through her divorce when Ally was in high school, Janice never let her hurt show.

Ally’s mother stood and ushered them into the kitchen, demanding Ally and Janice sit at the tall kitchen island while she put the finishing touches on dinner and popped it into the oven. “I’m going to go and change” her mother announced. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, ladies.”

“How are you doing, Ally?” She looked over at Janice, an etch of concern written on the older woman’s face.

“Okay. I mean, it’s been a tough few months, but I’m getting there. I need to find a job, so that’s my next step. After that, I’ll have to go to court for child support and visitation with the boys’ father.”

Janice shook her head back and forth and grabbed the bottle of wine. Reaching for the opener, she quickly popped the cork and poured two glasses of a deep red wine. Ally wasn’t much of a wine drinker herself, but she was happy to indulge tonight. “It’s not right, what he did. And your mother said he hasn’t even asked to visit with the boys?”

Ally nodded, swallowing down the bitter wine with a gulp. This is definitely not my kind of wine, Ally thought to herself. “yeah” she answered quietly. This wasn’t something she enjoyed talking about with anyone. She considered getting a counselor to talk things through, but as time was passing, she missed the man she thought she loved less and less. He was a safety for her, and she could get over his treatment of her. But her boys? They didn’t deserve it.

Janice placed her hand over Ally’s and gave it a reassuring pat. “I’m always here for you, sweetie. You know that. Besides, I know the best attorneys, so you just say the word, and we can drag that sorry ass through the mud a time or two.” Ally didn’t respond, some what surprised by Janice’s crass words. Instead, she just offered a meek smile and slight nod.

“How’s it going?” Ally’s mother popped around the corner of the kitchen entry. She wore a long-sleeved, black cocktail dress that fit snugly against her curves, hanging just below her knees. Ally looked over at Janice who wore a white, 3/4 sleeve dress. It wasn’t a formal dress by any means, especially when it only came mid-thigh when Janice sat down, showing off tan, toned legs. Glancing down at her own sweater and distressed jeans, Ally started to feel out of place.

“Good” Janice answered. “What can I help you with?”

Ally’s mother looked around the kitchen for a moment. “Why don’t you grab the plates and silverware and set the table. I’ll put the finishing touches on the salad. Ally? Can you take the wine and glasses to the table, maybe get some fresh glasses of ice water as well?” Ally smiled at her mother as she hopped down from the bar stool and made her way to the cupboard where her mother kept the glasses.

Once all three women were seated, they dove into the caesar salad, complete with candy-crusted pine nuts and freshly grated parmesan cheese. They ate in silence for several minutes before Janice spoke up about the weather. “It’s supposed to get cold this coming week. I heard the weather person talking about it this morning.”

Well if that wasn’t a cliche silence filler….

Ally’s mother nodded. “Yes, I saw that. I guess we will need to move the fall festival indoors.”

Ally looked over at her mother. “So, what exactly is this fall festival you are putting together?”

Janice nodded and began wiggling her fingers, indicating she as still chewing her food. “Your mother is putting together the fall festival for our neighborhood this coming Friday.”

“Oh” Ally replied.

“I’ll just need to talk with the club members to see how they feel about letting us use the multipurpose room.”

Just then, the oven dinged. “Ally, sweetheart, could you help me by taking the salad bowls into the kitchen while I get the casserole out of the oven?”

Ally stood and gathered the bowls, careful not to let them clang against one another. She didn’t want to know how much these dishes cost, and considering she was currently a single mother with no job, and living at her parents, she had absolutely no intention of adding to her growing debt.

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