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Mother Caught in the Act

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It was Saturday morning, Dad was on the links, Mom was home alone and I was making my way back to the house via the back alley so I would not be seen. Most often on Saturday morning I would be down at the sandlot-playing ball till afternoon. However a few weeks ago I had forgotten my glove and came back to the house. I was not thinking about Mom when I came up stars to my room. It was only by accident that I happen to see her come out of the bathroom stark naked.

Somehow I had not thought of my Mom as a sexy lady before. But wow, she was so sexy. Her long thin legs were very shapely; the hair between her legs was thick and dark. Her ass was plump and round. But it was her tits that really got to me. They were small well shaped and firm. Still proud, pointing straight out with nipples that were like little pencil erasers. I stood there for the longest time just watching her. It was a wonder she did not see me. But what disturbed me most was that I got a hard on. It was not just a very day hard on it was the grandest hard on I ever had. It was so hard it hurt; it lasted for nearly an hour. I should have gone off somewhere and masturbated but I was so thrilled about seeing Mom naked I just enjoyed the hard on.

The next two Saturdays Dad did not play golf so I could not try and get a look at Mom again. But here it was Saturday morning and once again I was sneaking back into my own home to spy on my mother. I knew it would be a long shot to catch her coming out of the shower again but what the hell nothing ventured anything gained. Making my way through the kitchen I got up the stairs without meeting Mom. I was ready with the story about forgetting my glove if we did meet. I got to my room and heard noise coming from the extra bedroom on the second floor. We used it as a computer room. I peeked in and saw Mom sitting naked in front of the screen with a piece of paper covering the camera. She was talking to some one and it sounded like she was teasing them.

I head a few words like, “Yes I am naked, but I will not show you till you show me yours:” and she laughed. I could see the screen so I watched it as it flickered and then came into view. I could see a man’s cock long and half hard. The head was very large and deep purple. The balls were large and hung way below the cock. I could not hear the words but I think he said, “ OK, older lady now show me yours.” Mom moved back a little and removed the paper from the camera on top of the computer. She stood, very slowly letting the camera scan her from crotch to just short of her face. I heard “ Well OK, bitch, you got a great tight body, Turn around so I can see you ass.”
Mom did as the unseen person on the other end told her. “ Wow, nice ass lady, wish I were there to ram my cock up that pretty ass of yours.”

Mom, said, “ OH, my how you talk. Do you talk to all your ladies like that? You must get a kick out of talking dirty. But I am glad you like my ass even if it is only to fuck it. Do you like to fuck ladies in the ass? ” She was almost laughing as I reeled from hearing the words. I was so stunned at what I was hearing I was lost in thought plus I was so hot from what I was seeing. Never in my life would I have believed that my Mom would be doing such a thing let alone talking like this to a complete stranger.

He asks, “ What do you think of my cock, Lady, would you like to have it fuck you? Even better would you like to suck on beylikdüzü ucuz escort this hunk of meat? I bet you are one hell of a good cocksucker?” I was not hearing my mother, not my mother talking to a computer screen while she was naked taking dirty, listening to filth from a stranger. This had to be some stranger I did not know.

Mom said, “ You ask a lot of questions, so let me say, I think you have a very nice cock, I think it would give me a great fuck. If we were to get together I would love to suck that fucking hunk of meat. I love to suck cock.”

“Well alright, lady you sound like my kind of fucking slut. Maybe we could sixty-nine so I could lick that brush pile of yours. I got an idea next time we get together why don’t you shave it for me?” He I guess it was a he after all; the picture on the screen was of a cock. But I knew even that could be faked. But Mom was not faking she was real and I was so hot again. My cock hurt and throbbed the head rubbing the inside of my jeans.

Mom said, ‘OK, lover, till next time I’ll dream of you fucking me and me sucking your handsome cock. Bye now.” He said, “ Well if you must go Slut, ram a finger up your beautiful ass and another in your cunt while dreaming of me. I’ll be jacking off thinking of you baby. Bye how.” Click.

It was all over and Mom sat down in the chair with her hand between her legs. I had my cock out and was jerking off right there in the doorway. I never had a chance to move Mom, whirled around and was staring at me. Cock in hand I never stopped jerking on it. As long as the computer was on she never heard me but as soon as it went off she sensed I was there. I was so hot, so excited, so aroused I was nearly out of my mind. I said, “ Mom, Your so beautiful would you like to suck this cock?” I know it was stupid, I was stupid, it was just one of those thing people say when they are caught doing something they should be doing. Mom sat there for a long time or so it seemed. Then she said, “ Oh, Ronny, Oh what are you doing home. What are you doing?”

That was a stupid question for she could see well enough what I was doing. I guessed she was in shocked as I am. I ask, ‘How long have you been into cyber sex?” That is when I noticed she was not looking at my face her eyes were fixed on my cock.
So I said, “ Mom, do you like this cock as well as the one on the computer?”

She smiled and said, “ Oh, yes I think you have a wonderful cock, may I suck it.” Her voice was strange and the words were almost animated. She was in some kind of state of shock. I went to her and her eyes never changed they were still fixed on the spot where I was not where I am now. I got real worried and gently lifted her to her feet and walked her to her bed. She was like a zombie, some strange animal caught in a trap. I put her on her bed and pulled the sheet up over her. Here eyes were still fixed somewhere else in time and space. My cock was still hard and sticking out of my jeans.

Looking down at my Mother I was still aroused so I leaned over her and let the head of my cock touch her lips. It was some kind of reflex as she opened her mouth. I leaned forward a little more and half of my cock went into her mouth. My cock throbbed and jerked involuntarily as her mouth closed around the enlarged head. I did not know what I was doing I just moved my hips slowly back and forth. I was fucking beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort my mother’s mouth and she was helping even in this dream state. I said, out loud, “ OH, you fucking slut cocksucker suck me off.” Her head wiggled from side to side sucking wildly taking more of my cock into her mouth. I was wild with passion and it only took a few minutes to get me off. I think at that moment I reached the most stimulating excited moment of my life as I shot my load of sperm into my mother’s mouth. She swallowed and licked but a lot of the creamy fluid dribbled out of her mouth running down her chin. I milked my cock giving her every last drop.

As I pulled back she fell back on the pillow her eyes going closed. I was out of my head and did not know what to do so I left her there and went down the hall to my room. I was really worried and thought I was going to be in big trouble for this. I cleaned up and left the house. I went to the ballpark. I did not play I just sat in the stands and thought of what I did. I knew that I would have to go home sooner or later and when I did I was going to be in for it. My dad was going to kick my ass and bad. But what else could I do I could not go anywhere or get away. I was in for it so I may as well get it over with.

It was after high noon when I came in the back door. Dad’s car was in the drive so I knew he had found Mom by now and if she had recovered he would know what I had done. I found Dad standing in the kitchen with a beer in his hand. “ Hi, son, want a beer?”

“No not now Dad, where is Mom?” I ask shocked that he did not knock me on my ass.

She said, she had to go the store for a few things but she will be right back. He told me. I ask, “ How did she act and look. I thought she looked a little pale this morning?”

Dad looked up at me and said, “ She acted just fine as far as I could tell. Maybe it is that time of the month. You know how woman get this time of the month.”

I just grunted and went up to my room. I closed the door and went to sleep.
Something brought me up from the depths of a sexy dream where I going to fuck my mother. I jerked myself awake and sat up in bed. I had a raging hard on inside my underwear. There standing just inside my bedroom door was Mom. I sat up on one elbow and said, “ Hi Mom I was just dreaming about you.” She had that same strange look in her eyes as she did this morning. She looked as if she were fully awake but yet there was something that told me she was in some kind of strange trance. I thought it must be shock at me finding her doing her cyber sex show for some stranger on the computer. She smiled and said, “ I hope it was a good dream.”

“Oh, it was Mom, I was between your legs and my cock was just touching your cunt lips and you were screaming for me to fuck you. Would you like me to fuck you Mom?”

She moved slowly across the room and laid down next to me. She pulled her skirt up and her panties down. I did not say another word I rolled over and came up between her legs. My cock was at the entrance to her lucky charms. She lifted her legs and I rocked forward. her cunt was hot, wet and ready. My cock head slipped easily into her juicy cunt. I said, “ Mom, your a fucking slut and a cocksucker.” she murmured “ Yes Darling for you my son.” I did not care if she were in a trance or not I started to fuck beyoğlu escort my mother. It was a thrill, an excitement I had never thought possible. Here I was fucking my mother in the afternoon after getting a great blow job from her this morning. Nothing in this word could compare with making love to one’s own mother. I could not contain myself and shot a full load of hot sperm up her cunt. She felt it shooting into her and she jerked and said, she was cumming too. I may have started first but we finished together. She fell limp under me so I rolled off her. I lay on my back my cock still about half stiff. My eyes were closed and I was in some kind of dream state. I felt the bed move and I heard her voice. “ Oh, My God, what have I done.” I opened my eyes just in time to see her naked ass darting out my bedroom door. I was stunned so I just lay there thinking for a while.

But I knew I had to confront her and see how she felt. I picked up her panties and walked to her bedroom. She was dropping clothing on the floor as she hurries toward the bathroom. Now naked I thought she was going to take a shower. I followed her into the bedroom only to fine her leaning again the shower door crying. I wanted to take her in my arms to comfort her, but I could not take my eyes off her firm, plump ass. It was round and stuck out like two half’s of a soccer ball. My cock lifted it exhausted head. Taking it in hand I aimed the pointed head toward the crack of her fine round ass. The second she felt my cock head touch her between the cheeks I watched her stiffen and even without seeing her face I could tell her had once again returned to that state of shock. With both hands I pulled the ass cheeks apart and forced my cock head into her tight little ass hole. I said, “ Mom, do you like a cock in your ass? Can I fuck you in the ass?” Her answer came quickly.

“Oh, Yes Ronny, I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want you to cum in my ass. Make me cum too, please.” The words were duel and lifeless but she knew what she wanted and so did I. Even for the third time today and the second time in less than an hour I shot a load of cum,this time up my loving mother’s ass. I don’t think she reached a climax but at this point I really did not care.

I left her there still standing at the shower door and returned to my room. I locked my door and laid down. I was asleep in no time. It was for only a second that I thought I heard the down stairs door open before I fell asleep. When I woke it was dark out side the street light was shining on my ceiling through the open widow. I listened no sound at all. Everything was quiet and tranquil. I took time to shower then dress before unlocking my door and going down stairs. I found my mother dressed in a terry cloth rob sitting on the sofa in the den. Her yes were fixed on the big bay window that showed a moon lighted back yard. I sat across from her on a stool. I said, “ Mom, are you all right?”

” OH, Ronny what have we done?” she said, very softly. “ Mom, we did what our hearts wanted us to do. We made love. So what is so wrong with that. I love you and you told me you loved me. So what if we are mother and son if we are in love. Besides it is only the damn church at said it was not proper. “ I told her as a matter of fact. She said, “What about your father? What will he say? You will not tell him will you?”

“No Mom, Dad does not have to know. He does not know about your cyber sex does he?” I said. She started to cry a little when she told me that Dad had not been a husband to her for a long time and she used the cyber sex as a way of relief for her passions. I thought then that I would make it my business to find out why Dad was not taking care of his home work. But in the mean time I was going to be very happy to take up the slack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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