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Mother In Law Pleasure

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At 62 my mother in law has had a rough life. She has been divorced for 25 years from a man that she despises. My heart goes out to her in the fact that she has really never found any one to treat he right, the way a lady should be.

This bitterness has allowed time to weigh heavy on her once youthful splendor. She is 5′ 9″ with hair that is naturally brown but she keeps it dyed blonde and shoulder length. To say Connie is vain, would be an understatement, in her minds eye she is still has beautiful as she was twenty years ago. That is the key to how I was able to seduce her and make her smile.

I am Mike and I have been married to her daughter for 12 years. From the start Connie has not been my biggest fan. At first I thought it was because I took her daughter away, but as I have gotten to know her I think it was because of jealousy. Her daughter has someone to make her happy and she has not been good at choosing men.

I have told my wife that I felt like I was married to two women and the sad part is only getting sex from one. My wife would laugh and say I know poor baby. Her mother would flirt from time to time with the topic of sex and passing touches and glances always leaving me wonder if it was on purpose or accidental.

I decided to start playing with her and drop subtle flirtations to see what would happen. Most of them would go with out reaction or comment and others would get a slight smile. I pinched her butt lightly once and her comment was that there was not much to grab, and I replied, what is there feels good and she just chuckled and went on about her work.

A few weeks had passed before she was back at the house for a visit. This gave me time to figure out what my next step would be in my plan. When she got here we exchanged greetings and carried on with idle chit chat. She was standing in the kitchen and I walked behind her grazing her ass with my hand and crotch under the disguise of reaching for a cup. I made sure I pressed my crotch against her back side hard enough for her to make out my hardness. When I leaned in with my hand placed on her shoulder, I heard a slight gasped and she stiffened up trying not to move. I whispered pardon me as I grabbed the cup and slowly slid to her left side and backed away letting my hand slide down her back and grazed her butt.

I leaned against the island and she hesitated and then slow turned toward me and said no problem. Her eyes met mine and I could see a different look in them that I had never seen before. Her face was flush with the excitement from our brief encounter. I followed her gaze as she lowered it to my crotch. Her eyes widened when she saw the bulge in my shorts. I guess it was shock from realizing that it was my hard on she felt.

She glanced back up to me and realized I had been watching her and she got very nervous and started stuttering and stammering over her words. I told her to relax and take a deep breath. I said it perfectly normal. She looked at me and said you should not be reacting like that to an old woman, especially your mother in law, as she turned and looked into the family room.

I set my cup down and went to her placing my hands on her shoulders I could feel her tense up. I come in close to her ear and say “Connie you maybe older than me and yes you are the mother of my wife but you are still a woman. I can’t help it if I like what I see, and it causes this reaction.” Connie cuts in by saying it is not right, you should not have those feelings for me. I stopped her and said “it is what it is and that is not going to stop or change just because it may or may not be in line with what society thinks is right or wrong”. I feel you deserve to be happy and you have been void of pleasure that comes from having someone be willing to

physically please you.

You don’t need say any more today just halkalı ucuz escort keep an open mind and think about what I said and what you want and need. I slide my hands down her arms to her hands. Taking them into mine I pull them to her stomach just under her breast and I move in and give her a firm but gentle hug making sure to press my hard cock into her butt cheeks and held her there until I felt her relax and let out a sigh. I leaned in and kissed her on her neck and released the embrace making sure the backs of my hands fully rub her breast as I moved away.

I left her standing there contemplating what I said and went about doing some yard work. When I came in my wife had returned from the store and she and her mother were about the sales at the store. My wife comment on how the yard looked great. Connie smiled and agreed that it looks good. I said thanks and I am going in to take a shower. The way my furniture is set up in the bedroom if the door to the bathroom and bedroom are open you can see into the bath room through mirror when you are in the kitchen.

I decided to give a little show for any one who wanted to watch. I left both doors open enough to in and out. I could see them moving around in the kitchen. At one point Connie looked up and realized she could see me. I stood there staring into the mirror pretending not to see her. I started to undress and could she was trying not to look. This was a huge turn on and I started to get hard. When I stood up from taking my pants off I was rock hard. I could she Connie’s face got flush again. Her eyes were locked onto my hard cock. I made sure I took my time and turned sideways to give her a profile view. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times. That is when she realized I could see her watching me. She got that deer in a head light look and shuffled off to another part of the kitchen.

I got out and dressed in time for dinner. We had great dinner but I could tell Connie was uneasy when she would not look at in the eyes for very long. I told my wife to go shower and get comfortable while I clear the dinner dishes. Connie was at the sink and finished clearing the table I asked her if she enjoyed the show. Her face turned red and slapped my arm saying that was not funny, maybe not but you did enjoy it, I could see it in your face. She looked at me sternly and stated I was wrong for doing it and it is not right.

I said what is not right about a man and woman enjoying each others physical attributes. You married to my daughter and the makes it wrong, she tells me. I said no that makes it convenient for you to have all that you want. I know you like the single life of not having to answer to anyone. I also know you miss the physical aspects of a relationship. What you have here is the opportunity to have both. I had moved in to her and had her penned against the sink with my hard cock pressed into her butt. I leaned in and kissed her on her neck and told her that it is the best of both of both worlds.

I stepped to her left and took her hand in mine and placed it on my cock. With a knee jerk reaction she pulled away when she felt it. I chuckled and asked her what was wrong? I know this is not the first time she has ever felt one. It surprised me, and I am not sure we should be doing this, she stated. I place her hand on it again, making sure she could feel everything through my thin shorts. I feel her finger tracing the ridge of my cock head, I knew then I had won her over. It felt so good having her trace over my dick with her fingers, but I knew I could push it to fast.

I stood there letting her hand explore my cock for several minuets before I started to feel her up to. I placed my hand on her back and slid it down until I had it on her butt. I ran my finger up and down her cheeks, getting closer halkalı üniversiteli escort and closer to her pussy. My other hand was working its way back up her arm and then down her chest. When my hand took hold of her breast she tightened her grip on my cock while taking a deep breath in pushing her breast harder into my hand. In no time at all her nipple was pushing out against the fabric that had it contained. I played with her nipple and her breathing increased and so did the foundling of my cock, was on the edge of blowing a load into my shorts. It was hard to believe that I got my mother in law to stroke my cock.

We heard the water stop in the shower and knew my wife would be out shortly. Connie took her hand off my cock and I release the grip I had on her breast. I look into her eyes and told her that I would make sure she was satisfied. I leaned in and interrupted what she was going to say with a long passionate kiss. When I pulled away all she managed to say was OK.

The rest of the night went ok with minor discomfort from my raging hard on. We finished the show we were watching and went to bed. I was still so hard when we got to our room I had to get some release. When my wife got into bed I slid up to her pressed my hard on into her back and she state well some one is ready for action. She turned over and grabbed it and said dam you are so hard. It is a good thing I am feeling pretty horny to, would hate to waste such a hard cock on a hand job. I smiled and rolled her over and kissed her deeply. I reach down between her legs and found that she was soaking wet. My wife has always been quick to get ready for action.

I got up between her legs and put the head of my cock at her pussy and I pushed it all the way until my balls pushed against her ass. She exclaimed oh my god you’re so hard. I was in a fevered pitch and start pounding her as hard as I could. I had my wife moaning loudly in no time at all. I heard her state she was coming and I push it in as far as I could and held it has I pumped what felt like tons of cum deep into her pussy. We laid there in our embraced with my cock throbbing in her pussy for a long time. I pulled my half limp cock out and watched our fluids run down her ass.

My wife got out of bed to clean up before going to sleep. She kissed me deeply and said that was great. She had to leave early the next morning for a business conference and would be gone for three days. She rolled over and went to sleep.

I laid there with all the visions and thoughts running through my mind of the days events. Before long my wife was out and needed to get a drink. I went into kitchen and I while I was getting a drink Connie walked into the kitchen. I am sorry I though you were Julie. Nope just me, I stated. I asked her if she was having a trouble sleeping tonight and she nodded yes. She said I had gotten her all confused with today’s events.

I set my cup down and took her by the hand and led her to her room. Once inside I locked the door pulled her to me. I gave her a deep passionate kiss; I could feel her breast press against me through her thin night gown and I start to feel my cock twitch. We should not do this, relax, I stated, you need this, you want this to happen. I reached down and unbuttoned the front of her gown and started to open it. She stopped my hands and hung her head. I asked what was wrong. She said she was embarrassed and worried I would not like her body. That she is older and her body is not has perky as it once was. I picked her chin up and kissed her. I told her not to worry that I find her body to be just fine. I leaned in and kissed her again while pulling her gown back and letting it fall to the floor. I stood the looking at her in amazement. She had very beautiful breast. They are milky white with some light haramidere escort brown freckles and toped with a beautiful dark brown nipple that was getting very hard under my gaze. They were as big around as my index finger. She had a few extra pounds around her waist but it added to her sensual curves. Her pubic mound was covered in a thick carpet of brown hair and thinned out has it approached her pussy.

My eyes soaked in every line and curve of her body. I was pulled back to reality when I heard her stated oh my I guess you do like what you see. I look down and my cock was straining to get out of my underwear. I said I like it very much and pushed my underwear down till they dropped to the floor. Her eyes were fixated on my cock that was bobbing up and down from being freed quickly. I stepped in and kissed her again and she moaned deeply has my hands found their way to her breast. Her hand quickly went to my cock taking it and feeling every inch of its surface.

I led her to the bed and she stopped before sitting down. I asked what’s wrong and she stated she was a little nervous. It has been a long time since I have been with a man; please take it slow. I leaned in and kissed her and told her I would. I said I know it has been at least 12 years. She shook her head and said no it has been much longer 22 years. I kissed and held her tight. I told her she will never go with out again.

I had her lay back on the bed and I got on the bed and straddled her and kissed her deeply. Our tongues’ mingled exploring each others mouth, my fingers rolling her nipples making them hard and her breathing was getting quicker. I kiss my way down her neck and chest, stopping at her nipples to suck them into my mouth. My cock got even harder as I realized that 40 years ago my wife was sucking on the same nipples I was.

I worked my way down and as my lips touched her pussy she jumped and said what you are doing? I said I was getting ready to lick you pussy until you cum. She said I don’t know about that I never had that done. I told to lay back and relax, trust me she is going to love it. I spread her legs and I could not help but admire how beautiful her pussy is and how much it looks like my wife’s. Her lips were full and pulled open her pussy has she spread her legs. It was moist and her inner labia were small and outlined opening. Her clit was hard and uncovered begging to be touched. I took my time kissing and licking the outer lips as she squirms and moans.

Her hands found their way t my head and she started stroking my head. I traced all around her pussy doing circles around her clit and hole. I was driving her nuts her breathing was rapid. She started pushing her pussy toward me trying to get me to touch her clit. She groaned stop teasing, so I made my tongue rigid and drove it into her tight little hole. She tensed up and groaned loudly as I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit. I sucked on it flicking it rapidly. Connie grabbed the back of my head and drove it into her pussy as she started cuming all over my face.

Once she settled down and her breathing leveled out I crawled my way back up and kissed her and she said that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I told her good because I love doing that and there is a lot more to come. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy on my cock as it rubbed up against it. I could feel her grinding trying to get my cock into her. She told me I want it inside; I need to have it inside me. I pulled my hips back and lined my cock to her pussy. I pushed forward and slid my cock to her hole and pushed forward driving it half way in. She gasped and met my thrust and pushed me all the way in. Her pussy was wet velvety soft. My cock was so hard I could feel the folds in her pussy running across my head like a ribbed condom. I started slow moving in and out, then picked up speed. I could not believe I was inside my mother in law. I started pounding her harder until I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock I pushed it in as far as I could and unloaded everything I had into her. We laid there breathing hard kissing. She smiled had said she is looking forward to the new arrangement, but we need to be careful. I agreed..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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