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Mother’s Helper Ch. 05

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The conclusion. A lot of sex, not much of it graphic. Some important family history revealed. Enjoy. Comments welcome. Sign ’em and I’ll answer them. Jb7

Sally unlocked the side door to her house and led Rita to the kitchen. As they passed the stairway to the basement, they heard two distinct female giggles and the male groaning which usually accompanies an ejaculation.

“Sounds like Di and Kitty are torturing Paul again,” commented Sally, whispering.

“He’s a big boy; he can handle them,” Rita replied. She looked around the kitchen, remembering a day over twenty years ago. “I’ve always liked this house, even when I was a teenager. It always seemed so homey.”

“Did you know Dr. and Mrs Williams?”

“Everybody knew them. They both taught at the high school. I dated their son one summer.”

“You dated Tim Williams? It is a small world. He’s the girls’ father. We were married his senior year at Northern State.” Sally was busy at the stove, putting on water for tea. Rita felt her heart drop into her stomach. Tim Williams was Paul’s father.

“Are you okay?” Sally asked. “You look kind of pale.”

“I’m fine; just been a long week, and this humidity is getting to me. It does every Spring until I adapt.” She sat down at the table. “How are you doing? Is the baby behaving?”

“As much as any of them do. He’s an active little bugger. Thank you for interceding with your father. He has a reputation for being strict about being and appearing professional.”

“It was easier than I thought. Since my mother died, he’s been easier to talk to, more accepting of people and their foibles. He seemed happy when I told him about Paul and Patti. He’s even invited me for dinner this weekend.”

The sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs alerted them to the imminent appearance of their children. Kitty was the first to appear, completely nude. Di, also nude, was right on her heels. Paul, coming up after them, pushed the girls into the kitchen. “Ooh,” screamed Kitty, covering herself with her hands. Thinking quickly, to preserve their secret, Paul and Di copied her.

“Wh…when did you guys get here?” Di stammered.

“Um, just a few minutes ago, about the time Paul climaxed, I think,” grinned Sally. “At least, that’s how it sounded.” Kitty didn’t notice, but she was the only one who blushed at Sally’s statement. “Are you finished? Would any of you like some tea? Paul, your mom will need a ride home, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem; I have to drop Kitty off on the way home, too.”

Rita looked at Kitty. “Hello, I don’t think we’ve met. You must be Kitty. I’m Paul’s mom, Rita.”

“G… g… glad to meet you, Mrs. Tomkins. If you’ll excuse me, I should go get dressed.”

“Probably a good idea for you two, also,” Sally said, pouring hot water into the teapot. “Would any of you like some tea when you’re dressed?”

“Not for me, Mom.”

“Do we have time, Mom, or are you in a hurry?”

“No, thank you, Mrs Williams.”

“That depends on when Kitty needs to be home.”

“There’s no hurry, Mrs. T.; my parents are going out for dinner tonight. It’s their twenty-fifth anniversary.”

“Would you like to have dinner with Paul and me; but I must warn you, at home, Paul and I are nudists.”

Kitty looked shocked for a moment, then laughed. “Well, you’ve already seen everything, so why not. I’d be happy to. Thank you.”

Dinner at the Tomkins that evening was surprisingly comfortable. Kitty seemed totally at ease, despite being nude in Rita’s presence. The teen helped the older woman put together a simple supper of chops, mac and cheese and salad. As they worked, the two women talked.

“You’re a nurse, aren’t you?” Kitty asked. “I think that’s what Paul told me.”

“Yes, I’m a nurse practitioner with the Southern City Internists.”

“May I ask you a question? It’s about sex, and I’d be embarrassed to ask Dr Pederson. She’s been my doctor since I was five. It’s almost like she’s my mom.”

Rita laughed. “I understand, and Kate’s reputation for preaching abstinence is well known. What do you want to know?”

“Isn’t it supposed to hurt for a girl the first time she has sex? Or does it depend on the guy, or something else?”

“I take it that it didn’t hurt your first time.” Kitty shook her head. “If the guy was super careful, and patient, or relatively thin in the penile department, and if you were very aroused, you might not have noticed it when your hymen was breached. Or you might already have torn it.

“Do you ride horses or bicycles a lot, especially off the road? Or are you a cheerleader or gymnast?” She looked at Kitty. “Or you might, at some time, have been drugged and raped.”

“Wouldn’t I know if that happened? Wouldn’t there be some signs?”

“If the guy wore a condom, or pulled out before he ejaculated and cleaned you up afterward, the only sign might be a little blood. He could have put a towel or pad under you. The only way you might know is, maybe, some muscle eve gelen escort ache in your abdomen, similar to menstrual cramping.”

Kitty looked thoughtful. “No,” she said, mostly to herself, “it couldn’t have been…he wouldn’t… What about the other stuff, the guy and being aroused?” she asked, looking at Rita.

“Mostly, it depends on how aroused the woman is, and how intact the hymen is. Even if she has no actual membrane, there is a ring of hymenal tissue which narrows the vagina just in front of the cervix. But even that, unless she’s really aroused, will cause a twinge of pain. Are you worried or just curious?”

Kitty grinned. “Curious, mostly. If what I thought was my first, wasn’t, then someone has some explaining to do, and I’m not sure how to approach it.”

“Want to talk about it?” Kitty looked at her, a look of relief on her face.

“Can we? What about Paul?”

“He won’t be down until dinner. We have forty-five minutes or so. Tea, soda, wine?”

“Wine, if you don’t mind. Mom and Dad usually let me have a glass with dinner. I think…” She hesitated, a tear starting down her cheek.

“That may have been what happened to you, your suspected first time? You suspect your father?”

Kitty nodded. “Sort of, but he’s not my real, my biological father. I forget why they were fighting, but I heard my Dad tell Mom she could go find the SOB who fertilized her if she wasn’t satisfied. Then he stormed out. I found her crying in the living room.

“She must have realized I heard him and told me they had tried for years to have a child. They talked with their doctor who suggested using a sperm donor. The doctor told her for the best chance of success they should insert the sperm directly into her uterus, which meant she would have to be sedated while they dilated the cervix. She went every day for two weeks; a week before and a week after the middle of her cycle. Nine months later, there I was.”


“Why do I suspect Dad? Pretty much circumstantial. The week of my seventeenth birthday, Mom had to go to St Louis to be with my grandmother for some surgery. The night of my birthday, Dad took me to the Country Club for dinner, and got us a private dining room so I could have some wine.

“When we got home, he gave me some more. I felt tired and the wine made me sleepy. In the morning, I woke up in bed, but couldn’t remember going to bed the night before. My nightie was bunched up around my waist, and my panties were twisted. There was a blood smear on the edge of my panties along side the vagina, and my period wasn’t due for a week.

“Dad had already gone to work; he had left a note saying he had called the school and told them I wouldn’t be in. Mom got home that afternoon, earlier than expected, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him that day. He seemed to avoid me for the next several days, and after a while it didn’t seem to matter.”

“Oh, Kitty! I am so sorry. It certainly sounds like what you suspect, and it does matter. Even if it didn’t happen, your suspicions have affected your relationship with him and with your mom, and with every boy you date. How can you trust them if you can’t trust the man who raised you? Whether or not he supplied the sperm that created you?”

“Do you think that may be why I don’t feel attracted to any of the boys at school? But what about Paul? I really like being with him and having… Oops! TMI?” she asked, grinning.

“Not at all,” laughed Rita. “Paul’s safe, as far as you’re concerned. You know you can’t have him except to share with two other women, so it’s just sex, no commitment.”

“That’s true, but sometimes, I wish it were just us. Like my ‘official’ first time. Can I…”

“If you want to. Was it Paul?”

“Mm hmm. We met at the Senior Ball. Did you hear about how he made my dress fall down on the dance floor?” Rita nodded, smiling. “God! I was so embarrassed and ashamed. But he pulled it right back up and blocked my front from everyone while he zipped me up, saying I shouldn’t be ashamed, to keep my head up. And I did, and suddenly, I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed anymore.

“Later, he apologized. Di explained he was on ‘loan’ from Patti and suggested she might share him with me some day. Frankly, I would have gone with them right then. I had never been so attracted to a guy before.

“She called a few days later. We went to lunch and she told me she had a date with him that afternoon. Was I still interested?” Kitty paused to refill her wine glass and offered more to Rita, who shook her head. “We went to Di’s house. Paul was already there, talking to Patti. She left a few minutes later, wishing us all a good time.

“Di took us downstairs where we started necking and messing around. Before I knew it, my clothes were off and they were both doing things to my breasts I’d only dreamed of. After a bit I realized Di wasn’t with us anymore and Paul was kissing me where, as far as I knew, nobody but Dr. Pedersen and me fatih escort had ever touched.

“Mrs. T, your son is a fantastic kisser, and not just above the chin. If you don’t mind my saying it, he made me climax three times with his tongue down there.” She smiled and got a far away look. “I remember screaming his name and some language my parents probably wish I didn’t know, but…”

“I know, Kitty. I have a similar reaction. I don’t scream, but I have a tendency to sound like a sailor on shore leave.”

“Exactly! God, I was totally exhausted. We lay there a bit, then he rolled me on top of him, and in about a minute, all the questions I had about whether I was or wasn’t a virgin were answered. Mrs. T, if he wasn’t your son, I’d advise you to seduce him. He feels so good and fills me up so nice. I don’t think I’d ever be able to say no to him, ever, even if I were married and had a passel of kids. If I were Patti, I’m sure I wouldn’t share him if I had a sister.”

While Kitty drained her glass of wine, Rita looked at her, thoughtfully. “Tell me, Kitty, what would you do if the situation presented where you’d never be able to be with him, not ever again? Where you had to make a decision to keep the situation like it is versus never again having him in you, pleasuring you, ever again.”

She looked directly into Kitty’s eyes. “Suppose you knew a secret, even more dreadful than what you suspect your dad did to you, and you knew that if you kept it, nothing would change, but if you revealed it, Paul would have to leave the state and he’d never want to see or talk to you again. What would you do?”

“I… I can’t imagine anything more dreadful than what Dad did, but if things wouldn’t change because I knew it, given the alternative, I’d probably…”

“Not probably, Kitty. To get this secret, you’d have to swear to keep it as long as all the people it affects, including yourself, are living. Knowing it will open more opportunities with Paul. Telling it will destroy him and you, and some other innocent people.”

“Like a secret sisterhood, or a sorority. I would agree to that.”

Rita stared at her for a long minute, considering. She got up and walked to the staircase. “Paul,” she called. “Come down, please. It’s almost time for dinner.” He came bounding down the stairs, his manhood bouncing, unsupported, in plain sight.

Rita looked at Kitty. “Raise your hand, cross your heart, do whatever you do to make a solemn vow or pledge, Kitty, then repeat ‘I swear I will never tell the secret concerning my relationship with Paul Tomkins and the other women in his life.” She put her arm around her son’s waist.


“I’m sure, Paul.” Kitty repeated the vow. When she was done, Rita walked to her and embraced her, folding her into a full body hug. Hesitantly, Kitty returned the hug. Rita turned and gestured to Paul to join them. She reached out to pull him into the embrace by his flaccid member, stroking it. She stretched up to engage him in a passionate kiss. “Paul, I need you to fuck me, right now.” She looked at Kitty. “Listening to you talk about your first times, with your Dad and with Paul got me so horny I can’t wait.”

She led the youngsters into the living room where she pushed Kitty to sit on the sofa. She dropped to her knees in front of her as Paul took position behind her. Rita reached up and gently kissed the young woman on the lips. “Have you ever experienced sex with a woman, Kitty? Will this be another first for you? Do you want to try it?” With lust obvious in her green eyes, Kitty nodded and opened her legs as Rita slid her tongue into the teen’s mouth. Rita moaned as her son pushed his cock into her very wet cunt.

Saturday morning. Paul woke and stretched. He leaned over and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. Friday had been a rare night of just the two of them. Patti had called and said she wasn’t feeling up to joining them. She’d had a couple of late nights, followed by hard days and needed to recoup.

He got up, showered and headed for the kitchen to start breakfast. As usual, his first stop was the coffee maker. He had just turned it on when the doorbell rang. Ignoring his nudity, he went to answer it. He opened the door and found Kitty waiting, bouncing up and down.

As soon as the screen door opened, she was in his arms, pushing him back into the hallway. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she kept saying, punctuating them with kisses. “Where is your mom?” she asked, hurriedly pulling off her top and pushing her slacks down her legs.

“Still in bed, I think, or in the shower. Why?”

“I need to talk to her. Our talk the other night has made a huge difference in my life. By the way, have you talked to Di since we were all together Thursday?” She ran upstairs and found Rita’s room. Rita was just sitting up, having been awakened by the doorbell. With a small sense of alarm, she looked at the nude blonde beauty bursting through her door.

“Kitty! What is it?”

“Oh, Rita! halkalı anal yapan escort I came to say thank you. When I was with you and Paul the other day, it made me see that I didn’t have to accept society’s view of what Dad did to me. What he did wasn’t necessarily wrong, only the way he did it. I confronted him about it yesterday and we cleared the air between us.”

Kitty walked into her father’s bank and proceeded straight to his office. She nodded to Ellen, his private secretary and asked if he was in. When Ellen reached for her phone, Kitty just pushed the door to his office open and walked in. Gary Evans looked up in surprise when the door opened. He had given Ellen strict instructions not to let anyone in.

“Hi, Daddy. I came to get you to take you to lunch.”

“Shouldn’t you be in school? I can’t go to lunch today. Friday is a busy day for us.”

“Yes you can, Daddy. In fact, you must. You and I have some things to discuss. Things we’ve needed to talk about for a couple of years.”

Gary felt his stomach drop. He had hoped she hadn’t realized what he had done, or had simply accepted it and kept silent. But, it was plain from her tone, she wasn’t going to stay silent any longer unless he went with her. On the way out he stopped to tell Ellen he’d be back…

“Monday morning,” Kitty finished for him. “C’mon, Dad. We gotta beat the long lines at the Burger Palace.” Gary groaned. Given the nature of the conversation he was sure was coming, burgers’n’fries was the last thing he needed for lunch. A couple of martinis would be way better.

“Take your coat and tie off, Dad. You’ll be more comfortable where we’re going,” Kitty prompted him. He did as she suggested, and dropped them in the back of her open roadster. He saw the bags from his favorite Chinese restaurant and smiled.

“I thought you said Burger Palace. Wu Ling is a welcome surprise.”

“Just messing with you, Dad. Relax. We won’t be long getting there.” Less than fifteen minutes later, she turned onto a dirt road he recognized as one running into the back of the estate his family had owned since the turn of the last century.


“The swimming hole, Dad. Remember when I was a little girl, we’d come out and all of us would swim naked. That was a good time.”

She pulled off the road onto a level grassy spot, pointing at a large, clean pond. Itself fed by an artesian spring, it fed a small creek which meandered across their property and another farm before joining a small river a couple of miles away. Kitty pulled the food from the back seat. Opening the trunk, she pulled out a blanket and a couple of towels. “C’mon, Dad, let’s swim first, then we can eat.”

“Kitty, I can’t…”

“Sure you can, Daddy,” she said, putting a sarcastic emphasis on the title. “I’m a big girl. I’ve seen naked men. I’ve even had sex, but you knew that, didn’t you, Daddy? C’mon, join me in the water,” she said, pulling off her top. Gary silently moaned at the sight of her 18 year old breasts bouncing in the air. His fifty year old cock gave a couple of lurches in his suit pants.

While not religious, he considered himself an ethical and moral man. With the exception of his lapse with Kitty, whom he really considered his daughter in every sense of the word, he had not strayed from his marriage vows, even though strongly tempted several times. When he saw Kitty push her slacks down over her hips, he fell to his knees on the blanket.

“Kitty, why?”

“You tell me, Daddy, why? Why did you drug and rape me? And then ignore me. Do you realize this is the first time since that night we’ve been alone with no chance someone will come through the door in a minute. So, tell me, Daddy, why?” She dropped to her knees in front of him, her nude body less than a foot away from him. She reached up and started to unbutton his shirt.

“For a long time, Dad,” she said, in a normal tone, “I was ashamed of myself because of what you did to me. Fathers aren’t supposed to fuck their little girls. Did you know that, Dad? Society says that’s wrong. They’re especially not supposed to rape them. That’s even more wrong. Society goes on to say I shouldn’t want it to happen again, or to try to remember if I enjoyed it, or, rather, did my body enjoy it because I was drugged, remember? So, why, Daddy?” she demanded, pushing his shirt off his shoulders so hard he nearly lost his balance.

Kitty caught his belt and pulled him upright. “Here I am, Dad, with all these questions. And the man who knows the answers, who’s supposed to love and protect me, who taught me to be a good virtuous girl, where is he, Daddy?”

“What do you want, Kitty? Why are you doing this?” he choked out, his emotions a mix of concern, remorse and resignation.

“I want an answer, Dad. Why the fucking hell did you drug and rape me? Were you so fucking sex starved you needed to do that? What perversion were you performing–incest; sex with your underage daughter; sex with an unconscious cunt; fucking some unknowing cunt in your marriage bed? Tell me, Dad!” she demanded, pushing his pants and jockeys down his legs, revealing his half flaccid cock. “Nice one, Daddy,” she grinned, it not quite reaching her eyes. “Not so big it’ll hurt, but big enough so a girl will know something’s there, if she’s awake. Right, Daddy?”

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