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Mother’s Hot Surprise

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Nicole was in the garage leaning against the side of her husband’s car while Noah buried his adoring face in the abundant flesh of her enormous tits. Her nipples were fully aroused as her son’s best friend moved from side to side, taking turns to suck on each of her nipples while his fingers pressed deeply into the meat of her pliant globes. The eighteen-year-old’s impressive cock was throbbing with heat in her hand, precum already oozing from the head while she lathered the slick flow over the length of his rod.

Noah had her thin, off the shoulder blouse down below her braless tits within moments after they snuck into the garage. Even though this was far from the first time for them, he never got tired of worshipping the older woman’s monumental tits. With nipples as sensitive as Nicole’s, she was always pleased by the boy’s eager attention. Nor did she ever tire of the way his hot, young cock never failed to rise and swell with need.

The curvaceous, thirty-nine-year-old brunette had also put on a short white skirt, not bothering with panties because she’d known Noah would be coming to visit. Her pussy was wet before they even made it into the garage. He’d come over on the pretense of seeing Luke, Nicole’s son, and Noah’s best friend since they were in school. But the whole time the young college guys were hanging out, Nicole and Noah were constantly shooting knowing looks at each other, waiting for their chance to be alone.

Nicole and Noah had started fucking within a month after Luke left town for college. Even though her son was gone from the house, his friend still found excuses to stop by and hang around with his pretty, voluptuous mother. Without Luke around, Noah became much less guarded about the way he looked at Nicole, and she discovered she liked it much more than she should have. But with her husband hardly ever home and Luke away, she found Noah’s attention helped keep her from missing Luke as much as she did. And then there was also the fact that Noah made sure she got more pussy licking than she could ever remember.

They usually used Luke’s room if his father wasn’t in the house. Otherwise they’d sneak into the basement or garage. Sometimes they even chanced going outside and finding the darkest area of the backyard if it was late enough. Or if it was earlier and Charles, Nicole’s husband, was at home, Nicole would invent an errand and ask Noah to come along and help, since Charles never wanted to help his wife with anything.

They were in the garage tonight because having Luke back home made it harder for them to get away. Noah had to spend a reasonable amount of time with Luke, yet Nicole could tell he was just as eager as she was to get her alone. Charles was home as well, which only made it harder.

At least Luke had been a little tired from driving all day to come home, so he went upstairs to crash early. And with Charles drinking scotch in front the TV, he started nodding off in his chair. Nicole and Noah were able to quietly sneak into the garage where the young man had her luscious tits out of her blouse within seconds.

Now her swollen nipples were soaking wet from Noah’s saliva, and his cock was growing slippery from Nicole slicking his own precum up and down his throbbing shaft. Even though they were both sleeping, knowing both her son and husband were in the house had the horny wife and mother was anxious as well as excited by the risk. She wanted that hot, young cock plowing hard into her dripping pussy, but at the same time she thought she should finish off Noah as quickly as possible and send him home.

Her young lover’s cock was hard as iron and throbbing with heat within her groping fingers. She got him to turn around with her so they switched places, leaving Noah now leaning against Charles’ car. Nicole then sank down to her knees on the cement floor, her full tits still jutting out over her misplaced top, and held Noah’s big, dripping cock to her face. She reached out with her tongue and licked up the precum coating his fat knob. Wet heat rippled through her pussy as she took the throbbing pole into her mouth and started sucking.

Noah groaned. His breath went deep and raspy while his best friend’s mother worked his cock with her lips and hand in tandem. She cupped his balls in her other hand and sucked his delicious shaft hungrily. Nicole had always loved sucking dick as much as anything. It was one of her favorite things to do. She loved the feeling of a hot, pulsating cock filling her mouth and the feeling of control that came over her while she was pleasing that flesh between her lips.

Other than Charles’, Noah’s cock was the first one she’d had the opportunity to pack into her wet mouth in far too long. For that matter, it had probably been over year since the last time she’d had her own husband’s dick in her mouth. Until she started her secret fling with Noah, she’d almost forgotten how much she loved it, and her son’s friend was an incredible subject for her favorite hobby. He went weak in the knees whenever Nicole took his halkalı bdsm escort raging hard on into her mouth, and tonight was no exception.

Noah’s groans grew deeper and more ragged while Nicole worked at his swollen pole. She sucked and pumped him faster, also hoping to finish him off quickly. The challenge of getting the college age boy to cum as fast as she could excited her, making her pussy flush with creamy dew. She put both hands on his firm, young ass and began plunging her mouth onto his solid rod with long, wet strokes, taking as much of his big shaft as she could. Noah gripped the back of her head and thrust.

“Ohhh, Mom,” he groaned in the heat of the moment. “Yessss, Mom, suck it.”

Nicole was so stunned by Noah’s slip of the tongue that she very nearly stopped sucking. Could he really be imagining his own mother sucking his cock? But he was obviously lost to the pleasure of her eager mouth and had no idea he’d just called out to the wrong mother. The thought of Noah imagining his own mother sucking his cock made Nicole’s pussy ripple with excitement. She began bobbing her head back and forth faster, sucking hard and swirling her tongue until Noah moaned long and hard and released a hot load of spurting cum into her mouth.

Noah kept pumping into her face until he was completely spent and breathless. She finally let go of his cock and stood back up, the idea of him imagining fucking his mother’s mouth still vivid in her mind.

“That was amazing,” he told her, still catching his breath.

Nicole gave him a smile. She wasn’t about to let him know he’d called out to his mother while she was sucking his cock.

“You have an amazing cock, baby,” she said. Then she kissed him, giggling to herself knowing he could taste his own cum in her mouth.

It wasn’t as if Nicole and Noah’s mother looked so much alike, but they were the same type in general, both being ripely curvaceous brunettes. It was hard not to wonder if the vague resemblance had anything to do with Noah’s interest in her in the first place.

After they pulled themselves back together, they kissed a little while longer and Noah left to go home. Nicole pulled her blouse back over her tits and went quietly back inside. Charles was snoring in his easy chair with a half-finished cocktail on the table beside. He’d be there all night unless his wife woke him up and urged him to lumber up the stairs to bed.

Still wet and horny from her tryst in the garage with Noah, Nicole took a seat on the sofa where Charles could easily see her if he woke up and opened his eyes. Knowing how unlikely that was, she pulled the top of blouse down and the bottom of her skirt up around her hips. She spread her thick, shapely legs and began stroking her fingers along the wet lips of her smoothly waxed pussy. The other hand rose up to her big, exposed tits, running over them, fondling her flesh and twisting her erect nipples.

She sighed softly and gazed at her comatose husband. Somehow, it just made the lingering taste of her son’s eighteen-year-old friend’s cock in her mouth that much sweeter. Opening her legs wider, she slid a finger into her wet hole and began stroking it in and out. After a few thrusts, she added a second, shifting her hips to aim her open pussy directly at her sleeping husband.

Nicole started to wish she hadn’t been so anxious to make Noah cum and send him home. As much as she loved sucking cock and filling her mouth with hot cum, her pussy was sodden and aching with need. Thinking of Noah calling out to his mother just before he came was making Nicole’s pussy ache and quiver with rare intensity.

She knew Noah’s mother, a pretty, curvy blonde about the same age as her. Nicole wondered if she had any idea her son had dirty fantasies about her. Also, how long had Noah been harboring such unmentionable feelings for his sexy mother? How many times had he stroked that big, young cock over the first woman to ever love him?

Nicole’s breath was coming deeper and more erratic as she ground her fingers into her slippery hole. Curling them up into her g spot, she even wondered if Noah ever admitted to Luke that he got hard for his own mother. And what would Luke think if he only knew? And what kind of ideas did he have about his own mother?

With her fingers now stroking hard and deep in her dripping cunt, Nicole was beside herself with aching. Yet somehow she managed to pull her fingers from her pussy and stand back up on feet that were barely steady. Leaving Charles to sleep in his chair, she quietly took the stairs and went down the hall to her son’s room. She took a deep breath before opening the door, then stepping into his room to find him asleep under a tangled sheet.

Quietly closing herself into her son’s bedroom, Nicole stood by the door and pulled her top off completely, dropping it on the floor nearby. She fondled her sensitive tits firmly as she watched her son sleep, tweezing her thick, swollen nipples while the wetness of her halkalı elit escort pussy just kept spreading onto her upper thighs. After a couple of minutes to gather her courage, she went over to Luke’s bed and sat down carefully on his mattress. With one hand going back to play with her nipples again, she pinched up the sheet between her fingers and slowly pulled it down his body.

Her sleeping son was lying on his back with one leg out straight and the other cocked off to the side. He was only wearing briefs, and the bulge in the crotch looked so full and impressive. Very carefully, she placed her hand on his firm upper thigh just within a couple of inches of his crotch. It felt like his body heat was going right up into her hand. She waited and watched him for any sign of waking up. She didn’t know what she’d do if he did, and also that there was a good chance he would, but it wasn’t enough to make her stop.

Nicole carefully slid her hand the few inches from her son’s leg onto the bulge in the crotch of his briefs. Her heart started to race as she touched him, even through his briefs. She began rubbing him very gently, letting her fingertips explored the shape of his flesh under the fabric. After a short while she could feel the stirring of growth. Luke sighed, but didn’t wake up completely, yet he shifted his hips and opened his legs a little wider.

Luke’s cock steadily continued to get bigger while his mother’s hand caressed him. The shape of his head and shaft gradually became more defined as the growth of his organ started to stretch at the fabric of his briefs. Nicole’s pulse seemed to keep increasing at the same rate her son’s cock was growing under her loving touch.

Before long, she pulled the elastic waistband of Luke’s briefs down to let his cock out in the open. He wasn’t even fully erect yet and already he was bigger than either Noah or his father. His mother’s heart skipped with excitement. He moaned sleepily while she let her fingers explore the swelling flesh of his beautiful cock. She felt herself fill up with pride while her pussy flushed with heat.

Nicole curled her hand around her son’s rapidly growing cock and started stroking him, causing him to swell harder and faster. He groaned and stirred, and when his mother peered up at his face she discovered his eyes were halfway open. He was watching her stroke his cock, sitting there topless on his bed, preparing to give him the hottest surprise of his life.

“Mom, what are you doing?” he asked in a groggy moan.

“I’m stroking your beautiful cock, baby,” she replied softly.

By now his impressive dick was fully erect and throbbing with heat in his mother’s stroking hand.

“Yeah, I can see. I just…ummm…” He was still half asleep and barely seemed to be registering the full impact of what was happening.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Mmmm, no, please don’t.”

“Then pick up your butt for me so I can get your briefs off.”

Luke did as his mother asked and she slipped his briefs down his legs, and finally all the way off. When she reached for his cock and started stroking him again, he still looked sleepy but more aware. Nicole was conscious of him watching as she slid her hand up and down his thick shaft. He was so hard and silky, throbbing harder and harder within her snug grip. Her pussy was broiling with need while she stroked him. The longer she gazed at the long, fat pole in her hand the more mesmerized she became.

It wasn’t long before her hand was moving faster on the young man’s shaft, bringing a drippy flow of precum from his prominent dome. She was conscious of the heavy sway of her large tits caused by the jacking motion of her arm. It was so pleasing to see her sleepy son paying as much attention to his mother’s smooth, round orbs as the hand that was skimming up and down his throbbing prick. The steady drip of his youthful precum was heavy enough to start lubing his rigid flesh, allowing his mother’s hand a nice, slick glide up and down.

Luke’s moans of pleasure only inspired his passionate mother to give him as much of her love as she possibly could. She started playing with her naked tits as she continued stroking him, kneading her lush mounds and playing with her thick nipples. Her son’s eyes opened wider, gazing in awe at the last woman he ever expected to see doing these things to him. Nicole laughed silently, imagining what he must be thinking.

“No, baby, you’re not dreaming,” she told him. “Just relax and enjoy what your mother is doing to you.”

Her son responded with a deeper groan. Then Nicole leaned over and started licking around his precum covered cock head. She avidly lapped at his knob until finally enclosing the whole tip of his fat rod in her mouth. Suddenly the groaning stopped and she caught him staring at her with his jaw hanging open. After swirling her tongue around his head for a while, she dropped further onto his shaft. She began stroking her wet lips up and down his rod and his halkalı escort groans of pleasure started again, coming deeper and longer than before.

Cupping his smoothly shaven ballsac in her hand, Nicole began a steady up and down sucking motion on her son’s cock, running her other hand over his naked chest. It was the first time in her life she’d ever sucked more than one cock in the same night. That was almost as exciting to her as having her own son’s rock-hard tool in her mouth and realizing this was the fantasy running through Noah’s mind when she sucked him off in the garage.

As close as Luke and Noah were, Nicole couldn’t help wondering if they had ever admitted their forbidden thoughts of their own mothers to each other. It made Nicole’s pussy drip even harder to imagine Noah’s mother sucking Luke’s cock while he imagined just what he was getting tonight.

Her son’s growing arousal inspired Nicole to suck on him harder, faster, deeper. Her hand moved from his balls to the base of his shaft, stroking him along with the up and down suction of her hot mouth. Bit by bit, Luke’s body was squirming and writhing against the mattress. He clutched at his mother’s dark brown hair with one hand and began pumping back at her face.

Luke’s response to his mother’s hungry sucking grew more and more intense until his whole body went stiff and his huge cock pulsed hot streams of cum into her mouth.

Nicole’s heart nearly exploded when she felt her son’s cum blast into her mouth. He gave her an immense load while she eagerly sucked and took down her throat into her tummy.

She kept her son’s cock in her mouth until his hardness gradually started to fade away, then she rose back upright and looked at him with a smile, her bare tits quavering under his gaze. The sleepy look he’d had before was returning to his handsome face, but now it was mixed with an expression of disbelief.

“Welcome home, baby,” his mother said with a smile.

Then she leaned over and kissed him long and deep on his mouth. Afterward, she got up off his bed and picked up her top, but didn’t put it back on. With a quick, backward glance, she left her son’s room and walked down the hall to her own room wearing only her skirt.

Charles was still downstairs, as she’d expected. She took off her skirt and got into bed alone and naked, her pussy dripping wet and begging for attention. She spent the next hour fingering herself with her legs spread wide while she relived the back to back blowjobs she’d given her son and his best friend. After giving herself five orgasms, she was finally able to drift off to sleep.


Charles had come up and gotten into bed at some point, but he couldn’t have been there very long before he was up and getting ready to go to work. He was already downstairs by the time Nicole got up. Her mind was spinning with the events of the night before. She threw on one of Charles’ large, white Oxford shirts and buttoned only half of the front, leaving most of her cleavage exposed and knowing her pussy would be visible if she moved in such a way as to pull apart the two halves at the bottom.

Her husband gave her warm kiss on the cheek, barely noticing the way she was barely dressed. He already had his travel mug ready to go.

“I’ll be late tonight,” he told her. “We’re getting ready for the trip to Finland to meet with those tech people.”

“Oh right, of course.” She’d almost forgotten he was leaving the next day on a week-long business trip. It wasn’t that she was anxious to get rid of him, but a few days apart would be good for them both. A chance of pace never hurt anyone.

Charles was out the door seconds later and getting into his car. By the time he was out of the driveway, Nicole was pouring herself a cup of coffee and trying to decide what to have for breakfast. It wasn’t easy to concentrate on much, however, other than the cocks she had sucked the night before, not to mention who those cocks belonged to.

Yet it was Luke who was most on her mind. Having gone into his room and sucked him off last night now seemed like it had all been a dream. As exciting as her affair with Noah was, it barely compared to the excitement of crossing the line with her own son. She found herself caught between wishing he wouldn’t sleep much longer and not knowing how she could look him in the eye. But Luke came into kitchen before she was halfway through her coffee.

At first there was an awkward silence while Luke went to the coffee maker to pour himself a cup. With Nicole leaning back against the counter just a couple of feet away from the coffee maker, she caught her son sneaking looks at the exposed parts of her tits. Just feeling his eyes on her that way was enough to make her nipples swell with warmth.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked cautiously.

“Yeah, really well,” he replied, his eyes still on her tits more than her face.

They stood by the counter without making a move to bring their coffee to the table. Nicole was trying to read his expression, but with his eyes half-glued to her cleavage it wasn’t easy. She also kept glancing down at the bulge in his briefs, remembering how perfect his cock had felt and tasted. As much as she thought they should probably sit down and talk about what happened, she was even more eager to hold her son’s beautiful cock again.

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