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Mothers Know Best Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy reading in the comfort of your own home, with family and friends.

Mothers Know Best Ch. 1 New Beginnings.

My mother in-law, Stephanie, was always fond of me, but I never really knew to what extent. She is quite a beautiful woman of forty-five, fifteen years older than me, and twenty years older than Judy, her daughter and my wife. I usually found myself as her advocate between her and her children. She had lost her husband many years before and hand no one stand up for her.

One day she asked me to help set up her new flat screen in her one bedroom apartment. Of course I obliged, it was no big deal. I was not sure why one of her sons did not do it, but I was eager to help her.

Setting up the flatscreen was quite quick. She was happy with the outcome.

“Andrew, would you like a beer?” She asked.

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind.” I replied.

I sat back, watched a nature show in 4K with the volume muted. We made small talk as she tried to moisturize her skin. She was struggling to get to her back shoulders.

She wore a loose fitting strapless muumuu dress that fell to her ankles, which did not detract from her figure. A tie around the front kept it just above her full braless breasts.

“Let me help.” I said as I got up.

“That would be nice.” She replied.

She pumped some moisturizer into my hand, which I rubbed together. Then I applied it to her should and down her back until I reached the top of her dress. She loosened the top and moved it down to allow me more access. I held out my hand and she pumped another glob of moisturizer onto it.

Again I rubbed my hands together and the slid my hand down her back and applied the moisturizer in a circular motion.

“Mmm, that’s nice, I can never get there.” She purred.

I trabzon escort worked my hands to her sides as best I could under the restrictive dress. Then removing my hands I held out my hand and she pumped another glob onto it.

Again I rubber my hands together before applying the moisturizer to her neck and upper shoulders. I moved down over her chest and noticed the top of the dress sat just covered her nipples, her silver dollar sized areola visible.

The next globule I applied to the upper part of her breasts. She had closed her eyes and had a serene look on her face. Her dress fell away from her breasts as I massaged the upper parts, and gathered at her waist.

Unconcerned, she did nothing. She pumped another globule onto my hand. Again after rubbing my hands together I applied more moisturizer to her breasts while trying to skirt her nipples which had become hard and swollen looking.

Trembling, I threw caution to the wind and placed my hands over her nipples, hard and firm against my palms. She let out a moan. I pushed my hands underneath them and raised her weighted orbs as I pinched her nipples.

“Mmmm, I like that. Don’t stop.” She murmured, as she breathed deeply.

I intensified my efforts and she let out a gasp. I then moved in front of her and looked at her before plunging my face into her magnificent breasts and began to orally stimulate her nipples.

“Oh god!” She gasped and shivered.

I squeezed and massaged her great orbs, biting and nibbling her thick hard nipples. She shuddered and let out a moan. I continued for some time, joyful in my task to give pleasure to my mother in-law.

“Oh god, stop, that was wonderful, thank you.” She said breathlessly.

“Did you like doing that?” She asked.

“Yes, it made me quite horny.” I told her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes. You have very beautiful breasts and touching them got me very hard.” I told her as I placed her hand on the shorts covering my rigid cock.

“Would you like to trabzon escort bayan see it?”

“I wouldn’t mind.” She said shyly as she flashed me a naughty look.

I dropped my shorts and underwear and stood proudly before her, my swollen cock twitched expectantly. She looked at it in fascination. She absently licked her lips in lustful desire.

“You can touch it if you like.”

She hesitantly reached up and touched my cock. She pulled back suddenly. “You don’t mind?” She asked nervously.

“No, it’s okay.” I assured her..

She reached and closed her fingers around it and gently stroked it.

“You can kiss it and lick it, if you like.” I said as an invitation to suck my cock.

She kissed and licked the tip of my cock as I instructed. She looked at it and repeated what I had told her. Then it dawned on me that she had never sucked on a cock before, let alone lick and kiss one.

“Mom, have you ever taken a cock into your mouth before?” I asked her.

“No,” She replied as she blushed, “Joe never asked me to do that.”

Joe, her husband, was a pious Christian, and the only man she had been with.

“Would you like to try?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered nervously.

“Take the tip between your lips, taking care not to touch it with your teeth as you apply suction.” I instructed.

She did as instructed. “Now take more into your mouth and slowly work it in and out of your mouth.”

“You are doing well, mom” Despite her lack of experience, her efforts felt good and pleasurable. The sight of my cock in her mouth also added to the overall pleasures.

She was becoming comfortable and was obviously enjoying my cock between her lips. She took me deeper into her mouth, then back out. Yes she was a quick learner.

Giving her mouth a rest, she took me out and kissed and licke my length from tip to my balls where she hesitated.

“It’s okay to kiss and lick my balls, if you want. You can gently massage them too.” I told her.

She escort trabzon lovingly worked on my scrotum with her mouth, then massaged them in her hand as she licked and kissed her way back up. Looking at the tip she saw a globule of precum forming. She looked up at me in askance.

“It’s okay, mom.”

She licked up the globule and swished it around her mouth before taking my length back into her mouth and began again to suck my cock lustfuly.

The pleasures she was now creating were simply beautiful. She was enjoying that act and it showed which made me feel hotter. Soon I felt that familiar tug in my groin.

“Mom, I am going to come soon. Would you like me to let go in your mouth so you can taste it?” I asked.

Without slowing, she flashed me a wicked look as she continued without shame or guilt.

“Okay mom… when … I come, hold it in your mouth until I finish, okay?”

She nodded her head and continued to suck my cock salaciously.

“I’m…coming!” I cried as my cum burst into her mouth. Rope after rope gushed into her mouth. I had not cum so hard in a long time.

She looked up at me worriedly as her mouth was filled to capacity and started leaking from her mouth. Satisfied that I had no more, I slowly took my cock out of her mouth. She was careful not to spill anything.

“Open your mouth, let me see.” I said with a wide grin.

She raised her chin and opened her mouth. Her tongue was buried under my cum. She looked amazing.

“Now swish it around your mouth to taste it and swallow it.” I instructed.

Looking at me, with joy in her eyes, she swished my cum in her mouth and with a look of triumph, swallowed my load.

“Mom, that was absolutely amazing. You did very very good for your first time.” I said to her as I placed two fingers into her mouth after scooping up a thick globule of cum from her chin, which she instinctively sucked clean.

I then leaned down and kissed her, and pushed my tongue into her mouth and tasted myself on her tongue.

Mom made me promise to visit her more often. I kept that promise. Her oral skills improved dramatically. She was clearly a cum slut and a natural born cock sucker.

It took me a bit of coaxing to let me eat her out, and she was sweet. Then later she let me fuck her. But that is another story.

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