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Mountain Catfight

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Written by stormwitch and her Master, the Stormlord.

It was December and the sky was fairly clear with just a few clouds floating high overhead. Sara was thankful for this as the air was still chilly up in the Tararua Mountains of New Zealand. She and a group of four friends from the university had decided to go camping over the weekend hoping that with natures help they could clear their brains a little before returning for the next hard week of study. The greenness of the valleys seemed reflected in her eyes as she sat tranquilly meditating that morning. She stood up and shook her legs out and let her long dark hair fall to one side as Matthew and Barry came out of the tent and walked over the fire.

A few moments later Hayley stumbled out after them and rubbed her eyes as the hot sun hit them. She glanced over at Sara who was smiling at the two men who were rummaging through some backpacks looking for cans of beans to open for their late breakfast.

Hayley was tall and slender; her dirty blonde hair curled in front was cut just under shoulder length and streaks of lighter blonde reflected in the light. Often times her hair was hidden under a white beret that she loved to wear. Her light hazel eyes seemed to penetrate a persons gaze and although on first meeting her she appeared to be a carefree young lady she was really a quite serious no nonsense person just as her zodiac sign of Leo tended to be.

Sara turned around and saw Hayley looking at her and smiled a pleasant good morning. Hayley gave her a brief half smile and look and kind of muttered in her direction before heading off for a quick wash. Sara was a bit taken aback at the rather curt greeting especially as Hayley favoured Matthew and Barry with a brilliant smile and a cheery ‘good morning’! as she passed them. However the morning was lovely and she wasn’t about to let anything spoil it so Sara got on with the business of firing up the gas cooker and getting breakfast underway. She felt eyes on her and turning just enough to notice she saw Matthew looking at her. “Hmm, he’s sooo nice”.

Sara was hoping Matthew would ask her out, not that Barry wouldn’t be a nice second choice but Matthew was the prize. Grinning to herself she figured Hayley could wear all the french berets she liked but it wasn’t Hayley that Matthew was staring at, it was Sara with her tanned slim legs and cute round ass encased in cut-off jeans and she knew with the push up lacy bra she had bought along, hat her breasts were perky and outlined under her shirt.

Hayley noticed Matthew staring at Sara and frowned inwardly. She considered Sara a stuck up spoilt bitch but the reality was that Hayley was sruggling to maintain her B grade average in University while Sara seemed to make A grades without trying, Hayley also fancied herself dating Matthew, he was the best looking guy in their year and all the girls wanted him. Without being noticed she undid another button on her shirt so that the tops of her breasts peaked out invitingly yet not seeming sluttish. Purposely she wandered over and sat by Matthew completely blocking out his view of Sara. Sara noticed it with a frown as she saw Hayley place herself in the chair by Matthew that she had meant for herself! She thought it was typical of Hayley, always having to be the centre of attention, ‘little miss look at me’ was her private pet name for her.

After breakfast it was cleanup time and Hayley made sure she beat Sara in doing just about everything, her constant movement and helpfulness being noticed by the guys and keeping her in Matthews focus. Sara just clamped her mouth shut and did her best to work around it. She put a map on the table and started to discuss possible hiking routes with Matthew and Barry. She was astounded to feel Hayley force herself in-between them and start disagreeing with her every idea! In the end she stalked away to get her day backpack informing them that she’d go along with whatever everyone decided. She did however notice that Hayley leaned far over to Matthew and murmured something to him. She also took note that Matthews eyes were fixed firmly down the front of Hayleys shirt getting a good eyeful of the soft firm breasts displayed there. “Grr” she thought to herself, “I knew she was an attention seeking cow, but this is pathetic”. She got back to the table to find they’d decided on her favourite walk and she took great pleasure in informing Matthew and Barry of that with a huge smile, her green eyes lighting up and seeming to glow right over them both.

Hayley rudely interrupted with a sarcastic laugh and mentioned they’d better get a move along. It was a nice half hour with the warm morning sun shining down on them. Sara felt warm and sweet and was singing softly to herself. It didn’t last. They came to the main river and started to cross the protruding rocks to the other side. Half way there Sara felt a foot hook her ankle from behind her and before she had time to react or grab onto Matthew in front of her the freezing coldness of the water uşak escort hit her making her scream in shock. Coughing and spluttering she stormed out of the water, soaked to the skin. Her white shirt was clinging to every part of her and had become totally see through. As her cold nipples hit the warmer air they stood in firm peaks driving outward from her bra. Her black hair cascaded sleekly down her back as if caressing her slender frame. Sara climbed back onto the rocks, water dripping from every part of her, the sun hit the droplets and she looked as though she was a water sprite. Matthew and Barry stood with their mouths open and Hayley realised that while she had gotten rid of Sara for the walk, her plan had somewhat backfired and Sara would be on the guys minds for some time now. Sara glared at her through clenched teeth. “You did that on purpose” she ground out.

Hayley smiled serenely at her even though she was seething inside, “I don’t know what you are talking about” and she threw the guys a glance which said “I told you she has a bad attitude now didn’t I”. “never mind” Sara snarled, “I’ll see you back at camp” and stormed off. Matthew and Barry looked a bit confused. They’d not known Sara to act bitchy and surely Hayley would never do something like she’d been accused of. After all she was standing there looking confused also.

Back at camp Sara paced like a caged animal after she got changed into her hipster jeans and another shirt. She managed to greet the guys with a smile, but barely spoke to Hayley when they returned in the afternoon. Hayley kept after all for the next two hours with remarks about how lunch prepared would have been nice and could she have tidied up while they were gone. She refused to laugh at any joke Sara made with the guys, elbowed her out the way by ‘accident’ causing her to drop a hot cup of tea that she’d made for Matthew and generally took verbal shots at Sara constantly making her look stupid, clumsy and inept.Sara’s temper began to get the better of her and after one last sarcastic remark from Hayley about a book she was trying to discuss with Matthew she’d had enough.

“Look” she snarled at Hayley “why don’t you shut the fuck up with your empty headed remarks. If you showed some intelligence instead of acting like the ho of the week, you might get the attention you so obviously crave”. Hayley raised an eyebrow and stood up. “who do you think you are spoilt little Miss A grade, talking to me like that”?

Both girls squared off against each other, Hayley by the far the taller but Sara was as pent up as a little lion ready to rip into her enemy. “You’ve been dogging me all bloody day’ she snarled at Hayley “just because you can’t get a guy of your own, you have to go after the ones other people are interested in” Hayley fired back “well perhaps they want a little warmth not little miss brainy bookworm and her ‘discussions’ Men like REAL women you know, not girls who can’t get it on in bed unless they read how to in a manual”

Hayley was about to say something else when in mid sentence Sara launched herself at her and thumping both hands against her chest furiously. Hayley went flying backward finally losing her footing and fell on her back with her legs up in the air like a back flip that got stuck in mid flip. Her body weight was on her shoulders and neck and her feet went almost straight up. Sara turned to walk away and Hayley flew to her feet coming back at Sara and leaping on her back. Sara snarled in fury and started to spin around trying to dislodge Hayley but Hayley had her feet wrapped around Sara’s waist and took a fistful of her hair pulling hard and spitting invectives at her calling her all the sluts she could think of. Sara put her hands back and yanked just as hard on Hayleys hair then suddenly bent over and tossed the other girl over her head. Her hands slid from Hayleys hair and grabbed hold of her blouse, ripping it down the back so that it hung around Hayleys breasts exposing enough of them to give the guys a good eyeful.

Sara grabbed Hayleys hair and spun her around. As she came face to face with the fiery eyed Hayley, she realised she might be in trouble. She received a hard slap across the face as Hayley cursed out. Hayley grabbed Sara’s shirt and pulled exposing her bra, grabbing the front of it Hayley pushed her away causing the elastic of the bra to be stretched near the breaking point. She released and in the split second the bra took to return to make a loud pop, Sara’s face showed she recognized what was about to happen but was helpless to stop it. As she screamed in pain from her breasts catching the force of the bra hitting them. She staggered backward, the back of her knees hitting against a low bench by the table they’d all been sitting on.

Matthew and Barry stood with mouths open as Sara’s legs flew open and her jeans rose up and tightened so hard that you could see the outline of her pussy very clearly.She staggered up and flew towards Hayley, now both of them were totally out of van escort control with rage. Hayley had longer arms than Sara and put her hand out to stop her flight grabbing her hair and yanking down. Sara ended up bent over looking at the ground and swung out with both fists, left and right furiously trying to connect with the other girl but her reach wasn’t long enough. Her breasts swayed with her actions and popped out of her bra. Although she was aware of it Sara didn’t have time to react and Hayley took advantage of this by using her other hand to start slapping Sara’s breasts around with several savage whacks.

Sara screamed in pain and stopped trying to punch Hayley and protect her stinging reddening breasts from the hard slaps. Hayley pushed her back and let her go but instead of walking away she doubled up her fist and punched Sara square in the stomach causing her to howl and collapse to her knees in the dirt, then she gave the shrieking girl 2 good smacks around the head causing her to bend forward covering her head with her hands.

Sara began to cry..’enough..enough..please enough..’ But it wasn’t enough for Hayley, who moved to place one booted foot against Sara’s mouth.. “Kiss this bitch” she hissed and sent Sara flying backward to the ground moving quickly after her and yanking her back to her knees so hard she toppled onto all fours.Then she had an idea – “you think you are such a kick ass bitch, it’s about time you became the kicked ass bitch”. As Sara was struggling to regain any balance Hayley reached under, ripped her jeans open and yanked them down to her knees, grabbing her thongs panty and ripping it off.. “noooooooo’ Sara screamed sobbing..’not that… don’t do that.. please..” Hayley took aim and put her boot hard into Sara’s exposed cheeks sending her flying forward with a howl and yanked her back by the hair to give her a hard slap. “stop stop stop..no more please no more’ Sara begged crying harder now.. Her hands were going in all directions trying to cover her exposed crazily jiggling breasts and her bare pussy as well as protect her head. Hayley gave her another hard kick letting her hit the dirt this time before dragging her back. “Are you sorry” she demanded..

“yes yes..I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry” Sara wailed..”don’t give me anymore..please please” Hayley gave her one last flying kick and let go of her hair letting Sara fall face down into the dirt, she hopped on top of her back and ground her face into the dirt as Sara wept and begged repeatedly for mercy. “Just one more for the road before you leave’ she said coldly and got up walking back to the boys leaving Sara squirming and sobbing in the dirt.

Hayley then turned her back on the battered girl and walked over to the guys who were looking at her amazed now. She looked at Matthew and grabbing her backpack said “I think its time we get ready to go back. She can take down the tent and lug it with her” . Matthew looked into her hazel eyes with interest and for the first time admiration, and asked her “You aren’t going to leave her like that are you?”, to which Hayley held back a giggle and said “Yes, I am”. She took Matthew by the hand and started walking off into the woods, and Barry grabbed some of the duffel bags of provisions and quickly followed behind them.

Sara laid on the ground a long time, her whole body hurting. Her stomach was in an upheaval from that hard punch she took and her head was ringing from the hard pulling of her hair. Just touching her nose where Hayleys boot had struck brought tears to her eyes, and although 45 minutes had passed she still could not get up. Suddenly she heard a noise from the woods and saw this man walking through the bushes. He was a handsome rugged looking brown haired man with slight oriental features. He came into the clearing and looked down with pity at what was left of the once proud girl. Spotting a part of a blanket hanging out from the tent he ran to get it and set it down. Helping Sara to sit up he wrapped the blanket around her and looked wonderingly at her. He asked her what had happened and Sara choked on some blood as she tried to answer.

Finally she was able to sputter out that Hayley did this. Seeing her green eyes meet his for the first time Dan felt a twinge of warmth flooding through his body. He grabbed a piece of discarded clothing off the ground and wetting it started to clean the dirt off of Saras face, who winced in pain as he touched some tender bruised flesh. At one point Sara jumped in extreme pain and instinctively grabbed his arms holding him tightly. Dan calmly told her “There, there deary, everything is all right now, I wish to help you”. Sara looked up at him and through all her pain was able to force a small smile showing her white teeth mixed with traces of blood. He sat down with Sara cradled in his arms and reached into his backpack on the ground producing a small bottle of red wine that he had bought at one of the regions winerys a few days ago. Pouring it into a canteen cup he held it up to her yalova escort lips and instructed her to drink. “This will help you feel better ” he told her reassuringly.

As the wine started to fill her insides Sara slowly was able to regain some consciousness as her head cleared. For the first time she realized that she was sitting with a stranger and most of her clothes were in tatters. She stood up and as she did the blanket fell away revealing her firm breasts which she tried to hide behind her hands. Only then she realized that doing that left her pussy exposed and her cheeks flushed as she saw that Dan’s eyes immediately flew down and gazed interestingly at her full dark bush.

As she turned painfully limping away, his gaze now looked upon her tight white ass and he immediately felt his bulge growing tighter and tighter under his pants. She turned her head back around and said “Excuse me, I need to change my clothes. To which without thinking he stuttered out “yy you don’t have to if you don’t want too”… then finally thinking he said “I really do wish to help you feel better.” Sara stopped where she stood in mid step and turned and her green eyes locked squarely on wonderous brown eyes. A slow smile spread across her face as she looked at his handsome features and muscled arms. Dan felt his cock pressing so hard against his underwear and the throbbing was cutting off his circulation. As he saw that smile on her face, he felt he could cum in his pants right then and there.

She limped back over to him and picked up the blanket it and spread it on the ground. Surprised Dan got up and sat down on it where Sara had kneeled onto it. Tentatively his arms went out to her and he took her in an embrace and hugged her to him. Sara let out a sob and tears flowed down her cheeks again as she remembered the incidents of the past hours. She felt a shame inside her at being bested by Hayley but holding this strong man in her arms, everything did start to feel much better. Dan reched down to her and undid what was left of her bra, revealing her firm breasts completely. He whispered to her. “Please lie down, it’s time for you to feel some pleasure dear.”

Sara stretched herself out on the blanket and Dan ran his hands across her body, kissing her bruised belly, and licking her skin as he went. His mouth found her bush down below and his tongue flicked out at it. Sara felt a quick rush of excitement as his tongue smoothly licked the outer surface of her pussy, and she let out a sigh of pleasure. His tongue went to work over her, and his fingers opened up her pussy lips so he could taste the insides of them. Loving the taste he took her little clit into his tongue and softly sucked on it. On feeling this Sara’s body trembled in pleasure as she started to feel her juices starting to flow. She closed her eyes and just let the feeling spread throughout her body.

Hearing her moans, Dan was filled with ecstasy, and with his dick throbbing back and forth continued to slurp Sara’s wet pussy. He whispered up to her. “You didn’t deserve being hurt like this, you know you are so beautifull”. Wiping his mouth on his shirt, he moved up to her breasts and gently fondled them in his fingers. Although painfull at first, Sara’s nipples hardened on his touch. And she could feel pleasure circulating from her breasts up through her neck and into her pleasure centers of her brain.

He took her nipples into his mouth and laid there slowly sucking on them. After awhile he moved up to her neck and planted a soft deep kiss on the nape of her neck. Sara squirmed in pleasure, and he moved his mouth over her neck and onto her face, slowly kissing each and every spot of her bruised face. He whispered to her.. “I’m so sorry this happened to you, I think you do deserve this though”. He took her full red lips into his, kissing her so deeply and lovingly as she had never been kissed before. Sara overwhelmed at his love felt her heart beating fast in her chest as he got on top of her and slid his manhood deep into her. Kissing her over and over Dan thrust his hard cock deep into her wet pussy and felt a wonderous pleasure at her warmth and softness.

He thrust into her, taking her legs up to his shoulders and delving deeper into her. Quickly pounding and moaning as he moved his body rhythmically. Sara lay back so helpless in the powers of this strong man, and loving his touch, his hardness filling up her insides. She no longer felt any pain at all in her body as her mind floated as in blue sky high above, and moaning with ecstasy she climaxed wonderously. Dan wasn’t through yet and he kept pounding into her and kissing her lips and her eyes and her face over and over, finally whispering to her in heaved breaths.. “I love you, I love you”. Saras hands tightly gripped his shoulders and her fingernails dug into his flesh as she felt his warm cum filling up her insides. She climaxed again in time with Dan who’s face twisted in pleasure as he came. He groaned loudly and breathless fell onto her body clinging onto her, as he rolled over to the side. They both lay on the blanket hugging each other with the sun beating down on them as sweat trickled off their bodies and their hearts slowly started slowing to a mutual beat, smiling at each other.

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