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Mower Repairman

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“Hey! Hey mister!!”

I slowed to a trot and looked around. I couldn’t see anyone calling me, but there was no one else on the sidewalk, and my curiosity was piqued. Not having lived in the neighborhood long, I knew almost no one, and this was a totally new route for my run, so I was curious as to who might be hailing me. I stopped and stretched my back, looking all around me.

I heard a giggle, and then once again, “Hey mister! Over here! Can you help me?”

I finally spotted the source of the voice. Squinting against the bright morning sun, I could see someone waving to me, almost hidden in the shade of an open garage. I walked closer to see a young woman tinkering with a push mower.

“Hey there,” I called as I got closer. “What’s up? Something the matter?”

She brushed auburn tresses away from her face and I saw she was a beautiful young woman, maybe 18 or 19. The strap of her skin tight yellow camisole had slipped down her shoulder, there were grass and dirt smudges on her long legs and tiny white shorts, and she looked every inch a gorgeous mess.

“Yeah,” she said. “I can’t get this stupid thing to start, and if I don’t have the lawn mowed by lunch time, my old man is gonna beat the shit out of me.”

I must have looked as taken aback as I felt, because she gave a little smirk and said, “Yeah, he’s a mean one. You look handy, though. Can you help me??”

Maybe is was just me, but I thought her voice carried a note of coquettish, flirtatious teasing, daring me to disbelieve her.

“Surely your husband won’t really beat you if you don’t mow the lawn??” I asked.

She laughed, a short bark of a laugh that could have been bitter, but seemed to hold some humor, too.

“Not my husband,” she said, “my Dad. And yes, he will. The bastard likes to use a belt on my bare ass. I think he gets off on it.”

She smiled, and again I got the feeling she was daring me, somehow.

“Anyway,” she continued, “will you help me get it running?”

I nodded and walked up the driveway.

I noticed the strong smell of gasoline as I got close to the mower, and I figured it was flooded. I tinkered with it, checking the air filter and generally looking it over. Mostly I thought it needed time for the gas to dissipate. The girl watched attentively, crouched down so close I could feel her heat. I know she caught me glancing at her, but I couldn’t help myself. She bit her bottom lip and smiled, asking if I thought I could fix it.

I put the air filter back on and said, “I don’t know. Let’s give it a try.”

I stood and pulled the starter rope, and after a few coughs eryaman genç escort and splutters, the engine finally caught and settled into a rhythmic purr. The girl jumped up and down gleefully, clapping her hands like a child and laughing.

After letting the mower idle a few minutes, I shut it off and said, “There you go. It was just flooded, but you should be good to go now.”

She flung her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me, saying “Oh thank you!!” over and over.

When I extricated myself from her embrace, I said, “Well, I’d better get back to my run.” I felt really awkward, adding “Good luck with the mowing.” It sounded stupid , even to me.

She was a full head shorter than me, and she stood so close she had to look up to meet my gaze. “Please don’t go yet,” she purred. “I wanna thank you for helping me with the mower.” She did the lip bite thing again, and simultaneously rubbed one hand over her hardening nipples and the other hand over the crotch of my gym shorts.

“Whoa!!!” I stepped back a step, shocked and surprised. “What are you doing?? Are you crazy??”

I looked around self-consciously, suddenly afraid someone was watching.

She smiled a mock-innocent smile and asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t want your cock sucked by a grateful girl??” She pouted and looked convincingly hurt.

“You’ve gotta be kidding!” I burst out, suddenly on the verge of angry. “What is this, a trick?? Are you playing some stupid game?? Nobody in their right mind offers to suck off a stranger for helping with a goddamned mower!”

“Jeez, Mister, don’t get pissed at me! I… I just thought it would be fun! Kind of an adventure? My dad is… possessive, you know? He won’t let any guys near me, and you looked nice, and… well, I just wanted to thank you.” She shrugged her shoulders and added, “Anyway, I thought guys liked to be sucked, and I wanted to suck someone besides… well, someone new,” she added, a bit cryptically.

My mind flashed to what she said about her old man beating her with a belt, and I wondered if there was something awful going on in this house. I felt like something was really wrong here, and yet at the same time, I felt drawn to her.

She looked at me with pleading eyes and slid her hands up under her top, pushing it up to play with her tight little tits. “Look, just let me give you a blowjob, okay? I really want to, and I can tell you’re a nice guy. It’ll be okay…”

She slid to her knees and began to nuzzle my hardening cock through my shorts.

“Come on, please, we really shouldn’t!! ” I protested, though my resistance ankara escort bayan was pretty weak. “Why are you even doing this?? You don’t have to…” I pushed her head away gently and made her look up at me.

She met my gaze with wide hazel eyes and said, “Don’t ask why. Just enjoy it, okay?? I want to.” And she tugged down the front of my shorts, letting my semi-hard cock flop out into the morning air. She licked her lips and leaned in.

“Don’t!!” I tried one last time. “Please, I’m all sweaty…” I didn’t know how this small girl had suddenly made me feel so vulnerable.

“It’s okay,” she said again. “I like it.” And she began sucking me, her mouth warm and yielding as my cock grew hard.

Standing in the open garage, getting my cock sucked by this beautiful stranger, I felt like I was having a dream or an out of body experience. She was young, but my god she was good! And the risk of being exposed added an undeniable thrill.

“This is crazy!!” I moaned. “It’s like a damned porno or something!”

She stopped sucking and looked up mischievously, grinning an impish grin.

“You wanna make a porno?” she teased. ” You can record me if you want. You have your phone? That’d be hot!! ” I noticed she still had her top pulled up over her tits, and now she had a hand inside her shorts, fingering her pussy.

“Yeah, I have my phone,” I said, nodding toward the band around my arm, “but that’s just crazy!! You shouldn’t let me record you. What if I posted it on the net or something?”

She had the most intriguing smile when she said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t let you record me. But then, I shouldn’t be sucking your dick in my old man’s garage, either, sooo…” She gave the head of my throbbing cock a wet lick and looked straight up at me, saying, “I think you should film me.”

She stood up and took the phone from its holder before I could stop her. Not that I tried stopping her. She started the video, and then handed the phone to me. She put on a little striptease, though it was very short, since was wearing nothing but the tank top and the white shorts, and she left her white sneakers on. As she spun around and rubbed her hands up and down her tiny frame, I noticed marks across her tight ass, and I wondered if she was telling the truth about her “old man” beating her with a belt. Jesus.

I didn’t get to wonder long, though, because she got back down on her knees and started expertly sucking me again. Part of it may have been the situation, but it was the most incredible blowjob I’d ever had. My cock isn’t tiny, but she was able to force sincan escort the entire length of it down her throat almost effortlessly, and her talented tongue danced around the head wetly. She nearly made me cum a couple of times, only to pause and suck my balls before starting a new rhythm.

Soon, she looked up at me and said, “Tell me when you’re gonna cum, okay??” I agreed breathlessly, thinking she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth.

Oh no. That wasn’t it at all.

When, at last, I burst out, “Ohhh, I’m cumming now!!” she tilted her head back with her mouth open wide and her tongue out. After I covered her waiting tongue with a big, thick load, she made a big show of swallowing it down, moaning and cooing happily.

“I wanted it to look good for your porno,” she laughed.

I helped her to her feet and said, “It looked better than good, it looked amazing!! Jesus girl…” I laughed, and suddenly felt awkward all over again. I slipped the phone back into its cuff as if it might be radioactive.

Tucking my junk back into my shorts, I mumbled, “I… I don’t even know your name?”

She stood suddenly erect, holding out her hand. She looked very formal, despite wearing only a pair of white gym shoes. She introduced herself in a comically proper tone. “I’m Amy. Amy True.” She giggled that silly little laugh again, and added, “And whose cock have I had the pleasure of sucking?”

I felt myself flush and felt totally ridiculous, but I answered, “Nick. I’m Nick Blomquist.” I stumbled on awkwardly, “I’m kind of new to the neighborhood…”

She laughed again at my discomfiture, and then a strange look crossed her face. “Wait a sec,” she puzzled, “Blomquist? Are you a teacher, by any chance?”

The hair on my neck stood up, knowing this couldn’t be good.

“Uhh, yeah. I teach algebra. Why??”

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you in class! I just registered and I remembered your name.” Shaking her head, she said, “I can’t believe this. My first time playing at being a little slut, and I blow the math teacher. God damn it all,” she grinned. Her giggling laugh pealed through the garage as she gathered her clothes and slipped them on. “Well, don’t worry too much. I’m legal, and I’m really good at keeping secrets, if you are,” she said at last. And we left it at that.

I heard the mower fire up as I ran, wondering what all this was going to mean to my future, and to hers. I wondered about a lot of things as I threaded through the neighborhood — about belt marks on her tight young ass; about where she learned to give head like that; about the veracity of anything she had told me; and most of all, about how I had been a total idiot. Maybe it would mean nothing but a hot memory and a strange semester, but somehow I doubted it.

At least Miss Amy True was going to have the lawn mowed before her old man got home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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