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Mpreg Boy for Rent

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David lay on his back, his head on the filthy tiled floor by the side of the toilet, his legs pushed brutally open as far as his straining hips would allow, the huge, beer gut of his middle-aged client lowered, coming closer and closer to his horrifically pregnant stomach and he held his breath and braced himself for the pain of impact.

9 months pregnant, waddling, with pronounced breasts and swollen ankles, and about to go into labor any day now, his only way to make enough money to keep the rent on his grubby bedsit was to sell his exhausted hugely impregnated body to – mostly violent – paying fetish clients. He sold his wares by the public conveniences along the canal, limping back and forth, clutching his vastly pregnant abdomen and trying to ignore the stares of the mainstream revelers, he hid in the darkened alleyways, wearing nothing but heels, PVC shorts and a net vest.. His pregnancy weighing heavy on his bruised and abused groin, almost felt erotic to him, if his situation weren’t so desperate.

He had been working as an expensive rent boy for professional men in the city’s financial district, where he had been impregnated. He had no clue who the father was, but after working through the throes of morning sickness, and hiding the early signs of his developing condition well, by four months his belly had begun to show, and his pimp, disgusted by the round, pregnant teenage boy, told him that his services were no longer required.

His parents were so angry and ashamed to let the extended family find out that their eighteen year old only son, whom bahis firmaları they’d said had gone off to college, was in fact impregnated like a lactating woman by some dirty old businessman. That he was grossly expanding with child and that he was swelling with revolting pregnancy and could no longer disguise his growing sinful condition; that he was a freak of nature like those disgusting, effeminate, pregnant men, with their wombs, and developing breasts, and maternity panties and breast pumps they had read about in gossip columns. That they cast him out. How could they have created a pregnant-man? Did he like this? Was this what he wanted? A pregnant man whore? Perhaps he masturbated over his disgusting impregnated state? And where was the baby going to come out, was he going to try to shit it out through his sphincter? Good look with that.

His client’s round beer gut lowered and pressed on his round impregnated abdomen, then without pause or warning the dirty old leather smacked himself gratuitously into David’s painfully pregnant stomach. The force of the impact sent a violent spasm of pure pain through his full round pregnancy,

“oh god” he whispered, “my baby!”

His client laughed maliciously, and David felt like he wanted to die. His condition overwhelmed him, and he felt, panic, self-hatred and shame.

He was so close to term that he felt the weight of the greasy leather biker on top of him forced the mass of the baby to cram hard down into the top of his anal cavity. The pain was searing, his ass felt chock-full, as if he needed to shit his guts kaçak iddaa out, right there and then. The pressure on his rectum was excruciating, and the nauseous ache as he tensed up caused him to scream out.

“Oh fucking hell, be gentler, please, I’m so pregnant I could die!”

“If you do die, you’ll remember this fuck for eternity, bitch!” came the gruff, irritated response, as the weight of the sweaty beer gut pressed into David’s horrific full-term pregnancy even harder.

Tears began to form in his eyes, as he felt the tip of his client’s red-hot rod poke against his anus. He felt the baby squirm inside the pregnant bump, it pushed in his groin, and despite everything, all his emotion, and guilt and pain and shame…he started to become aroused and hard. He bit his lip to keep from sobbing, his brutally distended abdomen squashed hard by the older man’s hard, rock-solid gut.

David reached up and grabbed his breasts, ready. They were desperately sore, and engorged so that they looked like a woman’s.

The man thrust inside him, breaking through his tensed sphincter. David screamed, he felt the full force ram hard against his 9 month impregnation, and push his aching anus so wide that he thought it was being ripped apart. He screamed and bucked as the older man pounded mercilessly into him over and over, wrecking his tight rectum, making it burn, as his pregnancy lurched around like a massive water-filled balloon.

The force of the pounding thrust his head around by the urine soaked base of the toilet, his trembling hands fumbled, blind with kaçak bahis pain, for something to hold on to. He grabbed the bottoms of the flimsy walls of the toilet cubicle as tight as he possibly could, involuntarily bucking in sheer agony. With each thrust his enormously sore pregnant pelvis burst into painful wrecking spasm. Filled with the fat man’s massive cock he involuntarily bucked, smacking his distended, brutally pregnant belly into his client’s gut and winding himself so badly that he stopped breathing, then began to choke.

The impregnated mass of David bounced back and forth violently with ever thrust of cock up his aching ass.

“Stop! Dear, God, STOP STOP STOP STOP! Shit!!!”

He could feel the engorged cock smacking into his pregnant bump from the inside and his ass was so sore and full that he felt sick from the pain, tears streaming down his red cheeks as he reached to hold onto his pregnancy for dear life, his legs forced so wide that he hurt so much he thought he might dislocate his hips. The client thrust into him like a locomotive, wrecking his anal cavity, bruising the walls and tearing at them as if they were tissue paper.

The whole weight of his pregnant stomach lurched and bounced up and down, making him feel physically sick smacking into his full tender feminine titties and thumping back down into the clients hard round beer-belly so hard that after a full twenty minutes of relentless, vicious agony his client came inside him in waves of orgasm, firing so much thick hot cum into David’s exhausted, enormously, heavily impregnated body that his waters broke so violently that he screamed as if he were on fire, and his poor brutalized body spasmed so hard around the client’s fat engorged cock that he simply went blind and passed out from the pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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