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MTV Awards Pt. 04

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There are a lot of people in the changing room, and since no one is looking at me, I just sit there on the armchair. Besides, where can I go? I am encased in a sexdoll costume that totally and firmly immobilize me, unable to speak and all the while tortured by vibrators and tens units activated randomly, whenever someone nearby answers a mobile. I can feel that my feet are sort of sore, since they have been stretched on tiptoe by the outfit itself.

After listening to the lamentations of my body, I realize that a blond is looking directly at me.

O my goddess, it’s C and it’s not looking at me while talking to others! She is looking at me, directly.

A thought is dawning in my mind: she knows! I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I can feel that she knows. She is less than five meters from me and is looking at my outfit.

Then another woman wakes her from her reverie and she is carried out. Ten minutes and everyone has left the room, the last of them actually closing the light, thus leaving me in the dark, not able to move. Once again, panic gets me.

For nearly one minute, nothing is vibrating on me and I’m starting to adjust to this, but then it starts again this time with the thing that rests on the small of my back!

Ohmmaaaannnnn!! The total helplessness of my predicament arouses me and I arrive straight away to the last of several orgasms of the night, leaving me totally wasted.

I feel the warmth of my own piss running thru the tube and I’m not even able to make a vain attempt to block it! I feel like I’m dozing off, then I get startled by the lights of the room. Someone entering has abruptly put them on. I’m scared but then I see C, she is walking in front of me, just at the center of my field of vision, I heard she has closed the door behind her, and only us are left in the room.

I can overhear what she is telling. “So that’s what you intended by that! O my, you are devious to say the least! It’s beautiful!”

She is talking on the phone and looking at the ceiling as if focusing on her caller.

“Yes, I told E that I could return the thing to you later tonight. He does not have a clue… mmm…do I have to do anything?… ah, ok. Listen, tell me more about this..”

I’m trying to figure out what she is talking about, and the vibration of my labia is starting to itch my already sore vagina.

“Ah, I see. Wait, let me…”

She approaches me, spreads my blouse, and starts caressing first my right breast, then the left, from what I can see.

I’m totally shocked and I have absolutely no way to prevent that. Not that I can feel anything, for sure

“No, nothing there…”

She must prod under my armpits, then her hand seems to run under my skirt and into my panties.

“There it is. I can feel it vibrating!”


“Ok, Frizo, and her name is? Oh, thank you! Bye, dear!” and closes her call.

Then she picks a chair zonguldak escort and sits right in front of me, looking at me in the eyes. Now I’m pretty sure she knows.

“Hi, Trish, I’m sure you can hear me perfectly. But since you cannot tell me if I’m right or wrong, don’t even bother trying. I know exactly your predicament, since you are a test run for a thing I have ordered to Frizo. So let me see…”

With that, she starts to grope my clothes, I’m totally unable to move away, obviously, but that’s a mind-blowing experience, trust me.

I’m not a lesbian, but the sheer thought of being disrobed by a woman, not being able to do anything about it, is really a blast.

Inside my cocoon, I feel the noise of my heavy breath deafening my already impaired hearing. Even if I cannot see them, I sort of feel her hands starting to pull down my panties. Then she leans me forward on the chair, to have a better look at my crotch.

“O my, it’s so stretched. Does it hurt? I think that this is a totally new level of fist fucking.”

I feel her fingers thumping in the bottom of my plastic vagina, just over my clit. I’m so aroused that even that little movement makes me nearly have an orgasm. Besides, it’s not enough!!

Then she rises at my face level and I can clearly see her left ear. She sports some beautiful golden earring, telling a tale, also, because they are some little handcuffs!

“No, from the hums I can hear from you, it does not hurt so much!”

Then she opens my blouse to have a look at my breasts, I think she starts to caress them, but I cannot feel anything.

“Good, I like the shape!”

After that, a mobile rings and she gets it out of her pocket.

“Hi, ok, in five minutes!…mmm, ok!”

She closes the call.

“Ok, Trish, I’ll make you more presentable, don’t worry, my dear.”

I think that she starts to put my panties on again, then she buttons my blouse and, as she is pulling down my shirt, she has a pause.

She picks something from her bag, I cannot see what, but then she shows it in front of my eyes. It’s a mobile phone, very little, done in the guise of a pen. She fumbles with the controls.

“You see, they have given me one for free this morning, so small so cute. It has a silent and vibration mode that you can select like this.”

She touches some button.

“Ok, all set, let me help you with this.”

She takes my arms and pulls me out of the chair. In a second, I’m in a doggy position facing the pavement. I sense she is behind me and I feel some tugging in my rear entrance. Then it seems that my panties are once again pulled in position and with some struggle she puts me back in the chair.

“Ok, let’s see if I got that number right.”

She takes her mobile out and dials. After a matter of seconds, I feel something vibrating inside of me. Then the sensor in my left breast, catching me by surprise, tunalı escort starts to itch once again. She has put her little mobile up my ass, so whenever someone calls, it’s gonna vibrate and then activate!

Stupid as I am, for the hundredth time this evening I try to move to get it out, but the suit doesn’t budge a millimetre.

In the confined space of the doll suit all my body is shaking in the throng of the climax, but from outside the immovable surface of the doll could not tell the tale. Then she comes in front of me, her phone in hand. She straddles my knees and kiss me on the plastic mouth. I’m shaking inside my shell, then I realize that she has placed her hand behind my neck, effectively closing my breath tubes.

Every breath is more labored than the previous one, just ten seconds might have passed but for me it is like hours, then I’m hit by the most impressive orgasm I’ve ever felt.

It comes in waves, every one stronger than the one before, and yet my body is compressed still by the plastic of the outfit. It’s a rush, at the end I see that my vision is blurring and I’m starting to faint.

Just then C stands up, moving her hands away from the breathing tubes. I can see she is smiling, while with a snap she close the phone, and says: “I really hope that it was as good as it was for me! See you later, Trish!”

With that, she takes the door and leaves. I’m alone again, and I force myself to drink some juice and then to pee. The only thing in the room is a tv set on which there is the live feed of the show going on upstairs. C. has won an award and she is coming onstage, it is a weird thing to see the same person that was kissing me in the mouth just some minutes ago.

After being presented, she takes the prize, then, live, she tells to the audience.

“For this award, I’d like to thank my family, my manager, she is wonderful, the producer, Brian for the video, Mtv and above all, you, my fans. And for tonite here is the catch: if you call xxx-xxxx right now and leave your number I will call back some of you to invite him or her to the aftershow party. Thank you!”

She has just finished her address as the damn phone stuck in my ass starts to vibrate! Oh ssshhhhiiiiiitttt! I sit here, in the locker room, for the rest of the show, vibrating constantly. Everytime someone calls the mobile stuck in me, it wakes up one of the devices in the suit.

I’m becoming exhausted, totally wasted. At some point I cannot listen to the tv set anymore since I get lost in a sea of sensations. It is all blurred around me and after awhile C and some boys come and take me, carrying me to the after show party, in a lobby in a nearby hotel. I hear C telling the two boys to undress me and leave just the lingerie on. Even if it would be possible, I cannot muster a reaction, so ravaged I am from the vibes. Undressed as I am they put me on the centre of the buffet, where I apparently tunceli escort become the heart of the party. I could see everything but since the music is so loud no one can hear my groanings.

I am being caressed, fondled and photographed so many times, at some point I can hear someone asking where he could get “some doll like this one!” The English singer, R gets a photo by his friend while kissing me.

Someone drinks champagne directly from my mouth. Damn them, all of them have mobile and are anxious to tell everyone what is going on.

Jeff told me that they received the call at four in the morning. It was one of C’s assistant telling the doll was returning back.

By five, they got me back in the same hotel room and as soon as the door closed, Anna and Frizo started to peel the suit off me.

First the latex, then the plastic shell.

Jeff says me that I was so dazed that at first he thought I was dead, then he realized that I was breathing and was stuck in a sort of a stupor caused by sensual overload and exhaustion.

The procedure to get me out was laborious, they started with the head piece, with those damn nose tubes.

The sudden impact of fresh air on the skin of my face was astounding.

Then there were my arms, Frizo and Anna had to literally extract my limbs, since I was totally unresponsive. As I was free, Anna started to massage the arms to help circulation.

I was oblivious to all of that, and only twitched when they removed the crotch piece, the walls of my vagina apparently were sort of fused with the outfit and there was a sort of loud “plop” as they unplugged me.

Once I was naked Jeff took me in his arms and carried me to the bathroom where a hot tub of water was ready for me. My husbands says that there, in the warm coziness of the water, I started to regain some sort of self awareness. It was like rebirthing.

He was very relieved when he saw me smile and it was dawn when I finally hit the bed in the nearby bedroom, cuddling in his arms.

The room is paid for the rest of the day, so we are not in any kind of hurry. In the adjoining bedroom, Frizo and Anna are cleaning and checking all the parts of the outfit, and also packing for the trip back.

Anna is telling me that, at some point, Frizo found the mobile stuck in the anal intruder. He extracted it, and I have found it half an hour ago when I finally woke up, just in time for dinner.

As I came out from the bedroom, I was greeted by Frizo and Anna. He immediately started to convince me to give another round to his “experiment”.

I can see Jeff beaming with joy, but I tell him I am not in any state to decide.

And now the four of us are waiting to have our seat at a restaurant, I’m kind of starving. Frizo insists that we are to be his guest and that we have to celebrate and plan for future pursuits.

As I wait I feel something vibrating in my purse. I look and find the pen-shaped mobile is receiving a call.

I pick it up and on the little display I see that the number calling is registered to “C”.

Curious as hell I pick up.

“Hi Trish, now you can tell me, how was it?”

Oh God, I think I know that voice!

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