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My 19th Birthday

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This is a real life experience that I would like share. First a little about me. I’m a 21 year old Indian girl born and bred in the U.K. I’m 5’6, have a slim line body, long light brownish hair. I’m from the Leeds area, where I stay with my family, namely my mother, father and older brother. I’m currently studying Law at a university in Wales. I was brought up conservatively but have always had a curious mind when it came to sex. I exploited the freedom that university brought along with it, purposely opting for one that was quite a far bit away. Although this was not my first sexual encounter it is one out of a few that stands out in my head. It occurred on the night of my 19th birthday, which was the first I was celebrating away from home.

“…No dad. I’m staying in Wales this week,” I said abruptly to my father on the eve of my birthday. It was a Thursday, as I had Fridays off it was a customary thing to leave Wales on the Friday to be home for the weekend.

“But your birthday is tomorrow Sarita. Your mother has gone to so much trouble cooking your favourite dishes and she’s planning on baking you a cake. Even Ashish is coming home. You have to come.”

My father was trying to reason with me to spend the weekend at home. Ashish, my brother, was studying in London and hadn’t been home for a couple of weeks. Somehow my parents though my birthday was reason enough to bring him home.

“I can’t come home this weekend dad. I have too much work to do,” I lied.

It’s not that I hated spending time with my family. It was just that going home every weekend was beginning to become rather tiresome and I didn’t really see the point in trekking all that way every for what was essentially one full day – the Saturday – then back up on Sunday.

“Anyway Ashish isn’t coming home. He texted me last week,” I told him.

I was never really close to my brother. We had some issues.

” I’ll just stay here and come back next weekend. In fact I can come back on Thursday as I have Thursday off.” I thought that being home an extra day the following week would be some form of compensation for me missing this week.

“Ok…I’ll tell your mother. She will be hurt, but I’ll tell her you really wanted to come but couldn’t because of your studies,” he said reluctantly. He had finally given in after 42 minutes of what was a usual 30 second call.

“Great!” I thought to myself after hanging up the phone. A few friends of mine had vague plans to celebrate my birthday the following day. Nothing was concrete as I wasn’t sure if I’d be allowed to stay. For gods sake, I was turning 19 but still had to beg my father to stay away for one weekend. Crazy! However now the plans could start to materialise. We decided to start off at the student union, a neutral place for everyone to meet and then head off to a place not far from the university. It was a good club and we always seemed to have a good time in there. On the day of my birthday there was a knock on my door at 4 pm. I opened it and in came 4 of my closest friends, each with a card and bottle of either vodka, baileys, white rum or brandy.

“The party begins now!” one of them shouted.

We started drinking at around 4.30. First I was made a cocktail of some sort which they watched me down after some persuasion. By 7.30 the bottles were almost finished. It was time to get ready. I had my outfit ready. I slipped into bahis firmaları my dark red strap top which had 3 buttons at the top. Leaving two buttons undone was enough to give a hint of my cleavage. I had developed early as a girl and had a chest that I was very much proud of. I wear a 34 D size bra and that red top hugged around my breasts perfectly. My breasts are very firm, giving a perfectly round shape to my top. My beasts sit high on my chest. I put on my black skirt which came to the middle of my thighs. I have slender legs which were shown to perfection in the skirt. My black 3 inch heels were to complete my outfit.

We arrived at the S.U around 8.15pm. More drinks flowed as the group got larger and larger. At 9.30 I had my bum pinched. I turned around and was greeted by the smiling face of Raj. I knew Raj from school. Pinching my bum was his way of greeting me since I can remember.

“This is Aaron,” he said directing my gaze to a tall white guy.

The first thing I noticed was his arms were huge! Obviously loves working out I though to myself. He had a toned body, wearing a plain white shirt with blue jeans. His hands were huge.

He smiled and extended his hand saying, “Happy Birthday.”

He had the most amazing smile I had seen. He had great looking skin, slighty tanned.

“Hi.” I said somewhat nervously, meeting his hand with mine.

“We don’t shake hands with Sarita,” said Raj looking at Aaron. Then looking at me he added, “She’s not kind of girl.”

He smiled and walked off to the bar. I was left with Aaron just small talking really for about a minute or two before one my friends came over and suggested we move on to another bar. We all moved on and more drinks followed. By now I was very tipsy. I was in a very playful mood. Although a fairly shy girl, once I’ve had a few the confidence shoots out of me. Yet more drinks and we finally arrived at the club. We had broken off into groups walking to the club. I was with Raj, Aaron, Nita, Sara, Ryan and Andy. Nita and Sara got in no problems. I was next.

The door woman looked at me and asked in a stern manner, “Any I.D?”

I looked up and quickly realised it was the same woman who 2 weeks prior had chucked my friend out of another club and who I had a very heated argument with.

“Yeah I do,” I said calmly. I looked in my bag and pulled out my driver license.

She didn’t even look at it. “You’re too drunk. Step aside please.”

“What?” I protested.

I knew she wasn’t going to let me in. Rather than give her the satisfaction of arguing with her I said, “Fine.” I started to walk away.. “You lot can go in,” I said to the rest.

“We are not doing that,” said Raj. “We will go somewhere else,” he offered.

“I’m not in the mood now,” I told him.

“Then we will go home with you,” he replied.

Ryan and Aaron came with us. Andy said “Fuck that. I’m going in.” And went in.

“Fuck off!” yelled Raj.

“Leave it,” I said firmly to Raj.

I had only met Ryan once with his girlfriend. I didn’t really know him but it was nice of him to come with us. I admired that. We went back to my house I was renting with a couple of friends. No one was there.

“Fuck it Sarita. We will just get pissed here!” said Raj.

“Yeah,” agreed the others.

“Okay,” I said.

Ryan and Raj went off to the shop to get some more drinks. kaçak iddaa I was left alone with Aaron.

“Got any cards?” he asked.

“Yeah I loads of Birthday cards,” I said.

He smiled. “No, no. Playing cards.”

I felt stupid and embarrassed. “Yeah, I’ll get them,”I said.

I went into the Kitchen and returned with the cards. Aaron had made a little cocktail of the left over drinks.

“Split the deck, lowest card drinks that” he challenged me.

“Okay,” I said.

I picked a 5 of clubs. He got a jack of spades. I drank it.

“Again?” he asked.

“Why not?” I asked.

This time I got a 9 of hearts. He got a ten of diamonds. I was now quite drunk. The boys were back.

“Cards?” Raj said sounding excited. “Let’s play…Strip poker!” The boys all agreed.

“I don’t know how to play poker,” I protested.

“We will teach you,” said Aaron.

Needless to say the drinks flowed and I lost the first game.

“Take off your top!” shouted Raj.

They calmed down when I took off one of my shoes. I lost my other shoe in the next game. After that I lost again knowing full well the boys were making me lose on purpose. I undid my 3rd and last button of my top which showed my cleavage very well. The guys all smiled staring at it. Then next game I lost too.

“Top! Top!” they yelled.

In truth , I was loving the attention of 3 guys, all on me. Wanting to see me without my top.

“I’ll take my bra off first,” I said.

I put my hand up the back of my top and unclipped my bra and pulled it out from under my top. It was getting hotter and hotter. Raj grabbed my bra and smelt it. I could feel myself getting very aroused by this and my pussy was getting moist. Aaron grabbed the deck of cards.

“Me and you,” he said looking at me. “If my card is higher than yours you come into the kitchen with me and show my your tits,” he said.

“Okay, and if I beat you?” I enquired.

He smiled,”It won’t happen.”

I got a jack of clubs…He got a 3 of hearts.

“Kitchen.” I said to him pointing to the door and walked out. He followed. “Since you wanted to see my boobs…Let me see your penis.”

He wasn’t shy. He smiled, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect Cock. H had a nice 7 inch dick with a large purple head.

“You did that to me” He said.

I loved hearing that.

“Now let me see what I’ve wanted to see since I met you,” he said.

“Take a look for yourself,” I urged him.

He walked over to me and pulled up my top exposing my big , round breasts. He started to fondle them. I threw my head back and pushed my chest out. Soon enough He was sucking on my right breast. Flicking my dark brown nipple with his tongue. After a few seconds of that he grabbed me by the neck and pushed me to my knees. I knew what he wanted. I found his Cock with my lips and started sucking on it. I love flashing my tongue over the head of a mans cock and Aaron loved that too. He had his right hand holding my neck and his left hand holding some of my hair at the top I undid his buttons and pulled down his jeans and boxers. I started to lick his balls, circling them each in turn. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. At this point I felt another hand grope my breasts. I looked up briefly to see it was Raj. Ryan was also there watching. I felt good. A thrill went through my body.

“Told kaçak bahis you she’s great at sucking cock didn’t I?” Raj said to Aaron.

“HHHM Fuck yeah,” replied Aaron.

Raj unzipped his jeans and pulled out cock and stood next to Aaron. I intensely grabbed it in my right hand and started to wank him off. Ryan was watching. I took Aaron’s balls into my mouth and gave then two long hard sucks. I then turned my head and took in Raj’s manhood, one that I knew very well even though we never dated. I sucked him while wanking off Aaron. His cock was covered with my saliva.

As I pulled on Raj’s foreskin with my lips Aaron asked Raj “Can I fuck her?”

Raj smiled. “Sarita isn’t a tease, she’s the real deal!”

With that Raj pulled me up and led me to the other room. He sat me on the table and stood aside. Aaron walked over and took my top off. Ryan had his mobile phone out recording this as it went on. I pulled Aaron by his cock and started wanking him off with my lips just inches away of his head. He groaned. He than lay me down, I put my legs on the table, he pulled off my thong, hiked up my skirt and inserted himself into me. My pussy took him in instantly. He started to fuck me slowly, the coldness of the table was hitting my back, Ryan decided he wanted some of this by now and was sucking my breasts each in turn.

“Her tits are amazing,” Ryan said to no one in particular.

Raj came over to the other end of the table where my head was and pushed his dick into my mouth. He knew I could deep throat and was pushing his dick as far as he could.

Ryan stood up and pulled out his cock. As Aaron started fucking me harder and harder I was sucking Raj faster and faster. Raj was started to fuck my mouth as if he was fucking my Pussy. Harder and harder Aaron fucked me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, still wearing my shoes that I had put back on.Raj let out a grasp and starting shooting his hot , thick creamy cum into my mouth. At this point I could feel my pussy walls tightening around Aaron’s cock. I could feel his member throbbing , faster and faster. My pussy. It seems started to milk his cock for cum and he duly obliged by Cumming into my pussy , I could feel his cum shooting into me. I still had Raj’s cock in my mouth when I felt some hot , cream on my stomach my chest. I looked up and saw Ryan had wanked himself off over me. I thought That was extremely horny. I’ve always thought of guys wanking over me and it gets me so horny. Raj withdrew his cock and Aaron withdrew his. I lay there. I was so close to Cumming but Aaron had cum so stopped fucking me. I used my fingers to scope up some of Ryan’s cum off my stomach and licked it off my fingers. I then pushed those fingers into my pussy. I started furiously fingering myself as the lads stood over me wanking.

I watched them wanking as I pushed my fingers deeper and deeper. Ryan had his phone out again videoing me with his free hand. I felt a surge of intense pleasure as I came, my legs stiffening up, my back lifting off the table in an arch, biting my bottom lip. I heard the lads moaning as Raj came over my tits, Aaron came over to my head and shot his load into my mouth and over my face. Ryan walked over to the other side and put his dick inside my pussy and came after a few strokes. I had cum all over me. Two guys cum inside my pussy. A taste of all three guys in my mouth. Beats going home for the weekend I though to myself. I lay there motionless for a few minutes as the guys collapsed.

“Happy birthday,” said Aaron as we all chuckled. It was certainly a birthday I’ll never forgot for as long as I live.

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