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My Asian “Breakfast”

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The day before I was due to arrive at the Gold Coast for a 1-day conference I had realised that I hadn’t booked my accommodation. Cursing myself for again leaving this to the last minute my frustration grew when I soon discovered that all the hotels in the area I wanted to stay were fully booked.

A colleague, noticing my dismay, advised me to try one of those online home stay sites, something I had not yet ventured into. After some assistance I soon found myself booked into a semi detached flat adjoining a penthouse overlooking the ocean with breakfast included. Only newly listed there was only one intriguing feedback comment, 5 stars “great breakfast!!”

Arriving at the addresses and taking the lift to the top floor I pressed the buzzer and the door quickly opens. I am greeted by an Asian lady, probably late thirties, buxom to say the least with a beaming smile, she was barefoot and wearing a bright patterned sarong.

“You must be TEX?” she merrily blurted.

“TEX” was the fake name I jokingly used when setting up my user profile. A lame nickname I had picked up around the office after foolishly admitting at the Christmas party that I had Irish, Texan heritage.

She ushered me inside, “My name is Fanny, welcome.” She stated.

Trying to keep a straight face I shook her hand instinctively noting the shape of her hips and her coconut oil scent. “Nice to meet you Fanny.”

“Let me show you around Tex.” I followed her, taking in the spectacular view of the ocean and of her rounded ass. This place was amazing, open living area and a huge balcony, a well-equipped kitchen, and to set some sort of scene she had Janis Joplin playing through the sound system.

She then showed me to my room. A huge king bed, full ocean view, and an en-suite that boasted a large double shower and a tiled bench by the window.

“Make yourself comfortable.” She advised. “I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen, if you help then dinner is on me.” She invited.

I was laying on my bed trying to take a power nap but couldn’t help sense the aromas wafting up from the kitchen below. I think it was curiosity that beckoned me. I got up and splashed some water on my face and headed down stairs. I was surprised to hear that she was still playing Janis Joplin but a very old album that I was familiar with but not many others were.

She looked up from the kitchen as I was coming down the stairs. “Oh, you decided to join me, quickly you can stir this for me!” as she pointed to some concoction simmering away in a wok. I awkwardly obliged and was more interested in how she now looked in an apron with her hair tied back and the apron highlighting her curvaceous shape.

“Here, let me pour you a glass of red.” As I continued stirring. She then approached to inspect, I was taken by surprise as she placed her left hand on my back and her right hand on my hand, her breasts pressed against my arm. “Slow down, you don’t need to stir so fast.” As she spoke in almost a whisper she looked at me and smiled, her eyes widening, and she seemed in no hurry to ease away from me. What I first deciphered as a moment of awkwardness was quickly taken over by instant arousal. I had a flash thought enter my mind of lifting her onto the bench tearing away her clothes and fucking her hard and fast. Then my fantasy was abruptly bursa escort interrupted by her handing me a glass of wine, smiling again as if to know what was on my mind, then slowly stepping back and as if to remind me she whispered, “slow down.”

We ate and enjoyed some nice chit chat and she was entertaining me with some lame jokes including one about a matador and meatballs which wasn’t bad. I learnt that she was divorced and renovated houses to flip. I decided to call it a night and headed to my room. She said goodnight and informed me that breakfast was served at 7 am on the balcony.

As I was undressing to take a shower I was thinking how pleasant my stay was so far. I had left the door to the bathroom slightly ajar and reached into the shower to turn the water on. Suddenly I heard her voice just outside the door. “Tex, I forgot to put the towel in your bathroom.” Before I could protest the door swung open and she strolled in carry the towel. She paused suddenly when she realised that I was standing naked in front of her, however she did not turn away. She slowed but continued to walk towards me. She handed me the towel and instinctively instead of taking the towel I reached for her outstretched hand. She dropped the towel and as I drew her towards me I took in what she was wearing. She was in a white singlet and spearmint green knickers.

I pulled her towards me and started to kiss the side of her cheek then her lips. We were kissing slowly and gently at first then the intensity quickly lifted. She was squeezing my ass cheeks while our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. I then lent down and began to kiss the side of her neck which caused her to sigh loudly. I stepped backwards into the shower and took her in with me, as I did she looked down to notice my now erect cock, her eyes widened, and she reached down and took it into her hand. I was leaning against the wall as she was stroking my cock, the water had now saturated her white singlet and the shape of her breasts and pointed nipples further aroused me.

I dragged her to me again and I turned her around and pressed her against the tiled wall.

My throbbing cock was now pressed against the small of her back as I began to bite the side of her neck. Far from object to this she began to moan loudly and tried to turn around however I held her firm and slid my hand down the back of her knickers. My fingers pressed against her ass hole and then further down to feel her smooth pussy lips. By now she was groaning with desire as the hot water caressed us both, she was standing with her legs apart, I had my hand down the back of her knickers with my thumb now in her ass hole while I was fingering her from behind, I was kissing and biting her neck while my cock was hard up against her. My desire overtook me and without warning I tore away her knickers.

I stood back to take in the shape of her full round ass. She turned and I could now see her smooth pussy and a glimpse of her swollen clit. We stood staring at each other. Without realising I found my self stoking my own cock in front of her and as I did her own hand slid down to massage her clit. The sight of her rubbing her pussy in a wet white singlet and her sounds of desire prompted my next move. I needed to taste her, and I needed to Fuck her. With the hot water still running and bursa escort bayan immersing us with steam I took her hand and led her out of the shower. I picked up the towel and haphazardly laid it across the tiled bench against the window. I turned and lifted her onto the bench, I abruptly pushed her legs apart and dropped to my knees. I licked my way down her inner thigh and my tongue soon found her warm wet pussy. I ravaged her with my tongue. My face was drenched with her sweet nectar. I needed to fuck her.

I stood in front of her, she sighed again at the sight of my hard cock, I parted her legs further and pushed back her knees.

She was so fucking beautiful, her wet hair and adoring eyes, she was biting her lower lip, her wet white singlet highlighting the shape of her tits and pointed nipples, her swollen clit and pussy lips glistening. With one hand I took my cock and pressed it against her clit, the tip of my cock was teasing her clit then she blurted out, “just fuck me already!” I did not need to be asked twice. I slowly eased the tip of my cock into her, relishing every second, then I thrusted my full 7.5 inches inside her, as I did her hands slapped down on the tiles and her whole body clenched, her eyes rolled back and she let out a loud scream of passion. I pushed her knees back further and was fucking her fast. She was screaming and sighing and moaning.

She lent forward and grabbed my buttocks and was pulling me towards her as if to want my cock in her deeper. I could feel her scratching me with passion and the pain was invigorating. I needed to cum and couldn’t decide if I wanted to cum in her or on her.

I slid my cock out and as I did she instantly wrapped her hand around it. I squirted cum all over her arm and wrist, then more of my cum oozed over her hand. She spread my cum over the shaft of my cock and continued to caress the head of my cock with her thumb in a circular motion. She then pulled me towards her as she was still sitting legs spread on the bench. She lent forward again and began to tongue bathe my now cum covered cock. She then began to lick the tip of it and with my cum dripping from her chin she jumped to her feet and wrapped her hands behind my head and pulled me towards her and we tongue kissed again.

She then quickly pulled herself away from my embrace and began to walk out of the bathroom. She stopped and turned “Good night Tex, oh and don’t forget breakfast on the balcony at 7 am sharp. Don’t be late!” This was more of an order rather than an invitation. I was stunned, was that not the best sexual encounter of my life? I dried myself off and fell on my bed.

I had a restless night’s sleep. Largely due to the vivid memories of my host fucking me in the bathroom. I woke several times during the night, each time wondering if what happened was the best wet dream of my life and each time I rubbed my hand against my cock and brought my hand to my nose to relish her scent that was still very much on me so as to prove it wasn’t a dream. I rolled out of bed and took a shower, this time alone. I dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast with nervous anticipation. As I made my way down the stairs I could hear she was now playing some Spanish guitar music through the speakers. I could see her standing on the balcony looking out at the ocean, she was wearing escort bursa a short floral-patterned dress.

I took a deep breath and walked out onto the balcony. “Good morning Fanny.” She turned and smiled, “good morning TEX, did you sleep well?” I lied and said I did, and she ushered me to take a seat. She had prepared a fruit salad, croissants, and freshly brewed coffee. We exchanged some small talk and then she again stood and with her hands on the railing facing out at the ocean view she suggestively leant forward. My heart began to thump, I then noticed a tube of coconut oil on the table. Is this really happening? Is she seducing me? The thumping in my chest was now deafening, then to confirm my suspicions she turned to me reached to the table and picked up the coconut oil and then lent down to whisper in my ear, “you’re going to finish your breakfast then your going to fuck me in the ass!” She then stood and with oil in hand she turned to resume her position leaning over the railing. She applied some of the oil to the palm of her left hand and then dropped her hand down to rub the oil to the back of her left thigh, slowly working her way up the back of her leg lifting her dress as she did, then her hand made her way to her left ass cheek and I could clearly see that she was not wearing any underwear.

My hand was shaking as I lifted my coffee to take a sip and I watched her now with her dress fully lifted and she was generously lathering her ass with the oil. She cheekily glanced at me probably to check on my facial expression which was no doubt one of stunned amazement. She turned away from me again and bent down further, as she did she slid her finger into her ass hole. By now my cock was rock hard and I stood as she turned to watch me unzip my trousers. Impatiently with cock in hand I approached her and she parted her legs further in anticipation. I pressed my cock between her ass cheeks and firmly slid it against her ass hole as she fumbled to hold her dress up.

Overcome with wild passion my animal instincts now kicked in and I pulled her hair back and again began to bite the side of her neck, I slapped her ass firmly and she shrieked, I dropped to my knees and pushed apart her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole as she was writhing and moaning and still struggling to hold up her dress. The taste of coconut oil caressed my tongue as I licked and lathered her ass hole with my spit.

I stood, and with one hand I pushed her further over the rail and with the other had I thrust my cock deep into her ass. Without any pleasantries I was fucking her ass furiously, she was now moaning constantly and her hands were clenched tight on the railing. I was about to cum and again pulled her hair back and one final thrust I released my hot cum inside her.

As I slid my cock out of her ass a trail of my cum followed. I fell back onto my chair and she fell limp onto the floor of the balcony. I looked around panting for breath, she was still moaning as she was getting to her feet. She stood and walked inside, as she past me she stopped, squeezed my shoulder and whispered, “I hope you enjoyed your breakfast Tex.” I then stood and as I was zipping up my trousers I looked across to notice a neighbouring balcony. A woman sitting not 10 metres away, wearing dark sunglasses and looking on with a smile. I quickly walked inside.

I bid my farewells to Fanny and headed on my way. As I got to my car I checked my phone and saw a message prompting me for feedback on my stay.

5 stars “the best breakfast I have ever had!!”

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