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My Awakening: Spring Break Ch. 01

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This is a continuation of my previous series. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. If you haven’t read them, they involved Hailey’s sexual awakening at the hands of her sister. It ended with a lesbian orgy with her sister’s friends. This series will be a continuation of Hailey exploring her sexuality. These experiences will be different than before and, thus, in different categories. It will not involve her sister, Kaitlin, since she is back at school in California. However, Hailey and Kaitlin’s story is not over, so fans of my previous series fret not there will be more coming. Hope you all enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


So much had changed since my sister caught me masturbating to a video of her masturbating. I was no longer a virgin. I had a new hairstyle and new fashion style. I had a lesbian orgy with her friends, all of whom had made me feel beautiful and sexy and desired. Then the thing I dreaded happened. School started back up. Gone was my, what I thought of them, support group. Those four women who made me feel sexy and beautiful and desired. In their place, were the peers that had teased me through high school. I was the same girl I was before Winter Break. I just looked different. My head was hung at its usual angle trying hard not to make eye contact. And, thus, the last semester of my senior year began, much like it had started. Largely ignored.

The first night after school started I didn’t have much work to do. So I logged onto World of Warcraft. I just needed something to get my mind off of things. What better way than some Alliance ass kicking? I had a confidence behind a monitor and headset that I didn’t have in face-to-face encounters. I immediately got a whisper from a friend of mine, Hotlikme. Her real name was Hannah. We were both seniors at our high schools. She actually lived in California outside of Los Angeles. We had met doing a random dungeon. She started whispering to me how much the leader sucked. When we finally ended the dungeon, she asked if I could help her with some quests. She played a Blood Elf priest and I was a Troll rogue. We started a fast friendship. She later came over to the guild I was in. We even became Facebook friends. This was the closest person to being a true friend I had and we had never seen each other. She was asking how my Winter Break was, why I hadn’t been online for a while, how things were going IRL (in the real life). So we chatted. It was good. I told her about my Winter Break, of course leaving out the incest sex. She commented how she loved my new profile picture.

The school year was going by at a steady pace and nothing really exciting took place. Until one day I got a letter from one of the colleges I had applied to. This one was from Brown University. I had placed an early admission on it. I wasn’t going to apply early at all, but my guidance counselor had asked me a simple question. “Was there a school that there was no chance I would turn down going to?” So I had thought about it and Brown was the answer. Sure, it was my ‘Reach’. I held no illusions of actually getting in. I had very little going for me in terms of extracurricular activities. Since I had applied early on, my essay wasn’t the same as the ones I sent over Winter Break. Those had delved into my new awakening as someone trying to discover who she was and wanted to be. (I had told Kaitlin, while writing the essays, that I was writing about my discoveries I’d been having with her. Her eyes had bugged out, but she had replied, “I guess that’s one way to get in to college. Making sexually explicit essays to get them so hot and turned on they just had to say yes.” We had a laugh at that, but I had explained that my awakening was deeper than the sex. And that I was writing about that.) But the Brown application was, in hindsight, just plain. Much like I was before I was with Kaitlin. So it was really no surprise I had been rejected, but it still hurt. Here I was on the precipice of growing up, of being a new person. Then all of a sudden, I was rejected again. Rejected through high school. Rejected by my first university.

I logged onto World of Warcraft. Something about a bad day screamed to me to take it out on the Alliance. Hannah logged on as I entered a battleground. Immediately got a whisper from her.

&lt Bad day? &gt

&lt Yeah. Brown rejected me. &gt

&lt Oh. &gt

I was fighting some Draenei shaman at the time so I couldn’t really get into the conversation. It was a tough fight, but I defeated that guy, only to be killed by one of his teammates. So I took the time to chat while I waited to respawn.

&lt How’d you know I was having a bad day? &gt

&lt You’re off killing Alliance noobs. Hehehe &gt

I had to admit she did know many pretty well. I smiled to myself.

&lt And on good days? &gt

&lt You’re either in a dungeon or doing your dailies. &gt

I was rushing back into the fray. I wasn’t really watching the battleground and helping us win. I was looking for fights. So when the güvenilir bahis battleground ended, I was shocked. I hadn’t fed my bloodlust yet.

&lt Out already? &gt

&lt Yep. Just ended. &gt

&lt Who won? &gt

I was dumbstruck. I didn’t even know.

&lt Honestly, I don’t know. &gt

&lt LOL Too funny, chica. &gt

We grouped up and did our dailies quickly, then a random dungeon. We were chatting non-stop. By the time we had to log off, I was feeling a little better than I was before.

Spring Break was fast approaching when I got a text message. From Naomi, of all people.

&lt Hey, girl! Forgot about me already? &gt

&lt Of course not. Why? &gt

&lt Well, haven’t seen or heard from you. Is that how you gonna treat all your conquests? Love ’em and leave ’em? &gt

&lt Umm. No. &gt

&lt Good! Seriously, though. I am going to Cali over Spring Break, but thought maybe we could hook up before I left. &gt

I was stunned. Was she texting me for a booty call? I stared at the screen, disbelievingly.

&lt That came out wrong. I just thought maybe get together. Talk. Eat. Whatevs. &gt

&lt Sure. Sounds good. When? &gt

&lt Well. I head out next Sunday. So maybe next Friday night? You can stay at my dorm. See what dorm life is like. &gt

&lt What about your roommate? &gt

&lt She’s headed out after classes that Friday. &gt

&lt OK. See ya then. &gt

She then sent me directions to her dorm.

The weekend came and I made my usual appointment with Paige. I had fallen in love with my new hairstyle, courtesy of my sister, and only ever made appointments with Paige. She would ask about how things were going and small chitchat amongst friends. I mentioned Naomi had texted me about going out to Gonzaga Friday night and staying through Saturday. She warned me Naomi could be animalistic at times, but underneath was a sweet girl and wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. As I was paying her, she leaned in and said, “Look, I know you may not be interested in guys, but if you’d like a nice meal and just talk we would love to have you over for dinner.” I agreed to that and we set it up for the following Friday. The Friday after Naomi.

As I was getting into my car, I got a call from Marissa. I picked it up and immediately she was talking.

“So, I just heard you agreed to see Paige and James next weekend. I also heard you have this weekend booked with Naomi. Sooooo. I was wondering if you had a spot available in your schedule for Olivia and I.”

So now I found out the truth. This went way beyond coincidence. Initially, I had thought Naomi’s text was coincidence. Paige merely asked after I had told her about Naomi, but Marissa confirmed it for me. Somewhere in all of this, the three of them had arranged all of this. And I was going to find out.

“How’d you find out? Let me guess. The three of you conspired to fill up my Spring Break with—what?—sex? Then, drew straws to ask me out? Did you get the short straw and had to wait to ask me ’til last? That must mean Naomi won me and gets me first. That how it went?”

I had no idea where it all boiled out from, but she was stammering by the end of my rant. Maybe I was tired of being walked over or dismissed as insignificant. Maybe I was antsy about college admissions, I still had only heard from Brown. Maybe, if I was honest with myself, I was frustrated. Frustrated my life hadn’t changed since my tryst with Kaitlin. Frustrated that I wasn’t strong enough on my own to see me how these four women saw me on New Year’s Eve. Frustrated, really frustrated, with the lack of sex since that night.

“That’s not how it is. I swear. I was just trying to make a joke. Your sister told us your Spring Break coincided with Olivia, Naomi and mine. Then we hashed out a plan. It was lame, but it’s only so we can spend time with you. That’s all. No sex. Well, not if you don’t want.”

I was embarrassed. I had gone off on Marissa for no reason. I was ashamed of myself. “Oh,” I said in the smallest voice I had ever used.

She picked up on it. “It’s not your fault. We went behind your back. And with New Year’s Eve. I should have known it might sound like that. We just…” she paused “…well, we just thought of you as our friend as well, but we hadn’t heard from you. Not once. We, well, we missed you is all. Naomi had her trip planned to go visit your sister in Cali, already. And Paige and James are busy over the weekdays. So we thought Naomi could have a night with you, like I said no sex unless you want. Then, with Olivia and I staying in town working at the restaurant, would invite you over on our day off and stay in our apartment. And finally, on the last weekend of Spring Break get together with Paige and her husband. Se, honestly, meant know harm.”

“Why now? Why not all at once? Why scattered about like this? Why not just come out and ask me to dinner?”

“We, well your sister, wanted to see the different lifestyles. She’s trying, very hard, to be a good sister and try to get you to find your türkçe bahis sexuality. How you feel about men and women. She felt that she couldn’t help you herself, since you might just choose her since you might feel you would lose her as a sister if you didn’t choose her as a lover. Since all three of us have different sexual preferences, we made the best option at you observing us in those atmospheres. New Year’s Eve was a fluke. A very sexy and satisfying fluke, though.”

“No sex? Really?”

“Like I said, unless you want it. Even Naomi agreed to that.”

“How bad is Naomi?”

Laughing, “Naomi is insatiable. Once she starts, there is no stopping her. You will be ragged, possibly sore, but you will enjoy every minute of it. Probably begging for more. But she won’t do anything if you don’t want.” I sat there silently, thinking through everything.

“Look, if you want to bail, I can call them all up and tell them there’s nothing going on this week and to make other plans. They will be disappointed, but they will agree. And they won’t begrudge you, either. We’re all friends here. That was what New Year’s Eve was. We just want to talk, hang out and enjoy ourselves. Preferably, with you. That’s it. We want you to have someone to confide in, to open up to and to help you with any issues you might have.”

I was nodding my head. I did want this. I wanted these friends. I knew I was a wreck with senior year ending soon. College admissions coming, hopefully, soon. I needed a support group and my sister, always looking out for me, had set one up for me. Her old friends. I agreed to the week’s planning that went behind my back. On Friday, I was meeting Naomi at Gonzaga University. On Tuesday, I was meeting Marissa and, for the first time, her girlfriend Olivia at the restaurant they both worked at in Cheney, home of Eastern Washington University. And finally on the following Friday, I was going to Paige and James’ house.

A week later, I was on the campus of Gonzaga University. I had my backpack loaded with overnight essentials looking at my phone trying to find Dillon Hall. I ran smack into a guy who was tossing a football around to a buddy of his. It was still chilly, so he was wearing jeans and a flannel. We tumbled to the ground. The football, sailing out of his hands, landed with a thud next to us.

As he was helping me up, “Nice tackle. Maybe you should sign up for the team.” I blushed furiously. Was he flirting with me? He looked me up and down. “Free safety, perhaps.” He was! He was checking me out and flirting with me.

I shook my head. “I’m not sure I would be very good.”

“Why not? You got me on my back pretty easily.”

“I’m not sure I’d want to get off the ground with all those guys on me.” What. The. Fuck. Hailey! My mind screamed at me. I just made a huge innuendo to a guy I hardly knew. I was flabbergasted.

He gave me a cheeky smile, “Yeah. I’m sure our team would be worse if you were on it.” My eyes tried summoning magic daggers to shoot out from them. “I mean, they’d probably stay down on the ground with you.” I felt my face burning from embarrassment.

He walked over to pick up the football. “So where you headed?”

“Ummm.” I needed to get my head on straight. “Dillon Hall.”

“Really? I live there myself. I’ll escort you there. Besides, the next guy you crash into might not let you off the ground.” He winked at me, then turned and hefted the football to his friend. As we headed to Dillon Hall, he stuck out his hand for me to shake, “My name’s Randy.”

“Hailey.” We started talking. He asked me if I was touring the college to get the ‘lay of the land’, as he phrased it. When I told him I was visiting a friend of mine, his eyes widened when he learned it was Naomi. I had asked if he knew here. He said he did; I sensed there was more to it than that, but he didn’t say more about it.

When we got to the residence hall, he shook hands and told me, “Nice meeting you, Hailey. I am bummed you aren’t going to be here next year.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek, “By the way, could you tell Naomi hi for me?” I said I would. He smiled and walked back the way we had come. I watched him go. Was he going back to tossing the football? I mean he could have just pointed me in the right direction. He didn’t have to leave his spot to escort me over here. And what about this thing with Naomi? Did he like her? Or was it just a notch for him? I shook my head. It seemed deeper than a notch. With me, it was harmless flirting, but I liked it.

“So, wanting in? Or just admiring the view?” Naomi said from behind me. “I mean, yeah, Randy’s got a nice ass and all, but…” she slapped my ass “…so do you!” I spun around and hugged her. Giggling, “Come on, girl, let’s put this bag down and get some food.”

We went to her suite, put my bag down and headed to her car to go to a Mongolian barbecue. When we got there, we got our food and sat down in a booth away from other patrons. Once we were seated, Naomi started talking and asking questions. Just small talk amongst friends. We finally got to questions güvenilir bahis siteleri about college.

“So have you heard back from any, yet?”

“Yeah. My first choice, Brown, rejected me. U-Dub accepted me. I was wait-listed at Stanford and Duke rejected me. Still haven’t heard from Wazzu, UC-Berkely or USC.”

“Did you apply to any others?”

“Brown was definitely my reach school with the state schools as my safety schools. Duke I through in the mix just because my counselor said if I tried Stanford I should go ahead and apply at Duke and any other prestige universities.”

“Why USC? Well, besides Kaitlin.”

“She insisted I apply. So I did it to appease her. Plus, thinking about it, this way I would know someone at one of my schools rather than just be around a bunch of strangers. Might make transitioning into college away from home easier. I dunno.”

We talked for another half hour or so. She took everything in, interrupting me with a question. I was in the middle of a large bite, some of the sauce was dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Naomi, without hesitation, leaned over and licked the sauce before I had a chance to wipe it off.

“Sorry,” she said, however she didn’t sound apologetic, “I just couldn’t help myself. You looked so yummy. Almost as yummy as the buffalo sauce covered nipples from New Year’s Eve.” I sat there blinking. She continued, “I know I promised to behave, but girl, you don’t know how wet I am getting. Just sitting here and waiting for you to make a move. Then I realized, you wouldn’t make a move. We would probably head back to my place, watch a movie and go to sleep. I don’t mean to scare you, but you need to know one simple fact about me. I go after what I want. Sometimes, I don’t get what I am after, but most times I do. Tonight, I want you.”

What did I want? Her confidence intrigued me. I could never think I could go for my desires as…wantonly as she did. Hell, I couldn’t even answer her. Sure, I’d had sex with her, but it had always been in the safety of my sister. But she’s not here, now. She wanted me to discover who I really was. What I desired. She went back to school, hoping I would find it on my own, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have the courage to admit, even to myself, what I wanted. So, she had given me her friends to help me.

I looked at Naomi. She had desire in her eyes. She looked at me. And she desired me! I wondered what my own expression showed her. I looked in the mirror behind her. What was my look? Apprehension? I looked back at Naomi and I knew then I wanted her courage. I wanted to be fearless. Could I learn that from her? The only way to be fearless is to conquer your fears.

I took her hand in mine. I asked, “Ready to leave?”

She looked first at our hands, then up to my face, “Does this mean…”

I didn’t let her finish, “Yes. Whatever you want, I’m in.”

A slow, menacing smile, formed on her lips. “While I drive back to campus, you need to think of a word. Not one you would say in the heat of the moment. Not one you would inadvertently moan during sex. And not one like ‘Stop’ or ‘No’, as those won’t have the same meaning for tonight.”

I was shaken by this turn of events. What had I just agreed to? “If ‘Stop’ and ‘No’ don’t mean what they do, what do they mean?”

“‘Stop’ means harder or more. ‘No’ means you are fighting me, but you still want it. The only word that can stop anything from going on, is the word you come up with. It can be anything from ‘pizza’ to ‘unicorn’. Even a made up word. So long as you remember it and remember to use it when things go too far for you. It’s what is called a safety word.”

As we left the restaurant, I noticed it had started to rain. We rushed into the car, but it wasn’t raining very hard, yet. I thought about my safety word all the way back to the campus. She parked the car, but didn’t get out. I looked at her, questioningly. “We aren’t getting out until I have the word. Once I leave the car, the game is on. So with no safety word, there’s no stopping. So, kitten, what will it be?”

I had only one word that I could summon up in that ride to her suite. The one place that I always felt welcomed and safe. “Azeroth.”

Her gaze shifted as she ran the word around in her brain. “What’s an azeroth?”

“It’s not a what. It’s a where. It’s the world of World of Warcraft. You said find a safety word. I always feel safe there, online.”

She snickered at that. “So you used word association for safe to a place you actually feel safe. I can’t see anything wrong with the word. I have little doubt you would ever say that in the middle of sex.” Nodding, she then continued, “We need some ground rules. This is a game and as such has rules to follow. Now, what is your middle name?”

“Elizabeth. Why?”

“Because when I say ‘kitten’ the game starts. If I address you as ‘Elizabeth’, the game has stopped or has been paused.” I was thoroughly confused. “Think of it like the game Red-Light/Green-Light. During the game, I am either Auntie Naomi or Mistress. There are many rules. I will have to stop on occasion to explain it. The explanation may be vague or detailed, but they will be followed. I will tell you once and only once, or their will be consequences. So are you sure you are ready?”

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