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My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 02

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The girls are becoming lovers

Gabby and Mary had seemingly come to an understanding about their new relationship. They had made love and Gabby had given her dear friend a glorious orgasm. Were they now lovers? Gabby thought so and was eager to move their relationship forward. For Mary’s part she had enjoyed the frolic with Gabby. It was exciting and made her feel grown-up and experienced. This was a dangerous secret that she relished. She had done things, sexual things, adult things. It didn’t matter that it was just her friend. She told herself she wasn’t a lesbian, it was just naughty fun.

The week after the Easter holidays the girls had returned to school and they had no spare time together until the Wednesday afternoon. They were in Mary’s room after orchestra practice.

From Episode 1…

“So can we go lie on your bed?” Gabby’s voice was soft and earnest.

“Why?” Mary looked at her, opening her eyes wide to imitate a blank look of enquiry.

“Stop it!” Gabby shook her hand in mild frustration, “You know I love you, please?”

Mary rolled her head to the side to face Gabby, “I love you too. But I don’t have a one track mind like you?”

“I know, but will you let me kiss you again?” Gabby’s confidence faltered slightly.

“Just kissing?” Mary made a haughty face to tease Gabby. Then sat up and faced her, “But why do I think it won’t just be kissing,” she grinned which reignited Gabby’s confidence.

Gabby shuffled up and kissed her lightly on the lips, “Admit it, you loved it when I made you orgasm.”

“I made you do it first,” Mary countered.

“You did and it was beautiful. You are beautiful,” she kissed Mary again this time more deeply. Mary responded and their tongues played back and forth. Gabby wanted her, “Com’on,” she pulled her up by the hand and dragged her through to the bedroom.

Gabby used her slight height and weight advantage to toss Mary onto the bed. She clambered up and immediately lay on top of her and continued kissing her. They kissed for a couple of minutes, fencing tongues and relishing the intimacy after the few days’ forced separation.

“God, you get me so horny.”

“Shit, do I need to get the rubber sheets then?” Mary teased her following their last encounter.

“Stop it! I told you that was your fault, you sexy bitch.”

Gabby slid down Mary’s body to kneel at her feet. She placed her hands on Mary’s toes and squeezed through the heavy socks. She ran her hands up Mary’s feet and ankles and on up her shins. Above the socks she came into contact with Mary’s bare knees. She started to push the hem of her long skirt up, she stole a mischievous look up at Mary’s face.

“What are you up to, you perv?” Mary grinned at her.

Gabby was feeling brave, “I’m going to take your knickers off,” she giggled lustily.

Mary crossed her legs, “No you are fucking not!” “Yes I am fucking am,” Gabby uncrossed Mary’s ankles and immediately slid her hands up to Mary’s knees again, pushing up the long skirt.

Mary chuckled, “You are useless at cursing.”

“Why?” Gabby grinned up at her from between her now exposed thighs.

“Come here,” Mary waggled her fingers at Gabby.

“No,” I’m staying here. Her hands now rode up under Mary’s skirt. She felt the warm soft skin of her thighs as she made her way up to her knickers. She managed to get her fingers around the sides of Mary’s large, navy blue coloured pants. She started tugging gently.

“Shit! You are a fucking perv. Leave my knickers alone,” Mary wriggled and tried to push Gabby’s hands away. But her laughter signalled that she was only half serious.

“I’m taking off your knickers,”

“Wwhhyy?” the question was elongated and rising in pitch.

“I want to bahis firmaları see.”

“See what?” Mary exclaimed in falseto.

“”Your FANNY!” Gabby roared through laughter.

Both laughed and Gabby started tugging at Mary’s pants while Mary wriggled in false protest and complained, “You are a fucking pervy lesbian.”

“I know. Now show ME!” Gabby knelt up and used her greater strength to pivot Mary up off the bed and to drag her knickers off her bum and pull them up along her raised legs. Mary squealed and wriggled as they came off and Gabby tossed them aside then grabbed Mary’s knees and spread them wide. Mary’s skirt was flipped up over her hips and so her naked pussy was fully exposed to Gabby’s gaze.

Mary had stopped wriggling. There was no point. There was no longer any need to protect her modesty. Gabby could see everything. She watched as Gabby shuffled up and allowed Mary’s legs to descend either side of her. Mary’s bum came to rest on Gabby’s knees while her legs remained splayed and raised either side of her body and bent at the knees. It was at once undignified and very sexy. Mary was curious to see what Gabby would do now she had exposed her so completely. Once more this appealed to Mary’s desire to be grown-up and experience sex. Right then she willing to play along with Gabby.

Gabby was excited. Her heart pounded, partly from the exertion of wrestling with Mary, and partly from the exhilaration of exposing her pussy. She smoothed her hands down Mary’s thighs until they met over her vulva. She framed her labia with her hands while she explored the abundant bush of black, shiny pubes. She smoothed the hairs back around Mary’s labia, exposing the pink slit of her pussy. Gently she prised the outer lips apart; they opened to reveal the fine inner lips. Gabby admired the exquisite form of Mary’s neat folds. Her own pussy lips were darker and thicker than Mary’s. Less pretty she thought.

With her right hand Gabby stroked her fingertips down Mary’s labia, tickling and teasing the sensitive flesh. Mary let out a short, involuntary gasp. Gabby looked up to make eye contact and smiled at her friend. Mary didn’t smile back. Her expression didn’t change. She looked serene. She seemed content to allow Gabby to continue to touch and explore her so intimately.

Gabby continued to play her fingers up and down on Mary’s pussy. Gradually she increased the pressure and noticed that her labia were becoming increasingly slick. Mary was obviously getting a little excited. This discovery thrilled Gabby. She felt like touching her own pussy, but she didn’t want to change positions in case it broke the spell. She still wasn’t one hundred per cent certain how far Mary would allow her to go.

But Mary was enjoying the touch. Deep down she had her reservations about the lesbian nature of it all. She was sure she wasn’t lesbian, but she did love Gabby and trusted her. Somehow it was OK if she did these things with her best friend. After all she was learning about her body and about sex. She would be more experienced than other girls now. Having sex secrets made her feel mature. She liked what Gabby was doing. If it made her cum that was OK too.

Gabby was now playing with Mary’s clit with the thumb of her left hand while the fingers of her right hand slid slowly up and down Mary’s labia. Gently her index and middle fingers were going a little deeper on each pass until they were dipping into her pussy for about half the length of her fingers. She could hear Mary’s steady breathing and knew she was enjoying it.

She wanted Mary to orgasm for her again. She could feel the hot wetness of her pussy. She knew she was turning her on. She could smell the musky scent and it made her more curious. Gabby dipped her head towards kaçak iddaa Mary’s pussy. She glanced up at Mary and saw she had her eyes closed. She wanted to taste Mary and she didn’t want to debate it. She leaned in and planted her mouth on Mary’s labia and with the flat of her tongue she licked up and over Mary’s clit.

Mary gasped aloud, “Shit.” She looked down and saw the bushy crimson crown of Mary’s head in between her legs. She could feel Gabby’s tongue working over her pussy and teasing her clit. How did she know how to do that? Mary wondered. “Ah fuck, Babe.” Was all she could say.

Gabby followed her instinct. She had often imagined doing this to a girl, to Mary. She had watched lesbian videos on line. It looked amazing. Now she was doing it. Mary’s pussy smelt of her body wash and tasted just slightly tangy. She liked it. Gabby licked deeply but soon realised that Mary’s gasps were most pronounced when she lapped her clit. She concentrated her efforts there in shorter, faster licks. Mary was bucking gently against her, increasing the pace and force of her actions. She knew she could make her cum. Gabby stopped licking and gently sucked Mary’s hood and clit between her lips, softly pinching the sensitive flesh gently with her lips.

“Aww, fuck,” Mary gasped rather than spoke.

It was working, Gabby knew she could do this. She alternately licked, sucked and pinched as Mary writhed and bucked under her mouth.

Mary was loving it. It was so naughty and sexy. Her best friend was licking her pussy. She was going to cum. But she just needed something more to help her over. When she masturbated she usually played with her clit and pushed her fingers or her hairbrush handle inside her. She immediately spoke this thought, “Stick your fingers in,” she commanded Gabby.

Gabby immediately obeyed and pushed two, then three fingers into Mary’s pussy as she continued to lick her.

“Awww fuck, yes,” Mary knew she was well on her way. She thrust her hips at Gabby who got the idea and started to finger her faster and deeper.

“Yes… yes,” Mary repeated in gasps. Until at last she let out a long groan and folded up slightly, drawing her knees up as she jerked her way to a wonderful orgasm.

Gabby allowed her to settle before withdrawing her slick, wet fingers from Mary’s pussy. She watched as her labia slowly closed in and she bent to kiss her pussy once more, causing Mary to twitch and cry out, “No! No. No more. Too much.”

Gabby ducked under Mary’s left leg and crawled up by her left side. She hugged her close in and kissed her face.

“You smell like fanny,” Mary jokingly complained.

“Kiss me anyway.” Gabby kissed Mary deeply and she kissed back. Not really minding the taste of her own pussy on Gabby’s mouth.

They lay in each other’s arms for a bit before Mary spoke, “So I think we have conclusive proof that you are definitely a fully paid-up lesbo.”

“What makes you say that?” Gabby teased.

“Well, your face in my crack, maybe.” Mary giggled.

“Stop it! You are so rude,” Gabby gave her a gentle, scolding smack on her bottom

Mary rolled up to rest on her elbow to face Gabby, “I’m rude!? Who pulled my knickers off? Who started fingering me? Who stuck her face in my fanny?”

“And who gave you a lovely orgasm with my mouth and fingers?”

Mary softened, “You did,” She kissed Gabby’s lips, “Beautiful girl.” She kissed her again, swirling her tongue into Gabby’s mouth.

Gabby touched Mary’s face as they parted, “I’m really horny now.”

Mary knew she should help her out but she really didn’t think she could return the favour and do what Gabby had done, “I don’t mind if you want to play with yourself.”

Gabby was disappointed, but she understood kaçak bahis that Mary didn’t feel the way she did. Besides, playing with herself in front of Mary would be sexy. “Will you kiss me while I do it?”

Mary smiled at her and bent to kiss her on the tip of the nose, “Yes. But not on your fanny, OK?”

Giggling Gabby slid off the bed and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She scooted her knickers down her legs and stepped out of them. Mary admired her flaming red pubes as she climbed up on the bed again and snuggled up to Mary. She lay on her back with Mary leaning over her slightly. Suddenly she said, “Other side.”


“Let me go on the other side so you are on my left. I need my right hand free.”

Mary grinned but complied with the instructions and they rearranged themselves in a mirror image of a few moments before.

They lay side by side. Mary still knickerless but otherwise still outwardly in her school uniform. Gabby was dressed on top, but only in socks below the waist. They cuddled together and Gabby looked up into Mary’s eyes. Mary sensed the desire and kissed her.

“I love you kissing me,” Gabby smiled.

“I love you,” Mary whispered as she resumed kissing her.

Gabby wanted to cum. She was so turned on by the situation. She knew it wouldn’t take long. Her fingers moved over her pussy finding it slippery and hot. She zeroed in on her clit and made small circles. As the tempo built she slid her fingers down to curl into her pussy. With the heel of her hand she ground her clit. This was how she knew to get herself off.

Mary continued kissing her as she played. A week or so back and she would have been shocked at Gabby’s brazen display, and her complicity. Yes they had talked often about playing with themselves. But only ever as hints and allusions; never outright admission. Even though in the past week they had crossed many lines. Mary was genuinely excited to witness Gabby playing with herself so openly. She would watch her fingers playing with her pussy and then kiss her again. If she left it too long before kissing, Gabby would raise up her face searching for Mary’s mouth.

Gabby’s breath came faster and faster. Mary could hear the wet sounds of her hand in her pussy. Her hips writhed in time to her hand and Mary could feel the heat of her body, just like the other night.

Between kisses Mary whispered, “Do it, Babe. Make yourself cum.”

Gabby seemed to obey and shuddered through her climax, groaning into Mary’s mouth. Mary held the kiss until Gabby stopped quivering. For the next few moments she studied the contented expression on Gabby’s face as she regained her breath. Her breathing slowed along with the rise and fall of her chest. Once Gabby seemed to be completely recovered she opened her eyes.

Mary surprised herself by offering, “Let’s take our clothes off.” She couldn’t say then or later what motivated this, just that in that moment she wanted to be naked with Gabby. Mary started it off by unbuttoning Gabby’s blouse. A minute later they were both completely naked and wrapped in each other’s arms. For the best part of the next hour they kissed and explored one another’s bodies. Gabby licked Mary again to another orgasm and this time Mary fingered Gabby to another gushing climax. Mary felt the hot flow over her fingers as Gabby came. Gabby looked sheepish but Mary kissed her and told her it was exciting.

They noticed the time. It was already long past 6 pm so they hurriedly dressed before the deadline of Mary’s parents’ return. Gabby left for her own home, but not before one final, lingering kiss.

“I love you so much Babe,” Gabby offered.

“I love you too,” Mary returned and Gabby’s heart swelled.

But then Mary added quickly, “Fucking lesbo freak,” Gabby felt deflated but Mary consoled her with another brief kiss and added, “I like it.”

A grinning Gabby left the room and ran all the way home, excited about their evolving relationship.

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